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Yumi is a first year student at the Lillian School for Girls, an exclusive all-girls Catholic school. The school has a tradition that older girls take a younger girl as their little sister or "soeur" in order to instruct and look out for them. Though Yumi admires Sachiko, a reserved second year student who is a member of the student council, she has no hopes of being chosen as her soeur. When an innocent encounter leads Sachiko to impulsively ask Yumi to be her soeur, Yumi is suddenly brought into the inner circle of the Roses, who are the members of the student council. With Sachiko at her side, Yumi begins to unravel and understand the relationships between the Roses and their soeurs and figure out her own feelings for Sachiko.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Maria Watches Over Us

S01E01 The Troubling Soeur Declaration 07/01/2004 Fukazawa Yumi's tie is fixed by Ogasawara Sachiko, her idol and the school's star, setting off a chain of events which would throw the shy and ordinary girl into the world of the prestigious student council. After Yumi walks in on Sachiko arguing with the Yamayuri Council over the school play they will be performing, Sachiko suddenly asks Yumi to be her petite soeur in an attempt to force her way out of the lead role.
S01E02 The Awkward Piano Duet 14/01/2004 Yumi is hounded by the school newspaper for a report on why she turned down Sachiko and endures dance lessons with the Yamayuri Council and a piano duet with Sachiko. Through various people, Yumi learns more about Sachiko and Suguru Kashiwagi, the one who will be playing the Prince in the Cinderella play.
S01E03 The Moon and the Rosary 21/01/2004 Yumi finally meets Kashiwagi when he comes to Lillian for the dress rehearsal, and learns a shocking secret about his relationship with Sachiko. Sachiko's true reason for her refusal to play the lead role is understood, making the bond between her and Yumi truly genuine.
S01E04 Yellow Rose Revolution 28/01/2004 The rest of the Yamayuri Council find out that Yumi finally accepted Sachiko's rosary. Meanwhile, Shimazu Yoshino and Hasekura Rei are voted the school's best sœurs due to their respective girly and bishonen appearances, but Yumi talks to Yoshino and finds out that there's more to the pair than meets the eye and that the relationship between the two is far from perfect.
S01E05 Fighting Maidens 04/02/2004 While Rei is reeling over Yoshino's shocking announcement, the bulk of the school copies them by breaking their soeur relationships too. Tori Eriko, Rei's soeur, isn't even aware of the problem due to her odd behavior and suspiscious absence from school. Yumi goes to the hospital to talk with Yoshino, and learns the true nature of the Yellow Rose soeurs. Yoshino tells her all about her plan to make Rei a stronger person.
S01E06 Rosa Canina 11/02/2004 A second-year student calling herself Rosa Canina runs against the en boutons in the Yamayuri Council elections with murky intentions. Todo Shimako hesistates to run at all due to her first-year staus and her reluctance over taking a leading council position until a talk with Rosa Canina forces her to make a decision. Yumi confronts Sato Sei, Shimako's soeur, over her refusal to encourage Shimako to run, and learns more about the relationships between older and younger soeurs and how to best support Sachiko.
S01E07 The Surprising Chocolates Part I 18/02/2004 For Valentine's Day, the Lillian Newspaper Club organizes a treasure hunt in which the winners would get half-day dates with the en boutons. Yumi agonizes over what to get Sachiko for Valentine's Day, resulting in a spectacular misunderstanding between the two of them.
S01E08 The Surprising Chocolates Part II 25/02/2004 After a crying Yumi runs away from Sachiko's confrontation, Sei reveals the secret reason behind Sachiko's distress. The treasure hunt takes place with surprising results. and Yumi makes up with Sachiko in her own unique way.
S01E09 Red Card 03/03/2004 Uzawa Mifuyu narrates her past as Sachiko's desperate admirer and her reasoning behind her decision to not claim the treasure hunt's prize. She finally acknowledges that Yumi is a better match for Sachiko than her, and quietly slips out of their lives and the series.
