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Lockup takes us inside maximum security prisons, showing us what life is really like for those that are spending several years there, their whole life, or even those waiting to be executed.


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S03E01 San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Gang's All Here 07/09/2007 The violent history of San Quentin State Prison in California.
S03E02 San Quentin: Extended Stay - Killing Time 14/09/2007 Inmates at San Quentin State Prison find ways to fight boredom.
S03E03 San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Conjugal Visit 21/09/2007 Inmates receive visitors during their prison stays.
S03E04 San Quentin: Extended Stay - Bad Boys, Bad Boys 28/09/2007 A dangerous combination of gangs, drugs and boredom encourages inmates to commit violent offenses in prison.
S03E05 San Quentin: Extended Stay - Weapons 101 05/10/2007 Violent attacks in prison.
S03E06 San Quentin: Extended Stay - Slammin' in the Slammer 12/10/2007 The prison's annual poetry slam.
S03E07 Holman: Extended Stay - He Takes No Prisoners 10/12/2007 Grantt Culliver controls the disruptive inmates of Holman Correctional Facility.
S03E08 Holman: Extended Stay - Locked Up Love 11/12/2007 Relationships both inside and outside the prison walls.
S03E09 Holman: Extended Stay - Snake and Fluffy 12/12/2007 Dangerous inmates are segregated from the rest of the prison population.
S03E10 Holman: Extended Stay - The Shakedown 17/12/2007 Correctional officers search prisoners for weapons.
S03E11 Holman: Extended Stay - Til Death Do Us Part 18/12/2007 Serving life sentences or death sentences in prison.
S03E12 Holman: Extended Stay - You Wanna Work Where? 28/12/2007 Unexcused absences create staff shortages at Alabama's Holman Correctional Facility.
S04E01 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Love and Hate 02/08/2008 California State Prison, Corcoran.
S04E02 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Everyone Gets Got 09/08/2008 Known gang members are sent to security housing units to control their activity.
S04E03 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Prison Politics 16/08/2008 Corcoran officers put their lives on the line to prevent inmate attacks.
S04E04 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Hugs Not Drugs 30/08/2008 Inmates find various ways to smuggle in contraband.
S04E05 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Lockdown 06/09/2008 Survival is the number one priority for inmates and officers alike inside Corcoran.
S04E06 Extended Stay: Corcoran - Road to Redemption 20/09/2008 Inmates must choose between doing their time or following a more self-destructive path.
S04E07 Pendleton Juvenile: Everyone's got baggage 04/10/2008
S04E08 Extended Stay: New Mexico - Taking a Hostage 29/11/2008 Prisoners take hostages in the Penitentiary of New Mexico.
S04E09 Extended Stay: New Mexico - Pros and Cons 06/12/2008 Inmates land longer sentences due to bad behavior.
S04E10 Extended Stay: New Mexico - Fight or Flight 13/12/2008 The dangerous inmates of Level Six in the Penitentiary of New Mexico.
S04E11 Extended Stay: New Mexico - Institutionalized 20/12/2008 Inmates who become disruptive or violent are transferred to the lock-up units in levels five and six.
S04E12 Extended Stay: New Mexico - War 27/12/2008 Prison officials initiate a shakedown after gang members in Level 6 overpower an officer in the recreation area, take her keys and stab a rival gang member.
S05E01 Raw: Criminal Minds 02/01/2008 Nine of the most violent criminals from the 'Lockup' series give chilling accounts of their crimes.
S05E02 Raw: Hell in a Cell 11/02/2008 Inmates must develop methods to cope with the pressures and fear that come with incarceration.
S05E03 Raw: Violence Behind Bars 18/02/2008 Inmate violence including riots, shanks and attacks on officers.
S05E04 Raw: Convict Code 25/02/2008 Inmates' unwritten rules known as the Convict Code.
S05E05 Raw: Ever Present Danger 05/07/2008 On a regular basis camera crew explore where even the most heinous violations are an every day activity.
S05E06 Raw: Prison Love 12/07/2008 Intimacy in prison.
S05E07 Raw: The Daily Grind 19/07/2008 The daily grind of prison life has been known to push some inmates to the brink.
