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Nonoha est une brillante écolière qui vit entourée de sa famille et de ses amis. Elle n'a aucune confiance en elle et cherche sa vocation. Un jour, elle rencontre un furet blessé, qui n'est autre qu'un jeune garçon venu d'une autre dimension, Yunno. Il s'est rendu sur Terre afin de retrouver les Jewel Seed qui permettent à ceux qui les gardent de pouvoir exaucer n'importe quel rêve. Mais elles peuvent aussi se révéler très dangereuses. Nanoha va essayer de l'aider dans sa quête et elle recevra de mystérieux pouvoirs magiques.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

S01E01 Est-ce une rencontre liée par le destin? 02/10/2004 When Takamachi Nanoha, a 3rd grader elementary school girl, finds a wounded ferret and takes care of it she finds out she has magical powers and helps it fight a monster that attacked it.
S01E02 Mon incantation magique est 09/10/2004 After Nanoha transformed into a magical girl she and Yuuno fight the Jewel Seed and win. Yuuno tells Nanoha about him, the Jewel Seeds and her new magical powers when a new Jewel Seed appears and they go fight it.
S01E03 La ville est en grand danger? 16/10/2004 Nanoha is exhausted from living her life as a normal girl during the day, and her magical girl life at night, but she has managed to get five Jewel Seeds. When a boy on her father's soccer team activates a Jewel Seed, it is up to Nanoha to save the town.
S01E04 Une rivale? Une autre magical girl! 23/10/2004 Suzaka invites Nanoha and Arisa over for a tea party. However, it is interupted for Nanoha when a jewel seed is activated. A mysterious black mage girl comes to claim the Jewel Seed, is she friend or foe?
S01E05 La ville thermale, Uminari Onsen! 30/10/2004 Fate and her familiar Arf challenge Nanoha at a hot spring.
S01E06 Ces sentiments peuvent-ils être compris? 06/11/2004 Arisa suspects that Nanoha is hiding something.
S01E07 Le troisième magicien? 13/11/2004 Fate's mother, the real villain, is revealed just as the Time-Space Administration Bureau arrives.
S01E08 Est-ce vraiment une grosse crise? 20/11/2004 Nanoha joins with the Time-Space Administration Bureau. Y?no reveals his human form to Nanoha.
S01E09 La bataille décisive au-dessus de l'océan! 27/11/2004 Nanoha ignores orders and tries to help Fate.
S01E10 Chacun ses propres blessures. 04/12/2004 Arf is thrown out by Precia and joins Nanoha. Nanoha visits her friends and family, and sorts everything out.
S01E11 Les souvenirs qui nous trahissent par delà le temps. 11/12/2004 Nanoha and Fate battle for all the Jewel Seeds, and Fate's origin is revealed.
S01E12 Le temps de sceller nos destins. 18/12/2004 In the final battle, the TSAB march on the Garden of Time.
S01E13 Appelle-moi par mon nom. 25/12/2004 Nanoha and Y?no say their farewells to the TSAB and they both head home.
S02E01 Le commencement était trop soudain! 02/10/2005 Nanoha is ambushed by Vita for her Linker Core.
S02E02 A nouveau, la tempête d'une bataille. 09/10/2005 Nanoha and Fate fight the much stronger Wolkenritter.
S02E03 Réunion, déménagement! 16/10/2005 Raising Heart and Bardiche demand a new and dangerous modification to their design.
S02E04 Nouveaux pouvoirs, activation! 23/10/2005 Hayate's condition worsens, and the TSAB corner the Wolkenritter.
S02E05 C'était un petit vœu. 1ère partie 30/10/2005 A masked man appears to help the Wolkenritter, whose artificial nature is revealed.
S02E06 C'était un petit vœu. 2ème partie 06/11/2005 Hayate's love has given the Wolkenritter emotion, and though she says not to hurt anyone, they ignore this in order to protect her.
S02E07 Avec un passé brisé et un présent. 13/11/2005 Fate and Nanoha again confront Signum and Vita, trying to get them to open up.
S02E08 Une triste résolution et un choix courageux. 20/11/2005 Nanoha and Fate meet Hayate, and the TSAB realize that the Book of Darkness is going to kill her.
S02E09 Réveillon de Noël 27/11/2005 While Chrono researches Graham, the masked man- well, two of him- complete the Book of Darkness at great cost and frame Nanoha and Fate for the crime.
S02E10 Destinée 04/12/2005 Hayate is engulfed by the Book's power. Chrono confronts Graham on the past and gets a new weapon.
S02E11 Un cadeau pour Noël. 11/12/2005 Fate faces her dreams up against reality, while Nanoha battles the Book of Darkness.
S02E12 La fin du soir, la fin du voyage. 18/12/2005 Wolkenritter, Nanoha, Fate, Hayate and TSAB alike team up against the final enemy.
S02E13 Stand by, ready. 25/12/2005 Although the danger is averted, the threat to Hayate's life remains. In view of this, Reinforce makes a fateful choice.
