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The masterminds behind the cult favorite Garth Marenghi's Darkplace offer up this parody of the late night talk show. Celebrity guests make appearances on this series and are interviewed by their very own entertainment agent, Dean Learner.


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S01E01 Garth Marenghi 20/10/2006 Dean's first guest is his former Darkplace co-star Garth Marenghi, making his first public appearance since his 'terrible accident' which caused him to lose an ear. He talks of his latest book The Oeuvre, which includes all 436 of his existing novels 'in one easy to read volume'. Also he gives us a tour of his studio where he's been adding painting to his considerable list of talents, and we are shown an exclusive clip of his feature film War of the Wasps.
S01E02 Steve Pising 27/10/2006 Dean chats with former four time Formula 5 Motor Racing World Champion Steve 'The Accelerator' Pising, who started out in motor racing in the '80s with Dean's own racing team 'The Dean Team'. He was the most famous driver The Dean Team ever had, but he may now be better known as the spokesman for a major hair-restoral company.
S01E03 Glynn Nimron 03/11/2006 Dean chats to another of his favourite clients, the 'towering figure in the world of Sci-Fi cinema for the home video market', Glynn Nimron. Glynn, star of countless movies, including Time Whackers, The Lactator and Frisk City Delta is best known for his gender-bending role as Bot 'the alien with a human heart' in television series Galacticops.
S01E04 Merriman Weir 10/11/2006 In this special musical edition of Man to Man Dean talks with one of the most revered folk guitarists of his generation, Merriman Weir. Merriman plays an acoustic set of his own brand of deeply melancholy folk, but thankfully holds back from playing some of his more depressing numbers. (He once played a song so sad he made a flock of geese die).
S01E05 Amir Chanan 17/11/2006 Amir Chanan is a self-proclaimed 'Master of the Psychic Arts' and has acted as Dean's 'personal spiritual guru' for the past twenty years. Blessed, since the age of six, with the extraordinary ability to 'bend keys by rubbing them lightly between thumb and forefinger', Amir has come to be one of the world's most renowned but controversial psychics. He talks about his alleged abduction by the government in 1979, his new self-help DVD Bath Buddies, and takes calls from the audience.
S01E06 Randolph Caer 24/11/2006 Dean's planned guest for the show was celebrated British character actor Randolph Caer, who starred in films as diverse as Bitch Killer and That Duck 3: Duck in the City. Tragically, however, Randolph died the morning before the show's transmission, and so Dean puts on a 'celebration of his life, through the eyes of those who knew him best. A kind of This is Your Death'. Dean does this by showing sections of archive footage and calls on previous guests including Garth Marenghi, Steve Pising, Glynn Nimron and Amir Chanan to pay their respects to the late actor.
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