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Make Room for Daddy followed the misadventures in the lives of the Williams family. Danny Williams, a nightclub entertainer, (a character almost identical to that of Danny Thomas himself) tries to strike a balance between family life and the entertainment business.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Make Room for Daddy

S01E01 Uncle Daddy 29/09/1953
S01E02 Party Dress 06/10/1953
S01E03 Second Honeymoon 13/10/1953 Margaret finally gets her second honeymoon with Danny, but a friend needs him to open for him in Atlantic City, the same place where the honeymoon is taking place. A flashback occurs which tells what happened on their first honeymoon in 1941. In the end, the Williams' get their honeymoon.
S01E04 Mother-In-Law 20/10/1953
S01E05 Anniversary 27/10/1953
S01E06 Margaret, Non-Pro 03/11/1953
S01E07 The Visiting Englishman 10/11/1953
S01E08 The Sea Captain 17/11/1953 Danny showers the children with money to give them a hint about getting a present for his birthday. But the children don't know,and spend it on the custodian of the building, who was once a sailor. They buy him a shirt. In the tag, the children perform a play due to Danny's love of the arts. (Which He Expressed in a song in this episode)
S01E09 Thanksgiving Story 24/11/1953
S01E10 Last Dollar 01/12/1953
S01E11 Margaret's Job 08/12/1953
S01E12 Wonderland 15/12/1953
S01E13 Christmas 22/12/1953
S01E14 Toledo 29/12/1953
S01E15 Margaret's Jealousy 05/01/1954
S01E16 Terry for President 12/01/1954
S01E17 True Blue Benny 19/01/1954
S01E18 Rusty Runs Away 26/01/1954
S01E19 The Professor 02/02/1954 After dispensing a lecture to the kids on unselfishness, Danny discovers that they have brought a bum, albeit an emeritis college professor, into the house without his knowledge.
S01E20 Burlesque 09/02/1954
S01E21 Black Eyes 16/02/1954
S01E22 Margaret's Birthday 23/02/1954
S01E23 The Matchmaker 02/03/1954
S01E24 Night Club 09/03/1954
S01E25 Terry's Career 16/03/1954
S01E26 School Festival 23/03/1954
S01E27 Rusty's Pal 30/03/1954
S01E28 Julia's Birthday 06/04/1954
S01E29 Pittsburgh 13/04/1954
S01E30 Danny's Vacation 20/04/1954
S02E01 Family Trouble 28/09/1954
S02E02 Tonsillectomy 05/10/1954
S02E03 Terry Takes Charge 12/10/1954
S02E04 Danny Has a Baby 19/10/1954
S02E05 Military School 26/10/1954
S02E06 Danny Lands in Pictures 02/11/1954
S02E07 Hollywood Trip 09/11/1954
S02E08 Anniversary 16/11/1954
S02E09 Margaret's Aunt 23/11/1954
S02E10 Terry's Boyfriend 30/11/1954 Terry is walking on a cloud when she is asked out by the president of the student council. Danny doesn't know what to do when he finds out the only reason he is dating Terry is so her father will perform at their school dance. After the news is broken to her, Terry is heartbroken.
S02E11 Margaret Feels Neglected 07/12/1954
S02E12 Father of the Year 14/12/1954
S02E13 The Anna Maria Alberghetti Show 21/12/1954
S02E14 The New Year's Show 28/12/1954
S02E15 Jesse's Romance 04/01/1955
S02E16 Terry Gets Her Own Room 11/01/1955
S02E17 Danny Goes on TV 18/01/1955
S02E18 Terry's First Big Crush 25/01/1955
S02E19 The Children's Governess 01/02/1955 Danny and Margaret are going on a trip to Boston and they hire a governess. Grandma shows up to take care of the care unexpectedly. Grandma and the governess have completely different ideas of how to handle the children.
S02E20 Daddy's Biography 08/02/1955
S02E21 Danny Tries Real Estate 15/02/1955
S02E22 Rusty Gets a Haircut 22/02/1955
S02E23 Terry's Teen-Age Birthday 01/03/1955
S02E24 Peter Pan 08/03/1955
S02E25 The Piano Teacher 22/03/1955
S02E26 The Newpaper Man's Show 29/03/1955
S02E27 The Philosopher 05/04/1955
S02E28 Father-Son Show 12/04/1955
S02E29 The Benefit Show 19/04/1955
S02E30 A Trip to Wisconsin 26/04/1955 The family takes a vacation to Baraboo, Wisc. to visit the couple that took care of Margaret when her parents were on the road. Danny has a hard time dealing with the quiet on the farm. Rusty goes to find arrowheads and gets lost. Song at end.
S03E01 Davy Crockett 13/09/1955
S03E02 Little League 20/09/1955
S03E03 Margaret Goes Home to Mother 27/09/1955
S03E04 Love Thy Neighbor 04/10/1955
S03E05 Rusty Gets a Job 11/10/1955
S03E06 Big Shot 18/10/1955
S03E07 Danny's Palladium Offer 25/10/1955
S03E08 The London Palladium 01/11/1955
S03E09 Sonnets from the Lebanese 08/11/1955 Danny gets carried away with Margaret's accounts of sightseeing in London. He begins to dream that he is Robert Browning.
