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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Love, American Style

S01E01 Love and a Couple of Couples 29/09/1969 An ex-wife makes matters difficult for her former husband who's about to give his new fiancee her ring.
S01E04 Love and the Joker 06/10/1969 About a lovestruck practical joker.
S01E08 Love and the Phone Booth 13/10/1969 A shy country boy looks for a date.
S01E09 Love and the Doorknob 13/10/1969 A doorknob is the source of consternation for newlyweds.
S01E10 Love and the Legal Agreement 20/10/1969 A separated couple with unseparated housing arrangements.
S01E13 Love and the Modern Wife 27/10/1969 Tale of a husband disgruntled at his wife's modern marriage course.
S01E17 Love and the Busy Husband 03/11/1969 How to get the attenttions of a busy husband.
S01E18 Love and the Dating Computer 03/11/1969 A mixed-up match from a computer dating service.
S01E19 Love and Take Me Along 10/11/1969 An unmarried reverend and his single companion.
S01E21 Love and the Geisha 10/11/1969 How an old flame can kindle a fire in a marriage.
S01E22 Love and the Burglar 17/11/1969 A story about a burglar and the lady he victimizes.
S01E23 Love and the Roommate 17/11/1969 A roving bachelor story.
S01E24 Love and the Wild Party 00/00/0000 The dancing is anything but square at a swinging party attended by two hayseeds.
S01E25 Love and the Big Leap 00/00/0000 A tale about a sky-diving wedding.
S01E26 Love and the Good Deal 24/11/1969 The hassle of finding a special bed for a tiny apartment.
S01E27 Love and the Former Marriage 24/11/1969 A man's ex-wife still calls him in every emergency, and so does her new husband.
S01E28 Love and Mother 01/12/1969 Three is definitely a crowd when a new bride's mother shows up to spend the night in the happy couple's room.
S01E29 Love and the Dummies 01/12/1969 Love between two shy ventriloquists who let their dummies do all the talking.
S01E30 Love and the Athlete 01/12/1969 A man tries to expose a female athlete.
S01E31 Love and the Shower 01/12/1969 A divorce shower complete with everything for the newly single man -- including two new young ladies.
S01E32 Love and the Mountain Cabin 08/12/1969 A mountain retreat honeymoon, but hubby's mind is on the money hidden there.
S01E33 Love and the Divorce Sale 08/12/1969 The end of a marriage is marked by a divorce sale.
S01E34 Love and the Comedy Team 08/12/1969 Two comedy writers try to meet a deadline, but the finacée of one is not very understanding.
S01E35 Love and the Positive Man 22/12/1969 Five-foot-three Marvin Glassmire aspires to win the heart of the statuesque Sylvia.
S01E36 Love and the Other Love 22/12/1969 If anything breaks up the marriage of Rob and Pat, it will be Rob's all-consuming love for his new sports car.
S01E37 Love and the Bachelor 22/12/1969 A bachelor lays down the law to his overprotective mother.
S01E38 Love and the Medium 00/00/0000 A widower, Gobel, goes to a medium, Vance, to communicate with his late wife. When he becomes engaged to a young woman the medium does some checking on fiance.
S01E39 Love and the Bed 00/00/0000 The battle for ownership of a brass bed involves Peter, his neighbor, and the rebirth of a Collonial courtship custom of bundling.
S01E40 Love and the High School Flop-Out 00/00/0000 A sensitive and embarrassingly inexperienced teenager is railroaded into taking home a very worldly waitress.
S01E41 Love and the Pick-Up 05/01/1970 How to solve the troubles of a month-old marriage.
S01E42 Love and the Proposal 05/01/1970 Ways to wriggle out of a marriage proposal.
S01E43 Love and the Fighting Couple 05/01/1970 A recipe for marital bliss: fight a lot.
S01E44 Love and the Boss' Ex 12/01/1970 To stop paying alimony, an executive pays an underling to marry his ex-wife.
S01E45 Love and Mr. Nice Guy 12/01/1970 A little guy loves a woman who likes big, mean men.
S01E46 Love and the Gangster 12/01/1970 A big-time gangster uses strong-arm methods to keep men away from his 19-year-old daughter.
S01E47 Love and Those Poor Crusaders' Wives 23/01/1970 A man has difficulty trying to unlatch an armored chastity belt after he puts it on.
S01E48 Love and the Big Night 23/01/1970 A married man gets involved with another woman.
S01E49 Love and the V.I.P. Restaurant 00/00/0000 A straight-laced matron finds her husband at a topless restaurant.
S01E50 Love and the Nervous Executive 30/01/1970 An executive cracks under the strain of working with an ultra-attractive secretary.
S01E51 Love and the Hitchhiker 30/01/1970 An eagar lad's visions of seduction pale before his date's hangups on organic foods and great causes.
