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"Love, Inc." is about a woman who helps guys meet women by acting as a go-between in social situations -- an apparently burgeoning business in the matchmaking world, according to several recent newspaper and magazine trend stories. This being TV, the lead character's own love life is a mess. "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" vet Andrew Secunda wrote the pilot, and Adam Chase ("Friends"), Warren Littlefield, Mark Burg and Oren Koules will executive produce it.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Love, Inc.

S01E01 Pilot 22/09/2005 Main Plot:Denise aids an old boyfriend in finding a new love and Clea confesses some not so good news about her love life.
S01E02 Living Single 29/09/2005 Clea struggles with her emotions as she and her soon-to-be ex-husband work out the details of selling their apartment.
S01E03 Mad About You 06/10/2005 After a chance run-in with a great looking stranger on the subway, Denise habitually returns to the location where they met in hopes of finding him again. The Love, Inc. staff has a difficult time finding a mate for Renee, a hard-to-please client who has an outrageous list of qualities that her perfect mate must have.
S01E04 Bosom Buddies 13/10/2005
S01E05 Family Ties 20/10/2005
S01E06 Amen 27/10/2005
S01E07 Hope & Faith 03/11/2005
S01E08 Thick & Thin 10/11/2005
S01E09 One On One 17/11/2005
S01E10 The Honeymooners 24/11/2005
S01E11 Three's Company 15/12/2005
S01E12 Arrested Development 19/01/2006
S01E13 Grace Under Fire 02/02/2006
S01E14 Hello, Larry 09/02/2006
S01E15 Major Dad 16/02/2006
S01E16 Curb Your Enthusiasm 02/03/2006
S01E17 Anything But Love 23/03/2006
S01E18 Cursed 13/04/2006
S01E19 Fired Up 20/04/2006
S01E20 Full House 27/04/2006
S01E21 Dream On 04/05/2006
S01E22 Friends 11/05/2006