S03E10 High Society 15/11/1955
S03E11 The Smugglers 22/11/1955
S03E12 Danny's Old Girlfriend 29/11/1955
S03E13 Louise's Suprise Party 06/12/1955
S03E14 Mr. Williams Goes Legit 13/12/1955
S03E15 Danny Strikes Oil 20/12/1955
S03E16 Terry's Party 27/12/1955
S03E17 The Songwriter 17/01/1956
S03E18 Star of the Family 24/01/1956
S03E19 Margaret's Cousin 31/01/1956 Margaret's mooching cousin, Carl, visits the Williams. He quickly moves in, and makes Danny very upset. Danny finally puts his foot down, and reshapes his character. The once lovable Carl becomes a hard worker, but he is no longer any fun. Danny finally gives in to his children (and Margaret), and Carl becomes as lovable as ever.
S03E20 Like Father, Like Son 07/02/1956
S03E21 Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses 14/02/1956
S03E22 Who Can Figure Kids? 21/02/1956 Danny is at a loss when daughter Terry balks at appearing in a school play. Even the son of a former vaudeville partner prefers a medical career to show business.
S03E23 Terry and the Sorority 28/02/1956 Controversy brews at the Williams house while Uncle Tonoose visits. When Terry is not tapped to join a soroity she would like to join due to her heritage, her uncle teachs her a big lesson.
S03E24 Danny and Jesse Split 06/03/1956
S03E25 Terry Has a Date 13/03/1956
S03E26 Don't Yell at Your Children 20/03/1956
S03E27 Coats and Boats 27/03/1956
S03E28 We're Going to Chicago 03/04/1956
S03E29 Danny Goes on USO Tour 10/04/1956 Songwriter Harry Ruby offers his services as accompanist on Danny's USO tour.
S03E30 Danny's Birthday 17/04/1956 Danny showers the children with money to give them a hint about getting a present for his birthday. But the children don't know,and spend it on the custodian of the building, who was once a sailor. They buy him a shirt. In the tag, the children perform a play due to Danny's love of the arts. (Which He Expressed in a song in this episode)
S04E01 Boarding School 01/10/1956
S04E02 The Nelson Eddy Show 08/10/1956
S04E03 Problem Father 15/10/1956
S04E04 Be a Pal to Your Son 22/10/1956
S04E05 Den Mother 29/10/1956 Danny makes the supreme sacrifice when son Rusty complains he's the only Cub Scout in the pack not represented at the den-mother meetings.
S04E06 Terry at the Crossroads 05/11/1956
S04E07 Danny Goes to Texas 12/11/1956
S04E08 The Diary 19/11/1956 Danny runs into family problems after he takes a look at daughter Terry's diary. He has a hard time deciding whether or not he should let Terry known what he has done.
S04E09 Talented Kid 26/11/1956
S04E10 Danny's Comeback 03/12/1956
S04E11 My Fair Vocal Coach 10/12/1956
S04E12 Pride Takes a Holiday 17/12/1956
S04E13 Christmas and Clowns 24/12/1956
S04E14 Liz's Boyfriend 31/12/1956
S04E15 The School Teacher 07/01/1957 Danny goes to see Rusty's fourth-grade teacher, Miss Lorraine Andrews. He doesn't approve of her method of teaching at all. She, in turn, says that singing in a night club is much easier than teaching school. Danny challenges her to prove it, and she shows up to prove her point. The next day Danny brings her an apple as a peace offering, and they reconcile, but Danny manages to re-offend her yet again by minimizing the importance of her profession. After her emotional outburst, Danny writes ""I AM A DOPE"" repeatedly on the blackboard.
S04E16 Danny's Date 14/01/1957
S04E17 Girl from Iowa 21/01/1957
S04E18 Danny Goes Social 28/01/1957
S04E19 Lobster Story 04/02/1957
S04E20 The Flashback Show 14/02/1957 For his birthday, Danny makes a special trip home from his tour of night-club engagements. He is somewhat disappointed when it appears daughter Terry and son Rusty have forgotten this momentous event!
S04E21 Danny's Fiance 21/02/1957
S04E22 My Friend Harry 28/02/1957
S04E23 Uncle Tonoose Pays a Visit 07/03/1957
S04E24 The Model 14/03/1957 Terry decides to quit school in favor of a modeling career, much to Danny's dismay. He connives to discourage her from leaving school without arousing her suspicion.
S04E25 The Orphan Asylum 21/03/1957
S04E26 Little League Umpire 28/03/1957
S04E27 Danny Meets Kathy 04/04/1957
S04E28 Men Are Men 11/04/1957
S04E29 Little Miss Moppet 18/04/1957
S04E30 Danny's Proposal 25/04/1957
S05E00 Danny's Proposal 00/00/0000
S05E01 Lose Me in Las Vegas 07/10/1957 Danny's popularity disrupt Danny and Kathy's honeymoon. Jack Benny appears in this episode.