S01E52 Love and the Great Catch 30/01/1970 A surprise visit from Adam West starts a tug of war between a husband and wife who have different matchmaking ideas.
S01E53 Love and the Banned Book 06/02/1970 A jealous husband wants to know where his wife got the material for her sexy best seller.
S01E54 Love and the First Nighters 00/00/0000 A teenage couple attempt to be sophisticated when they check into a motel.
S01E55 Love and the King 06/02/1970 A happily married man tries to live down his reputation as King of Swingers.
S01E56 Love and the Co-ed Dorm 00/00/0000 Coed-dorm life is a real eye-opener for student Stanley Stein. And so is his roommate.
S01E57 Love and the Optimist 13/02/1970 A loser in love and a loser in life contemplate taking a loss together: a big leap off a high building.
S01E58 Love and the Teacher 13/02/1970 When his son flunks sex education, a painter of nudes figures it's time for a talk with the teacher.
S01E59 Love and the Safely Married Man 20/02/1970 Janine doesn't date single men, so Zack pretends to be married -- and the father of two children.
S01E60 Love and the Uncoupled Couple 00/00/0000 When to say ""I do"" creates turmoil in a nurse-intern romance.
S01E61 Love and the Many Married Couple 20/02/1970
S01E62 Love and Las Vegas 00/00/0000 An odd wedding.
S01E63 Love and the Good Samaritan 00/00/0000 Nice guy Freddy gets into hot water when he helps a shapely neighbor fix her faucet.
S01E64 Love and the Marriage Counselor 00/00/0000 Two squabbling business partners seek unusual help: a marriage counselor.
S01E65 Love and the Other Guy 06/03/1970 A boyfriend is upset when his girl allows a male neighbor to sleep in her spare bedroom.
S01E66 Love and Grandma 06/03/1970 A young woman realizes that her grandmother is living with a man.
S01E67 Love and the Fly 13/03/1970 There's a very real fly in the ointment of a marriage: the wife keeps one as a pet.
S01E68 Love and the Millionaire 00/00/0000 A couple enjoys a game of make-believe spending.
S01E69 Love and Double Trouble 13/03/1970 The American-bred son of a Middle Eastern ruler is given two fiancees.
S01E70 Love and the Minister 27/03/1970 Hell hath no fury like a minister scorned -- and forced to perform the nuptials of his beloved.
S01E71 Love and the Singles Apartment 27/03/1970 Trevor has his business-trip accomodations in a swinging singles apartment. Then his wife arrives to cheer her supposedly lonesome hubby.
S02E01 Love and the Father 00/00/0000 A father skips prison to attend his daughter's wedding.
S02E02 Love and the Motel 00/00/0000 Trials of a motel rendezvous.
S02E03 Love and the Nurse 00/00/0000 A patient falls for a disinterested nurse.
S02E04 Love and the Old Boyfriend 00/00/0000 A man meets his wife's ex-boyfriend who is living in poverty.
S02E05 Love and the Hypnotist 00/00/0000 A hypnotized groom and the celebrating minister.
S02E06 Love and the Psychiatrist 00/00/0000 A tale of a romantic triangle.
S02E07 Love and the Blind Date 00/00/0000 Two roommates compete on TV for a date with a gorgeous but dumb actress.
S02E08 Love and the Longest Night 00/00/0000 Heading for a Las Vegas wedding, a sailor and his girl end up in a dusty town.
S02E09 Love and the Visitor 00/00/0000 A very human gorilla is the third party in a triangle with an anthropologist and her husband.
S02E10 Love and the Elopement 00/00/0000 A sketch about a mixed-up elopement.
S02E11 Love and the Eskimo 00/00/0000 An eskimo demands favors for an oil contract.
S02E12 Love and the Nuisance 00/00/0000 A pesky girl is in pursuit of a fortune hunter.
S02E13 Love and the Decision 00/00/0000 A man can't choose between two prospective marriage partners.
S02E14 Love and the Haunted House 00/00/0000 An engaged couple spend the night in a haunted cabin when their car breaks down in the middle of a storm.
S02E15 Love and the Fur Coat 00/00/0000 A man is desperate to buy a fur coat for his girlfriend.
S02E16 Love and the Trip 00/00/0000 A couple finds what appears to be pot.
S02E17 Love and the Young Executive 00/00/0000 An amorous mailroom boy has executive ambitions.
S02E18 Love and the Champ 00/00/0000 What to do when a champion boxer insults your wife.
S02E19 Love and the Pen Pals 00/00/0000 Pen pals meet after 18 years of corresponding.
S02E20 Love and the Lost Dog 00/00/0000 A widow has a novel way of meeting men.
S02E21 Love and the Intruder 00/00/0000 A man burglarizes his ex-wife.
S02E22 Love and the Understanding 00/00/0000 An understanding wife with a philandering husband.
S02E23 Love and the Happy Couple 00/00/0000 Conning a bequest out of a millionaire is the plan of a divorced couple pretending to be happy.
