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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lords Of War

S01E01 Da Vincis Killer Pistol 23/01/2013 The guys are in southern California meeting interesting collectors, testing antique guns, and auctioning amazing items. Sean assesses a 16th century wheellock and then heads to the testing range to see if this ancient mechanism can still light a spark. Hammer examines what seems to be a 16th century german crossbow that could be its owner's key to retirement. Sean inspects what looks like an extremely rare uncut sheet of pre-revolutionary currency.
S01E02 I Love Cannons 23/01/2013 Murrieta, California, becomes the land of auction opportunity. The experts sift through a lot of dirt, but they find gold. The daughter of an infantryman brings in her father’s hand-drawn map of his journey during WW2, and the experience brings Hammer to tears. Meanwhile, Sean meets Kevin the collector, who brings in a 17th century cannon that his wife thinks is trash. Shooter finds a cowboy’s dream gun, an 1894 Winchester riffle that the seller purchased for $100. Sean and Shooter test the weapons with the sellers to make sure that they get the correct bang for their buck. The testing proves the items to be very valuable and arouses the idea of a shooting contest between the experts. Hammer wins the shooting contest, proving that, “There ain’t no dog like an old dog.” Everyone wins big with the auction.
S01E03 Blunderbuss Blowout 30/01/2013
S01E04 Sunken Treasure 30/01/2013 In Colorado, the guys find a MAC-10 submachine gun, a 76-lb. bar of silver from a shipwreck, an authentic Keris sword and an 1853 Enfield rifle.
S01E05 The Secret Flame 06/02/2013 In Colorado Springs, the guys find and test a Kel-Tec RFB .308 rifle, an Italian flintlock and a World War II aircraft searchlight.
S01E06 Duel to the Death 06/02/2013 The guys head to Southern California for an eclectic auction spanning the centuries and continents. Sean examines a pair of 18th Century dueling pistols and the heads to the shooting range to see if these 200 year-old bad boys will explode with buckshot like the day they were made. Hammer meets some real-life Vikings who have dug up what they claim to be a two-thousand year-old axe head. Shooter fires an M1 Carbine with a Korean War veteran and meets a father/son collecting team.
S01E07 Hitler's Buzzsaw 11/02/2013 The guys head to Houston to fire off a German MG-42 machine gun from World War II. Known as ?Hitler’s Buzzsaw?, the MG-42 fired 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute and killed thousands of Americans in Normandy. Then, Hammer uncovers a Civil War story that could rival “Gone With The Wind.” A man brings in a collection of 42 letters that describe the gritty details of daily life for a fighting man. The seller paid $600 for the letters and is hoping to get $3,500 at auction.
S01E08 Pirate's Deadly Pistol 13/02/2013
S01E09 Itchy Trigger Finger 20/02/2013
S01E10 Assassin's Gun 20/02/2013
S01E11 Field of Screams 27/02/2013
S01E12 The Gun Sword 27/02/2013
S01E13 Gangster's Choice 06/03/2013
S01E14 Special Ops 06/03/2013
S01E15 Day of the Nighthawk 13/03/2013
S01E16 Handheld Shotgun 13/03/2013