S05E02 Terry vs. Kathy 14/10/1957 Danny finds himself in the middle of a family controversy when daughter Terry begins to resent her new stepmother. Now that Kathy does all the things for Danny that Terry used to do, the teenager feels left out and unwanted by the family.
S05E03 Kathy Is Approved 21/10/1957 When Danny learns that his Uncle Tonoose is about to visit, he's afraid that the family patriarch might not approve of his bride Kathy
S05E04 The Dinah Shore Show 28/10/1957 Terry, as chairman of her school's Heart Fund dance, is forced to choose between Dinah Shore and Kathy as vocalists for the event. Kathy is confident she can fill the bill because of her brief career as a high school band singer.
S05E05 Parents are Pigeons 04/11/1957 Rusty re-acquaints his new little sister with the methods used to soft-soap parents.
S05E06 Two Sleepy People 11/11/1957 Danny and Kathy attempt to show that they are as young and spry as ever by indulging in an all-night dancing spree, followed by a morning of golf and tennis
S05E07 Danny Meets His Father-In-Law 18/11/1957 Danny's father-in-law loves fishing, a sport Danny knows nothing about. In an attempt to impress the testy old gent, Danny burns the midnight oil studying the art of fishing - and comes up with all the wrong answers.
S05E08 Honesty Is the Best Policy 25/11/1957 Danny's son Rusty is discouraged when the owner of a lost wallet rewards him with only a curt "Thank You." Danny attempts to restore his son's faith in human nature and almost loses his own wallet in the process.
S05E09 Terry, the Breadwinner 02/12/1957 Terry gets a job at a local dress shop. But Danny doesn't realize that she resents his attempts to help her.
S05E10 The Non Orgs 09/12/1957 Family unity is threatened when Terry asks Danny to play the role of a cultured gentleman for the benefit of her sorority sisters. The sorority committee taxes Danny's temper and almost loses Terry her most valued friend.
S05E11 The Soap Box Derby 16/12/1957 Danny and his father-in-law offer to help Rusty finance his entry in the Soapbox Derby.
S05E12 Man's Best Friend 23/12/1957
S05E13 Chess Game 30/12/1957
S05E14 The Bob Hope Show 06/01/1958
S05E15 Evil Eye Schultz 13/01/1958
S05E16 The Honeymoon 20/01/1958
S05E17 The Raffle Tickets 27/01/1958
S05E18 Rusty, the Bully 03/02/1958
S05E19 St. Vincent's Frolics 10/02/1958
S05E20 Pardon My Accent 17/02/1958
S05E21 Terry's Crush 24/02/1958
S05E22 Uncle Tonoose and Mr. Daly 03/03/1958
S05E23 Danny Roars Again 10/03/1958
S05E24 The Country Girl 17/03/1958
S05E25 Good Old Days 24/03/1958
S05E26 Terry's Coach 31/03/1958
S05E27 Make Room for Father-In-Law 07/04/1958
S05E28 Family Ties 21/04/1958
S05E29 Danny the Performer 28/04/1958
S05E30 Terry's Girlfriend 05/05/1958
S05E31 You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy 12/05/1958
S05E32 Too Good For Words 19/05/1958
S05E33 Rusty, the Man 26/05/1958
S06E01 The Bob Hope Show 06/10/1958
S06E02 Rusty, the Ward-Heeler 13/10/1958 Kathy thinks Danny is sending the wrong message to Rusty, who is running for Class President and is using his father's suggestion to throw a rally, replete with lots of ice cream and Danny's telling jokes, to 'buy' votes for Rusty.
S06E03 First Anniversary 20/10/1958 When Danny and Kathy disagree and argue about who proposed to whom, Mr. Daly urges Danny not to apologize to his daughter.
S06E04 Terry Goes Steady 27/10/1958 Danny reads an article about teenagers running away to get married. As a result he gets worried over his own teen-aged Daughter, Terry. Then he finds out she is going steady with a boy named Walter, which only worries him more. "Walter" is played by Rusty Hamer's real life Brother, John Hamer.
S06E05 Take a Message 03/11/1958 Chaos ensues when, because of Kathy's forgetfulness, Danny and Kathy dine with the Wolfs, where they weren't invited, much to the dismay of Mr. and Mrs. Fox, where they were invited.
S06E06 A Locket for Linda 10/11/1958 Rusty balks when Danny won't give him $15 for a model airplane, but Kathy and Danny promise Linda a locket from the tooth fairy.
S06E07 Jack Benny Takes Daddy's Job 17/11/1958 Danny fully expects to perform at Rusty's Cub Scout show for the third consecutive year and is annoyed at be asked again, until he finds he's been replaced by Jack Benny.
S06E08 Uncle Tonoose's Fling 24/11/1958 After Uncle Tonoose, family matchmaker, has married off his last relative, he comes to visit Kathy and Danny and announces that he wants to lead the life of a playboy.
