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Two people take off into the bush with a map, a compass and a head start. The tracker is on horseback, armed with a local guide and an arsenal of forensic skills. The prey have 36 hours to reach a finish line some 40 kilometers away without getting caught. How they escape is up to them. The prey may know each other going into the chase, but will the pressure of being hunted cement their bonds or destroy their relationships? The prey are looking for glory. Mantracker is looking for them.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mantracker

S01E01 Jeff and Magnus 12/04/2006 Location: Alberta Sidekick: TJ Maynard Old school meets new school as Jeff and Magnus fuse their different lifestyle views in order to give Mantracker a run for his money in Alberta’s ranch country. The trackers’ horses are at a disadvantage in this terrain and it’s going to take some serious grit for Mantracker and local guide TJ to capture these two tenacious prey.
S01E02 Liisa and Nicolina 12/04/2006 Location: Ontario Sidekick: Sandy Ross Liisa and Nicolina, two young women with steely resolve, want to make this the toughest challenge Mantracker has ever faced. To make sure of that, they sacrifice their own physical and psychological fitness and drag this chase through a maze of thick bush and swamp. Mantracker’s horses are in danger, and he’s not happy about it. Nobody’s safe in this twisted game of hide and seek.
S01E03 Jim and Nicola 19/04/2006 Location: Yukon Sidekick: Chuck Hume The old cliché “opposites attract” is put to the test as young city dweller Nicola is paired with experienced outdoorsmen Jim. They may not share a postal code, but they do share a incredible will to win. Doing whatever it takes, the prey overcome physical adversity and drag Mantracker up through the Rockies in pursuit of victory.
S01E04 Russ and Susie 03/05/2006 Location: Yukon Sidekick: Chuck Hume Russ and Susie pit themselves against Mantracker, not to mention the toughest terrain the Yukon has to offer. It’s a grueling chase through over 55km of tangled willow, high elevations, and torrential storms. This isn’t going to be easy. And this isn’t a walk in the park for Mantracker either. It’s going to take a lot of perseverance and local scout Chuck Hume’s expertise in order to navigate this unforgiving territory.
S01E05 Mike and Neela 10/05/2006 Location: Yukon Sidekick: Chuck Hume Straight-edged Mike and free spirit Neela are out to prove something. They know the Yukon and they’re focused on beating Mantracker on their home turf. It’s storming in the Yukon, but Mantracker has his targets set on one thing – capture.
S01E06 Vlad and Nate 17/05/2006 Location: Alberta Sidekick: TJ Maynard Two grizzled military vets test their ‘take no prisoners’ philosophy against Mantracker in the foothills of Alberta. It’s commandos versus cowboys and Mantracker can’t afford to make any mistakes if he wants to apprehend these renegades.
S01E07 Jim and Dara Lee 24/05/2006 Location: Ontario Sidekick: Sandy Ross Jim and Dara Lee know they can’t outrun the trackers, so they plan to outthink them. But Mantracker and his guide Sandy are veterans of psychological warfare, so the prey better bring their best. The tangled forests of Ontario’s far north might be the prey’s only chance at escape.
S01E08 Luke and Mike 31/05/2006 Location: Ontario Sidekick: Sandy Ross 30somethings Luke and Mike couldn’t have less in common. Mike’s a dedicated athlete who goes by the nickname “Mr. Everything”. Meanwhile, Luke takes pride in a dry wit and his paintball skills. If they’re going to beat Mantracker, they better pull it together or Luke is going to have another reason to hate cowboy hats.
S01E09 Julio and Joe 07/06/2006 Location: Yukon Sidekick: Chuck Hume In this special 1hour finale, Mantracker comes up against his most cocksure competitors yet in Julio and Joe. The extreme wrestler and wilderness guide forget their differences and pull out every harebrained scheme in the book to get Mantracker off their trail. Taking the chase through the swamps, mountains, lakes and bush of the nightless Yukon Territory.
S02E01 Chris and Brock 30/05/2007 "Buddies" Chris and Brock are two urban tough guys who want to show Mantracker that their Toronto street smarts and urban fortitude can translate in the mountainous country of British Columbia. With attitude, grit and determination, these city boys put Mantracker through the ringer. Across the most grueling and dangerous terrain ever faced by any prey, Chris and Brock dig deep, testing the skills and patience of their hunter all along the way. Chris Borkowski Age: 31 Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Occupation: Real Estate Agent, Club Promoter Bio Fact: Chris is a devoted hunter, member of the Oshawa Skeet and Gun Club and avid reader of Guns and Ammo and Tactical Knives. Brock Herbert Age: 24 Hometown: Oakville. Ontario Occupation: Machinist Apprentice Bio Fact: Brock is an urban badass. He’s a big fan of skateboarding, piercings and tattoos.