S03E01 Les Ailes vers le Ciel 02/04/2007 Subaru Nakajima and Teana Lanster are taking a test to increase their rank from C to B. During the test, Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Rein observe their progress. Near the end of the test, Teana injures her ankle, but Subaru has a plan to complete the test in time.
S03E02 La 6° Division Mobile 09/04/2007 Subaru and Teana are informed that they have failed their promotion exam, but are given another chance by Nanoha and Reinforce to take the exam again in a week. In the meantime, they are told about the Sixth Mobile Division, which is a special division about to be formed and led by Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate. Erio and Caro make an appearance and meet for the first time.
S03E03 Rassemblement 16/04/2007 Hayate's dream of this new unit has finally been realized and the training begins for the new recruits. New characters are introduced which gives insight to the new villan's plot of the Lost Logia named Relic.
S03E04 Première Alerte 23/04/2007 Subaru, Teana, Caro, and Erio are still enduring hard training with Nanoha, but soon their training will be complete. They are given new upgrades to their devices and the power-limiting feature is explained to them. Afterwards, the Sixth Mobile Division must act on their first mission.
S03E05 Les Étoiles et les Éclairs 30/04/2007 This episode marks the first mission of the new teams, as they battle several droids to recover a Lost Logia. Subaru and the others get to test out their new and improved devices. Part of Caro's past is revealed, as well as her true ability. Someone is monitoring them from a lab, gathering data mostly on Fate and Erio, who have a connection with "Project F".
S03E06 La Progression 07/05/2007 Stars and Lightning undergo further training, intended to enchance their strengths and skills. Meanwhile, Hayate requests the aid of Major Genya Nakajima's 108th Ground Forces Battalion to assist Mobile Division 6 in investigating smuggling routes. Fate and Shari discover that a Doctor Jail Scaglietti is implanting Jewel Seeds into the Type-3 gadgets.
S03E07 Hôtel Augusta 14/05/2007 The Sixth Mobile Division monitors, and provides security for, the Hotel Augusta, where works of art, including lost logia, are up for auction. Teams Stars and Lightning face gadget drones, and another summoner who has ties to Dr. Scaglietti.
S03E08 Notre Souhait 21/05/2007 Following an averted friendly-fire incident at the Hotel Augusta, Teana throws herself into intensive training. Subaru joins her, and they devise a dangerous strategy for their next combat exercise with Nanoha. Has Nanoha taught them well enough to avoid hurting themselves at all costs?
S03E09 L'importance 28/05/2007 Teana wakes up in the infirmary many hours after being on the receiving end of Nanoha's attack. She and the other young recruits learn about Nanoha's past and how she almost died several years ago on a mission due to having overextended herself, causing Teana to understand Nanoha's training methods.
S03E10 Le Jour de congé de la 6° Division Mobile (Première Partie) 04/06/2007 Subaru, Teana, Caro, and Erio are on their vacation. Suddenly, Erio sensed a magical presence, and follows it. To Erio and Caro's surprise, they see a girl coming out of the sewers. What was attached to that girl's foot was a relic case!
S03E11 Le Jour de congé de la 6° Division Mobile (Deuxième Partie) 11/06/2007 Nanoha, Fate, Shamal, Teana, and Subaru come to aid Caro and Eriol. Eriol, Caro, Teana, and Subaru go down the sewer to investigate. They meet up with Subaru's sister, Ginga, but things take a turn or the worse.
S03E12 Les Numbers 18/06/2007 Everyone is under attack, and Hayate comes to help. Lutecia and her companions come to get the relic. When they retrieve the relic case, they open it only to find something unexpected inside.
S03E13 La raison de la Vie 25/06/2007 Explained how Agito joined Lutecia and the reason why Hayate created Mobile Section Six.
S03E14 Mères & Enfants 02/07/2007 The main point is that Nanoha and Fate have adopted Vivio, the girl with the Relic as their child.
S03E15 Sœurs & Filles 09/07/2007 The episode explores the lives of the characters as they go about a normal day, training, etc. The episode also gives some insight into the Numbers.
S03E16 Ce jour, la 6° Division Mobile (Première Partie) 16/07/2007 Sixth Mobile Division is on a mission to protect the TSA Public Press Conference. The commanders, including Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, and Signum are inside without their devices, which they entrust to the forwards. Meanwhile, Jail Scaglietti and his Numbers, also Lutecia and Zest, are working on their plan.
S03E17 Ce jour, la 6° Division Mobile (Deuxième Partie) 23/07/2007 Sixth Mobile Division is engaged battle with Scaglietti's group of terrorists. Vita is dueling Zest. Nanoha and Fate have just gotten their devices back from the forwards, but at that moment, Subaru felt something wrong about Ginga.