S05E08 Raw: The Devils Workshop 26/07/2008 Idle time leads to mischief in prison.
S05E09 Raw: Inmates Gone Wild 18/10/2008 There is never a dull moment in prison.
S05E10 Raw: America's Toughest Jails 25/10/2008 Three of America's busiest and largest jails.
S05E11 Raw: Hard Time 08/11/2008 Inmates with nothing left to lose.
S05E12 Raw: Friend or Foe? 22/11/2008 In prison, knowing the right answers could mean the difference between life and death.
S05E13 Raw: Killers Among Us 01/01/2009 The experience of interviewing violent offenders in prison.
S05E14 Raw: Survival 101 01/01/2009 An inmate feels his survival depends on staying in prison; prison food.
S05E15 Raw: Ganging Up 16/05/2009 Joining a gang while in prison.
S05E16 Raw: Time to Kill 23/05/2009 How inmates spend their time in jail.
S06E01 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Old School Convicts 25/05/2009 A stabbing puts the prison on high alert; a brash new inmate gets taken down a notch.
S06E02 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Tipped Off 30/05/2009 An anonymous tip puts Internal Affairs on high alert.
S06E03 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Cutting 06/06/2009 The many meanings of 'cutting' at Indiana State Prison.
S06E04 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - For Better Or Worse 13/06/2009 Contraband finds its way to the inmates.
S06E05 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Brotherhood 20/06/2009 The Residential Treatment Unit.
S06E06 Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Predator & Prey 03/07/2009 Some prisoners resort to violence while others become victims.
S06E07 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - There Goes The Neighborhood 21/11/2009 While visiting Limon Correctional, the Lockup crew is greeted by angry inmates and the cell extraction team is called in to help.
S06E08 World Tour: Eastern Europe 26/11/2009 Behind the walls of six maximum-security prisons in Serbia, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
S06E09 World Tour: Western Europe 26/11/2009 Life inside prisons throughout Scotland and Belgium.
S06E10 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Crackdown 28/11/2009 Travis Trani becomes the warden of the Limon Correctional Facility in 2008 and implements policies to curtail the violence.
S06E11 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - The Hustle 05/12/2009 Inmates bargain and trade to improve their standard of living while in prison.
S06E12 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Homecoming 12/12/2009 Five grueling cell extractions at Colorado State Penitentiary.
S06E13 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Pain 19/12/2009 Violence at the Limon Correctional Facility in Colorado.
S06E14 Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Love Hurts 26/12/2009 Some inmates don't know when someone is getting too close until it's too late.
S07E01 Tennessee Women's Prison 11/10/2003 Tennessee Prison for Women along the banks of the Cumberland River is home to more than 700 inmates.
S07E02 The New Girl 00/00/0000
S07E03 Daddy's Girl 00/00/0000
S07E04 Dead Run 00/00/0000
S07E05 Homeless In Jail 00/00/0000
S07E06 Miss Fortune 00/00/0000
S07E07 Time Never Waits 00/00/0000
S07E08 Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal 00/00/0000
S07E09 Chain Reaction 00/00/0000
S07E10 Defiance 00/00/0000
S07E11 Murder and Miracles 00/00/0000
S07E12 Horribility 00/00/0000
S07E13 Next of Kin 00/00/0000
S07E14 Carry That Weight 00/00/0000
S07E15 Love Sick 00/00/0000
S07E16 Inside North Carolina Women\'s Prison 00/00/0000
S07E17 Bullschmidt 00/00/0000
S07E18 Checkmate 00/00/0000
S07E19 Return to Valley State 00/00/0000
S07E20 Church of Enemies 11/10/2004
S09E01 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Daddy's Girl 03/07/2010 A female housing unit inmates call a party house will turn a new inmate's life upside down.
S09E02 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Chain Reaction 10/07/2010 TX
S09E03 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Heat Wave 17/07/2010 Behind the bars of Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, run by controversial figure in the immigration battle.
S09E04 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - High Stakes 24/07/2010 Behind the bars of Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix.
S09E05 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Identity Crisis 31/07/2010 No matter the circumstances that brought them there, Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona, will have a profound effect on who the inmates will become. And for some, their time in jail will reveal their true nature.