S02E24 Love and the Man Next Door 00/00/0000 A newly married couple is forced to share their hotel room with a secret agent (Ed Platt) seeking a wanted criminal.
S02E25 Love and the Kidnapper 00/00/0000 A novice kidnapper.
S02E26 Love and the Wig 00/00/0000 A brunette in a blonde wig arouses her husband's interest.
S02E27 Love and the Only Child 00/00/0000 A married lady goes home to mother and finds her parents are splitting up, too.
S02E28 Love and Operation Model 00/00/0000 The old you-ought-to-be-a-model routine.
S02E29 Love and the Sack 00/00/0000 A woman takes delivery of a moaning sack.
S02E30 Love and the Triangle 00/00/0000
S02E31 Love and the Cake 00/00/0000 A girl pops out of the cake at a convention.
S02E32 Love and the Neighbor 00/00/0000 A caper about an annoying neighbor.
S02E33 Love and the Serious Wedding 00/00/0000 A disagreement about wedding plans.
S02E34 Love and Murphy's Bed 00/00/0000 An electric Murphy bed provides a hiding place for several people.
S02E35 Love and the Big Game 00/00/0000 A couple lose at bridge and are convinced they've been the target of cheaters.
S02E36 Love and the Nutsy Girl 00/00/0000 A triangular affair.
S02E37 Love and the Vampire 00/00/0000 A newly married couple spends the night at a vampire's house when their car breaks down in the middle of a storm.
S02E38 Love and the Arctic Station 00/00/0000 The lonely men at an Arctic weather station prepare for a sexy visitor.
S02E39 Love and the Tattoo 00/00/0000 What a man needs to get off his chest is the name ""Erna"".
S02E40 Love and the Pulitzer Prize 00/00/0000 A lodge owner tries to prevent an unmarried couple from spending the night together.
S02E41 Love and the Rug 00/00/0000 A wig-wearer lets the thing go to his head.
S02E42 Love and the Second Time 00/00/0000 It's the second time for ""Archie"" and ""Edith"".
S02E43 Love and the New Roommate 00/00/0000 A couple try to hide their marriage from her mother.
S02E44 Love and the Baker's Half Dozen 00/00/0000 A wedding cake nobody needs is a problem for a baker.
S02E45 Love and the Pregnancy 00/00/0000 Libby is having her first baby, but it's her hubby who's having the pains.
S02E46 Love and the Boss 00/00/0000 A tale about possibble wife-cheating.
S02E47 Love and the Logical Explanation 00/00/0000 Things get suspicious after a husband comes home late at nights.
S02E48 Love and the Jury 00/00/0000 A problem between disagreeing jurors.
S02E49 Love and the Teddy Bear 00/00/0000 Parents catch a couple sleeping.
S02E50 Love and the Love Potion 00/00/0000 Polly resorts to a Chinese love potion to get some action out of her boyfriend.
S02E51 Love and the Heist 00/00/0000 Four women plot to rob a jewelry store.
S02E52 Love and the Duel 00/00/0000 A weird weapon is the focus of a duel between a press agent and a Latin American.
S02E53 Love and the Young Unmarrieds 00/00/0000 About the unwedded bliss of two teenagers living together.
S02E54 Love and the Note 00/00/0000 An office swinger receives a bunch of mash notes.
S02E55 Love and Women's Lib 00/00/0000 A reporter dresses in drag while doing a story on Women's Lib.
S02E56 Love and the Fuzz 00/00/0000 About love and a cop.
S02E57 Love and the Housekeeper 00/00/0000 Tale of a sloppy housewife.
S02E58 Love and the Groupie 00/00/0000 A famous singer and his agent trade places after being mobbed by a group of fans.
S03E01 Love and the Loud Mouth 00/00/0000 A bride's tooth fillings pick up radio broadcasts.
S03E02 Love and the Penal Code 00/00/0000 A married man is assaulted by two love-starved women.
S03E03 Love and Formula 26B 00/00/0000 A tale about an aphrodisiac used not wisely but too well.
S03E04 Love and the Dream Burglar 00/00/0000 A dreamy mix-up involving a burglar.
S03E05 Love and the Monsters 00/00/0000 A man in monster makeup.
S03E06 Love and the Conjugal Visit 00/00/0000 Conjugal visits for prison inmates.
S03E07 Love and the Anniversary Crisis 00/00/0000 A grandfather seeks a divorce.
S03E08 Love and the Hotel Caper 00/00/0000 A sailor has three female companions.
S03E09 Love and the Neglected Wife 00/00/0000 A woman tries to attract attention from her very busy husband.
S03E10 Love and the Artful Dodger 00/00/0000 A plan to get the services of a cleaning lady without paying for them.
S03E11 Love and the Traveling Salesman 00/00/0000 When his car breaks down, a traveling salesman spends the night in a house that is home to four hillbillies -- one of them a girl.
