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Ryou Naruse (Satoshi Ohno) is a two-faced lawyer: on the surface, he is a kind-hearted soul, representing the poor and earning the nickname "The Angelic Lawyer" from the press; but unbeknownst to anyone else, he is also a "devil," meticulously plotting the perfect revenge against those responsible for his younger brother's death. Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta) is a gung-ho detective whose overzealous methods mask a dark past which he is trying to overcome. When a family acquaintance of Serizawa's is murdered, Serizawa is thrust in the middle of a multiple-homicide case which stirs up memories of a dark event from his past - and Naruse's.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Maou

S01E01 The vengeful demon who threw away love - the grieving devil 04/07/2008
S01E02 A treacherous snare... Parent and child torn apart 11/07/2008
S01E03 One's true face is exposed, revenge for the sake of love 18/07/2008
S01E04 Targeted devil, the gates of hell have opened 25/07/2008
S01E05 An advance murder notice...!? Receiving a red envelope from the devil 01/08/2008
S01E06 Tell me... who the real perpetrator is!! 08/08/2008
S01E07 The false siblings... A kind lie that invites death 15/08/2008
S01E08 The end to an impermissible love... For revenge, once more 22/08/2008
S01E09 I am the real perpetrator. The tragedy of a man who knew too much. 29/08/2008
S01E10 The crumbling of a household... The last card is death!! 05/09/2008
S01E11 The final showdown. A bond severed by death!! 12/09/2008
S00E01 Shiori's Last Vision 00/00/0000