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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Maggie & Her

S01E01 The Naughty Window Cleaner 13/01/1978 Maggie becomes fed up with Mrs P's constant interfering with her attempts at dating, and tells her that the window cleaner is her new boyfriend.
S01E02 Mrs P Goes To School 20/01/1978 Mrs P, concerned about Maggie's welfare, takes a job at Maggie's school to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Maggie's efforts to matchmake between Mrs P and the school caretaker end in a marriage proposal.
S01E03 Mr Right 27/01/1978 Maggie meets an attractive and amusing man, but is constantly pestered by an ill Mrs P. She then discovers that her dream man is already involved with someone, but goes ahead with a dinner date anyway, hoping he will succumb to her charms.
S01E04 The Other Woman 03/02/1978 After the failed dinner date, Mrs P persuades Maggie to go and see the ""other woman"" in disguise, but things don't go as planned.
S01E05 National I-Don't-Care Week 10/02/1978 Maggie is down in the dumps until she meets Kiddo, whose carefree attitude proves infectious to the point where Mrs Perry becomes worried. Maggie stops worrying about cleaning her flat and even starts gambling. Soon, a dinner date is arranged, followed by a proposal of marriage.
S01E06 You Make Me Feel So Young 17/02/1978 Maggie is feeling old and unattractive. However, a young teacher from her school arranges a liaison with Mr Prewett, the local dry cleaner. He asks Maggie to dinner and she accepts—unaware that he still lives with his mother.
S01E07 Private Tuition 24/02/1978 Mrs P is unable to pay back a loan to her cousin. Maggie offers to help her pay it off, provided Mrs P sells some of her recent purchases.

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