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The first season is set at the fictional Camp Singleton (meant to represent Camp Pendleton) where hard-charging United States Marine Corps Major John D. “Mac” MacGillis is commander of the infantry training school. MacGillis's life is changed when he falls in love with a liberal journalist, Polly Cooper. The show follows Mac in his work life—where he deals with Lt. Eugene Holowachuk (Matt Mulhern), Sgt. Byron James (Marlon Archey) and Merilee Gunderson (Whitney Kershaw) – as well as his home life as he learns to live with Polly's three daughters, Elizabeth, Robin, and Casey. At the beginning of the second season, the MacGillis family moves to Camp Hollister (based on Marine Corps Base Quantico) where Mac must adapt to the role of Staff Secretary (or, “Staff Weenie”) and the crazy antics of Commanding General Marcus C. Craig, Aide-de-Camp 1st Lt. Eugene Holowachuk, and Gunnery Sgt. Alva "Gunny" Bricker.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Major Dad

S02E01 Safe at First Base 00/00/0000 The Major adjusts to his new post at Camp Hollister, where the General's grandson takes pictures of Polly.
S02E02 Welcome to Hollister 00/00/0000 The camp prepares for the Vice President's airplane refueling stop, which General Craig makes the Major in charge of.
S02E03 Get a Job 00/00/0000 Polly gets a job at a newspaper on the base, ""The Bulldog,"" writing the human interest stories.
S02E04 The Goat 00/00/0000 A news story lies about her baseball team's playoff loss to Robin.
S02E05 First Anniversary 00/00/0000 Gunny baby-sits on the Major and Polly's first anniversary.
S02E06 Wetting Down 00/00/0000 In opposition to Marine traditions, Holowachuk does not want alcohol at his wetting down to celebrate making 1st Lieutenant. The Major tries to find a solution.
S02E07 Infant-ry 00/00/0000 Casey goes overboard to get the Major's attention and becomes a mini-Marine.
S02E08 Birthday Ball 00/00/0000 The major needs a guest of honor for a base celebration of the Corps' 215th anniversary, and Vice President Quayle responds to the invitation. It is also Elizabeth's 16th birthday, and she feels neglected.
S02E09 Wish You Were Here 00/00/0000 The Major tries to be spontaneous by taking the family on a last-minute trip to Hawaii.
S02E10 Love on the Run 00/00/0000 Lt. Holowachuk and his blind date make immediate wedding plans.
S02E11 Operation Fun Run 00/00/0000 A hospital visit prevents the Major from completing a Navy Relief fund-raising project, so Gunny and Lt. Holowachuk must see it through.
S02E12 Gift of the Major 00/00/0000 Casey's much-wanted toy goes to a needy child.
S02E13 Flying Solo 00/00/0000 The Major anticipates a relaxing weekend when Polly takes the girls shopping.
S02E14 A Bird in the Hand 00/00/0000 The Major wants Gunny to express her anger after he accidentally destroys her favorite possession, a ceramic eagle once owned by the Corps' most decorated Marine.
S02E15 Learning to Drive 00/00/0000 During a driving lesson with the Major, Elizabeth hits the general's antique MG.
S02E16 The Name is Over Here 00/00/0000 The Major and his family react to the start of the Persian Gulf War by settling a territorial dispute at home.
S02E17 Valentine's Day 00/00/0000 The Major is embarrassed by Polly's valentine tribute to him in the base newspaper when it reveals his romantic side in the article; Elizabeth finally agrees to a date with Jesse.
S02E18 Sins of the Father 00/00/0000 The Major tries to make amends for stealing a watch as a boy.
S02E19 The Possible Dream 00/00/0000 The officers organize a Marine talent show. The general, who no one thinks has talent, wants to perform and has to sing at the last minute; Robin runs for president of her student council.
S02E20 Private Affair 00/00/0000 Elizabeth's new beau is a practical-joking Marine the Major doesn't like.
S02E21 Polly's Choice 00/00/0000 Polly is asked to collaborate on a book with her former boyfriend, Evan Charters.
S02E22 Silent Drill Team 00/00/0000 The Major realizes his dream of performing with the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team.
S02E23 Elmo Come Home 00/00/0000 Gunny reluctantly dog-sits a homeless puppy the Major hopes to adopt for Casey but becomes attached to it.
S02E24 Together 00/00/0000 The Major is charged with writing a speech welcoming troops home from Saudi Arabia. He also decides he wants to adopt Polly's kids, but Elizabeth is reluctant.
S03E01 The Shut Down 00/00/0000 Defense cutbacks threaten Camp Hollister.
S03E02 Major Moonlighting 00/00/0000 The Major moonlights as an attendant at the service station Holowachuk manages.
S03E03 Polly's Pen Pal 00/00/0000 Robin's smitten penpal, Lt. Vickers, arrives and learns she sent him a picture of Polly.
S03E04 A Few Good Men 00/00/0000 The Major is chosen to represent Camp Hollister on a calendar depicting ideal servicemen.
S03E05 Poker Night 00/00/0000 General Craig orders his staff to have a night of fun to boost sagging morale.
S03E06 Anything You Can Do I Can Do Perky 00/00/0000 Gunny suspects the motives of the perky sergeant the General assigns to assist her.