S03E12 Love and the Television Weekend 00/00/0000 An extremely successful swinger.
S03E13 Love and the See-Through Man 00/00/0000 A woman sees right through her son-in-law.
S03E14 Love and the Waterbed 00/00/0000 One thing leads to another for a waterbed demonstration man.
S03E15 Love and the Ledge 00/00/0000 A young man tries to commit suicide by dropping from a high rise building to the ground.
S03E16 Love and the Guilty Conscience 00/00/0000 Farce about a jealous husband and a vacuum cleaner salesman.
S03E17 Love and the Mixed Marriage 00/00/0000
S03E18 Love and the Wake-Up Girl 00/00/0000
S03E19 Love and the Detective 00/00/0000 Tale of a novice detective (Charles Nelson Reilly) hired to check out a hood's (Noam Pitlik) girlfriend (Louisa Moritz).
S03E20 Love and the Naked Stranger 00/00/0000 A man undresses in the wrong room.
S03E21 Love and the Four-Sided Triangle 00/00/0000 A four-sided triangle.
S03E22 Love and the Awakening 00/00/0000 A sweet young actress has to do a passionate love scene -- and it just isn't in her.
S03E23 Love and the Bashful Groom 00/00/0000 A nudist woman brings her fiancee to the nudist camp where she was raised so he can meet her nudist parents.
S03E24 Love and the Lovesick Sailor 00/00/0000 A sailor is hot to trot after 11 months away, but his mother wants him home.
S03E25 Love and the Sex Survey 00/00/0000 A man asks questions about sex to his wife -- but she has trouble saying the word ""sex"" and always spells it out.
S03E26 Love and the Mistress 00/00/0000 A wife pretends to be her husband's mistress.
S03E27 Love and the Reincarnation 00/00/0000 The head of an ancient Egyptian woman bears the resemblence of a young woman working with two men.
S03E28 Love and the Sweet Sixteen 00/00/0000 A man is on trial for 16 counts of bigamy.
S03E29 Love and the Married Bachelor 00/00/0000 A bachelor pretends to be married so he can stay single.
S03E30 Love and the Well-Groomed Bride 00/00/0000 A tale of a bride and an persistent ex-suitor.
S03E31 Love and the Vacation 00/00/0000 A husband and wife take separate vacations.
S03E32 Love and the Jealous Husband 00/00/0000 A drastic cure for a jealous husband.
S03E33 Love and the Old Cowboy 00/00/0000 An old cowboy star is miffed about his ex-wife's lies on a TV talk show.
S03E34 Love and the Baby 00/00/0000 A pregnant divorcee who can't shake her ex.
S03E35 Love and the Big Mother 00/00/0000 How to cut a mother's apron strings.
S03E36 Love and the Free Weekend 00/00/0000 How to impress a girl.
S03E37 Love and the Plumber 00/00/0000 The sink's plugged -- or how to snare a husband.
S03E38 Love and the Lady Barber 00/00/0000 Sad saga of a balding customer and a lady barber who digs well-maned men.
S03E39 Love and the College Professor 00/00/0000 A sexy coed is willing to give a lot for a good grade.
S03E40 Love and the Eyewitness 00/00/0000 Witnessing a bank robbery ruins a honeymoon.
S03E41 Love and the Eskimo's Wife 00/00/0000 A bit about Eskimo wife-sharing.
S03E42 Love and the Accidental Passion 00/00/0000 A woman has a passion for love after having an accident.
S03E43 Love and the Black Limousine 00/00/0000 Tale of a worried mom and dad who think their daughter might marry a mobster.
S03E44 Love and the Tuba 00/00/0000 A tale of newlyweds stuck in a tuba.
S03E45 Love and the Liberated Lady Boss 00/00/0000 A female boss pursues a British male employee.
S03E46 Love and the Hiccups 00/00/0000 Hiccups, or how to ruin a wedding night.
S03E47 Love and the Check 00/00/0000 How to cash a million-dolllar check written on a girl's tummy.
S03E48 Love and the Bowling Ball 00/00/0000 About a man torn betweenn his fiancee and bowling.
S03E49 Love and the House Bachelor 00/00/0000 A bachelor crashes with a married couple.
S03E50 Love and the Particular Girl 00/00/0000 A girl uses karate moves on her dates.
S03E51 Love and the Fountain of Youth 00/00/0000 An old-fashioned man decides to become modern and starts looking ""hip"" in order to follow today's (1971) trends.
S03E52 Love and the Waitress 00/00/0000 An agent proposes to his actress girlfriend in the same restaurant he proposed to his first wife, now a waitress at the establishment.
S03E53 Love and the Intruder 00/00/0000 An evening of love is interrupted by a burglar.
S03E54 Love and the Contact Lens 00/00/0000 A woman loses her contact lens moments before her boyfriend visits.
