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Lost Highway: The History of American Country is a critically acclaimed BBC documentary series. Narrated by Grammy Award-winning Texas singer/songwriter/musician Lyle Lovett, the four-part series has been hailed by The Times (London) as "a fascinating road map of the genre." The series celebrates the history of country music, from its origins in the folk songs of the working classes of the South Eastern states to the multi-million dollar industry of modern Nashville.


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S01E01 Down From the Mountain 22/02/2003 Until the first recordings of the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers, the mountain music of Kentucky and Virginia was limited to rural communities. ""Down From the Mountain"" traces history of country music from Clinch Mountain to the sophisticated modern bluegrass of Alison Krauss and the resurgence of roots music sparked by the success of the film O Brother Where Art Thou?.
S01E02 The Road to Nashville 01/03/2003 The roots of Nashville's position at the heart of country music lie with the honky tonk heroes who moved from the bars of the Southeast to the Grand Ole Opry. ""The Road to Nashville"" moves from the inspired and mournful sound of Hank Williams to the birth of Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley's smoother ""Nashville Sound,"" in response to the rise of rock 'n' roll.
S01E03 Beyond Nashville 08/03/2003 With the advent of the Nashville country -- pop style, the roostier end of country began to emerge in places as disparate as Bakersfield, Calif. and Austin, Texas. ""Beyond Nashville"" examines the rise of these newer stars and their legacy in the contemporary alt country genre.
S01E04 Sweethearts of the Rodeo 15/03/2003 While acts such as Shania Twain or the Dixie Chicks sell millions, it's easy to forget that women's dominance in country has been an uphill struggle. ""Sweethearts of the Rodeo"" tells the story from the original cowgirl, Patsy Montana, to the outspoken big-haired icons of the '60s and '70s and today's stars including Gillian Welch.

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