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Frankie Paige is a 31-year-old, tempestuous ball of mad life: she colours in for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with Tom, (Brendan Cowell), a fallen star chef, now a cook at the local rehabilitation hospital. Just down the road in a much nicer house, that has a mortgage and not a landlord, lives Charlie (Dan Wyllie) 35, architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou's father. He's also Frank's ex and Tom's brother. Charlie's remarried to Julia (Asher Keddie), a woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare her. Love My Way is an exploration of big characters dealing with the deepest human emotions. Love, hate, truth, lies, jealousy and anger. It deals with the randomness of life and the bloody mindedness needed to carve out a place in the world. These people are family blood and family by proxy”a web of relationships which are pulled and strained by the strongest desires and contradictions of the human heart.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Love My Way

S01E01 Dont Tell Me Your Dreams 22/11/2004 Frankie is a mad ball of life. Her substance abusing flatmate Tom doesn't want to know about her dreams, but they're obvious to her workmates at the newspaper. Meanwhile, Charlie and Julia anxiously await the arrival of their baby.
S01E02 What's In A Name? 22/11/2004 Frankie is trying to deal with the humiliation of rejection. Tom is forced to question whether his quest to rehabilitate himself is doomed or not. Charlie and Julia can't decide on a name for their new baby.
S01E03 Crazy Love 29/11/2004 When Julia's ex-boyfriend, Howard, is in town for the weekend, past and present worlds collide—New-baby stress meets IKEA mayhem, and Charlie's jealousy blows out of proportion. In the meantime, Frankie has come to a realisation—she wants full custody of her and Charlie's eight-year-old daughter, Lou. What's more, Frankie makes the shock discovery that her mother is having an affair with a married man.
S01E04 Spin Cycle 06/12/2004 Tom's gone off his meds, and as he spirals further and further down into himself, into the place he loves to hate, those that surround him wants the blow-by-blow description of the fall. Meanwhile, Frankie takes on the role of babysitter to little Toby when Julia decides to start working again.
S01E05 Stick Sisters 13/12/2004 Frankie seems full of hope when Julia's ex, Howard, asks her out. However, Frankie's mood quickly changes when she realises how her friends and family feel about her dating Howard. When Charlie forgets her birthday, Julia enjoys a quiet day's shop-lifting. When store manager, Dominic, catches her, Julia finds herself first confiding in and then pashing him when he lets her off the hook.
S01E06 To Dance With Death 20/12/2004 Frankie is experiencing a great change, and while it should be making her happy, it's causing concern. The single mum has fallen in love with Julia's ex, Howard. But she's wondering whether she can cope with juggling her new relationship, being a mum to her young daughter, Lou, and work stresses. Meanwhile, new parents Charlie and Julia should also be enjoying themselves, but something is about to snap. When an argument between the couple escalates, Julia says she's had enough. She moves out, taking their baby, to stay with her parents.
S01E07 My Family Up A Tree 10/01/2005 Frankie has a change of heart about Howard but her newfound enthusiasm puts Howard on the back foot. She can't help feeling jealous of Tom's wild, anti-love-fest with Sonia.
S01E08 A Different Planet 17/01/2005 Tragedy strikes and brings the group of friends together.
S01E09 Only Mortal 24/01/2005 Frankie and Charlie are deep in their own worlds of pain. She finds solace in dreams while Charlie turns to work, drink and nicotine to numb his grief. He won't open up and Julia is left to grieve alone.
S01E10 Garden Of Love 31/01/2005 In the season finale, Frankie and Charlie are travelling down different roads to try and find a way forward.
S02E01 More To Tell 05/02/2006 The second series picks up eight months after the first series left off as Frankie returns home from an overseas trip to find the lives of those around her dramatically altered. Charlie and Julia have separated, Tom has moved in with his new love and Di is living in her art studio.
S02E02 The Christmas Thing 12/02/2006 Charlie finds a new and unexpected lease on life after a confrontation with an intruder. Julia finds herself in hot water after she is caught shoplifting. Frankie hosts Christmas lunch, an emotional day that brings memories of Lou close to the surface for all involved.
S02E03 When Wanting Works 19/02/2006 Tom is causing tension for Frankie at home. Frankie starts art school. As her new relationship intensifies, Julia finds herself turning to Charlie following a surprise humiliation.
S02E04 No Immunity 26/02/2006 Katie moves out, claiming she can't live in the same house as Frankie. Tom tries to convince her to stay, but without luck. Frankie manages to loose Toby while she baby sits, making her release she might want another child.Charlie wants Julia back, but she refuses, saying he only wants her because she's seeing someone else.
S02E05 Old Wounds 05/03/2006 Charlie questions his place in the family when Tom and Gerry embark on a vodka-fuelled father-son night out.