S02E02 Shannon and Stephanie 18/06/2007 "Long Time Friends" Friendships are tested, phobias are confronted and egos are on the line in the unforgiving Alberta wilderness. Shannon and Stephanie are bush smart, competitive athletes and close friends. They’re also moms out to smash some perceptions: just because you look great doesn’t mean you can’t bust it in the bush. But Mantracker’s hungrier than ever – he lost to a team of two women last season, so he’s got both bragging rights and redemption on the line. Shannon Leroux Age: 35 Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario Occupation: Figure Athlete, Voice Artist & Actor Bio Fact: Shannon was a ground to air Javelin Missile System Operator with the Canadian Military, and is a Pro Member of the International Federation of Body Builders. Stephanie Bigras Age: 39 Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario Occupation: Engineering Technician Bio Fact: Stephanie plays competitive womens’ hockey and competitive fastball, and never, ever loses her cool. She’s a mom of two and claims she’s never missed a pedicure.
S02E03 Dustin and Ian 25/06/2007 "Childhood Friends" Two fierce athletes who thrive on competition challenge Mantracker to a battle of strength, focus and determination in the wild remote wilderness of Grande Cache. Dustin and Ian, childhood friends and Ultimate Frisbee teammates refuse to let fear and dehydration curb their quest for glory but a hungry Mantracker won’t be deterred by their savvy diversions or upstanding fitness. Will the hunter’s skills triumph over the prey’s unrelenting competitive nature or will Dustin and Ian be diminished by a devastating defeat? Dustin Demille Age: 27 Hometown: Oakville, Ontario Occupation: Technical Services Manager Bio Fact: Dustin is an all round athlete possessed with a relentless thirst for victory. When he’s not knocking heads on the Frisbee field he kicks back in his Volkswagen Westfalia named “Roadie”. Ian Lawson Age: 27 Hometown: North Bay, Ontario Occupation: Teacher Bio Fact: Ian is a competition junkie. He plays competitive Ultimate Frisbee and says there’s nothing better than the rush that comes with winning.
S02E04 Brent and Brian 23/07/2007 "Firefighters" An unforgiving Yukon landscape, frigid fall weather and elite prey team raise the stakes for Mantracker. Brent and Brian have the bush experience and physical strength to cut it on “Mantracker”, and their training as firefighters and ability to stay cool under pressure raise the bar even further. But its September in the north – will the severe conditions break them, and tip the delicate balance to Mantracker? Brent Kirchner Age: 29 Hometown: London, Ontario Occupation: Firefighter Bio Fact: Brent was a sea cadet, and won a Gold and two Silver Medals at the Police Fire Games for mountain biking. He received a Medal of Bravery from the Ontario Government, and became a father for the first time just after competing on Mantracker. Brian Aziz Age: 39 Hometown: London, Ontario Occupation: Firefighter Bio Fact: Brian has twelve years of training on the fire department’s technical rope rescue team, and once rappelled off a 25-story building. He works out six days a week and competes in triathlons. He plays the guitar, and is a father of three.
S02E05 Erica and Kendall 30/07/2007 "Sisters-In-Law" These city girls appear completely out of their element in the Yukon wilderness. But Erica and Kendall’s drive to succeed and prove their potential make them stellar opponents. By leaving surprises in the bush for Mantracker, will the women successfully get under the tracker’s skin and make him lose his focus, or will the downtown divas succumb to the grueling landscapes that make hours spent on a stair-climber and treadmill seem like a walk in the park? Erica Vanbriel Age: 29 Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Occupation: Model, Actress Bio Fact: Erica, a natural beauty, is from Leuven, Belgium. She has worked world wide as a model since she was 15 but has dreamt about the Canadian wilderness since she was a child. Kendall Harris Age: 32 Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Occupation: Real Estate Agent Bio Fact: The tough and determined Kendall is the eldest sister from a family of four brothers. She lived in Saudi Arabia with her family and spent time as an auctioneer on a cruise ship.
