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Miki Koishikawa lived a normal life - until her parents tell her they'll get divorced.. She doesn't agree, until she meets Yuu Matsuura... the handsome son of another couple, with whom her parents are switching spouses. They all live together now in an enormous house, and Miki and Yuu find themselves falling in love. They'll have to struggle with their own feelings, other people who want to be with them, and whatever Lady Luck and Fate throws in their ways...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Marmalade Boy

S01E01 They're In Love, He's Handsome- But I Can't Forgive Them! 13/03/1994 The episode begins with Miki saying that her life is too boring and she wishes it would be more exciting. And she kinda got her wish... Her parents were getting divorced. But this was a very strange divorce. They were just gonna switch partners with another family, the Matsuuras. During their romantic trip to Hawaii, they met the Matsuuras. Miki's dad fell in love with Mrs. Chiyako Matsuura and Miki's mom fell in love with Mr. Youji Matsuura. So they talked about it and decided to switch partners. Miki was NOT happy about this. During a dinner with the Matsuuras, Miki tried to talk some sense into them and even had someone she thought she could relate to. The Matsuuras had a cute son named Yuu (about Miki's age!). He was going through the same thing Miki was. But in the end, he didn't care much about what his parents were doing so Miki lost the battle... The Matsuuras and the Koishikawas started living in the same house and Yuu transferred to Miki's school. Miki wasn't too pleased with
S01E02 Side Effects Of A Kiss: He Doesn't Understand My Feelings 20/03/1994 Miki is at her crazy house getting ready for school and her parents all left. Only her and Yuu remain in the house. She's been trying to avoid Yuu since ""the kiss."" But she can no longer avoid him and goes into the kitchen (where he is). This episode is where you get the name of the series 'Marmalade Boy!' Miki compares Yuu to marmalade saying he has bitter bits inside him but everyone sees his sweet looking outside: Marmalade Boy! And Yuu compared Miki to mustard: always sour and spicey, Mustard Girl! Well, Miki's strange family seems to get along together (though it is rather strange...).
S01E03 Two Kisses: Yuu Had A Girlfriend... 27/03/1994 Miki has told Meiko about the photo she discovered, and in her reply, Meiko said, ""If you're so concerned about it, then that means......YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH HIM!"" The next day, Yuu is at the library reading, when a good looking Senior Student comes in and sits next to him; it wasn't long before Yuu realized that the Student was staring at him in an admiring look, Yuu askes him why he was staring at him, the Student replies, ""You're interesting to look at."" Yuu gets a little scared and runs off. That night, Chiyako gives Yuu and Miki some free tickets to an amusement park called ""Wonder Dog"". Miki was excited, and when Yuu says he'll acompany her, she starts to think this could be a date. At Sunday, Miki and Yuu are at Wonder Dog having a great time; Yuu mistakely wins a Kappa doll for her, but Miki soon accepts it. Later, when Miki wanders into the mirror maze, Yuu unexpectedly meets with the girl from the photo. Miki later comes out to see Yuu with the girl, Yuu introduces the girl as
S01E04 Ginta's Confession: I Won't Let You Have Her! 03/04/1994 Miki swears that she won't forgive Ginta for kissing her since they weren't in love. The next day, she tries to get up late so she won't meet Ginta but Yuu forces her out of bed. When Yuu and Miki arrive at school and met with Ginta and Meiko, Miki just hands Meiko her diary and leaves, Ginta angrily walks the other way. Meiko understood the story from Miki's diary. After school, Miki makes Meiko take her place as cleanup student and when Ginta calls her, Miki warned him to stay out of her sight before running off. To cheer her up, Yuu takes Miki on a bicycle ride to the riverside park to watch the sunset; There, he teaches Miki how to skip stones. Miki records her gratitude on her memo-robot and Yuu replies that place will be their secret. The next day, after school, Miki meets Arimi at the school gate and seeing Ginta chasing up, she grabs Arimi and walks off, pretending they were long friends. Unfortunately, Ginta finds Miki's memo-bot and hears her conversation with Yuu. Arimi m
S01E05 Legendary Girlfriend: Making A Wish On The Medallion 10/04/1994 While Ginta is pestering Miki to tell him how she feels they get interrupted by none other than, Yuu. Miki runs in the house and Ginta learns about how Miki and Yuu really know each other. Later the next day Miki tells Ginta that she's really confused right now, and until she sorts out how she feels they should continue being friends. After school that day Meiko and Miki find out where Yuu works and they meet his boss. He tells them his amazingly beautiful story about him and his current wife but doesn't tell them that it's him. The next day Ginta is practicing and find out that his partner for the tournament has broken something and has to take it easy. Yuu is asked by Miki to be Ginta's partner and he accepts it. Yuu agrees and runs to the library and he sees something happen between Shinichi and Meiko. What did he see?