S02E06 I Know You 12/03/2006 Tom is torn between his new love Katie and his old flame, Frankie. Suspecting he is being unfaithful, Katie confronts Tom who lies about his affair with Frank. Charlie once again fails in his attempts to win Julia back and seeks comfort with a client.
S02E07 Tower of Love 19/03/2006 Frankie is taken by surprise when she finds that she has discovered love again. Meanwhile, Frankie and Lewis' friends are taken by surprise when they are invited to an impromptu wedding reception. Tom attempts to reconnect with Kate. Charlie reminisces about Lou's birth when he is unexpectedly called upon to take his pregnant client to the hospital.
S02E08 Crossing the Line 26/03/2006 Having both sons living back home is proving too stressful for Gerry who begins to crack under the pressure. Julia's relationship continues to spin out of control and she finds herself looking for a new home after her parents evict her in response to her letter. As he watches Frankie and Lewis blissfully happy in their new life, Tom (still living with his parents) seeks revenge for the emotional turmoil Frankie has caused him.
S02E09 Amphibians 02/04/2006 Lewis' 15-year-old son, Dylan comes to stay with Frank and Lewis. His presence disturbs Frank who loses precious photographs of Lou due to Dylan's carelessness. Brenda brings a depressed Julia back to her house and Charlie and Julia end up in bed together.
S02E10 One Big Happy 09/04/2006 Frankie is furious when she finds Dylan and his friends conducting a seance to conjure Lou's spirit. Tom sets out to complete the tasks Katie set for him but things get complicated when Katie finds she is pregnant and refuses to tell Tom. Di and Clive arrive home from the U.S. and Clive, on his death bed, is taken straight to the hospital.
S02E11 Five Minutes of Fame 16/04/2006 Frankie, Lewis and Dylan are roped into helping Clive achieve his last wish. Tom is still chasing Kate but she stuns him with an emotional revelation.
S02E12 You're Almost There 23/04/2006 Charlie and Julia embark on their new life together. Tom and Katie rediscover what holds them together and fight for a second chance. Frankie and Lewis discover they are pregnant and Frankie deals with the mixed emotions of impending motherhood and memories of Lou. Dylan struggles to find his place in the world and finds himself in trouble at home and at school. Season Finale.
S03E01 I'm the King of the Castle 26/02/2007 Lewis and Frankie move into their new home and are confronted by a shocking twist of fate.Tess and Caroline have trouble adjusting to Sydney life. Julia and Charlie finally find the house of their dreams and Tom's trip back to the US takes an unexpected turn.
S03E02 Cold Blooded Creatures 26/02/2007 Tom moves back to Sydney with a new lease on life, a new job and a new love interest. Frankie and Lewis are at odds after suffering a traumatic loss. Frankie starts a new job and embarks on a secret search for her long lost father. On Lewis' advice, Dylan explores the geography of teenage sexuality.
S03E03 Say What You Mean 05/03/2007 Julia and her estranged sister Simone share a surprise encounter. Frankie is overwhelmed by her hew job and horrified when she discovers how much financial debt Lewis is in. While celebrating his birthday, Gerry makes a surprise announcement. Dylan and Tom bond over restaurant work and staff parties.
S03E04 Together Apart 05/03/2007 Charlie and Julia's get a surprise when Tom comes to their dinner with Simone. Dylan confronts Tom about his feelings for Tom. Lewis is trying to lower his debts. Caroline is all stressed out, and is breaking down.
S03E05 The Cemetery Gates 12/03/2007 Dylan explores his newfound freedom by taking a walk on the wildside. Tess and Lewis take off in search of the now missing, Dylan and form an unexpected bond. Frankie finally meets her father and Tom and Billie continue their flirtation.
S03E06 Cars With No Brakes 12/03/2007 Frankie takes the rap for Lewis' car accident and loses her licence in the process, pushing their marriage to breaking point. Dylan gets involved in internet drag sites. Tom's continued social antics frustrate his family and Billie. Julia and Charlie get a difficult houseguest.
S03E07 Running with Crabs 19/03/2007 Now living with Di, Frankie plunges herself back into her art as a means to dealing with her separation from Lewis. Meanwhile, Lewis suffers a dangerous relapse. Julia shares a wild girls night out with her sister Simone, who lets her in on one of her biggest secrets. Charlie is finding living with the sisters challenging, to say the least. Tom witness a bag-snatching and has an epiphany.
S03E08 And in the End 19/03/2007 Frankie comes to Dylan's aid after he winds up in hospital. Meanwhile, Lewis decides to start over and applies for his driver's licence. Charlie and Julia go out for a night together, leaving Simone at home with Toby. Her adventures in babysitting don't go to plan. Frankie and Lewis confront their true feelings about each other and contemplate their future.