Affiche Marco (2011)

In a Little village, in the Pyrenees, lives Marco with his smaller brother Lucas and his mother, Ana. Since his father died, the familiar situation has gotten worse. An eviction notice waits for Ana. They have to leave their home before Christmas. They do not have light at home and in the fridge there is not anything to eat. Ana makes a difficult choice, she accepts a job far away from the village and she has to leave their children in the care of an elderly couple, Clara and Andrew. But, when Marco and Lucas do not receive news from their mother, they begin to worry about that. Then, they make the only possible way to be together: to go to look for their mother. The children will tour the country on the trail of Ana. They will live a lot of adventures and will know people who take advantage of them, but also they meet people who help them. Marco and Lucas are going to live an adventure full of humour, tenderness and dangers. A journey to freedom. A journey to their mother.

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