S01E06 Love Game: I Really Hate Ginta 17/04/1994 Meiko is thinking about tell Miki that Shinichi and She are together but she can’t seem to bring herself to say it. The next day the tournament was stating with the match against Yuu’s old school. This guy there that is related to Ginta and Yuu (in different ways) is their opponent. His name is, Tsutomu Rocktanda, and he is Ginta’s cousin. He knows about Miki’s letter to Ginta and laughs about it. Miki all mad tells Ginta “I hate you” and runs off. This affects Ginta’s game. Does Miki come back to cheer them on, or do they lose the tournament?
S01E07 What's Going On?: That Couple! 24/04/1994 Miki's class is going on their trip to Hokkaido. Miki and Meiko are in the same group and Yuu and Ginta are in the same group. Miki's group goes on their tour; they star with the tower in Hokkaido. Miki takes a second to see the gift shop; she turns around and they're gone. She goes and looks for them and finds Yuu and Ginta instead. Then Arimi randomly comes and grabs Ginta's arm. Does this bother Miki?
S01E08 Fragrance Of An Adult: I'm Not Jealous 01/05/1994 It's a new day and Miki's looking at the pictures that she went to hokkaido. She keeps thinking of weather she's jealous or not. She wants to stay in bed and avoid seeing Yuu, Though he won't stop knocking on the door till she gets up. She comes down and there's a BBQ going on in the backyard. It's a family welcome back party for Yuu and, Miki. Miki has realized that she's getting caught up in the atmospere; though she's still doing her best to fight it. Her father suggests they all go out to have some fun together, everyone says yes except one person, Miki. She runs off and goes to a shop where she runs into, Arimi. When she gets home a vase breaks and it looks like they had a fight. What happens to the 6 of them?
S01E09 Part-Time Job: The War Of Love Depends On Sales 08/05/1994 Miki is still trying to figure out who she likes, Yuu or Ginta. The end of the school day Yuu asks Miki for her help at the shop just for the day. Ginta walks by and sees them talking but is wondering what they're saying. Later that day Ginta and Arimi drop by the shop for their plan. That's when Tsutomu comes in. He challenges both; Ginta and Yuu, with the cost for the loser will shave their head. Who wins and who wins? And what happens when Yuu and Miki get home?
S01E10 Our First Night: Surprise In The Bathroom 15/05/1994 Miki and Yuu's parents go for a trip, leaving Miki alone with Yuu. Yuu is talking a bath, while Miki is in her room waiting for the bath and writing to Meiko. Yuu comes in her room telling her that he's done giving her her turn. She takes a nice hot bath and apparently takes too long. She wraps the towel around herself and then faints. Yuu notices and runs down stairs. What does he do?
S01E11 Birthday: Yuu Is Watching Me 22/05/1994 The morning after the whole towel fiasco, Miki and Yuu get a call from Yuu's mom, Chiyako, telling Miki to wish Yuu a happy birthday. Miki was so surprised when she found out it was Yuu's birthday. That day she spent her time thinking about what to do for his birthday. She buys food and cake mix for the cake she makes it herself. What will happen between them that day?
S01E12 Smash!: I Love Both Yuu And Ginta 29/05/1994 Miki starts writing to Meiko telling her that her parents are coming back the next day. When she gets to school she can't look Ginta in the face and then runs away. After Meiko reads the diary she understands. Then Miki's name is being called to the staff room and, she is told that she will representing the school in the next tennis tournament and she's freaking out about it. On her way to practice she sees Ginta and tells him to wait for her answer after the tournament. Yuu recommends going over to Meiko's house for the night to talk to her. The next day her and Ginta partner up to practice for tennis. Miki starts feeling the pressure so Yuu takes her shopping. Miki realizes that Yuu took her shopping to calm her down from the pressure what will happen in the match? What will Miki's answer be?
S01E13 Love And Friendship: Ginta, Please Take Arimi-san 05/06/1994 Miki walks into her room drying her hair and thinking about the day before. The next day she and Ginta go to the roof to talk. She tells him the truth about her feelings and that she likes both Yuu and Ginta. She tells him that he should date Arimi instead. After school that day Miki and Meiko go to the coffee shop and talk. Meiko say something that confuses Miki even more. Later that day she goes shopping and bumps into Arimi on the sidewalk. She makes a little joke that Miki takes seriously. She's on her way home and sees Ginta in front of her house and he confesses everything and the truth behind his relationship between him and Arimi. What else happens between them?