S06E09 Linda's Tonsils 01/12/1958 When Danny tries to calm a terrified Linda, who needs her tonsils removed, he soon needs some consolation himself.
S06E10 Dinah Shore and Danny are Rivals 08/12/1958 Tension mounts between Danny and Dinah Shore, when they are slated to open at different nightclubs on the same night.
S06E11 The Reunion 15/12/1958 On the eve of a 20 year reunion with old Toledo chums, Danny is feeling a bit smug at his great success with one year of high school while he friends completed their education. The tide turns when the group reunites and Danny learn that Charlie is an eminent surgeon, Harry, a prominent NASA scientist and Joe, a senior member of the diplomatic corps.
S06E12 Kathy's Career 22/12/1958 Bored with her housewife routine, Kathy accepts a glamorous job at a fashion magazine.
S06E13 The Saints Come Marching In 29/12/1958 After encountering a group of wayward young men, who possess huge musical talent, Danny intervenes with school authorities to put them on the straight and narrow, with a view towards launching their show business career.
S06E14 Lucy Upsets the Williams Household 05/01/1959 When Lucy and Ricky Ricardo pay a visit to the Williams family, Danny makes the mistake of advising Ricky to halt Lucy's shopping sprees by closing all of her charge accounts.
S06E15 Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help 08/01/1959 Uncle Tonoose travels from Toledo with Danny's cousin, Stephen, in tow, asking Danny to scratch Stephen's itch for a show business career.
S06E16 Tennessee Ernie Stays for Dinner 19/01/1959 After Danny lectures the children on the meaning of helping the less fortunate, Rusty and Linda bring "Kentucky Cal," a lonely drifter, home for dinner. Kathy and the kids become attached to the colorful Cal, but Danny wants to know more about this mysterious character.
S06E17 Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors 26/01/1959 Danny is outraged when Rusty and Linda are assigned minor roles in their school's upcoming production of "Alice in Wonderland" and argues with Mrs. Foster, the play's director. When she resigns in a huff, Danny takes over, only to find himself with Bob Hope, whose nephew has also been cast, offering his own unique style of 'shtick' while advising Danny on his direction.
S06E18 Red Tape 02/02/1959 When Kathy's friend takes in a Norwegian exchange student, Danny, missing his teen aged daughter, Terry, who's away at college, decides to sign on as well. When the authorities deem the Williams' household unsuitable because of Danny's profession, Danny, Rusty, Linda and Kathy set out to change their thinking and are determined to house their very own student.
S06E19 Gina from Italy 09/02/1959 Danny awaits the arrival of Italian exchange student, Gina Minelli, with great anxiety. The Williamses do everything they can to welcome the shy and homesick girl, but Danny, particularly, makes all the wrong, albeit, well intentioned moves. Inevitably, he stumbles upon the right tack and a very happy Gina feels very much at home.
S06E20 Shirley Jones Makes Good 16/02/1959 Danny receives a letter from his old and beloved friend and mentor, Otto Nielsen, telling him that his daughter, Shirley, is in New York, hoping to land a job at the Copa. Danny is dismayed when he meets Shirley, a brassy, gum chewing girl who can't sing. When a worried Otto shows up at the Copa, he doesn't recognize the beautiful and innocent daughter who left home three weeks earlier. After some attitude, wardrobe and vocal adjustments, Danny is captivated by Shirley and sees a bright future for her in show business.
S06E21 Gina's First Date 23/02/1959 As Gina attempts to adapt to the American high school social scene, Danny takes it upon himself to help her get the attention of the star football player.
S06E22 Growing Pains 02/03/1959 Rusty turns to Danny and Kathy for advice when he becomes smitten with a cute girl at school.
S06E23 Frankie Laine Sings for Gina 09/03/1959 Gina is thrilled to learn that her idol, Frankie Laine, is performing with Danny at the Copa. She and her friend ask him if he would perform at their high school dance and Mr. Laine, who has taken a shine to Gina, consents. Gina is overjoyed, but as she's getting ready for her exciting evening, Kathy, a former nurse, notices that Gina is down with the measles. Danny promises Gina that Frankie Laine will come back to the Williamses apartment to sing to her after the dance, but Frankie says he has other plans - without the Williamses knowledge, Frankie goes back to ...
S06E24 Kathy Leaves Danny 16/03/1959 Danny takes a ribbing from Phil and Harry, both confirmed bachelors, when they ask Danny along on a fishing trip, but know that he must ask Kathy's permission to go. When Danny protests that this is not true, things get even stickier when the men go back to the Williams' apartment and Kathy tells Danny that she's made vacation plans, without consulting him.
S06E25 Latin Lover 23/03/1959 When suave Mario Firenze, a young man from Gina's hometown, arrives at the Williamses, he charms everyone with his continental ways. He takes an interest in a befuddled Gina, who tells Danny and Kathy that his family are aristocrats and that he would never give her the time of day back in Palermo. Everything is clarified when Gina receives a letter from her mother, warning her that Mario has traveled to New York to use Gina and enlist Danny and his show business connections to further his singing career.