S02E06 Brian and Samantha 06/08/2007 "Boyfriend and Girlfriend" It’s the rainiest, muddiest and slipperiest fall on record in northern Ontario, and Mantracker’s team is being pushed to the limit. Brian and Samantha are very fit, very strong, and very, very determined. But they are also the youngest prey team of the season, and putting their relationship to the ultimate test. They are very competitive with Mantracker, and even more competitive with each other. Will they cross they finish line together, or will love come second to victory? Brian Robinson Age: 25 Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario Occupation: Police Trainee Bio Fact: Brian never misses a workout, and is fiercely competitive on the ice. He’s an adrenaline junkie who will do anything to challenge himself. Next up? He’s becoming a cop. Samantha Lefebvre Age: 24 Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario Occupation: Customer Service Representative Bio Fact: Samantha worked as a youth counselor on a cruise ship, and rowed on a dragon boat team. She’s out prove to Brian – and to herself– that she has what it takes to beat Mantracker.
S02E07 Dan and Jared 13/08/2007 "Strangers" Two polar opposite strangers come together for this battle to the finish line. Both bring extensive training and resolve to the table. Dan, a former U.S Marine Corps sniper and personal trainer of massive proportions and Jared, a highly trained and disciplined Martial Artist and self described smartass, break out cheeky diversions and carefully crafted escape and evade techniques that force Mantracker to draw on all he’s got. Will the two strangers be able to work as a team, or will their different personalities clash and cost them the chase? Dan Chase Age: 31 Hometown: Whitecourt, Alberta Occupation: Firefighter, Personal Trainer Bio Fact: Dan is from Texas and was a sniper in the United States Marine Corps. With an imposing stature of 6’4, 250 pounds, Dan is no stranger in hand to hand combat. Jared Payne Age: 24 Hometown: North Vancouver. BC Occupation: Landscaper Bio Fact: Jared spent time in the Canadian Army and received the Top Athlete Award. He is an advanced kick boxer and competed with the Cambodian Kickboxing Club.
S02E08 Steve and Jeff 20/08/2007 "Canadian Freestyle Teammates" Steve and Jeff are among the most elite athletes in the world – Olympians. They compete in one of the most exciting, risky sports there is – freestyle aerials. The snow, mud and terrain of early winter in northern Ontario are a horse’s – and Mantracker’s - worst nightmare. And for the first time, “Mantracker” moves into the realm of urban warfare. This could be the chase of the season – has Mantracker met his match? Steve and Jeff have a competitive edge unmatched by any other team – but when does confident turn into cocky? Steve Omischl Age: 27 Hometown: Kelowna, BC Occupation: Canadian Freestyle Ski Team Member Bio Fact: Steve is a two-time Olympian, and was World Champion in 2005. He’s been on the World Cup podium 26 times, and performs some of the hardest jumps ever to be attempted in the sport – two variations of a quadruple twisting triple flip! Steve’s also an avid golfer and filmmaker. Jeff Bean Age: 29 Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario Occupation: Canadian Freestyle Ski Team Member Bio Fact: Jeff’s been on the Canadian Olympic Team for 12 years, and has competed in three Olympics. A broken ankle threatened his career in 1999, and after suffering two fractured vertebrae, a broken nose, and a broken orbital bone during training for the 2004 World Cup; Jeff won silver at the world championships just 196 days later. When he’s not training or competing, Jeff’s working on his B.A.
S03E01 Al and Garfield 09/06/2008 Deerhurst, Ontario The irony is not lost on these “two black guys running from a white guy on a horse”. Al and Garfield are lifelong friends who once lived in Toronto’s infamous Jane & Finch neighbourhood. With virtually no wilderness experience, these urban warriors draw on the history of the Underground Railroad for inspiration to escape the relentless Mantracker. Al St. Louis Age: 34 Hometown: Etobicoke, Ontario Occupation: Hair Stylist, poet, motivational educator Bio Fact: This fit, funny and single former semi-pro basketball player still has the moves and figures his creativity and determination will help him beat Mantracker. Garfield Thompson Age: 41 Hometown: Brampton. Ontario Occupation: Custodial Worker, University Student Bio Fact: Strong willed/tenacious. It’s no surprise that Garfield led his Humber College’s Men’s Basketball team to its first National Championship.