S01E14 Qualification Of Love: You Don't Deserve Yuu 12/06/1994 It starts with Meiko writing in the diary. Thinking what she said that day and telling Miki that she thinks it's courageous of her to think of him instead of herself. The next morning Miki's in bed thinking about the almost kiss with; Ginta and then having Yuu break it up. Not knowing how to face them. That day at school during class Meiko starts daydreaming about her last date with Shinichi and what they promised each other. Satoshi goes to the library hoping to find, Meiko. He sees Yuu instead and then saying something that creped him out. Miki, running late for practice sees Arimi on the way and gets and apology for the scheme. Then explaining tings to Miki she runs away. Meiko's parents on the other hand; have another fight. How does this affect Meiko?
S01E15 Meiko's Secret: I Want You To Share Your Feelings 19/06/1994 Miki is still thinking about the kiss between, Arimi and Yuu. She calls Meiko's house but she's not there. Ginta tells Miki that he is willing to wait until she is ready to choose him. They start to carry on with the way things were. Then Shinichi is called to the office and, they've learned about Meiko's sleepover with Shinichi. What really happened? What happens to Meiko and Shinichi?
S01E16 A Man's Decision: Na-chan, Please Don't Quit! 26/06/1994 With the whole fiasco with Meiko Shinichi decides to quit as a teacher and work as a real estate agent with his parents in Hiroshima. He tells the class this with Meiko absent she has no idea on what is going on with him. When Miki wants to talk to her Meiko says something that upsets Miki a lot. What happens next?
S01E17 Meiko's Separation: I Can't Say Goodbye 03/07/1994 Shinichi tells the class that he quits and that he's leaving. Gives Meiko back her pendant. He gives Meiko a call and tells her that he's leaving for Hiroshima. She tells him to take her with him. Meiko goes to Miki's house to apologize for saying what she said. She then leaves. Yuu makes Miki leave for the train station with him and go after Meiko. What happens next?
S01E18 The Direction Of Yuu's Love: Things Aren't Going As Planned 10/07/1994 Miki's sitting in her room trying to write something in the diary to make Meiko feel better. Meiko's at school the next day, and she's acting the way she usually does. In class all her friends are greeting her as if she weren't there for a month. There's a lot of gossip going on, but Miki and the others all stick up their noses at those who like to gossip. Later that day in the library Meiko is crying. Is she really okay with Shinichi's move to, Hiroshima?
S01E19 Disturbed By The Family Register: Don't Say It's Ridiculous 17/07/1994 Miki's in her room studying for final exams, when she is called for dinner. Since after the exams schools out the family will be going to register their marriages and then going to eat at an Italian restaurant for a celebration dinner. After the registration they were on their way to the restaurant to eat, but suddenly Miki is feeling weird and decides to take a rain check for it. After leaving she keeps thinking about when she was little and what was going on with her parents. She takes a break and sits down. After she sits Yuu decides to say that he's there. Later they go for burgers and, rubs it in Miki's face that he gave up the gourmet meal. After getting home she goes to her room. She replaces the picture in her medallion from her and her parents to Yuu's picture. The next day someone with a camera that goes to Yuu and Miki's school is video taping everyone that come out of the house. He's video taping them for a story. How does this video come out?
S01E20 Doubtful Twosome: Yuu And Miwa Are A Couple 24/07/1994 Miki and her friends are grieving over the fact the the marathon tournament is coming up. Then they heard a rumor that Yuu and Satoshi are a couple at school. So Miki and Meiko go to spy on them. They like a good couple. How does Miki react to this?
S01E21 Trip To Karuizawa: Just As I Thought - Strange! 31/07/1994 Miki is getting jealous because everyone at the school is under the impression that Yuu and Satoshi are a couple. Since Summer Vacation Started Yuu has been working all day and comes home really tired. Miki doesn't have a chance to talk to him anymore. When Miki and Meiko are out shopping, Meiko has the idea that they should go to Yuu's store and she should buy that dress that she's been needing. The trip also has the ulterior motive to find out the real relationship between Yuu and Satoshi, who just happens to be at the store. Will Miki Get to the bottom of this rumor that is going around school?
S01E22 Double Date: We Like Each Other, But Don't Understand Each Other 07/08/1994 Meiko goes to the library to get some materials for a manuscript. She keeps remembering Namura Sensei, they aren't sad memories though. Satoshi has the idea that Miki, Yuu, Meiko join him to a movie for a double date. They four of them split up into pairs and Meiko isn't happy about it but she realizes Miki needs time alone with Yuu. After the movie ended, Yuu started running with Miki out of the theater. Satoshi has the idea that if Meiko spends the day with him, he will tell her his relationship with Yuu. The next day Yuu leaves with Satoshi to go somewhere. Miki and Meiko Follow them. What do they discover?
