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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Marumaru Wife

S01E01 The 5 Faces she Keeps Hidden from her Husband Behind a Flawless Figure... One is Revealed Tonight! 14/01/2015
S01E02 Why is she so Particular about Having a Contract Marriage? The Secret and Dilemma she Can't Tell her Husband 21/01/2015
S01E03 The False Life the Contract Couple Chooses... The Heartless Pronouncement Handed to the Wife Who had Saved her Husband! 28/01/2015
S01E04 Staying out all Night, The Violent Attempt to Make her Have Children... The Prayer Confession the Wife Reveals to her Broken Husband! 04/02/2015
S01E05 Desperate Confession! A Woman Such As Me Will Do, Please Marry Me! 11/02/2015
S01E06 When you Say, "Let's Get Married," Is it True? Will you Forgive my Past? The Wife's Prayer for her Husband is... 18/02/2015
S01E07 If my Existence is Tormenting you, I Will Give you These Last Words and Die 25/02/2015
S01E08 If I'm not Even Allowed to Die... Please Let me Cry on Your Chest at Last 04/03/2015
S01E09 I Don't Need Anything Anymore. Well, I Need You! The Husband's Too-late Decision 11/03/2015
S01E10 Wife! This Is My Final Answer 18/03/2015

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