S09E06 Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Trials and Tribulations 07/08/2010 A world where tensions run high especially for a mother and son who were accused of a heinous murder.
S09E07 Raw: Doomed Decisions 06/11/2010 Producers take the time to get to know dozens of inmates, following the action and watching the story unfold in from of their eyes.
S09E08 Raw: Harsh Reality 13/11/2010 Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex leader of a gang faces a whole new reality he discovers the price for coming clean.
S09E09 Raw: Consequences 20/11/2010 No escaping the consequences of one's actions behind bars.
S09E10 Raw: The Three R's 27/11/2010 Sometimes life has other plans, like when the ex-leader of a white supremacist gang faces a whole new reality, and discovers the price for coming clean.
S09E11 Raw: It's Complicated 04/12/2010 Relationships on the inside can be more complicated than on the outside.
S09E12 Raw: Nothing But Time 11/12/2010 In prison time can be an inmates worst enemy.
S09E13 Raw: Ain't No Hotel 18/12/2010 America's Toughest Jail where we find stories that ranged from the unexpected to horrifying.
S09E14 Raw: A Private Hell 25/12/2010 For some prison might be hell and it can be even worse for the sex offenders.
S11E01 Boston: Extended Stay - Blood Brothers 02/07/2011 An inmate takes his fights from the street to the halls of the jail, and his boyhood friend follows his example; two brothers turn to crime to support their habits, and now one faces the prospect of hitting the streets again.
S11E02 Boston: Extended Stay - The Box Life 09/07/2011 A special place at the jail called "the box" as one inmate says that is separated from everything so they learn to deal with it.
S11E03 Boston: Extended Stay - Feel Deal Heal 16/07/2011 A lone officer supervises inmates that allows him to build a rapport and reduce fighting.
S11E04 Boston: Extended Stay - Family Jewels 23/07/2011 An old school bank robber maintains his swagger; an inmate with an imaginary friend and a shocking act lands the sheriff's sister behind bars.
S11E05 Boston: Extended Stay - Baptism by Fire 06/08/2011 An inmate finds himself on the wrong end of an attack; another with a reputation for violence and another waits trial for murder.
S11E06 Boston: Extended Stay - Bad Rep 13/08/2011 A man accused of possessing child porn tries to salvage his relationship with his daughter and her children; deputies contend with an inmate on a mission.
S11E07 Tampa: Extended Stay - High Profile 03/09/2011 At the Hillsborough County Jail in Tampa, Fla., an accused murderer in a high profile case tries to cash in on her notoriety and a convicted rapist loses his cool in court.
S11E08 Tampa: Extended Stay - Supply and Demand 17/09/2011 Officials add a new member to their staff.
S11E09 Tampa: Extended Stay - Mother Knows Best? 24/09/2011 A taste of Tampa behind bars.
S11E10 Tampa: Extended Stay - The Company You Keep 01/10/2011 An inmate with suspicious tax forms; a murder ends with the victim being burned alive in a dumpster.
S11E11 Tampa: Extended Stay - Bitter Pills 08/10/2011 An inmate runs an extortion scheme; the jail's newest inmate makes her presence known.
S13E01 High Profile 03/09/2011 In prison for the murder of a lottery winner, Dee Dee Moore discusses her hopes for the future - including a Disney-style fairytale wedding.
S13E02 You Feel Me 10/09/2011 Show was rescheduled for later in the season due to 9/11 coverage.
S13E03 RAW: The Flip Side 28/01/2012
S13E04 RAW: The Thin Line 25/02/2012
S13E05 RAW: Word to the Wise 11/02/2012
S13E06 RAW: Jailhouse Blues 18/02/2012
S13E07 Sticks and Stone 00/00/0000
S13E08 Skitz 00/00/0000
S13E09 We Fight 00/00/0000
S13E10 Close Quarters 00/00/0000
S13E11 Da Future 00/00/0000
S13E12 Father Figure 00/00/0000
S13E13 RAW: Lasting Impressions 07/01/2012 In this hour, a production team reveals what it's like to be up-close and personal in a maximum security lockout.
