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Alors qu'elles visitent tranquillement la Tour de Tokyo avec leurs écoles respectives, Shidô Hikaru, Ryûzaki Umi et Hôôji Fû sont invoquées par la princesse Emeraude pour devenir des Magic Knights et sauver le monde de Cefiro. Téléportées sur ce dernier qui sombre dans le chaos depuis que son pilier, la princesse Emeraude, a été enlevée par le grand prêtre Zagato, nos trois héroïnes rencontrent le mage Clef qui leur explique en partie la situation. Grâce à leur indéfectible amitié et après avoir surmonté de terribles épreuves, Hikaru, Umi et Fû réussissent à trouver l'Escudo, un minerai très spécial qui permet au maître forgeron Presea de leurs forger des armes évolutives. Elles repartent alors à la recherche de la Garde Sacrée pour devenir des Magic Knights. Mais sur leur chemin, de redoutable ennemis à la solde de Zagato les attendent, fermement résolus à les éliminer...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Magic Knight Rayearth

S01E01 L'arrivée des légendaires Magic Knights! 17/10/1994 Alors qu'elles visitent tranquillement la Tour de Tokyo avec leurs écoles respectives, Shidô Hikaru, Ryûzaki Umi et Hôôji Fû sont téléportées sur Cefiro par la princesse Emeraude. Accueillies par le mage Clef, elles apprennent que pour sauver ce monde du chaos, elles doivent devenir des Magic Knights et délivrer la princesse qui a été enlevée par le grand prêtre Zagato...
S01E02 Presea, forgeron de la Forêt du Silence 24/10/1994 Portées par un animal invoqué par Clef, Hikaru, Umi et Fû arrivent dans la forêt du silence et y rencontrent Presea et Mokona. Mais, comme partout sur Cefiro, le chaos propage ses monstres et amène nos héroïnes à faire preuve d'astuce pour vaincre.
S01E03 Ferio, le beau guerrier mystérieux 31/10/1994 While travelling to Eterna Lake, they run into a guy named Ferrio who saves them from a monster. Ferrio then offer them to be their guide to get out of the Silence forest. They say no, and try to lose him, but he still follow them. The girls then discuss about him being their guide, but they can't trust him, due to the fact he still a stranger. They let him be their guide and uses food as payment since they have no money. We then find out that Ferrio was an entertainer, and Princess Emeraude saved his life when they thought he stole in the castle. Princess Emeraude then told the guards that it was a gift (the egg looking treasure) to him. That's why he is on the quest to save Princess Emeraude.
S01E04 Alcyone, une magicienne déterminée 07/11/1994 The girls run into what seems like to be a deserted village. They are captured in a net, and find out that the villagers were hiding from monsters, corrupting their land. A monster then shows up, forcing the villagers to go back into hiding.
S01E05 Escudo, le métal légendaire 14/11/1994 Alcyone begs Zagato for another chance, to kill the Magic Knights, after saying she has a plan (this time). The girls reach a lake, thinking it's Eterna. A monster then attacks them and Umi destroys it with her Water Dragon. The monster rain on them, making them glow, and they brush it off, after they dry up. They head for Eterna, as Alcyone watches afar, laughing to herself.
S01E06 Presea forge au péril de sa vie! 21/11/1994 Ascot sends one of his worm creatures to kill the Magic Knights. The girls tells Presea to take care of their weapons, while they handle the monster. The worm attacks the Magic Knights who are a bit sucessful in defending themselves, but it turns and heads for someone else... Presea!
S01E07 Le sacrifice de Ferio. Amour des sables! 28/11/1994 With each earthquake that happens in Cephiro it means that Cephiro is falling. If Cephiro falls completely, they cannot go back to their world. To become a Magic Knight, they need to awaken their Machines.
S01E08 Le terrifiant piège d'Ascot, l'invocateur! 05/12/1994 Hikaru takes an estrange monster for caring. She names it Hikaru after her dog. We then find out that Hikari is actually a monster that Ascot was training...