S06E26 Losers Weepers 30/03/1959 Danny is furious with Phil, when he loses all of the material for Danny's opening at the Copa. The two cross swords and Danny fires Phil. Kathy intervenes when she goes to visit Phil, who has found the missing jokes and song parodies. Phil hands over the envelope and Kathy puts it in her purse, which she subsequently loses. Kathy's in a panic when she breaks the news to Danny, who characteristically explodes. In the midst of their bickering, the building doorman produces Kathy's handbag. Phil drops by, the two men reconcile and Danny has everything he needs for his ...
S06E27 Grampa's Diet 06/04/1959 Kathy's grandfather comes to visit the Williamses, but Grampa must be watched. He is on a very strict diet, but insists on eating everything that's not good for him. After admonishing him and cajoling him, Danny uses some psychology. Danny gives him carte blanche to eat whatever he wishes, but Grampa refuses. He confesses to Kathy and Danny that he enjoys the thrill of the hunt and comes to realize and understand that he must comply with his doctor's orders.
S06E28 Double Dinner 20/04/1959 Danny decides to become a canidate for abbot of the Friars Club. He discovers that he must first win the backing of rival groups within the organization.
S06E29 Danny's Big Fan 00/00/0000
S06E30 The Surprise Party 04/05/1959
S06E31 Gina for President 11/05/1959 As the battle of the sexes heats up between Danny and Kathy, Gina gets a phone call to tell her that she's been nominated to run for Class President. It's wonderful news, except she's running against her steady boyfriend, Buck. Danny backs Buck and Kathy helps Gina in their respective campaigns, until some ugly leaflets are floated around the school urging students to "Vote American." Buck is hurt for Gina and steps aside and Gina accepts to the applause of every student assembled in the school auditorium.
S06E32 The Practical Joke 18/05/1959 When a dozen kittens are delivered to the Williamses, Danny realizes that, yet again, he's the victim of one of Charley Halper's practical jokes. Danny plots his revenge when he suggests to Charley that they engage Muriel Schultz, the Williamses chubby, temporary maid, suggesting to Charley that's she's beautiful and hugely talented. Muriel is a performer and takes her Copa debut very seriously and Danny soon realizes that she will be hurt by all of this and Danny and Kathy figure a way out of all of this. The only solution is to allow her to perform as scheduled and,...
S07E01 Terry Comes Home 05/10/1959
S07E02 Rusty's Day in Court 12/10/1959 Danny had a car accident. He's perfectly willing to forget it as there was little damage, but the other person insists on going to court to prove it was Danny's fault. Danny gets mad and says to go ahead, his children were in the car and witnessed it. When Linda says she wasn't paying attention, Danny asks Rusty if he saw it without stopping to ask what Rusty saw. Rusty is torn between helping his father and telling the truth.
S07E03 The Chinese Doll 19/10/1959 Linda's new friend "Charlie" is not allowed to play with her. Chou Li's father has deemed her a bad influence. Danny and Mr. Chow butt heads over the true meaning of respect.
S07E04 Cupid's Little Helper 26/10/1959 Terry believes Danny's marriage is in trouble because he takes Kathy for granted. She thinks their marriage should be more like her newlywed friends Jerry and Bunny, but each of Terry's romantic suggestions results in crossed wires.
S07E05 Terry Meets Him 02/11/1959 Terry is dating a string of European playboys who all have no money. When Danny gets a $70 bill for meals, he comes up with a plan to cure Terry of foreign moochers.
S07E06 Jealousy 09/11/1959 Kathy is jealous when Danny is out all night helping a former showgirl who is now a headliner. Danny laughs her jealousy off as a perfectly natural reaction - for a woman, which only makes Kathy determined to prove men can be jealous too.
S07E07 Terry Goes Bohemian 16/11/1959 Terry has fallen in with a bunch of beatniks. Danny not only can't understand what they're saying, he's not sure he understands the way they think.
S07E08 Rusty, the Weightlifter 23/11/1959 Rusty is having bully problems at school again. This time Danny has him lifting weights to build up his strength and confidence
S07E09 Tonoose, the Matchmaker 30/11/1959 Danny wants Pat Harrigan to propose to Terry, but Uncle Tonoose has a different idea.
S07E10 Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz 07/12/1959 Danny's new show is a bomb, so Milton Berle stops by to offer him encouragement. Milton goes on to say he's left showbusiness - hadn't Danny noticed? - and is doing great in oil investments. Danny decides to follow suit and quit showbiz too.
S07E11 Danny and the Little Men 14/12/1959 Kathy and Terry are not happy when Danny and Pat cancel their plans in order to work on fixes for the new show. When Danny backs out on their vacation, Kathy plots with Charlie Halper to change Danny's mind - by making him think he's seeing little green men.
S07E12 A Dog's Life 21/12/1959 Danny's building was sold and the new landlord doesn't like noise, pets, or people in showbiz. Danny is miffed when the landlord tells him to stop playing the piano. Danny says there's nothing in the lease about piano playing, only pets. Wait until Danny finds out Kathy and the kids have smuggled in a dog.
