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"Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years" begins two years after the end of "Lonesome Dove". After two years spent bounty hunting, womanizing, and drinking away the painful memories of his late wife, Hannah, Newt Call returns to town to find many things have changed. His brother-in-law, Austin, is now an alcoholic sheriff, who has never fully recovered from his beloved sister's death, and blames Call for it. His father-in-law, Josiah, is the town mayor, but hasn't been right in the head since Hannah died. The town is run under the iron fist of Clayton Mosby, who also cannot forget Hannah, who looked amazingly like his late wife, Mary. "The Lonesome Dove", the hotel opened in the mini-series by Ida Grayson, now belongs to Amanda Carpenter, a woman with a mysterious past and a determination on par with Clay Mosby's. Curtis Wells also gets a new gunsmith, a mysterious and feisty woman named Mattie Shaw.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years

S01E01 The Return 00/00/0000 Newt Call, the bounty hunter, returns to Lonesome Dove to find a town that is nothing like what he left after Hannah died. Everyone he once knew has changed as well as himself. Newt also deals with some angry feelings towards Mosby as he fights with the new town sheriff.
S01E02 The Hanging 00/00/0000 A young boy is captured and tried for murder, and Call hates to see him hang. Even Austin feels guilty, but knows that in Curtis Wells, the law is the law.
S01E03 Fear 00/00/0000 Mattie gets involved with a man from Mosby's past who has only murder on his mind.
S01E04 Badlands 00/00/0000 Mosby finds himself stranded on his way to Curtis Wells, and ends up accompanying three prostitutes on a journey to Twyla's. Meanwhile, Austin takes charge of the town.
S01E05 The Alliance 00/00/0000 After Mattie kills the son of a local businessman in self-defense, Mosby has to decide whether his potential profit is more important than Mattie's friendship.
S01E06 The Nature of the Beast 00/00/0000 When Fiona turns up dead, Call has to prove himself innocent of her murder, but when Josiah seems to be the next best suspect, Austin is willing to convict Call to save his father.
S01E07 Providence 00/00/0000 When it comes time to bidding on the ownership of the Lonesome Dove, Mosby is shocked when he's outbid by Amanda Carpenter, a newcomer in town. Unfortunately, Amanda comes with a past of her own.
S01E08 Thicker Than Water 00/00/0000 UnBob's son arrives in town after the death of his mother (Noleen Carmody) and starts trouble, and Call discovers there's been a bounty hunter placed on his head for a crime he didn't commit when he has to kill an old associate, Morgan Dibbs, in self-defense.
S01E09 Redemption 00/00/0000 In order to 'prove himself' to Halcyon mines, Mosby ignores safety regulations in the Curtis Wells mine to make a profit. When an explosion results in numerous injuries and some fatalities, Clay tries to shift the blame, even though he feels guilty.
S01E10 Day of the Dead 00/00/0000 A troupe of carnival folk, old friends of Amanda's, come to town, and when the fat lady dies, it looks like the whole town is cursed.
S01E11 The Bride 00/00/0000 Call must find an abducted mail order bride, and Mosby has to get a preacher out of town before he can de-corrupt the citizens.
S01E12 Lover's Leap 00/00/0000 Mattie falls in love with Tom Andrews, the new teacher in town, but he's hiding some dark secrets.
S01E13 Angel 00/00/0000 Call becomes ill when he is bitten by a rattlesnake and ends up being cared for by the beautiful and dangerous Enona, who is looking into her brother's death.
S01E14 Bounty 00/00/0000 A series of mystery murders in town has everyone looking at everyone else, but Clay's lover Florie comes under particular suspicion, until she is attacked.
S01E15 Cattle War 00/00/0000 Call hires on to be the trail boss for a man who reneged on his deal to sell cattle to Mosby.
S01E16 Betrayal 00/00/0000 After Call and Mattie stop four men from conning Mattie in a gun deal, their leader Ned approaches Austin and manipulates him into going after Call.
S01E17 The Hideout 00/00/0000 A mysterious stranger saves Luther's life in a fight, and while Luther is willing to make friends, Call can't help but be suspicious.
S01E18 Partners 00/00/0000 A pair of teen lovers take Austin hostage and threaten to destroy Curtis Wells with a Gatling gun.
S01E19 The Robbery 00/00/0000 Arriving home late one evening, Mosby is beaten and robbed by three men, one of whom he believes lives in Curtis Wells. As the search for the culprit proceeds, the evidence points towards Austin. As Mosby strips Austin of his badge and plans to have him hung, Call takes off after the real guilty party at the urging of Josiah.
S01E20 When She Was Good 00/00/0000 When Violet and Abraham Phillips are found dead in their home, their daughter Frances confesses to the crime, but Dr. Cleese isn't quite so sure she's guilty.
S01E21 Medicine 00/00/0000 When respected shaman Little Wolf is murdered, Call has to prove to Red Crow that Enona, a mysterious female bounty hunter, did not do it.
S01E22 Love and War 00/00/0000 After Amanda loses the hotel in a poker game, Clay wins it back for her, but there are strings attached. Mattie says goodbye to the men of Lonesome Dove as she prepares to move on with her life.
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