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S01E01 Pilot 17/01/1995 After the funeral of his estranged father, Richard Demorra finds out he has been left a ledger listing marker numbers and names. If he accepts the job of redeeming the markers by helping the people holding them, he will have a home and money. He claims he is a New Jersey carpenter, not a detective, but he accepts.
S01E02 Frank & Mike's 24/01/1995 His first client asks that he investigate his daughter's connection to the mob and her broken engagement.
S01E03 Cloud Warriors 31/01/1995 A dead girl washes up on beach and involves Richard and Pipeline in a government conspiracy.
S01E04 High & Wild 07/02/1995 Richard helps out a minor-league pitcher who has been plagued by a stalking biker and a bitter divorce.
S01E05 Spanish Laughter 14/02/1995 Richard is appalled to learn that a drug ring is stealing marijuana specially grown for cancer patients and selling it illegally.
S01E06 From Russia Without Love 21/02/1995 Richard investigates the disappearance of Kimba's former gardener's fiance, an immigrant from Russia, and uncovers a scam involving mail-order brides.
S01E07 Spiked Through the Heart 28/02/1995 A female professional volleyball player is annoyed by an obsessive fan who has invaded her private life. She has Richard redeem her marker to get her life back.
S01E08 Dead Man's Marker 14/03/1995 A young lawyer begs Richard to prove that her father was innocent of killing the young woman, whose body was found on the beach, and then committing suicide.
S01E09 The Pink Unicorn 28/03/1995 A young girl asks Richard to help her find an object called ""The Pink Unicorn"" which her father wanted to find before he was murdered. Richard is not sure it really exists.
S01E10 Truth, Lies and Rock 'n' Roll 25/04/1995 Richard helps a journalist investigate a candidate whom she thinks is dishonest and has had an innocent man convicted.
S01E11 Snowballs in Hawaii 02/05/1995 There may be more to the lost dog with a number on his collar than meets the eye.
S01E12 Factor X 09/05/1995 The rock star who put out a contract on himself has had a change of mind. Richard is asked to cancel it.
S01E13 Discovery 16/05/1995 An amnesiac heiress, who has been attacked once already, needs help discovering who she is and why she was attacked, as well as protection from being attacked again.