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Love Your Garden – with Alan Titchmarsh follows the writer, broadcaster and TV personality as he travels the country with a team of esteemed experts to find some of Britain’s most beautiful domestic gardens and show viewers how to recreate the look themselves – with minimum fuss.


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S01E01 The Traditional British Garden 10/06/2011 In the first programme, Alan demonstrates how to create a perfect traditional British garden including a dream summerhouse, fabulous flower beds and a way of producing your own honey.
S01E02 The Country Garden 17/06/2011 Alan Titchmarsh visits Whitehouse Cottage in rural Berkshire to show how to achieve that country look - from mosaic pathways and climbing clematis to rustic flower beds and ironwork benches. Plus Valentine Warner creates some heavenly flavours from a vegetable patch and Charlotte Uhlenbroek reveals what to do when hedgehogs come calling.
S01E03 The Formal Garden 24/06/2011
S01E04 The City Garden 01/07/2011
S01E05 The Fantasy Garden 08/07/2011
S01E06 The Flower Garden 15/07/2011
S01E07 The Entertaining Garden 22/07/2011
S01E08 The Exotic Garden 29/07/2011
S01E09 The Seaside Garden 16/09/2011 In this episode, Alan visits a garden by the sea in East Wittering that works in harmony with the coastal elements.
S01E10 The Rose Garden 23/09/2011 In this episode, Alan demonstrates how to build a rose garden, and visits one in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Plus Laetitia Maklouf reveals ways to extend the life of a rose into winter by making rosewater, Valentine Warner shows how roses can even be the key ingredient in a spicy sauce, and Alan suggests stunning ways to display the flower – from rustic pergolas to pavilions from paradise
S01E11 The Secret Garden 30/09/2011 Alan is in Harlow in Essex, where he shows how the smallest of gardens can be turned into a private sanctuary. He also transforms a tiny hot tub area into an intimate tropical garden. Matt James demonstrates how to make the very best out of a humble basement and, as autumn arrives, Laetitia Maklouf uses dried petals to keep the summer alive, and there is a look at the ultimate garden status symbols, from deluxe hanging baskets to five-star hot tubs.
S01E12 The Cottage Garden 07/10/2011 Alan investigates the classic charm of the cottage garden as he discovers the epitome of the cottage style in Staffordshire, Valentine Warner looks at some edible weeds and Charlotte Uhlenbroek reveals some hibernating havens for wildlife. Also there are suggestions for what to buy this weekend to recreate the cottage garden look.
S03E01 Hurst Green 25/06/2013 Alan attempts to help a fellow gardener and his family in Hurst Green, East Sussex, as they attempt to cope with a life threatening illness.
S03E02 Cambridge 02/07/2013 Alan and the team attempt to makeover the garden of a young mother whose son requires round the clock care in Cambridgeshire.
S03E03 City Garden 09/07/2013 Alan and the team attempt to help a mum who has to care for her seriously ill son while coping with her own debilitating illness turn her small city garden into the ultimate outdoor space.
S03E04 Gloucestershire 16/07/2013 Alan and the team attempt to help a woman living in Gloucestershire who has spent her life looking after others.
S03E05 Woking 23/07/2013 Alan and the team help a Falklands veteran and his wife transform their barren plot in Woking into a garden paradise.
S03E06 Rhyanne Nixon 30/07/2013 Alan and the team attempt to help Rhyanne Nixon who has been confined to a wheelchair by Motor Neurone Disease. She and her family have recently moved into a bungalow where the garden is dominated by a large wooden viewing platform that she cannot access.
S03E07 Tonbridge 06/08/2013 Alan and the team face their most difficult challenge yet as they attempt to makeover the smallest garden they’ve ever worked on for a family coping with a very rare condition. Lou and Andy Webb have two young children who are affected by a genetic condition that severely restricts their eyesight.
S03E08 Cumbria 13/08/2013 Alan and the team makeover the Cumbrian garden of the Pyne family, who lost their daughter Alice to cancer in January this year.
S04E01 The Chan Family 24/06/2014 Alan attempts to help the Chan family in Manchester whose garden has become a no-go area. David Domoney shows how to make a tired old deck look like new whilst Frances Tophill explains how to get the best from your garden.
S04E02 The Estick Family 01/07/2014 Alan attempts to help the Estick family who are struggling to move past the loss of their youngest son. David Domoney shows how to tackle a overgrown hedge whilst Frances Tophill create a kitchen garden. Katie Rushworth plants a flowering hedge..
S04E03 The McGinn Family 08/07/2014 Alan and the team are in Burton Upon Trent where they attempt to help McGinn family whose life was turned upside down after dad, Pete, was seriously hurt whilst working as a police officer.
S04E04 The Waller Family 15/07/2014 Alan and the team are in Runcorn working on the smallest garden they've ever tackled. Karan Waller would like the new garden to be a way of saying thank you to her family for all the support they've given her as she battles with a brain tumour.
S04E05 The Woods Family 22/07/2014 Alan and the team are attempt to help the Woods family in Bideford in Devon. Tamsyn and husband Alex and their four children had been living the good life in the south of France but following a shocking brain injury for Alex and two brain haemorrhages, the family returned back to the United Kingdom and are facing a very different future.
S04E06 Joan Myers OBE 29/07/2014 Alan and the team have been asked to undertake a garden in the heart of London. They've been asked to do it for Joan Myers OBE, a senior nurse who has worked endlessly to help improve the ways in which children are cared for within the NHS.
S04E07 The Chapman Family 05/08/2014 Alan attempts to create a garden for a family with twin girls who have a serious, life limiting condition. Darcie and Evie Chapman are suffering with Dravet Syndrome, a very rare form of epilepsy affecting just 1 in every 40,000 people.
S04E08 The Simpson Family 12/08/2014 Alan attempts to help wounded war hero Luke Simpson who lost his leg during his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. He's always been a keen gardener but since the incident he's found it hard to get the start he needs to create the cottage garden he craves.

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