S03E02 Simone and Mike 16/06/2008 New Hazelton, British Columbia They’ve never met, but they’re going to have to gel quickly as a team to have any hope of surviving Mantracker and some of the most rugged terrain northern BC has to offer. Can the flamboyant ‘city boy’ and self-proclaimed ‘punk-girl’ tree planter find common ground? At first glance, Mike looks to be an easy catch for Mantracker, but you should never judge a book by its cover. Simone Crook Age: 28 Hometown: Smithers, BC Occupation: GIS Technician, Treeplanter Bio Fact: Simone works seasonally so she can enjoy British Columbia’s ‘great outdoors’- ski touring, mountain biking and hiking. But she makes time for sewing and crafts, too. Mike Sage Age: 25 Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario Occupation: Grad Student and freelance film critic Bio Fact: International traveller and rock climber, Mike also loves Scrabble and role-playing games.
S03E03 Jesse and Nathan 23/06/2008 Big Muddy Badlands, Saskatchewan Raised on the mean streets of the “Hammer”, these steel town mates have never backed down from a fight. Rocker Jesse is counting on Nathan’s brute strength to carry them both through the rugged South Saskatchewan Badlands; While Nathan, the semi-pro wrester is hoping Jesse’s Aboriginal wilderness know how will lead them to victory. Jesse Tomes Age: 25 Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario Occupation: Musician Bio Fact: Jesse’s an all-round athlete and lead guitarist for the rock band “Anti-Hero”. His Aboriginal roots make him a “natural” in the bush but he hates cockroaches. Nathan McGuire Age: 22 Hometown: Ancaster, Ontario Occupation: Retail Sales Bio Fact: ‘Adventurous’, ‘funny’ and ‘spontaneous’ are how Nathan’s friends describe him. A natural strongman, he’s training to be a police officer.
S03E04 Rob and Michelle 30/06/2008 Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia He’s a gravedigger and she’s a social worker, but don’t underestimate these cousins from Cape Breton Island. Rob’s hunting skills make him bush savvy and Michelle’s athleticism keeps the prey on the move. But Mantracker has never been so tuned in to his prey as he hounds them from the peaks of the Cape Breton Highlands to the depths of the Margaree River Valley. Rob Donovan Age: 40 Hometown: Sydney Mines, NS Occupation: Grave Digger Bio Fact: Rob is a volunteer fireman and volunteer rescue diver who has been married for 13 years. He has two great kids. Michelle Killam Age: 40 Hometown: Mira, NS Occupation: Social Worker Bio Fact: Michelle is a member of the Cape Breton Road Runners and is daring enough to have jumped out of an airplane. She thinks she can beat Mantracker and she hates being wrong!
S03E05 Mark and Taylor 28/07/2008 Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario The wilderness surrounding Ontario’s Sault Ste. Marie has proved a formidable opponent to Mantracker in the past, and that’s great news for Mark and Taylor, co-workers who hail from just down the highway, ‘cause they know the land like the backs of their hands. Mark has the age and experience while Taylor is all youthful exuberance, but in the bush, they’re a well-oiled machine, determined to defeat the tracker and have a damned good time doing it. Mark Daub Age: 39 Hometown: Elk Lake, ON Occupation: Pole Line Constuction Bio Fact: The owner of his own company, Mark is also in complete control when navigating his way through the wilderness. Taylor van Ravenswaay Age: 21 Hometown: Fenwick, ON Occupation: Utility Pole Installer Bio Fact: Loves hunting, hockey and Johnny Cash.
S03E06 Bruce and Sabrina 04/08/2008 Smithers, British Columbia ‘Team Aussie’ is what Bruce calls his pairing with in-law and friend Sabrina. The Martial Arts Champion and mother of two keeps pace with her whip-cracking, outback wild man as they battle Mantracker and the bugs in Northern British Columbia. And they manage to get on Mantracker’s bad side in the process. So now, it’s personal. The tracker is set on bringing them down. Bruce Chandler Age: 42 Hometown: Geelong, Victoria. Australia Occupation: Diamond Driller Bio Fact: Bruce has been a cattle drover and a Rodeo Bull-rider, but he’s most proud of his accomplishment in raising his two teenage boys. Sabrina Croft Age: 33 Hometown: Chilliwack, BC Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator Bio Fact: When Sabrina’s not on the run from men on horseback, she keeps fit playing baseball and soccer, doing Tae Kwon Do and swimming with her kids. She likes to be spontaneous.