S13E14 RAW: LOL JK 14/01/2012
S13E16 RAW: The Flip Side 28/01/2012
S13E17 RAW: The Thin Line 25/02/2012
S13E18 RAW: Word to the Wise 11/02/2012
S13E19 RAW: Jailhouse Blues 18/02/2012
S14E01 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Blood Lines 07/04/2012
S14E02 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - The Wrong Fight 15/04/2012 Meet Danny Pritchett, who has a history of being a predatory inmate, both inside and outside of prison. He was transferred to Santa Rosa after proving to be too much to handle at other Florida state prisons.
S14E03 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Troubled Waters 22/04/2012
S14E04 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Warriors 05/05/2012
S14E05 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Reap What You Sow 05/05/2012
S14E06 Santa Rosa Extended Stay - The Damage Done 12/05/2012
S14E07 Lockup World Tour - Israel 19/05/2012
S14E08 Life After Lockup 26/05/2012 Bobby Ray Gilbert is easily one of the most volatile inmates to ever appear on Lockup. Is it possible that he has discovered true love? David Boltjes ranks as one of the most talked-about inmates featured on Lockup, but now he's out of prison and his tattooed eyeballs continue to ...
S15E01 Louisville: Extended Stay - Lightning Voltz 13/10/2012 A lunchtime dispute turns violent in the first episode of the series about life inside the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections. Also: One inmate learns hard truths about crime and jail while another prepares to be set free.
S15E02 Louisville: Extended Stay - Horribility 20/10/2012 An inmate behaves erratically; an accused murderer faces the death penalty while his girlfriend is being held in the women's wing; a new female inmate raises havoc; a raid catches an inmate by surprise.
S15E03 Louisville: Extended Stay - Enough Is Enough 27/10/2012 A repeat offender tries to smuggle contraband into the jail; an inmate is targeted for allegedly killing a local rap star; prescription drug abuse becomes epidemic; an inmate's drug abuse may keep him in jail; officials fret about one inmate's influence.
S15E04 Louisville: Extended Stay - Bam Bam 10/11/2012 An inmate's actions lead to an emergency response; a repeat offender accused of assaulting her mother relies on her daughter for support; an inmate focuses on his brain; another inmate is accused of an unthinkable act.
S15E05 Louisville: Extended Stay - Miss Fortune 10/11/2012 A troubled inmate tries to make an impression; another inmate acts out; a woman who gave birth in the jail watches her baby grow up without her; an inmate faces a 25 years-to-life sentence.
S15E06 Louisville: Extended Stay - Next of Kin 17/11/2012 An officer is assaulted; inmates try to escape; a young woman finds a surrogate mother on the inside; an inmate not known for making trouble issues a vile threat. Also: a cautionary tale for fathers and sons
S15E07 San Antonio: Extended Stay - X'd Out 17/11/2012
S15E08 San Antonio: Extended Stay - Defiance 01/12/2012 Gang members cause chaos in a housing unit, forcing SERT to step in to restore order and place an inmate in special restraints; a female prisoner threatens the staff; and a gang member accrues more charges while locked up.
S15E09 San Antonio: Extended Stay - Words of a Warrior 08/12/2012 A two-on-one assault leaves an inmate bloodied; a self-avowed Satanist runs a variety of inmate hustles.
S15E10 San Antonio: Extended Stay - Carry That Weight 15/12/2012 An inmate causes chaos after accusing the staff of abuse; one inmate claims jail saved his life; the inmates of two female housing unites face off.
S15E11 San Antonio: Extended Stay - A House Divided 22/12/2012 Former gang members try to put their rivalries behind them, but not all can let go of the past; a contraband raid turns a housing unit upside down.
S15E12 San Antonio: Extended Stay - Love Sick 29/12/2012 An inmate's mail has jail officials concerned; an inmate is charged with sexually molesting his brother's daughter
S16E01 Cleveland: Extended Stay - Heartless Felons 06/04/2013 Life inside the Cuyahoga County Correction Center; members of the jail's most predatory gang set their sights on vulnerable prey; an inmate has an apparent breakdown
S16E02 Cleveland: Extended Stay - It Burns 13/04/2013 The Cuyahoga County Correction Center resides in the heart of Cleveland's downtown; a tip leads to an escape plot; a shank is discovered in the kitchen; a younger inmate takes a swing at an officer.
