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In 1996, the UK production company Carlton Television produced Married for Life, a seven-episode sitcom that lasted one series. It was a remake of the American sitcom Married... with Children The Bundys were renamed as the Butlers, Russ Abbot played Ted/Al, Susan Kydd was Pam/Peggy, Lucy Blakely played Nikki/Kelly, and Peter England was Lee/Bud. The D'Arcys were renamed Hollingsworth and the Steve character was recast with Hugh Bonneville and Marcy was renamed Judy and played by Julie Dawn Cole.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Married for Life

S01E01 For Whom the Bell Tolls 00/00/0000 When Ted receives a high phone bill, Pam and the kids swear they didn't do it. Ted complains to the phone company, and they promptly turn off his phone. This proves to be a disaster for the family. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 20.
S01E02 If I Were a Rich Man 00/00/0000 When the bank loses a large amount of money, everyone blames Ted. He denies his guilt but points out that if he did have the money, he wouldn't share with those who had been mean to him. Soon, everyone is treating Ted like a king. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 16.
S01E03 Sixteen Years and What Do You Get 00/00/0000 Pam and Ted plan a big celebration for their sixteenth anniversary. Although they say no gifts, Ted plans to buy Pam a watch. When the kids share his plan with Pam, she buys him an expensive gift. Unfortunately, when Ted goes to the jewelry store his credit card is denied. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 6.
S01E04 Where's the Boss 00/00/0000 When Ted hears his boss has been killed in a plane crash, he's upset that he's never met the man. However, he soon finds out that his boss survived. Ted decides to quit his job if the man won't come meet his employees. When the boss doesn't appear, Ted stays at home with Pam and watches daytime TV. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 12.
S01E05 Whose Room is It Anyway? 00/00/0000 Ted scolds his family for their spending without many results. Meanwhile, the neighbors receive a tax refund and want to use the money to build an addition on their house. Unfortunately, they need Ted's OK to continue the project. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 4.
S01E06 My Mom, the Mom 00/00/0000 When Lee loses his new jacket, Ted decides to teach him the value of money by making him work at the shoe store. Elsewhere, Nikki volunteers Pam to cook for Career Day at her school. Pam goes on to give the class advice on being a stay at home mom. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 47.
S01E07 Eatin' Out 00/00/0000 After receiving a small inheritance, the family decides to spend the money on a fancy meal. Unfortunately, after eating, Ted realizes he left his wallet at home. Remake of Married... with Children episode Nº 46.