S03E55 Love and the Motel Mixup 00/00/0000 A newlywed couple spends the night at a motel and end up getting the wrong rooms.
S03E56 Love and the Doctor's Honeymoon 00/00/0000 A newly married couple are unable to spend their honeymoon because the wife is always on call at the hospital.
S03E57 Love and the Lady Athlete 00/00/0000 A Soviet woman and a cross-dresser rent a cabin while on the run.
S03E58 Love and the Single Sister 00/00/0000 The trials of a jilted sister.
S03E59 Love and the Lady Killers 00/00/0000 Two men compete for the affection of an attractive woman.
S03E60 Love and the New Size 8 00/00/0000 A chubby suitor with the weighty problem of having a slimmed-down girlfriend.
S03E61 Love and the Happy Unhappy Couple 00/00/0000 A psychiatrist (Lewis) gives bad advice to a married couple (Nye and Worley).
S03E62 Love and the Topless Policy 00/00/0000 Two bar owners want to hire new waitresses, so they attempt to implement a new topless policy so their present waitresses would quit their job.
S03E63 Love and the Ski Lodge 00/00/0000 A ski instructor on his honeymoon can't get his mind off the slopes.
S03E64 Love and the Security Building 00/00/0000 A blind date comedy.
S03E65 Love and the Big Surprise 00/00/0000 A wig-wearing wife.
S03E66 Love and the Advice Column 00/00/0000 About a letter to an advice columnist.
S03E67 Love and the Bathtub 00/00/0000 Wedding-day slapstick when the bride's toe gets stuck in the faucet.
S03E68 Love and the Guru 00/00/0000 The effects of meditation on a marriage.
S03E69 Love and the Physical 00/00/0000 How to give a guy a physical without his knowing what's coming off.
S03E70 Love and the Fullback 00/00/0000 A football player hides the fact that he is married.
S03E71 Love and the Anxious Mama 00/00/0000 A girl's mother gets nervous about a man her husband brings over to their house.
S03E72 Love and the Boomerang 00/00/0000 A one-time steady beau decides to step out on his girl.
S03E73 Love and the Private Eye 00/00/0000 An egotistical private detective. (Animated)
S03E74 Love and the Plane Truth 00/00/0000 A plane in trouble: the setting for a husband to reveal past indiscretions.
S03E75 Love and the Scroungers 00/00/0000 How to live off Hollywood while breaking into pictures.
S03E76 Love and the Small Wedding 00/00/0000 How not to plan a small wedding.
S03E77 Love and the Old-Fashioned Father 00/00/0000 An old-fashioned father is caught between the hip generation and a reactionary neighbor.
S03E78 Love and the Bachelor Party 00/00/0000 A married couple holds a bachelor party for her sister's fiancee.
S03E79 Love and the Latin Lover 00/00/0000 A Latin lover faces the ultimate challenge.
S03E80 Love and the Test of Manhood 00/00/0000 An ancient test of manhood for a modern Indian bridegroom.
S03E81 Love and the Instant Father 00/00/0000 About faking fatherhood to impress a divorcee.
S03E82 Love and the Lovely Evening 00/00/0000 How to change a boring class reunion into a eventful evening.
S03E83 Love and Lover's Lane 00/00/0000 An embarrassing moment on lovers' lane.
S03E84 Love and the Split-Up 00/00/0000 Using a pooch to mend a splitting marriage.
S03E85 Love and the Alibi 00/00/0000 A man makes up lies to his wife in order to cover up a night with a pin-up girl.
S03E86 Love and the Newscasters 00/00/0000 Two TV newscasters vie for the favors of a network bigwig.
S03E87 Love and the Happy Days 00/00/0000 Nostalgic tale about the first TV set on the block.
S04E01 Love and the Sensuous Twin 00/00/0000 Two men fall for the same girl who has a split personality.
S04E02 Love and the Know-it-All 00/00/0000 The wife of a fathead husband.
S04E03 Love and the Perfect Wife 00/00/0000 A recipe for the perfect wife.
S04E04 Love and the Triple Threat 00/00/0000 Warren Berlinger plays three flipped-out characters involved in a scheme to break up a romance.
S04E05 Love and the Cheaters 00/00/0000 A cheating husband won't cheat until his wife finds a suitable cheater.
S04E06 Love and the Love Nest 00/00/0000 An inadvertant peeping Tom.
S04E07 Love and the Unbearable Fiancee 00/00/0000 A woman comes home with a bear as her fiancee, much to the father's dismay.
S04E08 Love and the Amateur Night 00/00/0000 A talent-show host who can't escape contestants -- even on his wedding night.
S04E09 Love and the Overnight Guests 00/00/0000 A date with a stripper isn't everything he wishes for.
S04E10 Love and the Lucky Couple 00/00/0000 A philanderer is caught in a hotel publicity stunt.
S04E11 Love and the Mail Room 00/00/0000 A handle-with-care story of a girl who wants to mail herself far away.
