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In distant lands, the role of animals is sometimes key to every day life. These animal keepers do not merely keep their creatures as pets, but train them to aid in daily work, collect food, or even entertain. From fruit-fetching monkeys to fishing otters, these animal companions will amaze. Told in a collection of short stories, each episode brings you to a new world, a new culture, and a shows a unique link to the animal world. Come meet the Lords of the Animals.


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S01E01 Chami and Ana the Elephant 00/00/0000 Discover the world of Asian Elephants and their Mamuts. Beasts and keepers develop an incredible bond that lasts their entire lives.
S01E02 The Monkey Player 00/00/0000 Born to gypsies, Deva of India travels to various camps and entertains with his trained monkeys. This family is headed toward Kishkindha, the legendary city of monkeys.
S01E03 Lord of the Eagles 00/00/0000 Discover the ancient tradition of eagle falconry in the skies and hills of Kazakhstan. No words are necessary to show the rite of passage as a proud father shows his son this timeless practice.
S01E04 The Father of Camels 00/00/0000 In the Thar Desert, a nomans land between India and Pakistan, there lives three brothers. They each have their strengths and duties in their camel herding business, but only one brother is named the Father of Camels.
S01E05 The Mountain Sculptors 00/00/0000 In the mountains of China, villages come together with the help of Yaks to carve out the land into beautiful rice terraces. See one of these undertakings from beginning to end.
S01E06 Zongman and the Cormorant's Egg 00/00/0000 Cormorant fishing is as old as China itself. With the help of his flock and best bird, Mao, Zongman the fisherman is able to bring in about 100 pounds of fish per day.
S01E07 The Tsaatan, the Reindeer Riders 00/00/0000 In the mountains of Mongolia lives a nomadic people. Their family is a herd of reindeer, their bond is symbiotic. Neither can live in these harsh conditions without the other.
S01E08 The Gatherers from the Sky 00/00/0000 Bobo the monkey is trained to fetch coconuts from the high palms. Boran, her trainer, works hard to train Bobo so that she can be sold for a good price, but will Boran's bond to her be stronger than the need for coin?
S01E09 The Llamero and the Boy With the White Llama 00/00/0000 This Llamero, or Llama herder, understands his Llamas. Unfortunately, he was given a son whom he does not understand, and who does not always understand him.
S01E10 The Pelican of Ramzan, the Red 00/00/0000 Manchar Lake, Pakistan is where you can find a unique culture of bird people. They are able to catch and tame the elusive wild pelicans, which are not only a tool for fishing but also a representation of status.
S01E11 Gaston and the Truffle Hunters 00/00/0000 In Southern France, Gaston takes his pig Kiki out to find rare black truffles, but Kiki has an agenda of his own.
S01E12 The Legend of the Otter Man 00/00/0000 Meet Bao, Lam, and their otter, Lutra. They are the last example of an age-old tradition of man and otter fishing together in harmony. Poachers look to threaten this harmony, so it is up to Bao and Lam to find Lutra a peaceful home.
S01E13 The Prince of Slooghis 00/00/0000 The Slooghi is the most revered breed of dog in Morocco. For 5,000 years, it has inspired the tales of man. This is one of those tales.