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From the creators of MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, Fox - the network that brought us Temptation Island - brings us the hottest new reality show on TV, Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage , a mix of Survivor, Temptation Island and The Love Boat. 16 singles, 8 men and 8 women, put together on a boat, sailing through the Caribbean waters in the way to Aruba, to play a seduction game where only one couple will put their hands on a handsome 200,000 dollars reward and get to travel around the world. If they're lucky enough, they might even find the love of their lives. Every 48 hours the couples are switched, and at the end of these 48 hours each group has to vote one person from the opposite sex out of the boat, who is sent to "Loser Island" (Aruba) until the last couple is defined. From time to time, the couples will compete among them for "the switch card". The person that gets the switch card has the power to change someone who was voted off the boat for another that was not.


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S01E01 Episode 1 25/09/2001 As the Love Cruise begins, the 16 singles board the ship in a game that will give them 200,000 dollars and perhaps a soulmate. Right from the start the women begin to dish each other and judging themselves by their looks. After a turn of flash dating, the women are asked to pick a man to spend the next 48 hours with. Two of the guys (Adrian and Michael) are left with no girl and one of them (Darin) has 3 to pick. The first turn of the ""hot seat"" reveals some truths and the first couple is voted off the boat (Gina and Bob). Coincidentally, they also paired to stay the first 48 hours with each other. Now they're going to wait for the others in ""loser island"" (Aruba) as the ""loser queen and king"", as the game gets hotter and better...
S01E02 Episode 2 26/09/2001 On their way to Margarita Island, the couples have to switch, since 48 hours have passed. Again, Lisa remains alone which causes her a bittersweet feeling. Laura pairs with Anthony and Tony ends up with Lisa. On the ""hot seat"", both Laura and Tony are chosen to answer questions and Tony has to give Laura a lap dance. Things between the two start to happen, which doesn't exactly make Anthony's day. The 7 couples have to enter a salsa contest in Margarita Island which will give one person of the winning couple a ""switch card"", which gives him/her the ability to switch whoever is voted off the boat. Adrian and Tomiko win. Laura and Tony return to the boat earlier then the rest of the group, which causes an uncomfortable situation between the two couples. Laura and Toni think Lisa has a crush on Anthony. The voting time comes, and Anthony manipulates almost all the males into voting for Laura, because he feels betrayed. On the other side, the women can't decide who to vote for, and they en
S01E03 Episode 3 01/10/2001 It's the fifth day on the ship and things haven't gone very well for Adrian since the last voting. His remarks concerning the women's decision on voting him so he could vote someone else have caused some ""frisson"" among the women, specially Jeanette, who starts to call him a ""male chauvinist pig"". The women have to choose which men they want to pair up with, and at first they all go to Michael, who was left alone in all previous times. Lisa finally gets Anthony; Toni and Greg are together as their attraction grows, and Adrian keeps Tomiko. Toni is once again up for the ""hot seat"", and Tomiko is found in a very unpleasant situation, after Jeanette asks her a question concerning Adrian. Someone spreads around the boat that Jeanette called Adrian an ""irresponsible father"", which causes a great deal of misunderstandings among everybody. Jeanette has no clue that is the reason why Adrian has been treating her so coldly, and Adrian doesn't know the rumor is not true. Nevertheless, all the me
S01E04 Episode 4 02/10/2001 As the new round begins, the couples are once again switched. Tomiko and Adrian finally split up; while Lisa and Anthony decide to stick together. On the hot seat, Anthony writes a question to Tomiko asking why isn't she with him since she's so attracted to him, making Lisa jealous. Melissa is also up and chooses consequence, having to take a topless photo. The competition for the switch card consists on mud fighting. Each man has to put his woman on his shoulders and the women have to fight each other on mud until there's only one couple left. Toni and Adrian win, and she gets the switch card. Back on the boat, the triangle of disharmony is set. Lisa, who's roommates with Anthony, kisses Michael because she didn't want to hurt him. After kissing Anthony, she confesses kissing Michael and tells Anthony about Michael's plans to get him off the boat. Feeling like the betrayed Michael, she goes to him and tells him she told Anthony. Anthony wants to use Lisa to get rid of Michael. Michael
S01E05 Episode 5 08/10/2001 The battle contiues. Led by Michael, the ""Chicago Four"" alliance is formed, with Toni, Michael, Raplh and Melissa, all residents of Chicago. When the pairing time comes, each of them couples with a person outside the alliance, so that the switch card is guarateed to be in their hands. But someone tells Andrea, and Michael has no other option but letting her in. On the hot seat, Melissa and Darin are both confronted to reveal their true feelings about each other. Darin says he feels more than just attraction to Melissa, but she says she has a boyfriend. Melissa feels guilty about being in the alliance and wants out, specially after she learns about Andrea. With Melissa out, the alliance falls apart. Back on Loser Island, Lisa, Jeanette and Laura talk about Anthony's manipulations. And we get to see Tony's new haircut (a mohawk). They all have a chance to bring someone back from Loser Island. All they have to do is say if they want to switch their current partners, and everybody says no,
S01E06 Episode 6 09/10/2001 It's the final days aboard the Mandalay. Anthony is still being the biggest snake on the ship, and this time he puts Toni against Michael saying things Michael didn't really say about Andrea. A raging Toni desperately searches for Mike until she can finally yell at him. Mike tries to tell the truth, but Toni is too blinded by Anthony's lies to see it. Toni talks Ralph into forming an alliance with her, which is quickly noticed by everybody on the ship. Mike asks Toni if she really wants Jeanette to win, and she tries to say yes, but is very clear that she means no. The voting time comes. Mike and Darin want Toni off, but Ralph and Anthony want Jeanette off. On the women side, they all (except for Toni) vote for Ralph. Melissa has the switch card, and the latest ones to leave the boat are Toni and Ralph. Toni grabs the switch card from Melissa's hand and rips it. As they arrive on Loser Island, Toni starts telling people that she gave up her place so Jeanette could win, and that Melissa
S01E07 Episode 7 16/10/2001 Finally, Judgement Day arrives. Toni is still upset about Jeanette bringing the truth to everyone's eyes and still denies ever trying to bribe her. Anthony, the one who caused all this conflict, still has the nerve to come to Jeanette and ask her to switch him for Michael so he can win. Justin brings the news that the eliminated couples now have a chance to go back on the game. All they have to do is pair in couples and vote for one couple to be brought back. Everybody decides to vote for themselves, except for Gina and Adrian, who know they don't stand a chance. Surprisingly, they're the ones who are voted back on the game, after all, they were the only ones who did not beg the switch card holders to bring them back to the game. Gina is the most shocked of all, since she was the first person to be voted off the boat. Back on the boat, there is one last round of hot seat. Toni asks for Adrian's forgiveness for dumping him earlier in the game. Among all the questions, Anthony's is the m

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