S07E13 Kathy Crashes TV 28/12/1959 The Friar's Club is having a Family Night Talent Show so Danny has rehearsed a musical dance number for Rusty and Linda, and is planning to sing Daddy's Little Girl with Terry. Kathy is upset that she's not included as part of the "family" show. When Danny reminds her that she has no theatrical talent, Kathy leaves the next morning to make the audition rounds. SONG: My Mother Won't Let Me Cross the Street
S07E14 Nightclub Owners 04/01/1960 Danny and Pat want to pick up a side business. Charlie lets them in on a deal to tear down a building and put in a parking lot. All Charlie has to do is get rid of the nightclub that's leasing the building, and the tenants are way behind in the rent so that's no problem. Or at least it wasn't until Danny and Charlie go to check out the place and find an old friend has sunk all her money into the club. The old owner let them slide until the nightclub could build up a following, and she is worried the new owner won't give them any more time. SONGS: My Mother Was A Lady ...
S07E15 That Ol' Devil Jack Benny 11/01/1960 Danny is up for a big network show, but the network decides to give it to Jack Benny. When Jack shows up at Danny's place to say no hard feelings, Danny loses it. Why you? All you do is say "well" and everybody laughs. Jack asks Danny "what do you think, I'm in league with the devil?" When Jack leaves, Danny starts thinking.
S07E16 How to Be Head of the House 18/01/1960 Danny and Kathy can't agree on where to hang their new painting. Terry and Pat had discussed where to go for their honeymoon and reached a decision - until Danny and Kathy weigh in and each try to get their way.
S07E17 Danny, the Housewife 25/01/1960 Kathy has been excused from jury duty, but Danny insists it is her duty to go. When Kathy points out that Louise is on vacation, Danny says he has time off and can run the house while Kathy is gone. After all, how hard can it be? Kathy decides to let him find out.
S07E18 Apple Polishers 01/02/1960 Rusty comes to Danny for help with a decision. A local merchant will buy the baseball team all new uniforms if they let his son pitch once in a while - but the boy's a terrible player. Danny tells Rusty not to sell out. When Phil says they turned down a network show because the sponsor wants a yes man, Danny tells him to go make the deal and turns into "a weak-kneed apple-polishing hypocrite".
S07E19 Tonoose Makes Wedding Plans 08/02/1960 Danny enters in his new tailcoat to make an announcement. He has just secured the Cotillion Room for Terry's wedding, she's going to have her dream formal wedding with champagne and caviar. Terry is thrilled. Uncle Tonoose arrives to say everything is set for the wedding: cousin is stomping the grapes for the wine, 6 trucks of relatives are on their way (and 1 truck of sheep to roast), the violinists are booked. It's going to be a real old-fashioned Lebanese wedding, three days and nights. Who is going to tell Uncle Tonoose no?
S07E20 Danny Meets Andy Griffith 15/02/1960 Danny went past a stopsign in the small town of Mayberry, because there was no crossroad. Sheriff Andy Taylor comes and arrests Danny. He said the town council had decided to make a crossroad there, but there was only enough money for a stopsign. Danny demands to see the Justice of the Peace. At this, Andy takes out a sign and says he's the Justice of the Peace. By now Will Hoople, the town drunk, has come in and locked himself in his jailcell. Andy explains he gets drunk everyday, and he arrests himself for it. Will had been deputized to do this to himself! Danny finally agrees with his wife and decides to the ordianry fine of $5 to $10. He takes out a huge wad of cash, and he gives him more money and more money. Danny doesn't care if Andy is robbing him, after all he's a big time star. Andy sees this as a time to get more money, and tells Danny he has to pay $100 or spend 10 days in jail. Danny is furious! He goes in his jailcell, and demands his one call. While he'd dialing th
S07E21 Battle of the In-Laws 22/02/1960 The family is about to meet Pat's father (Jack Haley). Pat Sr is delighted to meet everyone, except Danny who "stole" his song. The two make up, but continue to fight over everything from the engagement toast to the wedding guests. SONG: about Irish names in Hollywood
S07E22 Eulogy for Tonoose 29/02/1960 Cousin Habib has chosen who will give his eulogy, so Uncle Tonoose tries to one-up him again. He wants Danny to give his eulogy - and to write it now so Uncle Tonoose can hear and approve it.
S07E23 Linda Wants to Be a Boy 07/03/1960 Rusty gets a new football uniform. When he and his friends go up to his room so he can try it on, Linda tags along. Rusty stops her, telling her "Football is for boys. You were born a girl, better luck next time." Linda wants to be included, so Linda becomes "Louie".
S07E24 Bachelor Party 14/03/1960 During Pat's bachelor party, he tells Danny that he can't possibly give Terry the life she deserves. Pat is calling the wedding off.
S07E25 Danny, the Handyman 21/03/1960 Danny wants to pitch in and help a reluctant Rusty with a father/son project: building a doghouse.
S07E26 The Wedding 28/03/1960 Everyone is caught up in the last minute plans for the wedding - except for the father of the bride who is feeling like a third wheel.