S03E07 Buck and RJ 08/09/2008 Big Muddy Badlands, Saskatchewan They’re smart, they’re tough, and they’ve prepared. But Buck and RJ aren’t used to being pursued. As tactical officers with the Barrie Police Force, they’re used to doing the pursuing. From chasing criminals to evading the Mantracker, it’s a test of strategy and psychological analysis that even has the Tracker confused. David ‘Buck’ Goodbrand Age: 35 Hometown: Barrie, Ontario Occupation: Police Officer Bio Fact: He’s had tactical and sniper training but also had a career as a foot model before joining the force. His phobia is eating live bugs. Rich ‘RJ’ Johnson Age: 32 Hometown: Barrie, Ontario Occupation: Police Officer Bio Fact: Rich has no experience in the wilderness but lives by his motto of “losing is not an option”. This fitness freak has a set of biceps that are legendary within the force.
S03E08 Jordan and Suzie 15/09/2008 Laurentian Mountains, Quebec Hello young lovers, you’d better watch your backs! They’ve only been dating for a year. Will the stress of evading Mantracker be too much for the break-dancing social worker and his university student girlfriend? They’re running through the dense woods of the Laurentian Mountains and it won’t stop raining. They’ll need to battle the bush and the weather to stay ahead of the tracker and keep the love alive. Jordan Tibbo Age: 24 Hometown: Yarmouth, NS Occupation: Youth Worker Bio Fact: Jordan knows his way around the bush, having trained in Wilderness Survival and led canoe trips for the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Suzie Willis Age: 23 Hometown: Halifax, NS Occupation: Student Bio Fact: Suzie’s early childhood memories of the wild animals around her Kenya home have given her a comfort level with the animal world in general. It may not make her comfortable with Mantracker and his horse, however.
S03E09 Josh and Kyle 22/09/2008 Elliot Lake, Ontario University pals and constant cohorts, these IT wiz-kids and aspiring film-makers are tougher than they look … on the city block, maybe. Hockey and curling are their chosen sports, but they dive head first into the Mantracker challenge and try their best not to get lost in the rugged environs of Elliot Lake, Ontario. Josh Johnston Age: 24 Hometown: Trenton, Ontario Occupation: IT Support/Training, Ind. Videographer Bio Fact: Air Force Brat and High School Athlete, Josh’s extreme activities include roller-blading to work in downtown Toronto. Kyle Geerkens Age: 23 Hometown: Stirling, Ontario Occupation: TV News Tech Support Bio Fact: Kyle once fell into the water next to a hydro dam. He says he learned to tread water pretty quickly! And while he has no wilderness training, neither did cavemen.
S03E10 Kaleigh and Alana 29/09/2008 Smithers, British Columbia Mantracker's youngest prey ever, Kaleigh is a college basketball star who has actually killed a bear and Alana lives in the wilderness. These BC mountain girls are determined not to let ‘that Alberta import’ get them. And they want to show everyone that a couple of pretty young things are tough enough to take on the challenge of brutal mountain terrain and the no nonsense cowboy. Kaleigh Allen Age: 19 Hometown: Smithers, BC Occupation: University Student Bio Fact: Killed a bear in self defence. Kaleigh enjoys competing in rodeo events, kayaking, rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding, fly fishing and hunting. She thinks she might be a little too competitive. Alana Wadley Age: 21 Hometown: Smithers, BC Occupation: General Handyperson at 5 Star Lodge Bio Fact: Alana grew up in a bush-loving family and practically lives in the wilderness for weeks on end. She loves fly fishing, dancing, snowboarding and all forms of art.
S04E01 Billy and The Rev 01/08/2009 These hard-core extremists call themselves "mountain dogs". They have a few tricks up their sleeves And on their ski poles as they tackle Southern California's Big Bear Mountain and attempt to lose the trackers on their trail.
S04E02 Jessica and Lauren 08/08/2009 They're sisters, but definitely not two peas in a pod. Lauren is an aspiring opera singer, while Jessica is a fitness instructor. How these talents will help them escape Mantracker through the mountainous terrain is anyone's guess.
S04E03 Rene and Dave 15/08/2009 Brothers and business partners Rene and Dave lead Mantracker on a chase through treacherous land full of lakes and woods. It's virgin ground for Mantracker, who brings his considerable skills to the boreal forest.
