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L’histoire nous entraîne dans la vie quotidienne de Hana, l'éditrice en chef et de son équipe, les "éditrices les plus mignonnes du Japon". Leur but ? Devenir le magazine de prépublication le plus lu au Japon, alors qu'elles n'ont aucune expérience dans le domaine.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mangirl!

S01E01 This is Comic Earth Star's Editorial Staff 03/01/2013 Hana wants to run a monthly manga and nothing will stop her, not even lack of experience or knowledge.
S01E02 Everyday Editor 10/01/2013 Hana's unorthodox style of editing seems to fit well with the artist Shinobu.
S01E03 Perfect Day for a Gravure Shoot 17/01/2013 Hana is doing her best to make the magazine first gravure shoot the best, but it's not going well.
S01E04 Assistant Girls 24/01/2013 The first issue of Earth Star is almost ready for the printer, but Shinobu's manuscript is running late!
S01E05 Photosetting Midnight 31/01/2013 The girls learn that, that the right font makes all the difference.
S01E06 Infinite Proofreading 07/02/2013 They may have gotten the manga to the printers but it is going to be a long night of proof reading.
S01E07 Impatient Ryoma Road 14/02/2013 With a small budget, the team sets out to do a 5 city research trip.
S01E08 Comisuke Planet 21/02/2013 Team Earth Star attended their first Comisuke except for the Assistant Editor. She is the legendary...
S01E09 Something Borrowed 28/02/2013 Working with a Mangaka can sometimes leave the office feeling crowded.
S01E10 Buy More 07/03/2013 An editor, a maid, why not both?
S01E11 We Just Haven't Given Our All Yet 14/03/2013 An opening call for aspiring manga artist brings out some unique works.
S01E12 The First Volume 21/03/2013 Earth Star’s first collected volume is about to be release, but not without problems!
S01E13 It's Anime Time 28/03/2013 An offer for an anime adaptation has been presented to Earthstar!
S00E01 Playful Editor Girl 24/05/2013