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Los Archivos del Cardenal is a fictional series, but based on real events. The series tells the story of lawyer Ramon Sarmiento (Benjamin Vicuna) and the social worker Laura Pedregal (Daniel Ramirez), both employees of the Vicariate of Solidarity, an organization founded by Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez and whose mission was to defend the human rights during the military dictatorship in Chile, between 1973 and 1990. In this institution social workers were tasked with receiving political refugees and their family members, especially the disappeared. Subsequently, the lawyers had the job of bringing legal action as habeas corpus which sought to protect people. The series starts with Ramon Sarmiento, a lawyer and member of an upper class family who had suffered expropriation of their farms during the Agrarian Reform of Eduardo Frei. Researching for the occurrence of bones on a farm near you, Pedregal meets Laura Sarmiento, who works at the Vicarage with his father, Carlos Pedregal (Alejandro Trejo). Together they begin to engage in the stories of those persecuted by the security agents of the dictatorship, as the National Intelligence Agency, under the leadership of Christian vicar (Francisco Melo), inspiring role in the story of Father Cristián Precht.

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