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Marika is a gothic lolita, who after falling asleep wakes up in the strange Island town of Galihabara. There she meets Galileo Galilei and other famous historical scientific figures, who may not quite be as you remember them! Aired as an educational cartoon with comedy elements to introduce children to scientific concepts in an entertaining fashion, this cartoon made up part of the Suiensa block of programming.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Marie & Gali

S01E01 Marika in Wonder Town 31/03/2009
S01E02 The Wonder Town of Galihabara 07/04/2009
S01E03 The Universal Attraction of Love and Apples 14/04/2009
S01E04 The Secret of Ramen and Interference 21/04/2009
S01E05 FBI! Sing! Love Coil 28/04/2009
S01E06 I Found It in Oden! 05/05/2009
S01E07 Build it, then Destroy It! Da Vinci's Great Inventions 12/05/2009
S01E08 Welcome to the Radium Hot Spring 19/05/2009
S01E09 The Secret to the Rainbow is Do Re Mi Fa So? 26/05/2009
S01E10 Space is a Big Kaleidoscope? 09/06/2009
S01E11 Marika Finally Awakens? 16/06/2009
S01E12 Beware of Heat 23/06/2009
S01E13 Rub it, Scrub it, Ignite it! 30/06/2009
S01E14 The Terror of the Galiba Storm 07/07/2009
S01E15 This is FM Galihabara 14/07/2009
S01E16 Hertz's Endless Noodle Training 21/07/2009
S01E17 Catch the Robo-pet! 11/08/2009
S01E18 Why Does the Whimsical Bridge Disappear? 25/08/2009
S01E19 Hello is a Wonderful Word 01/09/2009
S01E20 Travelling through Space on a Train 08/09/2009
S01E21 Pet's Close Call 15/09/2009
S01E22 A Great Invention? The Edison Toaster 22/09/2009
S01E23 Galiba Pharmacy? 06/10/2009
S01E24 The Turtle Rescue Project 13/10/2009
S01E25 Birthday All Alone 20/10/2009
S01E26 Big Catch! Galiba Fishing Tournament 03/11/2009
S01E27 Why Does Lightning Occur? 10/11/2009
S01E28 Galiba-style Kick the Can!? 17/11/2009
S01E29 Colourful! Robot Battle! 01/12/2009
S01E30 Marika Will Help 08/12/2009
S01E31 Gali is a Great Man 15/12/2009
S01E32 Pie Even Though it's Pizza 22/12/2009
S01E33 Ophiuchus Woman 05/01/2010
S01E34 Fear! Invitation from Bruno 12/01/2010
S01E35 Shock! Shock! I Hate You! 19/01/2010
S01E36 Chitty Chitty! Galiba Car Racing 02/02/2010
S01E37 The Moon is Falling!? 09/02/2010
S01E38 Galileo Gets Arrested!? 16/02/2010
S01E39 And Yet, The Earth is Moving! 16/03/2010
S01E40 This is the Last Episode Though 23/03/2010

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