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Mall Cops: Mall of America tells the story of the guards protecting its stores and shoppers. The officers find themselves tackling a wide range of cases, from shoplifters, fights, providing security details for celebrities and re-uniting lost children.


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S01E00 Pilot 20/05/2010
S01E01 Black Friday 27/05/2010 Shoppers invade Mall of America on the busiest shopping day of the year.
S01E02 Vikings Fever 27/05/2010 Thousands of Minnesota Vikings fans come to the mall to meet former players, including Carl Eller and Scott Studwell.
S01E03 Palin Power 03/06/2010 Sarah Palin visits the Mall of America, and security must deal with passionate followers, protesters, a bounty hunter and a bomb threat.
S01E04 Twilight 03/06/2010 "Twilight" fans fill the mall for the "New Moon" premiere; mall cops break up a fight involving a man with a knife; an intoxicated man tries to get behind the wheel.
S01E05 Man's Best Friend 10/06/2010 The mall's no-pets rule is overturned for a charity dog walk; a trash-can fire threatens mall safety; a customer believes he's been discriminated against.
S01E06 Double Trouble 10/06/2010 A bomb scare occurs in the mall when Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty makes an appearance. Also: thousands of foodies visit the mall to meet a celebrity chef.
S01E07 Storm of the Century 17/06/2010 A winter storm threatens to drop 24 inches of snow, forcing security to consider closing early for the first time. Meanwhile, mall cops deal with a number of weather-related accidents, along with a fire hazard that closes the food court for hours.
S01E08 U.S. Women's Hockey Team 17/06/2010 The roster for the U.S. women's Olympic hockey team is announced at the Mall of America. Also: mall cops help lost children find their parents; search for missing cars; and break up a brawl.
S01E09 No Pants Day 24/06/2010 A large group of streakers show up at Mall of America, hoping to run through with no pants. But Doug Reynolds, director of security, is ready for them.
S01E10 Lockdown 01/07/2010 The mall has a lockdown drill, which doesn't go so well. Officers also help a diabetic who falls, deal with an intoxicated teen, and care for a child whose mother was arrested for shoplifting.
S01E11 R.A.M. 08/07/2010 Mall of America's undercover unit, RAM, struggles to train its newest member: a bomb-sniffing dog named Bear. When a serious threat shuts down the airport less than three miles away, the RAM unit goes on high alert to avert possible terrorist activity.
S01E12 Fancy Nancy 08/07/2010 With the Rotunda filled to capacity, Mall Cops spring into action when a children's book author falls on stage. Meanwhile, officers help a lost boy who does not speak English, apprehend a young shoplifter, and help a man who has suffered a stroke.

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