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"When people who barely live in the same world have to live under the same roof!" Mad Mad House is a reality show from the SCIFI Channel, about 10 ordinary people who become roommates with a wiccan, a naturist, a vampire, a modern primitive, and voodoo priestess.


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S01E01 The Madness Begins! 04/03/2004 The guests meet the alts, and get room assignments five in a dorm, and the other five get assigned to an alts room. Avocado take the guests on a nature hike, and they meet up with Don where they must go into a bloodbath and find rubber bats, garlic, and crosses and put it in the pots of the other guests whoever gets the least is immune in the voting. Kelly is upset that most of the others put in hers. Brent wins. Iya Ta'Shia performs a voodoo ritual Nichole, Noel, Eric, and Jamie are the only ones willing to participate.
S01E02 Kelly's Barking Mad 11/03/2004 Kelly gets drunk and tension raises between her and Nichole. Fiona hase the house guests write their fears on a scroll, then performs a wiccan ritual. She asks them all to come into the circle Brent and Loana opt not to. In the circle they put their scrolls in a basket and then Fiona randomly reads them. While asking Art a question Kelly thinks Tim is judging her. The rest of the guests think they need to get Kelly f*@#%ed. Avacado brings over some of his naturist friends who are waering nothing but loin cloths. Under each loin cloth is a picture of fruits, vegetables, or flowers and they have to find matches. Nichole and Tim are tied for first place, and have to find the person with an avacado on their loin cloth. Nichole wins and is immune to the voting.
S01E03 We are Goddesses, Damn it! 18/03/2004 Don, Art, Loana, Brent, and Eric go to the grocery store. Don wants pasta. Ta'Shia looks into Eric's future and warns him to stop drinking. Fiona brings the woman to perform a goddess ritual. Loana chooses not to go, to Fiona's relief. Art talks her into doing it. Not knowing where the girls are the guys look for them and agree to serve the goddesses. Ta'Shia has the guest go into holes as all sorts of natural things are poured on them from soil to animal organs. After it has all been poured on them must search in their holes for five sacred items and whoever gets all five first get immunity from the voting. Bonnie wins.
S01E04 The Alts Get Even 25/01/2004 Eric tries to turn Fiona against Nichole. In the morning a naked Avocado and Noel wake up the guests, to go on a nature hike. Avocado thinks Tim is acting like a fool. The guests face Arts trial, they must all get in a tower of cages to see who can stay in the longest. Each time someone leaves everyone else moves up to the next cage. Tim wins making him immune from elimination.
S01E05 Hanging Around 01/04/2004 Nichole gets into an Argument with Fiona about why she wanted to vote her out. Art hangs himself from hooks in front of the guests, and asks Nichole to add her weight. The alts confront Nichole and she bursts into tears that the others are against her. At Fiona's Witch Trial, the guests have to undo ""spell knots"" tied into long ropes, and to retrieve a dagger and put it on Fiona's altar. The teams are Eric and Loana, Noel and Jamie and Nichole and Tim. Eric and Loana win, but only one can win immunity. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors for immunity. Loana wins.
S01E06 Don Drinks & Drains 08/04/2004 Don has his first showcase and introduces a friend and his girlfriend, Gina, to the house. In it, Don does an energy-draining ritual on Noel and then drinks blood. Avocado has his second trial in which the guests run nude trying to find a variety of raw foods and plants. Nichole wins this trial. At elimination, a surprise twist is revealed - instead of the Alts voting, the houseguests have the voting power. To Noel's surprise, he gets everyone's necklace except Nichole's. To add ANOTHER twist, the Alts announce that Noel is not eliminated since only the Alts can eliminate. They leave the houseguests there to deal with the consequences.
S01E07 Blood Guzzlers 15/04/2004 The guests all whine about having to be the one's to vote in the last episode. The alts take the guests shopping, where Noel is made to dress in lingerie. Don's trial is for all the guests to drink blood. They decide how much is put in each others cup and whoever drinks all their blood first wins. Loana win and is immune, and Nichole is still imune from the previous week.
S01E08 Thee shall Hang! 22/04/2004 The alts are upset about Noel leaving, because of the cold medicine thing with Loana. Fiona fears Eric will leave before she can do her work with him, and says it's not worth it. Loana isn't chosen for a roommate because Fiona thinks she needs to spend time alone, this upsets her. Noel tries to butter Fiona up with a flower, she thinks it's from Loana. Fiona does a ritual, Loana chooses not to partake. Noel is upset that Fiona thinks the flower is from Loana. Fiona is upset with Loana, that she has shown little change. Eric is upset that he has yet to win a trial. The guests participate in Fiona's witch trial. They must pull card with the names of eliminated guests out of bags to answer Fiona's questions. For the first wrong answer they get the mark of the witch. For the second the noose of gallows are hung around their necks. For the third they are dropped into a pit. Jamie is dropped first, Eric second, and Loana third. Nichole wins and is given immunity. Avocado asks the guests to h
S01E09 Mad Finale Mad (1) 29/04/2004 Part 1 The three remaining guests discuss what has happened and that things are going to really count now. The alts are mad at Fiona for voting for Jamie as a warning, when they thought she should have voted for Loana. Jamie and Iya Ta'Shia talk at night about how Jamie feels bad being away from her daughter. The alts take the guests on field trip. Eric is in a car alone with Don, Art, and Fiona and talks about how Nichole talks too much. Art agrees with him. Nichole was talking about some friend of a friend and some stuff the entire ride. The field trip is bowling, and Don wins. Eric and Jamie talk about Nichole behind her back. Art comes and tells the guests they will be suspended by hooks the person who falls first loses. The guests must carry additional weight when rocks are added to the hooks. Eric is having the most trouble, and falls first. Eric is upset that he hasn't won any of the trials. The alts tell Eric to add his rock to either Loanna or Jamie's hook, he choose Nichole.
S01E10 Mad Finale Mad (2) 29/04/2004