S01E09 Instant critique pour les Magic Knights! 12/12/1994 Alcyone manages to trick Ascot into freeing her from a barrier that was holding her against her will. Promising she would give power to one of his monsters so it would be strong enough to kill the Magic Knights. In an open field, Umi is still obsessed with her fencing competition that would have been a week away at the time they arrived in Cephiro, even though days, or maybe even weeks have already passed by. Hikaru suggests if you wish hard enough, maybe you can still make it to the competition, since Cephiro is a land of power.
S01E10 L'éveil de Ceres, le Gardien Légendaire 08/01/1995 Umi becomes ill and is separated from the other two girls by a painting of a blue dragon that has comes alive. Ascot then shows up with his monster, and they battle Hikaru and Fuu. Ascot runs off. Meanwhile, the blue dragon tells Umi she must show her courage of the heart.
S01E11 La légende des Gardiens Sacrés de Cefiro! 16/01/1995 The girls are flying off to the flying mountain that the first saw when they were transported there. The mountain is holding the castle were Princess Emeraude is being held. When they almost got there, they were attacked by Zagato, but then saved by Princess Emeraude. Ferrio wass bored, and while resting, he brings out his comminucator. He then gets a message from Princess Emeraude to save the girls by the lake of Piraus Village. He does so, and they take rest there for a bit. Meanwhile, The villagers are being tortured by a servant of Zagato's named Caldina. When she demands money, she changes her mind, upon seeing the girls and Ferrio when they enter the village.
S01E12 Caldina, la redoutable illusioniste! 23/01/1995 The girls are travelling, when Mokona tells them to go up. Mokona then reveals a Machine is up there in one of the flying mountains. Caldina and Ascot manages to catch up with them. Caldina tells Ascot, she'll take care of everything, and tells him to wait for her. Caldina uses a spell to think the ground is soft and shaky, as well as big rocks falling on them. The girls panic, and fall to the bottom. They wake up and see a cave, when the ground continues to shake. Once inside, they see Clef, where he tells them he had save Princess Emeraude, and she wants to talk to them. Fuu isn't convinced, and warns the others, saying it's too easy...
S01E13 La chose la plus précieuse au monde! 30/01/1995 Caldina is determine to kill the girls inorder to receive the pile of money from Zagato. Ascot doesn't care for it anymore, and tries to convince Caldina not to attack them. Caldina uses her bells to hypnotize Hikaru and Umi against Fuu. Fuu uses her magic to hold back them, and doesn't know Caldina is only a few steps away. Caldina reveals herself, and forces Fuu to attack Hikaru and Umi. Ascot blocks an attack, and Caldina stops and freezes him. Fuu manages to break thru, and hits Caldina with a spell. A few moments after, Caldina and Fuu start to talk. Fuu explains, even though they don't know each other well enough, she cares for them. Fuu uses Ascot as an example, and Caldina sees the light. Caldina unfreezes Ascot, and Hikaru and Umi wake up. They want to attack her, but Fuu stops them.
S01E14 La détermination inébranlable de Hikaru, Fû et Umi! 08/02/1995 After battling a fierce monster, the girls find out that Mokona is able to project the land of Cephiro. They soon find out that they need to head for the skies for the other Machine, as well as their location. Soon after a bright light showed up, kidnapping Umi and Fuu. A picture of Clef shows up and tells how there are unusual monsters, and other unimportant stuff and some back story that could be just brushed off. Hikaru remembers the map, and Mokona projects it. She heads towards Umi and Fuu's way and manages to get cut along the way due to some thorns. Mokona catches up with her, and notices the blood. Soon after the light is after Hikaru, but Mokona pushes Hikaru out of the way and in he goes into the light, while Hikaru falls into a ravine.
S01E15 Le deuxième Gardien: le Gardien Céleste, Windom! 13/02/1995 Innova asks Zagato to have his turn to try and kill the girls, and he agrees. In Cephiro's very first storm, the girls take refuge in a cave, near the sky shrine, where another Machine is being held. When Fuu starts to worry about Ferrio, she brings out her communicator, only to be called by him. He tells them, he's nearby, and want to take refuge with them. Just before entering the cave, Ferrio notices a girl lying on the ground, holding a herb. Fuu is excited when she sees Ferrio's silhouette, but is crushed when he sees him carrying a girl. The girl then wake up, and introduces herself as Selah. She starts to explain she leaves on the bottom of the mountain, and needed the herb she had to cure her brother's fever.
