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Love Games is a weekly television series on Zambian local TV that explores the choices people make and situations they are in, in this age where it is safe to assume that everyone knows the risks and consequences of HIV/AIDS. Tasheni, Carol, Mimi, Womba, and Tamara are dealing with love and relationships in urban Lusaka. With Carol engaged to the man of her dreams, we follow how these women bonded by family, or friendship, navigate the path to love and happiness. Single, engaged, and married, the challenges that are thrown at them are not made easy when HIV is the backdrop to the lives of people in Zambia. Betrayal, lust, fidelity, friendship and family drama are thrown into the mix when interconnection of lives and loves are revealed. Are the risks they take worth it? Does a happily ever after lie at the end of their rainbow, or will the web of sexual networks get them caught up in a tangled mesh?

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