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Programme for preschool children combining animation with live action footage from National Geographic and the BBC film archives. The stories centre around the adventures (and misadventures) of a group of animals on the African savanna, including: Mama, a maternal elephant; her ever-awed elephant calf, Max; a know-it-all Cheetah named Bo; Karla, a sweet and curious Zebra; and three wacky monkey brothers named Kip, Flip, and Chip.


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S01E01 Muddy Wonderland 00/00/0000 When the rainy season arrives, Mama shows the kids the fun, and the value, of a good mudbath.
S01E02 Anybody Home? 00/00/0000 Max, Bo, and Karla find two lost bird brothers (Dib and Dab) who are so good at communicating. So with the help of Mama's movies, they look at different animal homes until they find the right one for Dib and Dab.
S01E03 Play's the Thing 00/00/0000 Bo, Karla and Max can't decide on what game to play. They each have a favourite that the other two don't find so interesting. With the help of Mama (and her movies), they see how different animals play differently.
S01E04 What's in a Tail? 00/00/0000 Everybody seems enamoured of their tails today except Max, who doesn't think his is so special. Mama shows that there are a lot of different "tails to tell" of in the animal kingdom, and some that might surprise you.
S01E05 Baby of a Different Stripe 00/00/0000 Karla's mother is having a new foal: a development Karla isn't so sure about A couple of Mama's movies are just the ticket however, showing Karla the fun and excitement of a new sibling, as well as how she can help.
S01E06 Gourmet Grazing 00/00/0000 Karla is more interested in playing than having lunch. She thinks eating is boring so Mama uses a movie or two to show not only that eating well can be exciting, but also the wide variety of things that animals eat.
S01E07 Sleep with Wombats 00/00/0000 Karla's visitor turns out to be a night owl and Karla, Bo and Max are exhausted trying to keep up. They're convinced she doesn't sleep! Mama shows them that all animals need sleep and some do their sleeping during the day.
S01E08 Tell Me about It 00/00/0000 Max discovers his Danger Call (trumpeting with his trunk), and is so excited that he cries wolf a few too many times. Mama (with the help of her movies) shows Max and the others how animals communicate all sorts of messages.
S01E09 Elephant Walk 00/00/0000 When Max is upset about all the things he can't do yet, Mama shows him how all animals gain independence at different paces and that there's really no hurry.
S01E10 Sounds of the Savannah 00/00/0000 Max and Karla want to form a band but Bo doesn't think music is something they can "do." Mama shows them (with the help of some especially melodious movies) that music is all around them. You just need to listen.
S01E11 The Boy Can Blow 00/00/0000 Max really wants to trumpet like Mama but he just isn't getting it. Mama shows Max that we all grow and develop at different paces and that the important thing is to be happy with yourself in the here and now.
S01E12 A Little Help from My Friends 00/00/0000 When Karla discovers the perfect gift for Mama, they all discover together that in order to get the gift, they're going to have to work together.
S01E13 Change is Gonna Come 00/00/0000 Karla is having a lot of fun with her new tadpole friend, until one day, when she finds that he's changed completely. Mama explains how change happens to everyone in the animal kingdom but happens faster to some than others.
S01E14 Hide and Go Seek 00/00/0000 When Karla finds herself "too easy to find," while playing a game of hide and go seek (those darn stripes!) Mama lets the kids in on the wonderful world of animal camouflage.
S01E15 I Don't like Spiders and Snakes 00/00/0000 While playing Superheroes of the Savanna with Karla and Max, brave Bo accidentally exhibits his hidden fear of creepy crawlies. Mama shows how even animals that look creepy can be "Savanna Superheroes."
S01E16 Eyes, Ears, Noses, Trunks 00/00/0000 Bo, Max, and Karla meet a friendly fruit bat named Merlin while playing kick the coconut. Max is really good at the game. Mama shows the gang a movie about echolocation, which leads to movies about animal senses in general.