S01E16 Un redoutable ennemi: Rafaga, le guerrier! 20/02/1995 Zagato informs Princess Emeraude that he is using mind control to send one of the Princess' skilled swordsmen/royal guard to kill the girls. She begs Zagato to stop, but he doesn't listen. With the girls, they are traveling to the volcano-like shrine to revive Hikaru's machine, only to be attacked by a big flying bird. They try to fight it off with their swords, but it's no use. It then takes a hold of Umi and flies off. Fuu tries to give Umi her sword, but Umi's sword turns into water while Fuu grabbed it. Fuu only has one choice, and throws her own sword to Umi. Umi catches it, but is too heavy. She tries to hold onto it, but drops it instead. The bird continues to fly, and a guy kills the bird. Hikaru and Fuu catches Umi, and she comments how heavy Fuu's sword is. Fuu then holds it, and it's light as a feather.
S01E17 Le vrai visage d'Innova. La mémoire retrouvée! 27/02/1995 Innova once again begs Zagato to return him to his true form. To his surprise Zagato does, and Innova, who transforms into a wild beast wolf-like creature goes after the girls. Meanwhile with Ferrio, memories slowly come back to him, and is it revealed that he is Princes Emeraude's younger brother. He then runs to the girls. The girls are really losing, and when all seem lost, Ferrio communicates thru the orb, and tells them that Innova's weak spot is the jewel on his head. Hikaru manages to hit the jewel on Beast-Innova's head, killing him. Ferrio finally reaches them, and sees the girls trimuph over Innova, and tells them to save Cephiro! With everyone gone, Alcyone, begs Zagato to kill the girls, but he just leaves her begging.
S01E18 Le dernier Gardien: Le Gardien du Feu, Rayearth! 06/03/1995 Alcyone spies on Zagato, as he talks with Emeraude. She notices again, he is not physically attacking her, but merely just verbally making trouble. She slolwy gets more of her doubts with the kidnapping of Princess Emeraude. Mokona leads the girls into a hot volcano where the last Machine is being held for Hikaru. Umi and Fuu starts to get worried about Hiakru when she acts weird. She wakes up in a firey room, when a firey wolf/dog is talking to her. He tells the same crap what Umi and Fuu had to go through, and tests her courage of heart. When this is all happening, Zagato manages to also get to the Volcano when Hikaru just went in. He strips Umi and Fuu's powers, just in time when Hikaru gets back.
S01E19 Confrontation finale: les Magic Knights contre Zagato! 13/03/1995 Enfin devenues des Magic Knights après avoir découvert le dernier Gardien, Fû, Umi et Hikaru se dirigent vers leur dernier ennemi : le Grand Prêtre Zagato...
S01E20 Les légendaires Magic Knights. L'incroyable vérité! 13/03/1995 Les Magic Knights, après un combat éprouvant contre Zagato, doivent affronter un dernier ennemi, infiniment plus puissant que le Grand Prêtre et qu'elles seules peuvent vaincre...
S02E01 Départ pour l'aventure et nouveaux liens ! 10/04/1995 Hikaru, Umi et Fû sont tourmentées par leur aventure sur Cephiro. Elles se retrouvent toutes les trois à la Tour de Tokyo...
S02E02 Cefiro et les 3 pays 17/02/1995 Les Magic Knights sont de retour sur Cephiro. Elles retrouvent le mage Clef qui leur explique les conséquences de la disparition du Pilier de Cephiro...
S02E03 L'attaque de Autozam… Lantis ! 24/04/1995 Les Magic Knights entrent en contact avec le commandant d'un vaisseau arrivant sur Cephiro...
S02E04 Les Magic Knights et le Vaisseau NSX 01/05/1995 Hikaru, Umi et Fû n'arrivent pas à trouver le sommeil après leur retour sur Cephiro, chacune avec ses propres raisons...
S02E05 Hikaru et la Nova des rêves ! 08/05/1995 Les Magic Knights souhaitent demander quelque chose au commandant d'Autozam. Elles feront des rencontres inattendues...