S04E04 Chelsea and Trev 22/08/2009 Mantracker adjusts his tracking skills to suit the California high desert abutting the Mojave. He's up against Chelsea- a volatile mix of bush smarts and spiritual instincts and Trev, the entrepreneur, who hopes his back-country experience and level head will take them to the finish.
S04E05 Andrew and Hainsley 29/08/2009 Back for another chase around Elliot Lake, Mantracker is batting 500 in Northern Ontario, but it always makes him cranky! Andrew and Hainsley are fast-talking, city-slickers with a love of sports, the outdoors and themselves. Will they be putting Mantracker in the Hall of Fame? Or Taking him down for the count?
S04E06 Brian and Julie 05/09/2009 Siblings Brian and Julie have spent a lot of time together and feel their unspiken communication will help them "feel" their way to victory. They've go the bush experience- in Ontario. But now they're being chased by the tracker in British Columbia, and it's a whole new back country.
S04E07 Tommy and Steve 12/09/2009 Mantracker goes in search of a pair of Newfoundlanders over the rolling foothills of the Long Range Mountains on The Rock's west coast. They all tackel the 'tuckamore' while the prey leave newfie 'treats' for Mantracker to get screeched.
S04E08 Mike and Adam 19/09/2009 Brothers-in-law Adam and Mike have book smarts, all right. They're both teachers. But will all that theoretical knowledge translate into solid strategy as they tough it out in the bush surrounding North Bay, Ontario?
S05E01 Jason and Clayton 06/09/2010 Elliot Lake hosts the season premiere of “Mantracker 5,” featuring country music stars Clayton Bellamy and Jason McCoy of The Road Hammers as the prey. These guys are tough on tour - but can they suck it up in the bush? Will guide Phil Lemieux be able to stop them long enough to get an autograph?
S05E02 Blake and Layney 13/09/2010 Blake Hudson is an attorney in Los Angeles. His partner, Layney Delange, is a postal worker in Big Bear, CA. Will opposites attract a victory? Mantracker has Sidekick Mark Murphy to guide him through the high Desert in search of this odd couple.
S05E03 Barb and Amy 20/09/2010 This is the Mom episode. Sisters Amy & Barb have 9 kids between them, and they think that prepares them for the wilds of Grand Cache Alberta. Curtis Hallock is back on team Tracker and they aim to put these women in their place.
S05E04 Ryder and Brendyn 27/09/2010 These globetrotting brothers bring skills honed in places like Mongolia, Antarctica and Russia's Red Square to take on Mantracker in the Temagami forest. But, Barry Keown is back as Mantracker's guide and you know how he loves to blast into the Northern Ontario bush.
S05E05 Max and Barb 04/10/2010 Mother & son: now there's a dynamic not seen before on Mantracker. Can a relationship so close and proscribed withstand the stresses of the chase? Or will big boy Max demand emancipation from his artist mother? Martin Dillabough guides Mantracker through the wilderness surrounding Quesnel, British Columbia.
S05E06 Chris and Shawn 11/10/2010 They're 'Surfer Dudes' from Hawaii's Big Island hoping that (Chris's) age & wisdom, combined with (Shawn's) youth and enthusiasm will see them to victory on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Local 'paniolo' Leon Chow helps Mantracker negotiate the old growth forests and treacherous lava fields of his island home.
S05E07 Angie and Nolan 18/10/2010 Martial Arts Teacher Angie and her student/best friend Nolan pit themselves against the tracker and the Elliot Lake bush. Will Mantracker's sidekick Phil Lemieux be able to keep them out of the bogs - that's question one. Can he stay on his horse? That's something else.
S05E08 Dylan and Travis 25/10/2010 Hollywood comes to Central BC - but the actors don't have a script for this action drama! Dylan & Travis get a healthy dose of reality as they try to evade Mantracker along the historic Cariboo mining trail.
S05E09 Pete and Cam 01/11/2010 Back in Grande Cache, Alberta and it's flood season. Downtown boys Cam & Pete take on the cowboys and Mother Nature in this gruelling challenge, while Mantracker brings back his secret weapon - Curtis the horse whisperer - as his guide.
S05E10 Steph and Kristy 08/11/2010 Stephanie Hickey and Kristy Breault are sweet girls from Los Angeles CA, working towards careers in law. But they brave the high desert of Big Bear to challenge themselves and the tracker, hoping their 'horse-sense' will give them an edge. But Tracker has eagle-eyed Mark Murphy on his side.
