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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Marine Boy

S01E01 The Green Monster 00/00/0000 Marine Boy, suspecting sabotage, investigates when an "unsinkable" nuclear ship is lost during a tornado.
S01E02 Danger At 300 Fathoms 00/00/0000 A great underwater oil field is discovered by Dr. Mariner, but while drilling, the team at Satellite Station 23 collapses and Marine Boy is sent to investigate.
S01E03 Monsters Of The Deep 00/00/0000 Marine Boy, Bulllton and Piper are ordered to the fishing boat Whoppercatch to investigate an SOS regarding a sea monster.
S01E04 Dangerous Starfish 00/00/0000 After arriving at the crash site of an unidentified aircraft, P-1 witnesses an explosion and find themselves surrounded by huge, electronically controlled, poisonous starfish.
S01E05 The Astounding Shellfish 00/00/0000 Bullton and Piper find a missing fishing boat with no one aboard. Marine Boy and Splasher set out to solve the mystery of the crew's whereabouts.
S01E06 The Mysterious Paradise 00/00/0000 During an expedition organized by Ocean Patrol, Dr. Mariner and his crew find a spear which is modelled after one known to be thousands of years old.
S01E07 The Deepest Of The Deep 00/00/0000 In order to provide more food to the people of the world, Dr. Mariner experiments with raising larger fish, but it is missing one ingredient which can only be found in the deepest part of the ocean.
S01E08 The Ghost Ship 00/00/0000 Marine Boy, Bullton, and Piper are sent to the Arctic Ocean to search for 11 missing men and to explore the myth of a ghost ship.
S01E09 The Monstrous Seaweed 00/00/0000 Marine Boy answers an SOS and finds no ship in the area of the signal. What he does find, however, is electronically controlled artificial seaweed.
S01E10 The Super Mystery Boat 00/00/0000 Marine Boy enters a kind of submarine Grand Prix using a special boat invented by Dr. Mariner and Professor Fumble, but the sub is blown up before the race finishes.
S01E11 The Greatest Power On Earth 00/00/0000 A strange statue which contains vast treasure is discovered by tycoon Mr. Goldpocket while flying over it in his plane.
S01E12 Disaster On The High Sea 00/00/0000 Mr. Smirch steals nuclear rock drills in order to obtain uranium enough to take over the oceans of the world.
S01E13 Secret Of The Time Capsule 00/00/0000 A mysterious time capsule is found by Marine Boy and Splasher who take it to Dr. Mariner.
S01E14 Mystery Of The Missing Vessels 00/00/0000 Flim Flamboyant disguises his sub as the P-1 and leads ships to a cave where he steals their precious cargo.
S01E15 Menace Of The Missing Bomb 00/00/0000 A proton bomb with its safety catch unhooked is stolen by a secret agent.
S01E16 Danger In The Depths 00/00/0000 Splasher is caught in the sound waves emitted by Scorpo, who plans to sell the dolphins of the world to Smirkoland for use as robots.
S01E17 The Gigantic Sea Farm 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and Splasher stumble on an underwater farm where plants grow quickly due to the rich soil.
S01E18 Terror Of The Fire Ball 00/00/0000 Dr. Shinedor has invented an electronic laser beam which he can use to shock and punish man for hunting and fishing for pleasure.
S01E19 Empire Of The Sea 00/00/0000 Despo Montebank, who claims to be the Emperor of the Pacific Empire, holds Marine Boy and his crew captive in an electromagnetic field and tries to make them obey him.
S01E20 Battle To Save The World 00/00/0000 Marine Boy leaves the P-1 to search for the wreckage of a ship sunk by Captain Rex Rancid's electronic missiles.
S01E21 The Terrifying Icebergs 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and P-1 are sent to investigate the disappearance of ships at the North Pole, apparently due to icebergs.
S01E22 The Whales Of Destruction 00/00/0000 While testing the electronic fence at the Ocean Patrol underwater research ranch, Professor Fumble and Mr. Washer are captured and held on an invisible ship.
S01E23 The Power Of Power 00/00/0000 Accidents continue to occur in an underwater power station which is under construction, and Marine Boy discovers tremendous currents which he feels are man-made.
S01E24 5 Billion In Diamonds 00/00/0000 Little Clicli sees a submarine attack a diamond-bearing ship and picks up the key after the captain of the ship throws it overboard to keep it from thieves.
S01E25 Mission At Corkscrew Strait 00/00/0000 In leading an important cargo ship through the narrow strait, P-1 must use torpedoes to clear the way.
S01E26 Lighthouse Of Terror 00/00/0000 A lighthouse beam changes course mysteriously and ships in the area are running around as a result.
S01E27 The Invincible Force 00/00/0000 P-1, along with Bullton and Piper, is reported missing and Marine Boy and Splasher go search for them, finding them in a cave being held prisoners of Hambone and Skwid.