S04E12 Love and the New Act 00/00/0000 A song-and-dance duo come up with a new instrument: the man's head.
S04E13 Love and the Girlish Groom 00/00/0000 A man is in drag -- and in trouble -- when he meets his fiancee's parents.
S04E14 Love and the New You 00/00/0000 A man gets dumped by his girlfriend and decides to get a makeover.
S04E15 Love and the Oldlyweds 00/00/0000 Parents try to dissuade their daughter from marrying a senior citizen.
S04E16 Love and the Wishing Star 00/00/0000 A lonely old wood carver and the fiery godfather who tries to grant his fondest wish.
S04E17 Love and the Spaced Out Chick 00/00/0000 A soap opera writer falls in love with a female alien.
S04E18 Love and the Country Girl 00/00/0000 A traveling salesman in trouble over the farmer's daughter.
S04E19 Love and Dear Old Mom and Dad 00/00/0000 A tale of talkative women and the men who tune them out.
S04E20 Love and the High School Sweetheart 00/00/0000 A man's wife invites her old high school sweetheart, now a Minister, for dinner.
S04E21 Love and the Confession 00/00/0000
S04E22 Love and the Old Flames 00/00/0000
S04E23 Love and the Disappearing Box 00/00/0000 A magician's prop makes people vanish.
S04E24 Love and the Hip Arrangement 00/00/0000 A Siamese Twins caper.
S04E25 Love and the Happy Medium 00/00/0000 A man wants to end it all, but first he wants to meet a girl from the great beyond.
S04E26 Love and the Jinx 00/00/0000 A man courts a girl who seems to court accidents.
S04E27 Love and the Little Black Book 00/00/0000 A little black book caper.
S04E28 Love and the Old Swingers 00/00/0000 Swinging senior citizens.
S04E29 Love and the President 00/00/0000 About a First Family caught by an 8-year-old photographer.
S04E30 Love and the Clinic 00/00/0000 A middle-aged couple at a sex clinic.
S04E31 Love and the Return of Raymond 00/00/0000 A newly married couple spend the night at a motel. In the room they stay in, they find a dog hiding in one of the dresser drawers. Later, the owner shows up to get the dog.
S04E32 Love and the Perfect Wedding 00/00/0000 What the participants of a perfect wedding really think.
S04E33 Love and the Pick-Up Fantasy 00/00/0000 A couple decides to put some pizazz in their marriage.
S04E34 Love and the Hairy Excuse 00/00/0000 A man pretends he's a werewolf... to explain why he spends nights out.
S04E35 Love and Lady Luck 00/00/0000 A bride is bitten by the gambling bug.
S04E36 Love and the Christmas Punch 00/00/0000 A slapstick story about Christmas Eve.
S04E37 Love and the Mystic 00/00/0000 A mercenary mystic helps out a friend in need.
S04E38 Love and the Tycoon 00/00/0000 A wallflower's dream: she's being courted by a tycoon.
S04E39 Love and the Secret Life 00/00/0000 A man takes dance lessons that could lead to disaster.
S04E40 Love and the Swinging Philosophy 00/00/0000 A square's new job depends on his conversion to a swinging personality.
S04E41 Love and the Caller 00/00/0000 A story about an obscene phone caller.
S04E42 Love and the Woman in White 00/00/0000 A plot to snare a luscious nurse.
S04E43 Love and the Super Lover 00/00/0000 A milquetoast turns super lover.
S04E44 Love and the Impressionist 00/00/0000 A showcase for an impressionist who can be anybody but himself.
S04E45 Love and the First Kiss 00/00/0000 About the cave man's invention of the kiss.
S04E46 Love and the Ghost 00/00/0000 A man sees his wife's ghost.
S04E47 Love and the Out-of-Town Client 00/00/0000 A terribly confused wife of a philandering tycoon.
S04E48 Love and the Secret Habit 00/00/0000 An embarrassing date for a shy guy and an ex-nun.
S04E49 Love and the Legend 00/00/0000 A wife is possessed by a romantic ghost.
S04E50 Love and the Cryptic Gift 00/00/0000 The slightly macabre tale of a gift cemetery plot.
S04E51 Love and the Family Hour 00/00/0000 The difficulties of getting started on a family.
S04E52 Love and the Sexpert 00/00/0000 A young man is always mistaken for a sex book author.
S04E53 Love and the Impossible Gift 00/00/0000 A rich wife attempts to come up with the perfect gift for her rich husband with the help of their butler.
S04E54 Love and the Face Bow 00/00/0000 Orthodontia lead a honeymoon couple to romantic disaster.
S04E55 Love and the Love Kit 00/00/0000 How a jealous friend can spoil a romance.
S04E56 Love and the Old Lover 00/00/0000 A man sees a girl who is stuck in the past.
S04E57 Love and the Missing Mister 00/00/0000 A woman's past husband returns after several years of being missing in action.
