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David and Julie Willis are a newlywed couple who live in an inexpensive rooftop apartment in San Francisco. David works a low paying job as an apprentice architect while Julie comes from a well-to-do family and attends art school. The storylines frequently revolved around David having to prove to Julie's family that he was a good enough husband for her.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Love On A Rooftop

S01E01 Love on a Rooftop (Pilot) 06/09/1966
S01E02 117 Ways To Cool Hamburger 13/09/1966
S01E03 My Husband,The Knight 20/09/1966
S01E04 The Big Brass Bed 27/09/1966
S01E05 The Six Dollar Surprise 04/10/1966
S01E06 The Chocolate Hen 11/10/1966
S01E07 Homecoming 18/10/1966
S01E08 One Picture is Worth..... 25/10/1966
S01E09 Chinchilla Rag 01/11/1966
S01E10 Who Is Syvia? 15/11/1966
S01E11 War On A Rooftop 22/11/1966
S01E12 Dave's Night Out 29/11/1966
S01E13 There's Got To Be Somthing Wrong With Her 06/12/1966
S01E14 But Is IT Really You? 13/12/1966
S01E15 The Fifty Dollar Misunderstanding 20/12/1966
S01E16 Frocks Of Trouble 27/12/1966
S01E18 Going Home To Daughter 03/01/1967
S01E19 Let It Rain 12/01/1967
S01E20 King Of The Castle 19/01/1967
S01E21 My Father The TV Star 26/01/1967
S01E22 Who Was That Husband I Saw You With? 02/02/1967
S01E23 Shotgun Honeymoon 09/02/1967
S01E24 Musical Apartments 16/02/1967
S01E25 Low Calorie Love 23/02/1967
S01E26 The Sell Out 02/03/1967
S01E27 The Leter Bug 09/03/1967
S01E28 Dept Of Gratitude 16/03/1967
S01E29 Murder In The Apartment D 23/03/1967 Mysterious doings and alarming sounds prompt Dave, Julie, Stan and Carol to begin an investigation-of murder in apartment D.
S01E30 One Too Many Crooks 30/03/1967
S01E31 Stork On A Rooftop 06/04/1967