S01E10 Forest of Thorns 10/03/2004 A tragic lesbian romance novel causes a scandal at Lillian because the author is rumored to be none other than Sei. This prompts Sei to tell Yumi and Yoshino about her past with a girl named Kubo Shiori.
S01E11 White Petals 17/03/2004 A flashback from a year ago tells the story of an angry, silently-suffering Sei, who is saved from her alienation by a girl called Kubo Shiori. The two of them begin a passionate, all-consuming romance, but Shiori's secret plans for the future shatter Sei's heart.
S01E12 First Date Triangle 24/03/2004 The day of the Boutons' dates arrive, and each pair has their problems. Yumi worries over where to take someone of Sachiko's stature, Yoshino follows Rei's date around in her possessive jealousy, and Shimako braces herself for spending a day with her rival, Rosa Canina. Meanwhile, Tsukiyama Minako, the head of the Newspaper Club, and Takeshima Tsutako, the school's ace photographer, try their best to get the scoop on the dates, but they comically fail to track any of them.
S01E13 Good Day, My Sœur 31/03/2004 Tsutako and Minako's papparazzi-like plans wear them out while Shimako comes to an understanding with both Sei and Rosa Canina. The dates ultimately strengthen Yumi and Yoshino's relationship with their soeurs and reaffirm the place they stand in their older sister's lives.
S02E01 During the Long Night 04/07/2004 Sei takes Yumi to visit Sachiko's house on New Year's Day where the Yamayuri Council have a party. All the major characters are reintroduced, and with the start of the New Year, Yumi looks happily forward to spring.
S02E02 Yellow Rose at Full Speed! 11/07/2004 A series of photographs implicate Eriko in enjo kosai, or compensated dating, while Eriko's behavior becomes even more erratic and strange than usual. As it turns out, Eriko does have a secret, but its far from what she has been accused of.
S02E03 Extremely Busy Days 18/07/2004 In their midst of their graduation preparations for the third-years, the en boutons forget to organize a farewell party for the Rosas. To make it worst, Yumi finds out at the last moment that the en bouton petite soeurs must also put on a performance, and collapses from the pressure of all her various duties.
S02E04 Will 25/07/2004 In the days before graduation, Rosa Chinesis and Rosa Foetida leave their parting words to their petite soeurs and grande-soeurs. Yumi begins to worry why Rosa Gigantea hasn't done the same. She swears to Sei she'd look after Shimako and promises to do anything as her final request, and Sei's answer leads to a surprisingly sweet moment and a revelation about her future.
S02E05 The Years that have Passed by 01/08/2004 Graduation day arrives. As the rest of the Yamayuri Council struggle with conflicting emotions, the Rosas reflect on their lives and the memories which shaped them.
S02E06 Hold But One Hand of Mine 08/08/2004 With graduation's onset, Sei and Shimako remember the events which led them to become soeurs in spite of their many complex obstacles and reservations. The two of them ultimately form a deep and healthy relationship without becoming codependent.
S02E07 Cherry Blossom 15/08/2004 Shimako falls into a depression after Sei graduates and cannot bear the weight of her secret alone. But a chance meeting with the down-to-earth Nijo Noriko gives her a new friend.
S02E08 The Cherry in the Ginkgos 22/08/2004 Shimako and Noriko become even closer, but a shocking revelation about Shimako's true religion is announced in front of the entire school, testing their relationship. Meanwhile, the Yamayuri Council is concerned over the state of Shimako's well-being and decide to take matters into their own hands.
S02E09 The Drop of Rosary 29/08/2004 Shimako is pressured to take Noriko as her petite soeur, but is hesitant due to the differences between Noriko and the general culture of Lillian. Caught between her loyalty to the Yamayuri Council and her desire to protect Noriko, Shimako quietly suffers until an argument forces Noriko into action.
S02E10 Yellow Rose Warning 05/09/2004 Yoshino takes advantage of her newfound health by joining Rei's kendo club, causing extreme worry on Rei's part and another roadblock in their relationship.
S02E11 Rainy Blue 12/09/2004 Yumi and Sachiko have not been spending much time with each other, for Sachiko is always with T?ko. Every time Sachiko and Yumi are alone together, T?ko appears. Yumi begins to believe that Sachiko prefers T?ko over her.