S02E06 Les Magic Knights et Aska de Fahren ! 22/05/1995 Un nouveau prétendant pour la place du Pilier de Cephiro fait son apparition, cette fois venu du deuxième pays voisin de Cephiro : Fahren.
S02E07 Le secret du pilier de Cefiro ! 05/06/1995 The deterioration of Cephiro gains peed, and the girls must find a new Pillar soon. When about the qualifications for someone to become the Pillar, Clef shows the girls Princess Emeraude's crown. He tells them that only the one worthy of becoming the Pillar can touch the crown.
S02E08 Le périlleux voyage de Lantis et Hikaru 12/06/1995 Hikaru and Lantis embarked on a journey in search of a new Pillar. Before them is a desolate wasteland so different from what Cephiro once looked like. In addition, the monsters that roam the land have grown in power. Eagle attacks the traveling pair and captures Hikaru. Lantis tries to follow, but Alcyone stands in his way!
S02E09 Eagle… Hikaru prisonnière ! 19/06/1995 Umi and Fuu, sensing Hikaru is in danger, get into their Run Gods and fly off. Meanwhile. Hikaru awakens from her dream with Nova realizing that she is aboard the Battleship NSX. She is taken to Eagle, where Eagle explains why Autozam is invading Cephiro.
S02E10 Nova et Regalia, le gardien démoniaque !légendaire ! 26/06/1995 "" am Nova, the one that will kill Hikaru..."" Hikaru defends herself against Nova who ruthlessly attacks. Umi and Fuu arrive, but the three Rune-Gods are dragged into an alternative dimension created by Nova. Debonair appears to the three girls.
S02E11 Forteresse mobile de Chizeta… Hikaru désarmée ! 03/07/1995 Hikaru returns to the castle, but with her sword broken, she cannot call for her Rune-God. Meanwhile, Clef's group captures Alcyone and interrogates her. Clef, feeling something more behind Alcyone's words, becomes even more concerned. Suddenly, Bravada – the mobile fortress of Chizeta – arrives at Cephiro carrying the two princesses Tarta and Tatra.
S02E12 Umi et Fû… Fahren et Chizeta ! 10/07/1995 Umi and Fuu head out to investigate without Hikaru, and encounter the guardian spirits of Chizeta. Aska from Fahren reappears in the skies above Cephiro for a rematch. Aska tries to prevent the Djinn from taking the two Rune-gods...
S02E13 Le voeu de Hikaru et le secret de Presea 17/07/1995 Hikaru sits depressed, unable to help her two kidnapped friends. Seeing Hikaru so sad, Presea is determined to revive the broken sword. Nova appears in Hikau's heart and tells her that every hardship she has faced is all Emeraude's fault. Hikaru, attacked by Nova's words, slowly falls into the darkness within…
S02E14 Hikaru et l'amitié brisée ! 24/07/1995 Nova skillfully confuses Hikaru her by distorting her memories of Umi and Fuu. Nova uses Hikaru's feelings towards Lantis to break Hikaru's determination. Hikaru's fears and doubts cause her to fall deeper into the darkness. Can Presea help her?
S02E15 Umi et la machination de Tarta et Tatra ! 31/07/1995 Umi, held captive by the mobile fortress Bravada, is forced into an outfit from Chizeta and then locked into a cage. The younger princess, Tarta, feels deep anger watching Umi, challenges Umi to a swordfight.
S02E16 Fû contre Aska ! Duel mortel à l'arc ! 07/08/1995 Fuu, held captive aboard the Dome of Fahren, is brought before Aska. Upon hearing that the Rune-God is alive, Aska begs Fuu for one of her own. Fuu gently declines, but Aska doesn't listen. Fuu suggests an archery match, saying that if Aska wins she can have her Rune-God, but if she wins, she must be returned to Cephiro.
S02E17 Reviens à la vie, épée de Hikaru ! 14/08/1995 Aska tries to keep Fuu aboard the Dome, but Ferio jumps into the scene and rescues her! However, Hikaru's battle with Nova seems to be all but lost. Can Presea's desperate pleas to Hikaru reach the Magic Knight's heart?