S16E03 Cleveland: Extended Stay - Wombmates 20/04/2013 An inmate with a reputation for trouble goes up against a no-nonsense warden; a 71-year old women is convicted of an investment scheme that left nearly 800 victims in its wake; identical twins are segregated.
S16E04 Cleveland: Extended Stay - Rush 27/04/2013 In the Cuyahoga Country Correction Center's intake department an out-of-control inmate creates chaos; an inmate who has spent 24 years on Death Row may be facing freedom.
S16E05 Cleveland: Extended Stay - Bullschmidt 04/05/2013 In the Cuyahoga County Correction Center a transgender inmate who is undergoing hormone therapy uses femininity to manipulate others; an inmate charged with assault faces the judge.
S16E06 Cleveland: Extended Stay - Checkmate 11/05/2013 At Cuyahoga County Correction Center the tenth floor is managed by the Special Response Team, or SERT, a tactical unit trained in the use of riot gear, non-lethal weapons and controlling high-risk inmates.
S16E07 Oakland: Extended Stay - To PC or Not to PC 06/07/2013 A celebrity rapper enters the Santa Rita jail; brothers deal with gangs, drugs and parenthood; a three-time convicted murderer claims he's killed others as well.
S16E08 Oakland: Extended Stay - Wait of the World 13/07/2013 A violent gang member asks to move back to general population; a brother and sister are charged with murdering a high school football star; the jail receives a messy invasion from the sky.
S16E09 Oakland: Extended Stay - Permanent Scars 20/07/2013 A slashing incident is investigated; a case of road rage results in a murder charge for a software engineer; cooking a designer drug leads to tragic results for a young woman.
S16E10 Oakland: Extended Stay - Getting Schooled 27/07/2013 An inmate copes with addiction and motherhood while two others wonder which of them is the father of her child. Also: a street feud boils over in the jail; and an inmate trains for better days on the outside.
S16E11 Oakland: Extended Stay - The New Girl 03/08/2013 Deputies respond to rising tensions in a female housing unit; a popular rapper faces serious charges; a grandmother is convicted of a mortgage scam; an 18-year old gets her first taste of jail life.
S16E12 Oakland: Extended Stay - Church of Enemies 10/08/2013 A female inmate with an outgoing personality; an injured gang member. Also: sworn enemies take part in an unconventional church service; the jail tries to achieve a notable goal.
S16E13 Louisville Extended Stay - Tangled Web 17/08/2013 A15-year old Louisville boy is murdered in his home and a young man is taken into custody; the jail finds itself with a multitude of related high profile cases.
S17E01 Tulsa: Extended Stay - Beat Down 12/10/2013 High stakes dramas play out behind the walls of the Tulsa County Jail; a convicted sex offender is brutally assaulted; a repeat felon tries to join a gang.
S17E02 Tulsa: Extended Stay - No Escape 19/10/2013 An infamous inmate is booked into the jail after a daring prison escape, but the consequences he faces go well beyond legal punishment.
S17E03 Tulsa: Extended Stay - Shackled Love 26/10/2013 An inmate's troubled past leads to angry outbursts inside the jail; a young mother faces prison if she's found guilty of robbery.
S17E04 Tulsa: Extended Stay - Two Degrees of Murder 02/11/2013 A pregnant woman is charged with her husband's murder; an inmate, facing murder charges, pays the price when he disobeys orders; the story behind the orange underwear worn at the jail.
S17E05 Tulsa: Extended Stay - The Bad Good Friday 09/11/2013 A murderous shooting spree erupts on a major religious holiday; a new inmate catches the staff's attention; a father of five receives haunting news from home.
S17E06 Tulsa: Extended Stay - Brother Against Brother 16/11/2013 The arrest of two brothers in the murders of four women.
S17E11 Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - The Gamble 14/12/2013 An inmate with a long record and a big personality faces another problem; four inmates enter the system following a shocking home invasion.
S17E12 Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - The Hamptons 21/12/2013 In Kent County Jail, a well-known inmate is back with more than 130 prior stays; alcohol drives a former Marine to attack his father; a look at the wing that inmates consider prime real estate.