S03E07 Educating Casey 00/00/0000 The Major and Polly succumb to the pressure when Casey is chosen to apply for an accelerated school, which means interviews and tests.
S03E08 Lady in Waiting 00/00/0000 When Elizabeth is hired as a waitress, Polly and the Major object to her provocative uniform (short, fluffy black dress, white apron and pig ears) which leads Elizabeth to organize a revolt at work.
S03E09 General Unrest 00/00/0000 The General moves in with the MacGillises when his wife throws him out.
S03E10 Steel Magnolia 00/00/0000 A lobbyist stages a protest over cutbacks in civilian personnel at the base.
S03E11 On the Line 00/00/0000 The Marines take over for civilian employees who strike to protest cutbacks at the base.
S03E12 The Shell Game 00/00/0000 A land developer's plan to build a mall on the site of Camp Hollister is thwarted by a nesting turtle.
S03E13 Who's That Blonde ? 00/00/0000 Gunny dyes her hair blond after the bill allowing women to be in combat fails; Lt. Holowachuk spruces up his ""space.""
S03E14 We've Got Trouble 00/00/0000 Lt. Holowachuk and Gunny get competitive at pool.
S03E15 Three's a Crowd 00/00/0000 Casey's new boyfriend likes hanging out with the Major.
S03E16 Three Angry Marines 00/00/0000 Gunny, Holowachuk, and the Major are assigned to a court-martial panel but have different opinions about the case.
S03E17 Close Encounters 00/00/0000 The MacGillises participate in a marriage workshop during a weekend getaway.
S03E18 Base Desires 00/00/0000 The MacGillises vie with another family to be military family of the year.
S03E19 When Gunny Talks 00/00/0000 Gunny gives successful investment tips to Elizabeth, who then becomes concerned only with making money.
S03E20 The L Word 00/00/0000 Elizabeth falls for her tutor; Gunny's beau says too much.
S03E21 Sick Bay 00/00/0000 The Major writes an article on raising children for a bedridden Polly that doesn't sit well with her.
S03E22 Charlotte's Web 00/00/0000 An ""adopt-a-Marine"" program pairs Holowachuk with a wild woman.
S03E23 The Noisy Drill Team 00/00/0000 Gen. Craig prepares the base for inspection by the closure committee.
S03E24 In the Brick of Time 00/00/0000 Polly prepares an upbeat documentary on Camp Hollister's closing.
S04E01 The People's Choice, pt. 1 00/00/0000 The visit of the Major's father, Jake, creates tension.
S04E02 The People's Choice, pt. 2 00/00/0000 Jake moves in with Lt. Holowachuk after a fight with the Major.
S04E03 Here's Looking at You, Pol 00/00/0000 Revealing old photos of mayoral candidate Polly hit the papers.
S04E04 Catered Affair 00/00/0000 The Major must hire Elizabeth to cater a reception for a visiting general.
S04E05 There's No Place Like Farlow 00/00/0000 Casey has a fever and Oz-like nightmares on Halloween.
S04E06 The Election Show 00/00/0000 The Major takes a leave of absence and goes with Polly on the election trail when she runs for mayor.
S04E07 Gunny's Veiled Threat 00/00/0000 Gunny joins the Secret Service and becomes a harem member to guard a visiting emir.
S04E08 One for the Road 00/00/0000 Fearing a crash, Elizabeth won't drive her new car; Gen. Craig is on crutches and creating havoc with them.
S04E09 Blue Tenant Holowachuk 00/00/0000 Apartment manager Lt. Holowachuk backs a rent strike against the landlord: Gen. Craig.
S04E10 Old Acquaintance 00/00/0000 A change in her college friends disturbs Polly.
S04E11 About Face 00/00/0000 Everyone jumps to conclusions about Gen. Craig's activities.
S04E12 I'll Be Seeing You 00/00/0000 Polly is enlisted to be hostess of the '40s-themed USO ball, where new and old loves are sparked.
S04E13 Night School 00/00/0000 Gen. Craig and the Major go to night school.
S04E14 Piano Lesson 00/00/0000 The Major is embarrassed about taking piano lessons.
S04E15 Come Rain or Come Shine 00/00/0000 A corporate headhunter woos several marines.
S04E16 Colonel of Truth 00/00/0000 After being denied a promotion, the Major considers leaving the Marines.
S04E17 From Russia with Like 00/00/0000 The major and a visiting Russian officer compete.
S04E18 The Spell of Grease Paint 00/00/0000 Polly's role in a play opposite Lt. Holowachuk makes the Major jealous.
S04E19 Gunny Gets Robbed 00/00/0000 Gunny's apartment is robbed.
S04E20 Conduct Unbecoming 00/00/0000 The Major suspects Robin's new boyfriend may be battered by his father, another major, despite denials from the family; Lt. Holowachuk tries to fill his basketball team but finds complications when Gen. Craig wants to play--and no one wants to guard him because he is the general.
S04E21 General Disturbance 00/00/0000 General Craig is transferred to the White House.
S04E22 Oops, a Daisy 00/00/0000 Polly and the Major get in an arguement over his birthday gift to Casey, a Daisy rifle. But who eventually wins the fight?