S01E28 Riddle Of The Vanishing Frogmen 00/00/0000 The villains X-3 and Professor Stormbrane are planning to set off a super bomb inside a volcano and send out Shell boats to attack the SS Rubadubdub.
S01E29 Panic In The Pacific 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and the P-1 encounter synthetic jelly monsters which attack a secret airship whose torpedoes only make them multiply and grow larger.
S01E30 24 Hours To Doom 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and Dr. Mariner set up a trap to catch pirates who sink ships and steal the cargo. After Dr. Mariner is caught, the villains give Ocean Patrol 24 hours to surrender their base in return for Dr. Mariner's freedom.
S01E31 Attack Of The Robot Spiders 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and his racer, Carrier Fish, are trapped by robot sea spiders who spin webs and encircle them.
S01E32 The Great Bomb Robbery 00/00/0000 Thieves capture Hugh Highstep, the ballet instructor, and the dolphin ballerina, Twinklefin, after the dolphin accidentally takes a miniature bomb that Squidink wants for himself.
S01E33 Operation Deep Deep 00/00/0000 Four wacky scientists kidnap Professor Fumble in an attempt to learn the formulae for Ocean Patrol's many weapons, especially Marine Boy's special suit.
S01E34 The Stolen Island 00/00/0000 The villains X-3 and Professor Stormbrane are planning to set off a super bomb inside a volcano and send out Shell boats to attack the SS Rubadubdub.
S01E35 Underwater Underworld 00/00/0000 A gangster group is holding a secret convention in an underwater strait and is being trained by Professor Beelzebub to steal an electronic brain which is being delivered to Ocean Patrol headquarters.
S01E36 Rustlers Of The Deep 00/00/0000 Rustlers steal the whales from Texboy's deep sea ranch.
S01E37 Raid Of The Robot Robbers 00/00/0000 Robots controlled by Mr Fuddidudder are stealing from stores and ships, and Ocean Patrol thinks the Gold Grabber Gang is really at the bottom of the trouble.
S01E38 Attack Of The Robot Sharks 00/00/0000 During an Ocean Patrol Rodeo, Bullton finds himself riding the back of a monster shark breathing fire - it's one of Count Shark's monsters for use in an attempt to take over Ocean Patrol headquarters.
S01E39 The Monster Search 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and the P-1 are sent by Dr. Mariner to capture a prehistoric sea monster. Along the way they encounter a fortune teller and a gangster.
S01E40 The Well Hidden Plan 00/00/0000 Marine Boy and the P-1 set out to search for a microfilm which has been hidden in a potato.
S01E41 Flimflam On The High Seas 00/00/0000 Professor Dazzle loses his dazzling pendant during his performance at the circus. When Bullton finds the pendant, Flip Flimflam's men kidnap him thinking he is Professor Dazzle.
S01E42 The Dragon Of The Sea 00/00/0000 A sea dragon is wounded by a movie crew which is trying to film it. Ocean Patrol is ordered to destroy it.
S01E43 Piracy Under The Sea! 00/00/0000 Marine Boy's wrist radio is removed by a playful baby dolphin and he cannot hear Bullton and Piper call for help.
S01E44 The Super Brain Capers 00/00/0000 Dr. Mum is captured on a submarine and forced by Mr. Robbinsteel to build an electronic brain. Marine Boy rescues Dr. Mum, the submarine is blown up, but the brain is still intact.
S01E45 The Great Underwater Train Robbery 00/00/0000 Jesse Jamison and his men take over a train which is carrying a shipment of rubies on the Underwater Railroad.
S01E46 The Genius Dolphin 00/00/0000 Professor Fumble invents a mini-electronic translator for Splasher to use in order to speak with humans.
S01E47 The Nuclear Pirates 00/00/0000 Two ships collide in a fog and the nuclear-powered ship is robbed of its nuclear fuel.
S01E48 The Phoney Patrolmen 00/00/0000 Men disguised as Ocean Patrol members enter an underground fort in an attempt to steal gold, and all persons in the fort are held captive by them.
S01E49 Saga Of The Undersea Lion 00/00/0000 Captain Kiddo and his pirate ship discover a castle filled with treasure and guarded by a sea lion on the ocean floor.
S01E50 The Mini Micro Wave 00/00/0000 Clicli discovers a ship which sends out a roll of microfilm and shows it to Marine Boy. The film shows Miniprof's microwave machine that can shrink anything.
S01E51 The Ultra Freezer Freeze 00/00/0000 Jim Sumorbond tries to steal Professor Fumble's special ultra-freezer. The getaway truck crashes into the ocean, and the freezer in the back causes huge ice masses to form.