S01E17 Kings and Queens of the Savannah 00/00/0000 Bo, Karla and Max are discussing who the true king or queen the Savannah might be. Mama takes the kids on a walk to show that nearly every animal on the savannah, big or small, is a king or a queen in their own way.
S01E18 All Creatures Great and Small 00/00/0000 After Max gets stuck while playing follow the leader, Bo teases him for being big & round. Max's feelings are hurt so Mama decides it's time to show how & why animals come in all different shapes & sizes.
S01E19 Foot Prints in the Sand 00/00/0000 Max, Bo & Karla stumble on a giant footprint. They discover that the print they saw wasn't left by any animal walking in the savannah today but is an impressive remnant of the distant past.
S01E20 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 00/00/0000 Karla's new friend Winnie is a wildebeest, and she's stricken to discover that Winnie is migratory and soon must be on her way. Mama shows a movie or two to assure Karla that Winnie will be back before she knows it.
S01E21 I Spy 00/00/0000 Max can't keep up when playing I Spy with Bo and Karla. Mama shows him that not only is it okay to move more slowly but there's a whole world of things to spy when you're not zipping around like a zebra (or a cheetah).
S01E22 Nobody's Perfect 00/00/0000 Bo, who's been boasting about his leaping ability, has an accident that's mostly just embarrassing. Mama (through some very funny movies) shows Bo that all animals make mistakes. It's one of the ways we learn.
S01E23 Sam Spades of the Savannah 00/00/0000 Bo, it seems, has lost his favourite feather, or more accurately, someone seems to have taken it! Mama and the kids go on a mission to solve the mystery of the missing feather.
S01E24 Healthy Habits 00/00/0000 A trip is postponed when Max gets a cold. Mama prescribes rest and plenty of fluids. Max is upset, but Mama shows him that everybody get sick and has to do what is necessary to recover. Sometimes they even take "medicine."
S01E25 Things That Go Yip, Howl and Screech in the Night 00/00/0000 Max is having a sleepover with Benny, Bo and Karla. Everyone's excited, until unfamiliar sounds start wafting in. Benny is scared, until Mamahelps Benny to understand and get over the sounds that are making him scared.
S01E26 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby 00/00/0000 Kip, Flip, and Chip the monkey brothers have a new cousin, Pip. No-one, especially not Bo, can believe that they were ever as small as Pip, but Mama has movies that prove otherwise.
S01E27 A Savannah Kwanzaa 00/00/0000 Everyone is coming to Mama's big Kwanzaa celebration - which leads to a discussion about the seemingly endless variety of animal families. In the end, Karla comes up with a name for their little family: a "furry" of friends.
S01E28 Cracking the Code 00/00/0000 When Max, Bo, and Karla find an Egg, they enlist Mama's help in finding out what kind of animal is inside.
S01E29 Trumpet While You Work 00/00/0000 Max wants Mama to play, but she has to work, as does the local "tale-spinning" orb spider. As a result, Max wants to know why adults always have to "work."
S01E30 Come out of Your Shell 00/00/0000 Bo and Max stumble over a tortoise named Tallulah. When they come on a little too strong, however, Tallulah retreats into her shell, and the two friends ask Mama to help them to bring the shy tortoise "out of her shell."
S01E31 Hot and Cold Running Critters 00/00/0000 On an especially hot day in the Savannah, Mama lets the gang in on all the "tricks of the trade" animals use to adapt to the weather of their environment.
S01E32 Why Zebras Can't Fly 00/00/0000 Karla and her friend, a Peregrine Falcon named Perry, are playing, and Karla begins to envy her impressive flight skills. She wants to fly - spurring Mama to show several films about what animals do, and do not, fly.
S01E33 Spot the Difference 00/00/0000 When Bo accidentally approaches another zebra, thinking it is Karla, he engages Mama to help him to hone his powers of observation in differentiating similar animals from one another.
