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Animal trainer Brandon McMillan's second home is the neighborhood animal shelter where he rescues hard-to-love, out-of control, untrained and unadoptable dogs. Then, at Brandon's training facility, the Lucky Dog Ranch, he embarks on the seemingly impossible task of turning the frightened pooches into perfect pets. In the end, a lucky family will adopt an even luckier dog, making each episode an adoption story that warms the heart.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lucky Dog

S01E01 Willie 28/09/2013
S01E02 Vinnie 05/10/2013 Brandon helps a scared stray dog, Vinnie, overcome his fears and learn what it’s like to be loved by a family from Santa Clarita, California.
S01E03 Emmit 12/10/2013 Brandon helps place a mixed breed dog named Emmit with a Los Angeles family, but the road to adoption is tricky.
S01E04 Lolita 19/10/2013
S01E05 Daisy 26/10/2013
S01E06 Luke 02/11/2013
S01E07 Randy 09/11/2013
S01E08 Oliver 16/11/2013
S01E09 For Every Problem, There's a Solution 23/11/2013
S01E10 Roxy 25/01/2014 Brandon helps an overwhelmed family narrow the choices to find the perfect rescue dog for them. Once the Peach family decides on a sweet little puppy, Roxy, it’s up to Brandon to break her bad habits.
S01E11 Coco 01/02/2014 Brandon has his hands full after rescuing Coco, a skittish Border Collie mix from the streets of Los Angeles. CoCo is extremely fearful of everyone, but she’s smart and Brandon teaches her not only to trust but to also help others in need.
S01E12 Kai 09/02/2014 Love is blind— especially when it comes to a Papillion mix, Kai. Brandon thinks Kai has what it takes to become a therapy dog, but first he’ll need to teach Kai how to see and experience the world in a whole new way.
S01E13 Hershey 15/02/2014 Brandon rescues Hershey, a dachshund mix with no training or history on a leash. The Bactat family is a perfect match, but worry that their two-story home will be an insurmountable obstacle for a small dog like Hershey with no experience on stairs.
S01E14 Out of the Box 22/02/2014 Every dog presents its own unique set of challenges, and what works in one situation may require a bit more ingenuity in another. Lucky Dog features some of Brandon’s most creative and surprising training moments – including some “never before seen footage.”
S01E15 Flash 01/03/2014
S01E16 Charlie 05/04/2014 When Mojo the lab gets a case of the “terrible twos,” his family turns to adoption to find him a new playmate. Brandon thinks Charlie, an energetic black lab mix, could fit the bill, but only if Charlie can overcome her control issues and lack of focus. Will this be a match made in doggy heaven—or double trouble?
S01E17 Jingles 12/04/2014 After suffering from a bad case of kennel stress, Jingles the pointer mix must learn to shed his anxiety and master the skills needed to become an off-leash pet for the outdoor-loving Valle family. But will the Valle‘s own daughter, Isabella, be able to overcome her personal anxiety of dogs in time for the adoption?
S01E18 A Family Affair! 19/04/2014 Lifestyle and pets and kids, oh my! Brandon doesn't just consider the dog when creating a training plan, he also factors in the dynamic and needs of the forever family. In this episode Brandon revisits some of his most important and heart-warming “family inspired” training moments.
S01E19 Lucky 26/04/2014 Sink or swim! After the loss of their beloved family dog, the Levitt family seeks to mend their broken hearts by adopting Lucky, a King Charles Spaniel mix. But a trip to the Levitt’s home plunges Lucky’s training into new depths when Brandon discovers they have a pool in their backyard.
S01E20 Barnaby 03/05/2014 Brandon rescues Barnaby, a tiny terrier with big-top potential. Barnaby is on track to graduate agility training with honors, but can first time dog owner, Howard, pass Dog Training 101?
S01E21 Bailey 10/05/2014 The Weiss family gets their golden opportunity when Brandon rescues Bailey, a five-month-old pure bred Golden Retriever. But will this chowhound’s nose for trouble be too much for the Weiss family’s traditional house rules?
S01E22 Evan 17/05/2014 On the verge of a new chapter in their lives, the Sarac family hopes to adopt Evan, a four-year-old black Labrador mix. But will this big dog with the big personality be more than this family of four can handle?
S01E23 Popcorn 00/00/0000 Brandon rescues Popcorn, a loveable English Bulldog saddled with a history of neglect. He’s found a nurturing new owner in Simone, but can this out of shape bulldog keep up with her active lifestyle?
S01E24 Jasmine 00/00/0000 Jasmine, the short haired pointer, suffered a tragic injury that takes thousands of dollars to fix. Brandon looks to get Jasmine the care she needs and then find her the perfect home.
S01E25 Ultimate Tests 00/00/0000 From climbing a mountain to resisting temptation to swimming for safety, every dog that Brandon rescues has a unique set of challenges. And success will mean that they are ready for their new families.
S01E26 Sadie 00/00/0000 Brandon faces one of his biggest challenges yet. He must find the perfect shelter dog to assist a woman with very special needs. And he’ll have to devise a new form of training in order to make the match successful.