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Each week, John takes a hilarious look back at celebrities’ first time. With the help of some artistic re-imagining, viewers learn that the entertainers we know and love lived the same awkward, embarrassing years we all did.


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S01E01 Matt Stone 09/09/2013 "South Park" creator Matt Stone says growing up as a Jewish kid in Colorado in the '80s wasn't always easy. He also dishes on a milestone moment that happened on Senior Ditch Day. The funnyman lost his virginity to a girl he calls "Lucky Lucy" on a camping trip, and says that what she said to him after has stayed with him: "thank you."
S01E02 Michael Rapaport 09/09/2013 Michael Rapaport sits down with his favorite stickman.
S01E03 Alan Cumming 09/09/2013 Alan Cumming shows us the difference between Americans and Europeans.
S01E04 Perez Hilton 09/09/2013 Perez Hilton shows us what you do when faced with a 5 year dry spell.
S01E05 Adam Pally 09/09/2013 Adam Pally gives John the lowdown on first love and fat kid nipples.
S01E06 Jeff Ross 09/09/2013 In this episode, Roastmaster General, Jeffrey Ross, tells us why even Jewish boys can love Christmas.
S01E07 Casey Wilson 09/09/2013 John finds out when Casey Wilson falls, she falls hard.
S01E08 Michael Ian Black 09/09/2013 Allow Michael Ian Black to introduce you to his friend, Shamu.
S01E09 Olivia Munn 09/09/2013 When "Newsroom" actress Olivia Munn turned 18, she knew she was ready to lose her virginity. And she had a very easy test for her high school boyfriend to know that he was "the one." She just wanted to know if he loved her. The funny story doesn't end there.
S01E10 Bob Saget 09/09/2013 John’s old friend Bob Saget reminiscences about smuggling Playboys in the house and an awful game of poker.
S01E11 Michael Vartan 14/10/2013 In this episode, Michael Vartan tells us not who, but what he lost his virginity to.
S01E12 Paul Feig 14/10/2013 "Bridesmaids" Director Paul Feig admits to some girl trouble in high school: "I was too awkward." So awkward, in fact, that he waited until he was 24 years old to lose his virginity. And even then, he had to fake it.
S01E13 Eliza Coupe 14/10/2013 In this episode, Eliza Coupe dates her brother’s friend and gives us the history behind the French manicure.
S01E14 Denise Richards 21/10/2013 In this episode, Denise Richards looks back at her high school dating life. Her first obstacle was dealing with an overprotective dad and his unconventional punishments -- including tapping her phone and taking the door off her bedroom. It's no surprise that Denise still managed to get a boyfriend. ...
S01E15 Chris Parnell 21/10/2013 In this episode, comedic actor and "Saturday Night Live" alum Chris Parnell counts his dates in college on one hand. He also makes a big confession: His age when he lost his virginity. The experience "was embarrassing," he admits? If you think he's being dramatic, wait till you hear what he said as ..
S01E16 TJ Miller 21/10/2013 In this episode, TJ Miller runs around the house and prays to Santa for some assistance.
S01E17 Stacey Dash 28/10/2013 In this episode, Stacey Dash recounts her first time with the most romantic dirtbag she’s ever met.
S01E18 Dave Coulier 28/10/2013 As Hollywood legend has it, Alanis Morissette wrote the angry rock classic "You Oughta Know" about ex-boyfriend Dave Coulier, of "Full House" fame. Is it true? Coulier gives a cryptic answer but overshares on something else: losing his virginity.
S01E19 Wayne Brady 28/10/2013 In this episode, Wayne Brady tells John just how clueless his next door neighbor really is.
S01E20 Shiri Appleby 21/10/2013 In this episode, Shiri Appleby overshares her virginity with anyone who will listen.

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