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British pilot Jimmy Porter (Alfred Lynch) crashes his aeroplane in occupied France and immediately finds himself on the run from the Nazis. He meets a young girl, Nina (Cyd Hayman), a part-Jewish agent with important information, and vows to get her back to Britain. He is helped by another agent, code-named Vincent, (Peter Barkworth) and pursued across France by S.S. Officer Lutzig (Philip Madoc), and the ambivalent Abwehr Sgt. Gratz (Robert Hardy), a complex psychological character who is implied to fall in love with Nina. Unlike most previous war dramas, the Nazis were presented as more than just fanatical thugs. Manhunt was a World War II drama series consisting of 26 episodes, produced by London Weekend Television in 1969 and broadcast nationwide


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Manhunt (1970)

S01E01 Fare Forward Voyagers 00/00/0000 An important meeting of French resistance leaders is broken by the Germans. Anne-Marie Poitiers, code-name "Nina", escapes and seeks help from "Vincent", a British agent operating from the town of Bracieux. His instinct is to kill her, together with an RAF pilot who has crashed in the area, because both are security risks. But London orders otherwise, and the three set off on their hazardous and dangerous escape to England.
S01E02 Break-up 00/00/0000 Nina witnesses the rape of a farm-girl by a Vichy policeman. Disgusted by the lack of sympathy shown by Vincent and Jimmy, she runs away and is hidden by a farmer.Vincent and Jimmy abandon their plans and begin to search for her, but they fall into the hands of Communist Maquis who believe thay are Gestapo.Nina arrives and proves their true identity, but the Communists will only let them go as a decoy for the Germans who are searching the area.
S01E03 Only The Dead Survive 00/00/0000 To escape the Gestapo closing in on them, Vincent takes Jimmy and Nina to his family chateau where they are hidden by a loyal gamekeeper.
S01E04 What Did You Do In The War, Daddy? 00/00/0000 Vincent, Jimmy and Nina hide in a disused room at the top of Vincent's family chateau. But their refuge becomes a prison when the Gestapo occupy the lower rooms.
S01E05 One More River 00/00/0000 Vincent, Jimmy and Nina have 50 miles of occupied France to traverse before they reach the River Cher where Free France begins.
S01E06 Open House 00/00/0000
S01E07 Better Doubt Than Die 00/00/0000 While the German military roars south to Toulon, Vincent, Jimmy and Nina hide in an old toll house. But Vincent imperils their lives by trying to contact the local Resistance, and Nina cracks up under the strain.
S01E08 A Different Kind Of War 00/00/0000 Jimmy and Nina shelter at a farmhouse. At once they realise they've walked into a bizarre and sinister situation...
S01E09 Betrayal 00/00/0000 Sergeant Gratz of the German Intelligence closes in on Vincent, Jommy and Nina, who are hiding in a factory which manufactures arms. One of the workmen is an informer. But which one?
S01E10 With a Sort Of Love 00/00/0000 Sergeant Gratz begins to interrogate Nina. His methods are persuasive. Lutzig wants her information as well, and the two men become involved in conflict of authority between the SS and Abwehr.
S01E11 The Price Of Resistance 00/00/0000 Three important villagers are taken as hostages and used as ransom for the fugitives.
S01E12 The Enemy You Know 00/00/0000 A sleazy nightclub becomes the focal point for the Resistance and for the French collaborators. Vincent, Nina and Jimmy find it more dangerous to hide - and decide to go on display in front of the SS who have caught up with them.
S01E13 A Way to Die 00/00/0000 Jimmy and Vincent learn of an impending raid by SS troops on a Bordeaux junk shop where a meeting of Resistance leaders is to take place. They are unable to warn the Maquisards, and decide to visit the shop...with tragic results.
S01E14 One Way Home 00/00/0000 Jimmy is sheltered by a French Resistance girl after he narrowly escapes the SS round-up in which Vincent was caught. But the girl's young brother has been brainwashed by Nazi propoganda and is a potential informer.
S01E15 Little Man, Big Gun Part 1 00/00/0000 Gratz captures a young British agent who has been landed from the sea to penetrate a Bordeaux war factory. He decides to exploit Nina's attraction for the agent in order to extract information from him. But the agent is wary of Gratz's offer.
S01E16 Little Man, Big Gun Part 2 00/00/0000
S01E17 The Ugly Side Of War 00/00/0000 Jimmy, posing as a Flemish seaman, is drafted into the German-controlled metal works in Bordeaux, where he makes an important discovery.
S01E18 Confessional 00/00/0000 Nina and Adelaide rendevous in the Church of St. Xavier. Was it a ruse to get Nina away from Gratz or, even more sinister, was it master-minded by the Gestapo?
S01E19 The Death Wish 00/00/0000 n Paris, Vincent is offered his freedom, but can he be sure that a trap is not being set for him?
S01E20 Machine 00/00/0000 A Gestapo agent in the metal works terrorises Jimmy into revealing his identity - and an innocent Polish worker is executed.
S01E21 Degrade and Rule 00/00/0000
S01E22 Intent to Steal 00/00/0000 Vincent, Jimmy and Adelaide infiltrate the German-controlled metal works.
S01E23 The Train May Be Late 00/00/0000 Vincent, Nina and Adelaide embark on a highly dangerous railway journey.
S01E24 Little Man, What Next? Part 1 00/00/0000 Lutzig has finally arrested the little man and he is now at the mercy of the SS. They subject him to all sorts of physical and mental tortures to force him to betray Nina. Gratz, however, is equal to almost anything Lutzig can hand out but he finds himself confronted by someone he didn't expect...his wife! This shatters him but he manages to survive and make a deal with Lutzig.
S01E25 Little Man, What Next? Part 2 00/00/0000
S01E26 The Losers 00/00/0000 Encouraged by Gratz and helped by the Resistance, Nina, Jimmy and Adelaide reach the coast to escape to England - but the SS are waiting for them.