S05E11 Ben and Darrell 15/11/2010 Canada's military gets represented in Temagami as reservists Ben & Darrell test their army training against the wilds of Ontario's northern bush. Bad news for the prey - their kit is 'sub' standard issue, with none of the technical equipment they're used to carrying. And Mantracker still has 'Krazy' Keown help him find his way.
S05E12 Tim and Miah 21/12/2010 Another trip to Hawaii, this time with Tim Lara and Jeremiah Redins - kayak guides from the next island over. They're well respected for their extreme skills in the ocean, but Mantracker and his guide Leon don't know if those talents will translate to land. The Maui-Wowies come to the Big Island bringing their paddling skills and personal rivalry to the chase.
S06E01 Shane and Brook 17/04/2011 As a member of Team Canada, hockey player and Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan is used to gold, but this is a whole new challenge! He and brother Brook face off against Mantracker and Sidekick Russ Floyd in Gold Bridge, BC, nestled high in the Chilcotin Mountains. Will he take home a win this time, too?
S06E02 Jennifer and Amiee 24/04/2011 Is Mantracker seeing double? Identical twins Jennifer & Amiee Roberge share more than just their looks. They work and live together, finish each other’s sentences, and are always on the same wavelength. Can they use that connection to their advantage to elude Mantracker in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass? Not if he and aptly-named rancher, Joe Trotz, have anything to say about it!
S06E03 Wes and Jamie 01/05/2011 Over the hill came a great big noise ... Who could it be but the Blinkhorn boys. Thick-as-thieves brothers Wes & Jamie are football teammates, and avid hunters and outdoorsmen. But do they have what it takes to find the finish and beat Mantracker and Sidekick Scott Cox in the ragged, rugged terrain of Colorado's Lost Canyon?
S06E04 Melanie and Reza 08/05/2011 Melanie has trained for over a year and lost 120 lbs for this opportunity. Reza is a multi-lingual professional wrestler who holds three degrees. They’re tough, competitive … and strangers! Will these two strong-willed individuals come together as a team to emerge victorious? We’ll see as they trek through Mantracker’s own backyard, Porcupine Hills, Alberta.
S06E05 Priscilla and Colt 15/05/2011 Don't let the soothing Southern drawl lull you into thinking this married couple are sweet as pecan pie. They bring their fierce competitive spirit (and some day-glo props) to Northern Ontario, even while the temperature drops a little bit lower than their Texas hometown. Sidekick Greg Huffman gives Mantracker the lay of the land around Thunder Bay.
S06E06 Rusty and Klumpy 22/05/2011 David and Matthew, otherwise known as Rusty & Klumpy, are from Ontario farm country and they're out to take on Mantracker amongst the steep cliffs and crevices of Dolores Canyon. Will these life-long friends live up to their vow to 'leave it all in Colorado?' Local cowboy Garnett Weese is Tracker's guide here, and he's pulled more than one body out of the canyon.
S06E07 Alex and Dion 29/05/2011 These friends from the west coast have an unusual arsenal for their fight against the Tracker. Transported to the unfamiliar wilds of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Alex brings his considerable medical training, while Dion's backcountry savvy looks like a definite advantage. But Mantracker's guide Greg Huffman is the guy who cut the trails. Who's one up now?
S06E08 Justin and Kyle 05/06/2011 Justin's traveled the world as the host of Departures, and now, with cousin Kyle along for the adventure, they take on Mantracker in tough territory patrolled by Canada's largest herd of free range plains bison. Did we mention it's rutting season? Saskatchewan's Prince Albert National Park plays host and nobody knows this area and the bison better than rancher and returning Sidekick, Gord Vaadeland.
S06E09 Margriet and Warren 14/08/2011 Newlyweds! It's a first for Mantracker. These two filmed their Prey Application at their wedding! But as Bob Eubanks used to say, 'How well do they really know their spouse?' It's the honeymoon of a lifetime as the happy couple attempts to elude the posse though the wilds of Utah. Kash's son Brock takes on the sidekick role this time.
S06E10 Mike and Becka 21/08/2011 College athletes Mike and Becka have been dating for 5 years, which could put them on the same wavelength or be a recipe for relationship disaster. How will the squash player and the golfer hold up against BC's rugged Chilcotin Mountains and super guide Russ Floyd?
