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The world’s most dangerous locations are home to some of the greatest natural wonders, stunning landscapes and extraordinary creatures. Using the latest modern technology and extreme climbing techniques, our crack daredevil team are embarking on a mission to unlock some of the Earth’s last secrets. In Lost Worlds, natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls teams up with explorer, survival expert and pioneering climber Leo Houlding. Leo’s extreme climbing experience coupled with Monty’s incredible adventurer skills and scientific knowledge make them the perfect team to reach these dramatic areas and document these natural wonders. Ex-royal marine-turned-biologist Monty Halls and world-class climber Leo Houlding embark on daredevil adventures in lost landscapes, documenting these natural wonders.


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S01E01 Jungle 13/02/2015 Eight percent of Guyana is covered by dense primary rainforest. It's one of the richest eco systems on the planet; the jungle teeming with wildlife. Monty and Leo’s goal is to get to the highest possible point in the remotest possible part of the jungle and study the wildlife there. That means finding the tallest tree they can and climbing high into the canopy to explore a world that few people ever see.
S01E02 Waterfall 20/02/2015 In a remote corner of Guyana’s western highlands lie two huge waterfalls, Oshi and Kamarang. Both are thought to be 150m high, equivalent to the height of a fifty storey building or three times higher than Niagara Falls. Neither has been accurately measured and as far as we know, no one has ever surveyed the wildlife that lives there. Monty and Leo lead a seven day expedition to this lost world. They have two goals; search the area for wildlife and measure both waterfalls. Leo attempts to climb Oshi and they both descend Kamarang, measuring both waterfalls in the process.
S01E03 Cliff 27/02/2015 Monty and Leo are in Borneo, on a mission to reach a part of the jungle no human has ever visited. Their goal is to be the first to climb a massive 300 metre cliff deep in the Melinau Gorge, and survey it for wildlife. It’ll be tough - even today, vast tracts of Borneo’s impenetrable rainforest remain unexplored. With just seven days of supplies, will they reach the top in time?
S01E04 Cave 06/03/2015 Beneath Borneo’s rainforest lies one of the worlds largest cave networks. So far 300 km of passages have been discovered; with more being found on every expedition. Monty and Leo are on a journey to explore this subterranean Lost World. Their first destination is a 50m deep sinkhole – a collapsed part of the cave system. It was first discovered in the early 80’s and Monty and Leo may be the first to venture there since. Monty plans to carry out a wildlife survey, likely to be the first ever, while Leo will search for a passage connecting the sinkhole to the rest of the cave network. Phase two of the expedition is to explore a nearby cave. Since cavers last explored this area over 30 years ago cave lights have improved ten fold. It is very possible that Leo and Monty can find new passages that were missed on the first survey.

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