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For all those who have struggled to lose weight and failed: Meet George Stella, the low-carb chef. Once weighing in at 465 pounds, George transformed his life with controlled-carbohydrate eating. Now he shares his secrets to successful weight loss, proving that the low-carb lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.


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S01E01 Breakfast Best Bets 18/07/2004 Steak, spinach and cheddar cheese omelet; blueberry muffins.
S01E02 Make Ahead Meals 04/07/2004 Low-carb food that can be made ahead of time.
S01E03 Low Carb Comfort Foods 23/05/2004 Onion rings; Southern fried chicken; mashed potatoes; chocolate almond ice cream.
S01E04 Low Carb Party 08/08/2004 George invites his friends and family over for a low-carb dinner party.
S01E05 Cravings Busters 09/05/2004 Low carb pizza; 'mock' fettuccine primavera; fresh fruit margaritas; cannoli parfaits.
S01E06 Now That's Italian 16/05/2004 Antipasto platter; shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash and tomato parmesan; radicchio salad.
S01E07 Snacking Made Simple 20/06/2004 Turkey and Swiss cheese roll-ups; chocolate pecan bon bons; crispy pepperoni chips; lemon-lime slushee.
S01E08 Low Carb Grilling 06/06/2004 Grilled tenderloin and portobellos; salmon with dill; grilled chicken breast with cilantro; oysters.
S01E09 Quick and Low Carb Easy Gourmet 01/08/2004 Spinach salad topped with toasted pecans; feta and spinach salmon roast.
S01E10 Low Carb Mexican 30/05/2004 Tequila chicken quesadillas; southwestern chili con carne; no-bake key lime cheesecake; pico de gallo; guacamole.
S01E11 Low Carb Chinese 11/07/2004 Teriyaki sesame chicken skewers; Szechuan vegetable stir fry; ginger salad; shrimp egg foo yong.
S01E12 Sunday Dinner 25/07/2004 Baked ham with a maple bourbon glaze; zucchini muffins.
S01E13 Deceiving Desserts 27/06/2004 Ricotta cheesecake; double chocolate walnut brownies; fresh berries and ricotta martinis.

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