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Shaun Majumder dreams to give something truly special back to his hometown of Burlington, NL, a remote and traditional town on the east coast of Canada that was once a logging and ship-building hub.. After travelling the world, Shaun returns to the tiny community 350 people with the plans of building a small guesthouse. You see, in Burlington there are no hotels or restaurants. A small traditional salt-box guesthouse is perfect, right? A trip to Fogo Island inspires Shaun to dream bigger. How big? Well, how about a $2.6 million, 5-star, ecolux lodge with high-end guest cabins, a food supply system, guided tours and dozens of other activities to re-vitalize his hometown. To make this happen Shaun teams up with his fiancée, Shelby Fenner, his big sister Rani Majumder and his soon to be bromantic partner Peter Blackie. What Shaun lacks in project management experience he makes up for in unwavering optimism, determination and a solid team of skilled friends, family and colleagues. How does the community feel about Shaun’s plan? Will the government financially back Shaun in his wildly entrepreneurial venture? How will he pull together the required resources and still find time for his full-time acting career? Majumder Manor is the heartwarming, hilarious and humbling story of one man's attempt to give back to a community that’s given him so much to him.


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S01E01 The Man His Dream and His Team 07/01/2013
S01E02 Survivorman Les Stroud and The Expanding Dream 14/01/2013 After hearing of a similar, albeit much grander project, Shaun travels to Fogo Island to meet Zita Cobb. Cobb, a self-made millionaire, inspires Shaun to expand his dream and think big.
S01E03 Ghost Bridge & Design Realities 21/01/2013 With his architects in place, Shaun and his team begin the process of designing the state-of-the-art hotel. Feeling left out, Shaun’s fiancée Shelby struggles and has some choice words for the design.
S01E04 Design Backlash & The Government Pitch 28/01/2013 Shaun returns to Burlington to unveil the new eco-friendly ultra modern, building design.The local reviews are mixed to say the least, with most left asking; ‘whatever happened to that quaint saltbox guesthouse?’
S01E05 Land Concerns and Boat Resurrections 04/02/2013 Shaun’s hospitality and food expert Sarah comes to Burlington. She immediately has concerns about the piece of land Shaun will be building on. Will Shaun have to look for another place to build the manor?
S01E06 Greenhouse and Guest Suites 11/02/2013 Shaun has decided to build a greenhouse in Burlington and puts his hospitality expert, Sarah in charge of it. Sarah’s approach is to get the thing built as fast as possible, but mistakes are made and budgets are broken.
S01E07 Building The Gathering 18/02/2013 Shaun organizes a huge group hike through a trail he cut himself. At the end, they will find a spectacular view and be entertained with live music and a meal.Can Shaun pull this off armed with just his zodiac and a few volunteers?
S01E08 The Gathering - Celebration 25/02/2013 Shaun is neck deep in organizing a three-day event called The Gathering: Fire, Food and Music. He has top chefs from across Canada and his favorite musical acts. Shaun faces his toughest challenge yet. Can he pull it off?
S00E01 The Road to Majumder Manor 00/00/0000

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