S03E18 Les ailes, à nouveau 30/07/2007 After all the TSA Land Headquarters, including Sixth Mobile Division, is completely defeated by Jail Scaglietti. Many of officers are injured. Vivio and Ginga were captured. Sixth Mobile Division is now unable to be the HQ anymore. Hayate decides to move all the units on to Arthra. It is also revealed that Nakajima family had adopted Ginga and Subaru a long time ago since they still were an experimental Cyborg Type-0 (Initial model of Numbers). Although they still needed the maintenance treatment like the other cyborgs until now, they were still treated kindly as normal girls.
S03E19 Le berceau 06/08/2007 After Subaru recovered from her injuries, she moved onto the plan for Mach Caliber to be powered-up in order to endure her cyborg power. At that time, Scaglietti and his comrades are working on the next step of plan involving power of Vivio. It is also shown that Ginga has become No.13 somehow.
S03E20 Un désir sans limite 13/08/2007 Jail Scaglietti has awakened Yurikago (aka. The Cradle), the Ancient Belka ultimate weapon which is classed as a Lost Logia. Yurikago is the huge sky ship controlled by the King of Belkan's blood-line, and Vivio, who is apparently the artificial mage that has the genes of Belka King, is needed to make it operational. TSA, with Sixth Mobile Division, are going to stop it. There is also the first movement of No.2, Due, as the spy inside the TSA.
S03E21 La bataille Finale 20/08/2007 From Y?no's research, Yurikago is expected to be unstoppable if it reaches orbit and absorbs the power of two moons. Nanoha and Vita are intruding into Yurikago. Hayate is trying to deal with enormous amounts of gadgets. Fate is on the way to Scaglietti's hideout. Signum and Rein are going to battle Knight Zest and Agito. The forwards are dealing with the ground-attacking enemies.
S03E22 La Douleur Par La Douleur 27/08/2007 Nanoha is on her way to the throne room where Vivio and Quattro are supposed to be. Vita is struggling on her way to the machine room, fighting with gadgets. Fate starts her battles in Scaglietti's HQ with Tre, Sette and Scaglietti himself. Meanwhile, Teana is trapped on her own against the three of the Numbers. Subaru is against Ginga, who was re-programmed, and Caro and Erio are fighting against Gary? and Lutecia.
S03E23 Coup D’Étoiles 03/09/2007 Nanoha reaches Vivio, but Quattro taunts the two, and Vivio activates a rainbow shield, which Quattro calls the Saint's Armor, an extremely powerful shield. Meanwhile, the barrier around the building where Teana is fighting is broken, after Teana somehow managed to survive assaults from three Numbers, and she then planned to completely finish off the three Numbers. Subaru is losing her consciousness after a heavy attack from Ginga, but is recalled by Mach Caliber and some thoughts in her flashback. She then activates her full drive for the final duel.
S03E24 Éclairs Lumineux 10/09/2007 This episode explains the past about Regius, Zest, with Ginga and Subaru's Mother, and Lutecia's Mother, who were the officers under the command of Zest. Due then appears to assassinate Regius in front of Zest, Zest then destroys her somehow. Erio and Caro manage to overcome Lutecia and Gary?. Fate has troubles fighting her battle, but finally wins because of Erio and Caro's words. The terrorists are finally all captured. The only ones left are Quattro and Yurikago.
S03E25 Limite Finale 17/09/2007 The Final Limiter of the dangerous Blaster Mode of Raising Heart is released. The final battle between Nanoha and Vivio, with Quattro behind, will be finally decided.
S03E26 Vers le ciel promis 24/09/2007 The last of the terrorists are secured, and Vivio is back to her normal self. Chrono's fleet prepares to destroy the Yurikago. Unfortunately for Nanoha and Hayate, Yurikago goes into self-destruct mode, while locking them in with anti-magic fields and heavy blast doors. Meanwhile, Fate finishes off her work in Scaglietti's lab, just as the whole place starts to cave in. It's a race against time for the Forwards to rescue their mentors. How will it all end?
S00E01 Triangle Heart: Sazanami Joshiry? ~ Spring Sazanami 28/08/2000
S00E02 Triangle Heart: Sazanami Joshiry? ~ Yu Hi Summer 12/01/2001
S00E03 Triangle Heart: Sazanami Joshiry? ~ Fragrant Breeze Fall 24/08/2001
S00E04 Triangle Heart: Sazanami Joshiry? ~ Winter Pledge (Part 1) 11/01/2002
S00E05 Triangle Heart: Sazanami Joshiry? ~ Winter Pledge (Part 2) 26/04/2002
S00E06 Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ (Part 1) 24/07/2003
S00E07 Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ (Part 2) 27/08/2003
S00E08 Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ (Part 3) 27/11/2003
S00E09 Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ (Part 4) 26/12/2003
S00E10 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st 23/01/2010 Takamachi Nanoha is a normal fourth-grader who feels a little useless and out-of-place with no purpose. Then one day, she saves a ferret, who turns out to be a mage from another planet who came to this planet to search for the jewl seeds. Nanoha agrees to help, but this task gets complicated when another girl arrives to steal them.
S00E11 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A's 14/07/2012
S00E12 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Recap 26/06/2015
S00E13 22/07/2017