S01E52 The Tubsub Tanker Sub 00/00/0000 A storm causes an oil tanker to spill oil in the sea, jeopardising the fish. Octane builds a spill-proof Tubsub Tanker Sub.
S01E53 The Tremendous Tremendo 00/00/0000 When the evil Despotic invents a super electronic brain called Tremendo, he plans a world conquest.
S01E54 The Ghosts Of Spook Island 00/00/0000 A supposedly haunted island is under the domination of the mysterious Captain Wraith.
S01E55 Ghost Of Destruction 00/00/0000 Marine Boy faces the greatest challenge of his career in the Ocean Patrol when a ship, the ghost of a heavy cruiser, haunts the seas. Wherever it appears, there is a disaster that follows.
S01E56 The Whale Blows Rainbows 00/00/0000 Guppy, an enormous pet whale, is kidnapped by Cuthbert Tuthsum, a butler with ambitions toward evil.
S01E57 The Great Plankton Menace 00/00/0000 Dr. Bulthrod's plane, carrying precious specimens of a rare plankton, is shot down. The plankton escapes into the sea where it grows and threatens to engulf the entire Earth.
S01E58 Showdown At Sea 00/00/0000 When Professor Puddin builds his complex for extracting gold from sea water, the infamous Dr. Al Kemy devises an evil plan.
S01E59 The Precious Robot 00/00/0000 When Professor Fumble invents a robot that makes diamonds out of coal, the evil Mr. Carbona sees his chance to control the world's economy.
S01E60 Fight For The Rocket 00/00/0000 Professor Fumble's greatest invention, a weather observation rocket, is stolen by the notorious Lard Greedfat.
S01E61 Red Menace 00/00/0000 Suddenly, an army of red dolphins threatens the ocean depths. Their goal is the destruction of the Ocean Patrol.
S01E62 The Invincible Robots 00/00/0000 Professor Fumble invents a fabulous new robot, but evil forces build an army of the robots.
S01E63 Island Of Treasure 00/00/0000 When a mysterious treasure map falls into the hands of the Ocean Patrol, the crew of P-1 and Marine Boy sail for the Island of Treasure.
S01E64 Thieves Of The Deep 00/00/0000 Flim Flamboyant schemes to becomes a billionaire by robbing the underwater oil pipeline.
S01E65 The Wild Monster Plant 00/00/0000 The ultrasonic voices of Splasher and his friends awaken a dangerous monster plant which has been sleeping for millions of years.
S01E66 The Vanishing Vessel 00/00/0000 A cruise ship carrying Professor Fumble and the world's greatest scientists disappears without a trace.
S01E67 Challenges Of The Pirates 00/00/0000 The powerful pirate, Captain Kiddo, is challenged by the Queen of Pirates to see if he can defeat Marine Boy.
S01E68 Land Of The Strange Vikings 00/00/0000 An Ocean Patrol boat is found with the crew missing. The search takes Marine Boy to a strange and forbidding land, the land of ancient Vikings, where today they are living under the domination of a cruel queen.
S01E69 Attack Of The Icebergs 00/00/0000 When huge mysterious icebergs appear in the Tropical Sea, the Ocean Patrol is alerted.
S01E70 The Deadly Tank 00/00/0000 Jocko Nape builds a tank equipped with a hyper Uranium bomb which he plans to set off in the middle of the ocean, thereby creating tidal waves big enough to destroy whole cities.
S01E71 Avenger Of The Sea 00/00/0000 Captain Aquarius has captured some unusual sea creatures for his underwater zoo. In the deepest part of the ocean lives Zeoclode, avenger of the sea, who tries to rescue his friends.
S01E72 The Desperate Search 00/00/0000 Professor Ike Conoclast has perfected a secret formula for a new secret weapon, but when it is about to be stolen from him he hides each half of the formula in a different place.
S01E73 The Secret Of The Golden Seaweed 00/00/0000 When a castaway whom Marine Boy rescues tells him of a fabulous growth of seaweed, they set off together to find the fantastic plant.
S01E74 The Fantastic Flash 00/00/0000 Marine Boy is blinded temporarily by a flash of light which a gang of criminals is using to escape detection of their crimes.
S01E75 The Stormy Brainstorm 00/00/0000 The Brainstorm, a super electronic computer, suddenly becomes so powerful that it can control not only machines but men's minds.
S01E76 The Gill Men 00/00/0000 Piper is captured by the fiendish Dr. Diablo. Diablo plans to save mankind from a future flood by installing gills in their bodies so they can live underwater.
S01E77 The Great Sea Escape 00/00/0000 Two master criminals escape from an underwater prison farm and use the P-1 as their getaway boat with Bullton and Piper as hostages.
S01E78 The Desert Destroyer 00/00/0000 Suddenly, the desert is flooded with sea water. Ocean Patrol believes that someone is illegally mining uranium beneath the desert.

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