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Martha Stewart offers home cooks a culinary master class which covers everything from roasting and poaching to braising and blanching. In each 30-minute episode, Martha uses her signature step-by-step, how-to teaching process to illustrate classic cooking techniques as well as the basics every cook should know. Lessons include making marinara sauce with four ingredients, butchering a beef tenderloin, cooking chicken breasts in parchment paper and how to determine which meats are good for braising.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Martha Stewart's Cooking School

S01E01 Eggs 27/09/2012 Preparing eggs properly, no matter the style; frying eggs; omelet recipe; foolproof frittata.
S01E02 Sauces 04/10/2012 Two methods for preparing hollandaise sauce; creamy bechanel sauce; serving French sauce beurre blanc over steamed lobster; marinara sauce made with four ingredients.
S01E03 Vegetables 11/10/2012 Simple vegetable side dishes include steamed spinach, sauteed broccoli rabe, roasted cauliflower steaks, brown sugar-glazed carrots, sauteed sugar snap peas, and shelled peas with mint and lemony kale salad.
S01E04 Stocks 25/10/2012 Three common stocks - - chicken, beef, and vegetable.
S01E05 Butchering 01/11/2012 Master class on meat with fourth-generation butcher Evan Lobel includes cutting up a whole chicken, spatchcocking a Cornish game hen, butterflying a leg of lamb, butchering a beef tenderloin, and making medallions from pork loin.
S01E06 Rice 08/11/2012 Fluffy white rice; pilaf; risotto; Thai fried rice.
S01E07 Dressing & Emulsions 15/11/2012 Shallot vinaigrette prepared two different ways; creamy blue cheese dressing; mayonnaise; BLT.
S01E08 Steaming 22/11/2012 Cooking chicken breasts in parchment paper; cleaning and steaming mussels; using a bamboo steamer to prepare steamed salmon and peas.
S01E09 Roasting 29/11/2012 Roast chicken; roasted root vegetable salad; green peppercorn-crusted roast tenderloin of beef.
S01E10 Braising 06/12/2012 Which cuts of meat are good for braising; classic pot roast; braised cabbage with apples; pulled pork sandwiches.
S01E11 Poaching 13/12/2012 Using poached chicken breast in chicken salad sandwiches and Cobb salad; poached salmon steaks; poached eggs.
S01E12 Frying 20/12/2012 French fries; pan-fried chicken; Japanese tempura vegetables with dipping sauces.
S01E13 Pan Searing 27/12/2012 Pan-seared scallops with lemon-caper sauce; crisp-skinned salmon filet; pan-seared steak with mustard-cream sauce; Muscovy duck breasts with port wine reduction.
S02E01 Perfect Roast 04/04/2013 A beautifully cooked roast makes a grand centerpiece for any dinner. In this episode, Martha shares three recipes — a rib roast, crown roast of pork, and stuffed turkey breast — each a lesson in key roasting techniques. She also offers tips to achieving the perfect roasts, including the best cuts for roasting and ways to ensure they stay juicy after cooking, plus serving suggestions for festive occasions.
S02E02 Stewing 11/04/2013 Though they taste robust, hearty stews are generally made with inexpensive cuts of meat and require little hands-on prep time. In this episode, Martha walks the viewer through the basic elements of making a stew and shares recipes for three classics: beef stew, veal stew, and coq au vin, a famously rich bistro favorite.
S02E03 Soups 18/04/2013 Nothing comforts like a bowl of homemade soup, and once you master a few basic techniques, you can make a host of variations. Watch Martha as she makes a nourishing chicken soup, that’s as easy as poaching a chicken. Then learn the “flavor-boosting” techniques that go into making minestrone. Finally, you’ll discover how to make velouté, a classic “mother sauce” that here becomes the basis for a creamy spinach soup.
S02E04 Vegetables 25/04/2013 Blanch, steam, and roast — these three simple methods are the best for highlighting vegetables’ flavors and retaining their nutritional properties. Martha guides you through these techniques and shows you how you can use them to prepare an endless variety of perfect vegetable dishes in your own home.
S02E05 Pasta 02/05/2013 Explore the art of making fresh pasta from scratch with Martha and her friend Michael White, chef, restaurateur, and pasta specialist. You’ll learn how to make the dough and then form it into strands by hand or with a pasta machine, as well as hand-shaping dough into shapes such as farfalle and tortelli.
S02E06 Pasta Sauce 09/05/2013 Homemade pasta sauces far outshine store-bought jars. In this episode, Martha creates four mouthwatering versions: traditional, slow-cooked Bolognese; a quick-and-easy puttanesca; a rich carbonara and a light but unforgettable sauce made with bottarga, a preserved fish roe that is a specialty of Southern Italy.
S02E07 Fishmonger 16/05/2013 If you love to eat seafood but balk at preparing it at home, you’ll welcome this lesson. Dave Pasternack, a renowned seafood chef based in New York City, joins Martha for a beginner’s class on buying, butchering, and storing fish. They then demystify how to bone a round or flat fish and how to clean a squid. Finally, Dave shares an easy-to-prepare recipe for crudo, his signature dish.
S02E08 Sauteing 23/05/2013 Sautéing is one of the quickest and most versatile cooking methods. It works well for almost any small cut of meat or fish. Martha demonstrates how to dredge meat or fish in flour and the importance of cooking over high heat to achieve a perfect, golden-brown finish. She’ll use these techniques to cook wiener schnitzel, chicken piccata and sole à la meunière — and also show how to make flavorful pan sauces to serve as accompaniments.
S02E09 Dumplings 30/05/2013 Dumplings are a mainstay in nearly every cuisine, all across the world. Watch as Martha makes three kinds of dumplings, shaping each according to tradition. She begins with two well-known Italian dumplings — gnocchi and gnudi — then shares her family recipe for Polish pierogi, which has been passed down through generations.
S02E10 Grains 06/06/2013 By now we all know that eating whole grains is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and supermarket shelves are stocked with a greater variety than ever before. Martha provides an overview of the most popular grains, including quinoa and bulgur wheat, and teaches the different cooking methods. You’ll be inspired to prepare her recipes — which can be tossed together in no time — for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
S02E11 Preserving 13/06/2013 In this episode, Martha demonstrates two of the oldest preserving techniques, confit and salting, and shows how viewers can put them to use in the home kitchen. Martha makes an assortment of confits — starting with the most classic: duck, which can be served on its own or as a rich addition to salads, then followed by lemon and tomato confits, both of which make excellent condiments for grilled or roasted meats. She then shows how to make gravlax, a delicious cured salmon appetizer.
S02E12 Legumes 20/06/2013 Available varieties of legumes, from chickpeas to calypso beans, and how to cook them on the stovetop, in the oven and in a pressure cooker; chef Cesare Casella.
S02E13 Shrimp 27/06/2013 Buying, storing and cooking shrimp; shrimp cocktail; updated shrimp scampi; traditional shrimp boil; simple grilled shrimp.

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