S02E18 Eagle ! L'attaque du château de Cefiro ! 21/08/1995 Hikaru has returned after reviving Rayearth's sword, but doesn't remember confessing her love to Lantis! Hikaru later bumps into him in the castle garden en route to see Clef. Meanwhile, aboard the bridge of Autozam's battleship NSX, Eagle commands for the launch of the Laguna Cannon to see how Cephiro will react. The attack on Cephiro castle has finally begun!
S02E19 La grande bataille du château du Cefiro ! 27/08/1995 Eagle, in combination with Geo's GTO, manages to break the barrier and enter Cephiro Castle. Inside, Alcyone responds to Debonair's call and allows the dark lady and her monsters to enter the castle! Selece and Windam attempt to block the GTO. Meanwhile Lantis heads for the top floor to confront Debonair at the crown room.
S02E20 Court répit pour les Magic Knights ! 04/09/1995 Hikaru dreams of Cephiro from when it was peaceful. There, she sees the conversation between Lantis and Zagato, with princess Emeraude watching from behind the columns. Zagato asks Lantis about the Pillar system, and he answers...
S02E21 Le combat contre Nova et la véritable nature des monstres ! 11/09/1995 Umi and Fuu continue fighting the monsters in the castle's residential quarters. Hikaru chases after Nova, who had threatened to kill Lantis. Nova finds him with Eagle, and promptly attacks! Meanwhile, Umi and Fuu are struggling against the monsters, but they realize that the black sphere is taking in the children's fear to create monsters…
S02E22 Sang Yung géant contre NSX ! 18/09/1995 Hikaru confesses her dreams concerning Nova and Debonair since she got back to Tokyo. Geo, worried by the loss of communication with Eagle, decides to attack. Just then, Aska's Dome reappears! Seeing that the Run-Gods are not out to battle, Aska thinks that Fuu has been defeated and calls giant Sang Yung to protect her!
S02E23 La Salle de la Couronne et la mémoire du Pilier ! 16/10/1995 Eagle escapes from his cell and searches the castle for a way into the crown room. Since Eagle has biological data on Lantis, the intruder searchers for him and his sword. Eagle finds Lantis interrogating Alcyone and the two confront each other. Lantis sets to attack when Hikaru suddenly jumps into the battle! Meanwhile, Clef's rig and Lantis' sword start to glimmer...
S02E24 Combat décisif ! Umi contre Tarta et Tatra ! 23/10/1995 The crown starts to change shape as Hikaru and Eagle both safely enter the crown room. But which will become the new Pillar of Cephiro? Just then, Tarta and Tatra of Chizeta arrive aboard the Bravada. Umi leaves Ascot to protect the castle and heads out. Tarta and Tatra challenge her to a personal duel. They tell Umi that if she wins they will stop their invasion of Cephiro...
S02E25 Situation critique ! Lantis en danger ! 30/10/1995 As Umi and Fuu are continuing to fight the invasion of monsters storming the castle they discover the source of the monster's power are the children's fears being taken in like a big black ominous cloud spreading. Worried he hasn't been able to contact Eagle Geo makes the decision to attack, just then Aska shows up, not seeing the Rune Gods around she assumes that they have been defeated and calls out Sang Yung to protect her.
S02E26 Un choc pour Hikaru ! La vérité sur Nova ! 06/11/1995 Eagle having been captured breaks out and starts searching for Lantis with his bio info he can then access the crown room. Lantis continues to interrogate Alcyone when Eagle confronts Lantis then all of a sudden Hikaru jumps into the middle of it as well.
S02E27 Qui sera le nouveau Pilier ? Hikaru ou Eagle ? 13/11/1995 The Crown room allows but Hikaru and eagle to enter but who will be able to handle or touch the crown to determine the new Pillar?
S02E28 Un combat sans fin ! 20/11/1995 During the fight with Regalia, Hikaru tries reaching out to Nova who disbelieves what everyone says about Debonair while the new allies help comfort people in the castle. Lantis is trapped inside the rogue Rune God...
S02E29 Le Chemin vers la victoire ! L'avenir appartient à ceux qui ont la foi ! 27/11/1995 Nova is now back in Hikaru's heart where she belongs. With her dying breath, Alcyone unveils Debonair's location: Cephiro's alternate realm. The Magic Knights and their Rune Gods are ready to end the struggle once and for all...