S04E58 Love and the Twanger Tutor 00/00/0000 A rich but illiterate bumpkin tries to romance an erudite tutor.
S04E59 Love and the Unmarriage 00/00/0000 A story about a girl who likes the idea of living with her boyfriend better than marrying him.
S04E60 Love and the Singing Suitor 00/00/0000 A shy junior executive takes musicals to heart: he's courting his secretary in song and dance.
S04E61 Love and the Wee He 00/00/0000 A pair of honeymooners cannot turn off a mechanical elf.
S04E62 Love and the Laughing Lover 00/00/0000 A newlywed wife has a problem laughing when she kisses.
S04E63 Love and the Hot Spell 00/00/0000 A post-hypnotic suggestion triggers a wedding-day comedy.
S04E64 Love and the Hand Maiden 00/00/0000 A model who is willing to remove everything -- except her gloves.
S04E65 Love and the Perfect Setup 00/00/0000 A story about Platonic cohabitation.
S04E66 Love and the Playwright 00/00/0000 A story about a playwright who tests his plots on his gullible wife.
S04E67 Love and the Trampled Passion 00/00/0000 How to get the Latin dancer upstairs to drop in.
S04E68 Love and the Anniversary 00/00/0000 Family affair.
S04E69 Love and the Baby Derby 00/00/0000 Brothers compete for an inheritance: first one to marry and have a baby, wins.
S04E70 Love and the Burglar Joke 00/00/0000 A burglary victim mistakes the perpretrator for a practical joker.
S04E71 Love and the Favorite Family 00/00/0000 A family that portrays itself in a TV sitcom.
S04E72 Love and the Crisis Line 00/00/0000 A story about an emotional crisis hot-line and the girls who man the phones.
S04E73 Love and the Happy Family 00/00/0000 A couple pretend to be brother and sister in order to prevent their parents' fighting.
S04E74 Love and the Vertical Romance 00/00/0000 A newlywed with an unusual pet peeve: he can't stand beds.
S04E75 Love and the Mind Reader 00/00/0000 A man uses ESP to get a girl to get attracted to his buddy.
S04E76 Love and the Soap Opera 00/00/0000 A dingaling hooked on soap operas.
S04E77 Love and the Mr. and Mrs. 00/00/0000 The trials of married lawyers who share bed, board and duties in the public defender's office.
S04E78 Love and the Postal Meeter 00/00/0000 A young man's pen pal comes over for a visit.
S04E79 Love and the End of the Line 00/00/0000 Point at issue: a vasectomy vs. a family.
S04E80 Love and the Growing Romance 00/00/0000 All about a plant doctor who falls for one of her green thumb customers.
S05E01 Love and the Footlight Fiancee 00/00/0000
S05E02 Love and the Teller's Tale 00/00/0000 A banker is trapped in a valut with a designing female.
S05E03 Love and the Swinging Surgeon 00/00/0000 A surgeon with roving hands is on a date with a prim miss.
S05E04 Love and the Plane Fantasy 00/00/0000 A man begins to have fantasies about a girl he met on board a flight.
S05E05 Love and the Lifter 00/00/0000 A pickpocket's heart is stolen by a young admirer.
S05E06 Love and the Lie 00/00/0000 A man uses his famous brother's reputation to impress a girl.
S05E07 Love and the Suspicious Husband 00/00/0000 Tale about a suspicious spouse who hires a detective to follow his wife.
S05E08 Love and the Comedienne 00/00/0000 An insult comedienne is afraid her act is hurting her husband's feelings.
S05E09 Love and the Heavy Set 00/00/0000 A worried mother tries to arrange a blind date for her chubby daughter.
S05E10 Love and the Novel 00/00/0000 A writing team gets very involved in their latest love story.
S05E11 Love and the See-Through Mind 00/00/0000 A jealous mind reader knows when other men are leering at his wife.
S05E12 Love and the Seven-Year Wait 00/00/0000 About-to-be weds have been waiting seven years for her missing husband to be declared legally dead.
S05E13 Love and the Golden Memory 00/00/0000 A tourist looks for his wartime romance in a dingy London pub.
S05E14 Love and the Stutter 00/00/0000 A dentist stutters when he's in love.
S05E15 Love and the Memento 00/00/0000 A heir is unhappy about the disposal of a hamburger king's fortune.
S05E16 Love and the Games People Play 00/00/0000 Two football players enjoy a night they would never forget.
S05E17 Love and the Single Husband 00/00/0000 A swinger is pursued by marriage-hungry women.
S05E18 Love and High Spirits 00/00/0000 A tale about a medium trying to make contact with a desirable client.
S05E19 Love and the Bonded Separation 00/00/0000 Marrieds try a separation under the same roof.
S05E20 Love and the Fractured Fibula 00/00/0000 A newly-married wife injures herself to be with her newly-married husband.