S18E01 Hackensack: Extended Stay - Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal 01/03/2014 Inside the Bergen County Jail which lies just outside downtown Hackensack, N.J.; a gang leader's authority is challenged by another inmate.
S18E02 Hackensack: Extended Stay - No Remorse 08/03/2014 A threat against an officer leads to a major shakedown; an alleged gang leader seems to attract trouble; a high-speed chase ends with the discovery of a murder victim.
S18E03 Hackensack: Extended Stay - Smoking Gun 15/03/2014 A police shootout leaves a paroled inmate hospitalized with 14 bullet wounds; a female inmate explains away her arrival as a hair salon mishap.
S18E04 Hackensack: Extended Stay - Going Postal 22/03/2014 A new inmate, trying to adjust to life in jail, is targeted for violence; a drug smuggling scheme is uncovered.
S18E05 Hackensack: Extended Stay - Mama's Boy Drug 29/03/2014 A dangerous drug stages a comeback in the city of Hackensack, N.J.; inmates are provided with cameras to record their intimate thoughts.
S18E06 Hackensack: Extended Stay - God is Not Here 05/04/2014 A familiar face tries to escape the jail's revolving door; an inmate who has pled guilty to manslaughter, may have to stand trial for murder.
S18E07 Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay 12/07/2014
S18E08 Fairfax: Extended Stay - Time Never Waits 13/09/2014 A mentally ill inmate's actions prompts the deployment of the Emergency Response Team; a new inmate in the female unit finds herself in the middle of an investigation; a veteran proves she still has the moves.
S18E09 Fairfax: Extended Stay - The Crip and the Cougar 20/09/2014 A gang member with a violent past tries to convince the staff he's changed; an inmate, once a victim of prison rape, asks to do out his time in isolation; an inmate with a drinking problem develops a reputation for another kind of addiction.
S18E10 Lockup - Fairfax: Extended Stay - Do Not Pass Go 27/09/2014 Many studies show that victims of bullying are MORE likely to go to prison than those who did not suffer the same treatment. Unfortunately, for inmate Jasmine Slaughter, the bullying doesn’t end behind bars.
S18E11 Fairfax: Extended Stay - Counterfeit Lives 04/10/2014 Self-titled white supremacist may be putting on a front; inmate hides truth of his conviction.
S18E12 Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay 12/07/2014
S00E01 Extended Stay - Pendelton - Everyone's Got Baggage 00/00/0000 The staff at Pendleton Juvenile is determined to rehabilitate impulsive teens who are often angry and violent.
S00E02 Extended Stay - Pendelton - Under Pressure 00/00/0000 The education and rehabilitation of teenage gang members, sex offenders and juveniles with mental health issues.
S00E03 Extended Stay - Pendelton - Zero to Sixty 00/00/0000 Pendleton Juvenile prison.
S00E04 Lake County Juvenile - Part 1 04/07/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E05 Lake County Juvenile - Part 2 11/07/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E06 Lake County Juvenile - Part 3 18/07/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E07 Lake County Juvenile - Part 4 25/07/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E08 Lake County Juvenile - Part 5 01/08/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E09 Lake County Juvenile - Part 6 08/08/2009 With extraordinary access from the Indiana Supreme Court, this series goes inside a world, where cameras are, by law, not allowed to go. For some kids, the revolving door of lockup seems to snag one generation after the next.
S00E10 World Tour - Eastern Europe 26/11/2009
S00E11 World Tour - Western Europe 26/11/2009
S00E12 Inside Pendelton Juvenile 00/00/0000
S00E13 Inside Angola 00/00/0000
S00E14 Americas Toughest Jails 00/00/0000
S00E15 Raw- Behind The Scenes 00/00/0000
S00E16 Special Investigation: Lake County Juvenile Justice 19/09/2015 Go inside Lake County Juvenile during this special episode of Lockup. (from hover over full episodes to see playlist click little i to right of 9/19/2015). This is also not a repeat of the Lake County series they did earlier. as synopsis for 9/19 is copied from MSNBC's page direct, and I got the title from the title card on screen while watching episode. This may be a return to or where are they now type deal.