S02E12 The Blue Umbrella 19/09/2004 Yumi gets back onto her feet with different people helping her out. She learns that she must develop an identity outside of being Sachiko's petite soeur.
S02E13 Holding a Parasol 26/09/2004 Yumi learns why Sachiko has been so distant lately. With newfound confidence, she promises never to question Sachiko's love for her again.
S04E01 The School Festival is Shock² 03/01/2009 Yumi and the Yamayurikai prepare a production (The Tale of Torikaebaya) for the upcoming school festival with neighboring boys school, Hanadera.
S04E02 Just One Ordinary Day 10/01/2009 The day of the School Festival has arrived, there are many attractions but most importantly, the drama club is performing Little Women and Yamayurikai, The Tale of Torikaeba. With so much going on, the day might not just be another ordinary day.
S04E03 Soeur Audition 17/01/2009 This year's remaining, petite soeur-less en boutons, Yoshino and Yumi are feeling the pressure to find their little sisters, for various reasons. Yoshino suggests that they have a Soeur Audition to do just the thing.
S04E04 The Future Soeur 24/01/2009 The day of the Soeur Audition—turned into Tea Party—arrives, and soon the Kendo Competition, as well. Yoshino has been looking forward to the Kendo competition, but she has promised Eriko that she will have a petite soeur by then. Someone catches Yoshino's eye, but it looks like it might be more complicated than it seems.
S04E05 The Sigh of the Red Rose 31/01/2009 Yumi and Sachiko finally go on their date to the amusement park. However, Kashiwagi and Yuuki turn up, with Kashiwagi bearing a certain agenda in mind. Yumi learns a few things and Kashiwagi's intentions are made clear.
S04E06 The Surprise Guest 07/02/2009 T?ko suddenly shows up on Yumi's doorstep in a strange situation and ends up being over for dinner, while Suguru and Yumi have an agreement. As well, Rei and Sachiko have an understanding.
S04E07 Blank Map of the Future 14/02/2009 The Yamayurikai Christmas party takes place. T?ko and Kanako are both invited to the party, but afterwards, T?ko rejects Yumi's offer of the rosary, and Yumi is crushed.
S04E08 The Other Side of the Clouded Glass 21/02/2009 Yumi and the rest of the Yamayurikai are invited for a female-only new year party, where Yumi has an interesting dream that could be applied to her current situation.
S04E09 The Masked Actress 28/02/2009 With the elections for the next year's Student Council approaching, T?ko unexpectedly enters the race with murky intentions.
S04E10 The Keychain 07/03/2009 Sachiko and Suguru Kashiwagi discuss T?ko's entry in the Student Council elections and her recent behavior towards Yumi. The Lillian Newspaper Club organizes another card hunt event for Valentine's Day, while Noriko worries that Yumi has given up on T?ko. As well, the Gigantea soeurs have a small discussion about the 'next Rose'.
S04E11 Keyhole of the Heart 14/03/2009 As different people in her life try to help her find happiness, T?ko continues to run away from their support. Suguru warns T?ko that if she continues to run away, one day no one will chase after her. More details of T?ko's family situation and her reason for refusing to be Yumi's petite soeur are revealed.
S04E12 Crisscross 21/03/2009 After T?ko realizes her large misunderstanding, crying, she is comforted by Noriko. The next week, the Valentines' Day Card Hunt for the Next Roses take place with surprising results. Sachiko and T?ko have an interesting conversation on the stairs, and eventually T?ko comes to realize something vital to her relationship with Yumi.
S04E13 In Search of You 28/03/2009 The Valentines' Day dates take place, with Chisato Tanuma finding Yoshino's card and T?ko finding Yumi's. During T?ko and Yumi's date, even more about T?ko's past is revealed, as well as her reasons for running away from home. They eventually visit the hospital owned by T?ko's grandfather, and Touko slowly starts to open up to Yumi. The season ends with Yumi's thought of T?ko accepting her rosary.
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