S06E11 Rob and Mike 28/08/2011 They call themselves a couple of 'old guys' but the firefighter and photographer have more than just the wisdom of their years. They've been training with a military coach to prepare for this showdown in central Utah, where the canyons and buttes challenge both prey and trackers. Sidekick Kash Winn (His real name, honest) guides Mantracker through Castle Dale, Utah.
S06E12 Jesse and Justin 04/09/2014 Canadian Olympic Bobsledders Jesse Lumsden & Justin Kripps like a challenge. After all, their sport requires them to slide down an ice track at 150+kms an hour in nothing but spandex and a helmet. Next challenge: evade Mantracker in Sault Ste. Marie! With hometown hero and veteran Sidekick Phil Lemieux by his side, Tracker is determined not to let these two give him the slip.
S07E01 Searching for Mantracker 21/05/2012 After 6 seasons, Terry Grant has retired and the search for the new Mantracker has begun.
S07E02 Huck and Andy 28/05/2012 They're two Air Force Space Command officers from the Colorado Rockies – one is in Analysis and Strategic Planning of the satellite program while the other maintains and launches them! They're smart, fit and bush savvy. Their IQ's are as high as the altitudes at which they train. Lucky for us we're still in the Rockies, but now in Crowsnest Pass Alberta.
S07E03 Mercedes and Jessie 04/06/2012 Actors from LA and Toronto, Jessie and Mercedes have played many roles. Their next? Mantracker's PREY in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Walking the red carpet does not prepare you for the chase but a little improv' experience on their resumes won't hurt. They nailed the audition, but the lead role they've landed might be harder than they think.
S07E04 Zap and Andrew 11/06/2012 A couple of Morning Show Rock Jocks from Red Deer Alberta leave their soundproof bubble to challenge Mantracker and the Florida heat. Will they be bragging over the airwaves or giving the local hero his due?
S07E05 Les and Tyler 18/06/2012 A BC mountain guide with 20 years of bush experience and his neophyte backwoods buddy are determined to go where no horse can follow. But they haven’t met the New Mantracker!
S07E06 Carla and Amanda 25/06/2012 Toronto's own Roller Derby chicks might have what it takes to compete on Mantracker – but will they be able to work together? Amanda and Carla play on opposite teams, one as a jammer and one as a blocker. Instead of "checking" each other on the circuit track, they'll be checking their compass in Crowsnest Pass Alberta.
S07E07 Brandon and Seth 02/07/2012 Hawaiian locals and band mates Brandon and Seth think they have a "6 pack" of tricks to beat the Canadian Mantracker, but they'll have to sober up to tackle the rough and wild terrain of Big Island Hawaii.
S07E08 Randi and Stacey 09/07/2012 They know their land and they know their horses. So how much will this knowledge really help the prey? We'll see how equestrian sisters make out in the wilds of the Haliburton Forest, which just happens to be their back yard.
S07E09 Scottie and Steven 16/07/2012 From the coal mines of Kentucky to the hot Florida sun! A championship belt winning female cage fighter and her trainer boyfriend take on Mantracker in the stifling heat of gator infested Myakka River State Park. They have a fighter's instinct and they're hoping this chase will be a TKO!
S07E10 Mike and Ryan 23/07/2012 These horse cops from the T-dot usually get their man, but can Mantracker catch them? They're leaving their equine companions behind and trading in their city blues for full camo. They are sure their experience in the force and on the horse will be what it takes to win this chase.
S07E11 Renee and Kiani 31/07/2012 Renee is a professional wild boar trapper, not a common career choice in North America but an essential service on the Big Island of Hawaii. He tracks, traps and wrestles them into submission. His partner-in-crime? His beautiful daughter Kiani. Brains, brawn, beauty and an intimate knowledge of the island might be our tracker's downfall.
S07E12 Jake and Nick 06/08/2012 From the Big Apple to the bush of Elliot Lake, Jake and Nick are totally out of their element. The concrete jungle is full of hard knocks; let's see if Jake's ability to navigate the suits and collars of lower Manhattan compliments Nick's pre-med smarts in the Northern Ontario bush. They had better watch out; horses could catch the scent of them apples!
S07E13 Shaun and Vanessa 27/08/2012 Best friends and co-adventurers Shaun & Vanessa figure they're pretty savvy about the outdoors. But this adventure in central BC tests their mettle and their friendship.