S07E27 Three on a Honeymoon 04/04/1960 Terry's only been gone one day and Danny's already down in the dumps missing his little girl. When he gets a phone call to fill in for an ailing Jimmy Durante, Danny thinks that would be a wonderful break for Pat - and a way to get them back in town.
S07E28 The Deerfield Story 11/04/1960 Danny is excited to get a visit from his boyhood friend Jim (Jim Backus) who used to look out for Danny when they were boys in Deerfield, MI. Danny is proud to show Jim his success, but Kathy figures out Jim was hoping Danny still needed him.
S07E29 The Singing Delinquent 18/04/1960 Danny tries to help a talented young singer whose career may be hurt by his surly attitude.
S07E30 Rusty and the Tomboy 25/04/1960 There's a big dance in the offing but Barbara, a tomboyish young lady who plays on Rusty's baseball team, hasn't been asked to go. Danny and Kathy convince Rusty to ask her and she blossoms into a pretty young lady.
S07E31 Family Portrait 09/05/1960 Mr. Gaylord is a famous artist who just might paint a Williams family portrait. Of course he would have to get to know the family before making up his mind, and to do that he moves in.
S07E32 Little Lord Fauntleroy 16/05/1960 A show business reporter is talking about her wonderful son who is coming to visit from military school. When she is called away on an overnight assignment, Danny suggests they look after her son for the night hoping he will be a good influence on Rusty.
S07E33 Rusty's Advice to Linda 23/05/1960 Linda is mad because she lost her skates and Danny and Kathy refuse to buy her a new pair. She cries "you don't love me" and decides to run away from home. Big brother Rusty tells her to forget it, it's a bad idea. Rusty tells her about the time he ran away from home (Season 4 episode 25) in flashbacks. Danny got a call to perform at the Sands, but it meant he had to back out on a promise to play at Rusty's school. Rusty ran away - to an orphanage.
S08E01 Kathy Delivers the Mail 03/10/1960
S08E02 The Report Card 10/10/1960
S08E03 Danny and the Actor's School 17/10/1960
S08E04 Kathy and the Glamour Girl 31/10/1960
S08E05 Danny Proposes to His Wife 07/11/1960
S08E06 Kathy, the Matchmaker 14/11/1960
S08E07 Tonoose, the Liar 21/11/1960
S08E08 Linda, the Performer 28/11/1960 Danny prepares for Linda for her television debute.
S08E09 Danny and the Dentist 05/12/1960
S08E10 Fugitive Father 12/12/1960
S08E11 The Singing Sisters 19/12/1960
S08E12 Rusty the Rat 26/12/1960
S08E13 The Planet 02/01/1961
S08E14 Democracy at Work 09/01/1961
S08E15 You Can Fight City Hall 16/01/1961
S08E16 The Whoopee Show 23/01/1961
S08E17 The Rum Cake 30/01/1961
S08E18 Tonoose, the Boss 06/02/1961
S08E19 Rusty, the Millionaire 13/02/1961
S08E20 Good Old Burlesque 20/02/1961
S08E21 Four Angels 27/02/1961
S08E22 The Scrubwoman 13/03/1961
S08E23 Everything Happens to Me 27/03/1961
S08E24 Old Man Danny 03/04/1961
S08E25 Danny and the Hoodlums 10/04/1961
S08E26 Rusty's Punishment 17/04/1961
S08E27 The Scoutmaster 24/04/1961
S08E28 The Magician 01/05/1961
S08E29 The Woman Behind the Man 08/05/1961
S08E30 Teenage Thrush 15/05/1961
S08E31 Party Wrecker 22/05/1961
S08E32 The Dog Walker 06/03/1961 13-year-old Rusty loses his dog-walking job to Jose, the building's elevator operator.