S01E34 Travels with Mama 00/00/0000 The kids have difficulty solving a riddle, which reminds Mama of the time she travelled to Australia and found a very special animal.
S01E35 Super Duper Savannah Animals 00/00/0000 Bo, Karla and Max are playing their favourite pretend game, Savannah Superheroes, and they're on the lookout for new members. When a rhino beetle named Ron shows up, they learn that even the smallest of us can be powerful.
S01E36 Tails of the Galapagos 00/00/0000 When Bo, Max and Karla spy what looks like a couple of slow-moving rock monsters, they panic and tell Mama. She's pleased to tell them those aren't rocks - they're her friend Glynnis and son Glenn, over from the Galapagos Islands for a visit.
S01E37 Happy Habitats 00/00/0000 Max is bored. Nobody's around, not even Karla and Bo. Mama assures him that there are potential friends all around - all he has to do is look closer.
S01E38 Savannah Lullaby 00/00/0000 The kids can't get to sleep, and Mama shows them that the most important thing about bedtime is having a routine - and a good lullaby, of course.
S01E39 Out of Reach 00/00/0000 After hearing a story about a magician, Max is determined to find a magic wand of his own. He tries to make a ripe marula fruit drop out of a nearby tree. When it doesn't happen, Mama shows him that while wishing is a good place to start, getting something done requires action.
S01E40 It Gives You Paws 00/00/0000 A game of Follow the Leader nearly goes awry when Max, Bo and Karla find they're unable to follow each other on certain terrain. Mama shows a movie about the specialised hands and feet of different animals.
S01E41 Family Style 00/00/0000 Max, Karla and Bo are discussing their families when they realise that Max's friend Benny's family is different from their own. Mama shows the kids that there are many kinds of families in the animal kingdom, but that all families care for each other.
S01E42 Curtain Up! 00/00/0000 When the kids decide to put on a show, Mama shows them a movie of other animals at play.
S01E43 Listen Up! 00/00/0000 Karla and Bo disagree over an animal they have seen. Bo claims it was a giraffe, and Karla is sure that it was a zebra. Mama shows them that if they could listen to each other, they might see that the answer lies in what both of them have seen.
S01E44 Rainy Day Blues 00/00/0000 A rainy day on the savannah produces long faces, until Mama helps pass the time by introducing the gang to a place that is really rainy, the South American rainforest.
S01E45 Take Me to the Water 00/00/0000 Jacques, Mama's film-making friend, comes to visit. The kids are excited to meet him, until they see that he is a walrus. Mama and Jacques show the kids that they shouldn't be so quick to judge.
S01E46 Find Your Way Home 00/00/0000 After a long hike to watch a wildebeest migration, Bo believes the group must be lost on the way home. Mama shows Bo, as well as Karla and Max, the many ways in which animals are able to find their way home.
S01E47 Jumbled Jungle 00/00/0000 When an accident forces Mama and the kids to scrap their film festival, they turn their misfortune into an opportunity.
S01E48 Alone Together 00/00/0000 Bo's busily doing a project on his own, but Max wants to play. When Bo expresses his desire to be by himself for a while, Max is hurt. Mama shows them that sometimes, friends just need a little time.
S01E49 The Nose Knows 00/00/0000 Max smells something that Bo and Karla cannot. This leads to a discussion about animal noses and smelling abilities.
S01E50 Do You See What I See? 00/00/0000 A game of 'do you see what I see?' on a hike across the savannah initiates a discussion on how everyone sees things differently.
S01E51 Have You Heard? 00/00/0000 The story about a new kid on the savannah is spreading, but everyone's account is a bit different. With Mama's help, they learn that it is not just what you hear, but what you do with what you hear.
S01E52 This Is Mama's World 00/00/0000 It is Mama's birthday and Max, Bo and Karla want to give her the perfect present. They decide to make her a movie celebrating the parts of the world she has visited.
S01E53 Bat 00/00/0000

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