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Luke Nguyen, acclaimed owner and chef of the Sydney restaurant The Red Lantern, returns to the country of his heritage to take a culinary journey through the southern regions of Vietnam. Starting in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Luke travels through the Mekong Delta, and north along the coast to the World Heritage city of Hoi An. Along the way he prepares dishes in locations that represent the real Vietnam, in all its chaotic vibrancy


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Luke Nguyen's Vietnam

S01E01 Saigon (1) 02/09/2010 In the first episode, Luke explores the food and culture of Vietnam's largest city, Ho Chi Minh City.
S01E02 Saigon (2) 09/09/2010 In episode two of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Luke spends time cooking with his extended family in Saigon.
S01E03 Mekong Delta 16/09/2010 Luke’s journey continues along the mighty Mekong River, the lifeblood for locals in this area of Vietnam, who rely on it for transport, trade, and most of all as a source of food.
S01E04 Phu Quoc Island 23/09/2010 The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc is well known for its production of fish sauce, and its peppercorn plantations. It’s an idyllic location and a relaxing change of pace for Luke in episode 4 of Luke’s Vietnam.
S01E05 Phan Thiet and Mui Ne 30/09/2010 In episode 5 of “Luke’s Vietnam”, Luke reaches the beautiful beaches of the east coast, stopping in to visit relatives in Phan Thiet.
S01E06 Dalat 07/10/2010 Luke visits the town of Da Lat in the beautiful central highlands of Vietnam, Luke enjoys the cooler climate and the abundance of fresh produce on offer.
S01E07 Nha Trang 14/10/2010 Luke Nguyen visits the beachside town of “Nha Trang” a coastal town abundant with fresh seafood.
S01E08 Quy Nhon 21/10/2010 Luke Nguyen visits “Quy Nhon” on the central costs of Vietnam and teachers local disabled children how to make fish cakes, and enjoys a vegetarian feast with local Monks.
S01E09 Hoi An (1) 28/10/2010 Luke travels to the historic town of “Hoi An” and tastes the wonderful delights of this beautiful town.
S01E10 Hoi An (2) 04/11/2010 Luke continues his journey in “Hoi An” where vibrant markets are bustling and magnificent produce is on offer for Luke to cook with, spoilt by choice, Luke makes the most of what the town has on offer and also journeys out of town on a food discovery tour
S02E01 Hue 13/10/2011 In this episode of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Luke explores the food and culture of Hue, home to the ruling Emperors of the 17th century in central Vietnam.
S02E02 Vinh 20/10/2011 In Episode 2 of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Luke travels to rural Vinh to explore the vibrant market lifestyle and prepare regional dishes for the local people.
S02E03 Ninh Binh 27/10/2011 Luke’s journey continues to the mysterious and serene Ninh Binh, and cooking snails, pork neck and goat in some of the most beautiful scenery Vietnam has to offer.
S02E04 Hanoi 03/11/2011 Luke reaches the bustling city of Hanoi to discover its old charm, strong French influence and a very vibrant street-food scene.
S02E05 Greater Hanoi 10/11/2011 Luke ventures to greater Hanoi and learns how to make rice paper and pork terrine. He roasts a duck roadside and demonstrates a Vietnamese favourite, Pho Bo.
S02E06 Sapa (1) 17/11/2011 Luke leaves the hustle and bustle of Hanoi behind for the mystical mountains of Sapa to cook in the clouds.
S02E07 Sapa (2) 24/11/2011 Continuing in Sapa, Luke ventures beyond the main town and visits the local villages where he delves into some rich local traditions.
S02E08 Bac Ha 01/12/2011 Heading further north to Bac Ha, Luke visits the busy weekend tourist markets and explores the local surrounds, learning to make his own rice wine.
S02E09 Ha Long Bay 08/12/2011 Aboard a large Vietnamese junk boat, Luke floats through the serene beauties of one of the world’s natural wonders, Ha Long Bay.
S02E10 Mai Chau 15/12/2011 In this last episode of Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Luke immerses himself in Mai Chau, eating, drinking and dancing with the local white Thai people.
S00E01 Masterclass: Key Ingredients 17/12/2011
S00E02 Masterclass: Essential Utensils 17/12/2011
S00E03 Masterclass: Using a Wok 17/12/2011
S00E04 Masterclass: Green Papaya 17/12/2011
S00E05 Masterclass: Rice Paper Rolls 17/12/2011
S00E06 Masterclass: Banana Leaf 17/12/2011
S00E07 Masterclass: Banana Blossom 17/12/2011
S00E08 Interviews: Coming to Australia 17/12/2011
S00E09 Interviews: Growing up in Cabramatta 17/12/2011
S00E10 Interviews: Vietnamese Cuisine 17/12/2011
S00E11 Interviews: Cooking and the Family 17/12/2011
S00E12 Interviews: Returning to Vietnam 17/12/2011
S00E13 Interviews: On Location 17/12/2011
S00E14 Interviews: Series 2 17/12/2011
S00E15 Interviews: Favourite Places 17/12/2011
S00E16 Recipe: Citrus Cured Sardine Salad 05/11/2010
S00E17 Recipe: Artichoke and Pork Rib Soup 05/11/2010
S00E18 Recipe: Wok Tossed Eel with Tumeric and Glass Noodles 05/11/2010
S00E19 Recipe: Seafood Steamboat 05/11/2010
S00E20 Recipe: Dragon Fruit Shake 05/11/2010
S00E21 Recipe: Quy Nhon Fried Fish Cakes 05/11/2010
S00E22 Recipe: Grilled Scallops & Mussels in Spring Onion Oil 05/11/2010
S00E23 Recipe: Char Grilled Tiger Prawns, Wrapped with Pork Belly & Vietnamese Mint 05/11/2010
S00E24 Recipe: Steamed Mudfish stuffed with Pork and Glass Noodles 05/11/2010
S00E25 Recipe: Chicken Marinated in Oyster Sauce, Char Grilled in Pandan Leaves 05/11/2010
S00E26 Recipe: Hue pancake 17/12/2011
S00E27 Recipe: Banana-blossom salad with tofu skin 17/12/2011
S00E28 Recipe: Sticky rice cooked in bamboo 17/12/2011
S00E29 Recipe: Warm beef-and-watercress salad 17/12/2011
S00E30 Recipe: Purple rice noodle and corn-wine soup 17/12/2011
S00E31 Recipe: Pork terrine baguette 17/12/2011
S00E32 Recipe: Handmade rice noodles filled with pork and wood-ear mushrooms 17/12/2011
S00E33 Recipe: School prawns wok-tossed in shrimp paste 17/12/2011
S00E34 Recipe: Carp char-grilled in betel leaves 17/12/2011
S00E35 Recipe: Prawns fried in young green rice flakes 17/12/2011

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