S05E21 Love and the Pretty Secretary 00/00/0000 Tale about a lawyer too much in love with his feather-brained secretary.
S05E22 Love and the Hoodwinked Honey 00/00/0000 Twist on a tryst.
S05E23 Love and the Secret Spouse 00/00/0000 Two newlyweds try to hide their marriage from her father.
S05E24 Love and the Cozy Comrades 00/00/0000 Chambermaid Gladys fixes comrade Ivan's buttons.
S05E25 Love and the Flunky 00/00/0000 A basketball player has a roommate that does everything for him. When the ballplayer brings home a date, she makes an unexpected choice.
S05E26 Love and the Lady Prisoner 00/00/0000 Two female prisoners get a visit from a pair of men.
S05E27 Love and the Weighty Problem 00/00/0000 A girl comes back from a weight loss vacation several dress sizes smaller and her boyfriend becomes paranoid now that she is getting so much attention.
S05E28 Love and the Fortune Cookie 00/00/0000 Two executives vie for a lovely secretary's attentions.
S05E29 Love and the Opera Singer 00/00/0000 An operatic tenor is a ladies' man.
S05E30 Love and the Unsteady Steady 00/00/0000 A teenage boy and girl look for a long term relationship.
S05E31 Love and the Persistent Assistant 00/00/0000 A nightclub hypnotist's assistant is suffering from unrequited love from her boss.
S05E32 Love and the Last Joke 00/00/0000
S05E33 Love and the Clinical Problem 00/00/0000 Comic spoof of sex clinics.
S05E34 Love and the Eat's Cafe 00/00/0000 A postcard salesman stops in a backwards town and believes he has convinced a town girl not to marry an awful man.
S05E35 Love and the Unwedding 00/00/0000 Two students take a stand against the institution of marriage.
S05E36 Love and the Big Top 00/00/0000 A tale about attempted intrigue in a circus trapeze act.
S05E37 Love and the Odd Couples 00/00/0000 A double divorce is on the agenda when two men are married to the wrong girls.
S05E38 Love and the Locksmith 00/00/0000 A story about a love-smitten locksmith.
S05E39 Love and the Time Machine 00/00/0000 A young scientist tries to win a girl with the aid of a time machine.
S05E40 Love and the Man of the Year 00/00/0000 A comedian neglects his family to do charity benefits.
S05E41 Love and the Blue Plate Special 00/00/0000 A waitress wins the heart of a pop artist.
S05E42 Love and the Hidden Meaning 00/00/0000 A woman questions a novel.
S05E43 Love and the Model Apartment 00/00/0000 Honeymooners move into a model apartment.
S05E44 Love and the Weirdo 00/00/0000 A man's date turns out to be superstitious.
S05E45 Love and the Parent's Sake 00/00/0000 Two oldsters try to patch up their kids' rocky marriage.
S05E46 Love and the Three-Timer 00/00/0000 One boy with three girlfriends.
S05E47 Love and the Spendthrift 00/00/0000 A multi-millionaire finds that money cannot buy his secretary's affections.
S05E48 Love and the Generation Gap 00/00/0000 A wealthy patriarch with heirs to spare and the possibility of begetting more.
S05E49 Love and the Awkward Age 00/00/0000 A woman has trouble admitting to her husband her actual age.
S05E50 Love and Carmen Lopez 00/00/0000 Love is in the air for a family's housemaid.
S05E51 Love and the Cover 00/00/0000 An undercover spy reveals to his wife that he has been using her as a cover for the last five years.
S05E52 Love and the Cryin' Cowboy 00/00/0000 A country western singer can only write hit songs after he has been dumped.
S05E53 Love and the Flying Finletters 00/00/0000 A stewardess' daughter gets her pilot father and airline personnel mother back together again.
S05E54 Love and the Extra Job 00/00/0000 A girl with an original way to earn money for law school.
S05E55 Love and the Golden Worm 00/00/0000 A young man's father has a bride selected for him, much to his chagrin.
S05E56 Love and the Patrol Person 00/00/0000 A policeman meets his new, female patrol partner.
S05E57 Love and the Itchy Condition 00/00/0000 Tale of a romance between two itch-ridden people.
S05E58 Love and the Competitors 00/00/0000 A battle of the sexes.
S05E59 Love and the Forever Tree 00/00/0000 Wistful lovers are kept apart for 50 years.
S05E60 Love and the Image Makers 00/00/0000 A political candidate falls in love with his female opponent.
S05E61 Love and Mr. Bunny 00/00/0000 A man cannot sleep without his special clock.
S05E62 Love and the Phobia 00/00/0000 A woman has a fear of apartments.
S00E01 1999 Pilot Movie 00/00/0000

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Par atlza Le 02/06/2017

Je suis en cours sur la saison 2, mais j'espère alors une fin de saison qui ne laissera pas un goût amer d'inachevé...