S08E33 00/00/0000
S09E01 For Every Man There's a Woman 02/10/1961
S09E02 Linda Runs Away 09/10/1961
S09E03 Love Letters 16/10/1961
S09E04 The Trumpet Player 23/10/1961
S09E05 Tonoose vs. Daly 30/10/1961
S09E06 Hen Pecked Charley 13/11/1961
S09E07 Danny Weaves a Web 20/11/1961
S09E08 Danny and Durante 27/11/1961
S09E09 Danny and the Brownies 04/12/1961
S09E10 Tonoose's Plot 11/12/1961
S09E11 Keeping Up With the Joneses 18/12/1961
S09E12 Teacher for a Day 25/12/1961
S09E13 Useless Charley 01/01/1962
S09E14 A Baby for Charley 08/01/1962
S09E15 Linda, The Tomboy 15/01/1962
S09E16 The Big Fight 22/01/1962
S09E17 Cassanova Tonoose 29/01/1962
S09E18 Charley Does It Himself 05/02/1962
S09E19 The P.T.A Bash 12/02/1962
S09E20 A Nose By Any Other Name 19/02/1962
S09E21 Cassanova Juinor 26/02/1962
S09E22 Temper, Temper 05/03/1962
S09E23 Hunger Strike 12/03/1962
S09E24 Bunny Cooks a Meal 19/03/1962
S10E01 The Baby Hates Charley 01/10/1962
S10E02 Danny's Replacement 08/10/1962
S10E03 What Are Friends For? 15/10/1962
S10E04 British Sense of Humor 22/10/1962
S10E05 Jose Rents the Cops 29/10/1962
S10E06 Rusty for President 05/11/1962
S10E07 A-Hunting We Will Go 12/11/1962
S10E08 Ten Years Ago Today 19/11/1962
S10E09 Jose the Scholar 26/11/1962
S10E10 Tonoose, Life of the Party 10/12/1962
S10E11 Tonoose, Life of the Party 10/12/1962
S10E12 Danny's English Friend 17/12/1962
S10E13 Bunny the Brownie Leader 24/12/1962
S10E14 Charley the Artist 31/12/1962
S10E15 Lost French Boy 07/01/1963
S10E16 Jose the Dog Sitter 14/01/1963
S10E17 Tonoose Needs Glasses 21/01/1963
S10E18 Million Dollar Dress 28/01/1963
S10E19 The Roman Patriot 18/02/1963
S10E20 Charley the Tiger 11/02/1963
S10E21 The Roman Patriot 18/02/1963
S10E22 Jose's Guided Tour 25/02/1963
S10E23 Bunny's Cousin 04/03/1963
S10E24 When In Rome 11/03/1963
S10E25 Charley My Boy 08/04/1963
S10E26 Louise to the Rescue 25/03/1963
S10E27 Homecoming 22/04/1963
S10E28 Tonoose's Brother 29/04/1963
S10E29 Jose's Rival 06/05/1963
S11E01 The Country Squires 30/09/1963
S11E02 The Perfect Crime 07/10/1963
S11E03 Heres The 50 Dollars Back 14/10/1963
S11E04 The Woman Behind The Jokes 21/10/1963
S11E05 Rusty Drives a Car 28/10/1963 Rusty is now old enough to drive, and Danny is having trouble accepting the fact that his son is growing up.
S11E06 Linda and the New Dress 04/11/1963 After tearing her girlfriend's dress during a fight, Linda buys her a fancy new one and charges it to her father's account.
S11E07 My Fair Uncle 11/11/1963
S11E08 Shy Alfie 18/11/1963
S11E09 Oh, The Clacys 02/12/1963
S11E10 The Hex 09/12/1963
S11E11 The Two Musketeers 16/12/1963
S11E12 Christmas Story 23/12/1963 Danny is disheartened because his family is so caught up in the material aspects of Christmas that they seem to have forgotten its real meaning. He comes up with a plan he hopes will remedy this.
S11E13 Peaceful Co-Existence 30/12/1963 The renovations to the Williams/Halper Connecticut country home are finally complete, and the two couples spend a weekend in the country together. It doesn't take long for the best friends to become annoyed with each others habits.
S11E14 The Bowling Partners 06/01/1964 Danny is hopeful that Rusty will ask him be his partner at an upcoming Father and Son bowling tournament.
S11E15 Linda's Crush 13/01/1964
S11E16 Kathy ,The Secretary 20/01/1964 When Danny complains to Kathy about her overspending, she cons Phil into giving her a temporary job as his secretary.
S11E17 The Quiz Show 27/01/1964 Frank's mother needs a new washing machine, so he cons Danny into appearing with him on a quiz show in hopes of winning a brand new one.
S11E18 Howdy, Neighbors 03/02/1964 Danny, Charley, and their wives are perplexed by the snobbish behavior of their Connecticut countryside neighbors.
S11E19 The Antique Dealer 10/02/1964 Danny and Charley set up a roadside stand outside their Connecticut country home, and they try to pass off junk as valuable antiques.
S11E20 Bunny Gets Into The Act 17/02/1964 Charley's in the doghouse when he refuses to allow Bunny a chance to perform in his new stage review at the Copacabana
S11E21 Sense Of Humor 24/02/1964 Danny's in trouble with the local tradesmen when they learn they are the brunt of the jokes in his nightclub act
S11E22 Tonoose Gets A Job 02/03/1964
S11E23 The Leprechaun 09/03/1964 Howard Morris appears as a man who claims he's a leprechaun.
S11E24 Pupa From Italy 16/03/1964 Danny imports a girl from Italy to sing at the Copacabana, but soon discovers she has stopped performing pop music in favor of opera music.
S11E25 Pupa's Pooch 23/03/1964
S11E26 Pupa Loves Rusty 30/03/1964
S11E27 Rusty And The Chorus Girl 20/04/1964
S11E28 The Persistent Cop 27/04/1964
S00E01 Danny Thomas on the Martin & Lewis Telethon 00/00/0000
S00E02 Danny Thomas' Answered Prayer - The Story of St. Jude's 00/00/0000
S00E03 Danny Meets Andy Griffith 00/00/0000
S00E04 Marjory Lord Interview 00/00/0000
S00E05 Sid Melton (Charley Halper) Interview 00/00/0000
S00E06 Angela Cartwright Interview 00/00/0000