S01E23 Impact Of A Confession: Yuu What Are You Talking About? 14/08/1994 Meiko is invited to a friends villa, she goes every year. Seeing as Miki is still feeling down about the whole thing with Yuu Meiko invites her. Ginta, Yuu and Satoshi invite themselves along just for the heck of it!
S01E24 The Secret Of Yuu's Birth: I Can't Leave Yuu Alone 21/08/1994
S01E25 Real Kiss: I Love You, Yuu 28/08/1995
S01E26 New Anxiety: I'm Too Afraid To Be Happy 04/09/1994
S01E27 Love Worries: How Long Will This Happiness Last? 11/09/1994
S01E28 Unstable Feelings: I'm Going To Get A Part-Time Job 18/09/1994
S01E29 Obstacle To Love: I Can't Find The Medallion 25/09/1994
S01E30 Rival: I Love You, Yuu 02/10/1994
S01E31 Suzu And Kei: These Two Make Me Nervous... 09/10/1994
S01E32 Love At The School Festival: Yuu And Kei's Concert 16/10/1994
S01E33 Lost Love: I Love You! 23/10/1994
S01E34 Breakup Premonition: The Halloween Conspiracy 30/10/1994
S01E35 Crossing Each Other's Path: You Mean We're Going To Break Up? 13/11/1994
S01E36 I'm Alone: I'll Make You Forget Him! 20/11/1994
S01E37 Tearful Reunion: I Thought It Was Over Between Us 27/11/1994
S01E38 Anju's Feelings: I Want To Be Next In Line To Miki! 04/12/1994
S01E39 A Bitter Love: I've Loved Yuu For A Long Time 11/12/1994
S01E40 A Holy Night: I'm Alone On Christmas Eve 18/12/1994
S01E41 The Morning Of Lovers: Merry Christmas 25/12/1994
S01E42 New Year's Pattern Of Love: It's Going To Be A Wonderful Year 08/01/1995
S01E43 Ski Trip: I Won't Let You Two Be Alone! 15/01/1995
S01E44 Our Future: Yuu's Dream, My Dream? 22/01/1995
S01E45 Meiko's Turnabout: I'm Going To Hiroshima 29/01/1995
S01E46 To Hiroshima: Let Me Be By Your Side Again 05/02/1995
S01E47 Couple On The Beach: Because I Care About You 12/02/1995
S01E48 The Flavor Of Chocolate: Sweet And Bitter Valentine 19/02/1995
S01E49 The Shape Of Love: It's Difficult To Be Happy 26/02/1995
S01E50 The Foreign Exchange Student Appears: Michael's...Strange! 05/03/1995
S01E51 Making A Decision Under The Moonlight: Yuu, Don't Leave Me Alone! 12/03/1995
S01E52 Love Triangle: Someone's Messing Things Up 19/03/1995
S01E53 Making A Memory: I Won't Regret It If Anything Happens 26/03/1995
S01E54 New Life: Yuu, I Wonder How You're Doing 02/04/1995
S01E55 Ripples Again: New York Is Too Far Away 09/04/1995
S01E56 Lost Pathway To Love: My Boyfriend Is Yuu But... 16/04/1995
S01E57 Passing Each Other: I'm So Lonely, I Can't Be Patient Anymore! 23/04/1995
S01E58 Tone Of A Love Confession: I Want You To See Me As A Man 30/04/1995
S01E59 An Uneasy Weekend: I Want To Hear Yuu's Voice 07/05/1995
S01E60 My Love Is Far Away: Yuu Is In Front Of Me 14/05/1995
S01E61 New York Trap: Yuu Was I Stupid? 21/05/1995
S01E62 Goodbye: I Can't Be Your Girlfriend Anymore 28/05/1995
S01E63 Holding Back The Tears: I Want To Be Alone 04/06/1995
S01E64 A Pair's Problems: I Want To Hear Your Voice 11/06/1995
S01E65 Solid Decision: Miki...I'll Take Her 18/06/1995
S01E66 New Choice: You Don't Have To Forget About Him 25/06/1995
S01E67 Friends: I Need Kei-kun! 02/07/1995
S01E68 Indecisive Lovers: Goodbye Ginta 09/07/1995
S01E69 The Courage To Love: I've Decided 16/07/1995
S01E70 I'm Home: What Kind Of Face Should I Put On To Meet Him? 23/07/1995
S01E71 A Night Of Stars And The Moon: Although We're Near Each Other...I'm Lonely 30/07/1995
S01E72 Half Brother And Sister: Our Happiness Is Breaking Down 06/08/1995
S01E73 Farewell: I Had To Do It 13/08/1995
S01E74 A Box Of Memories: Bye-Bye Yuu 20/08/1995
S01E75 Brother And Sister: We Have To Separate 27/08/1995
S01E76 Departure: Our Love Progresses 03/09/1995