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This TV-series directed by Vladimir Bortko and broadcasted at the end of 2005 on the Russian Telekanal Rossiya, scored unprecedented ratings. It was the second attempt of director Vladimir Bortko to film Bulgakov's masterpiece. In 2000 he had already been sollicited by the Kino-Most film studio, associated with the competing channel NTV, but at the last moment the company did not succeed to come to an agreement with Sergei Shilovsky, grandson of Bulgakov's third wife, and owner of the copyrights. This time, with Rossiiya, it worked. And it did not pass unnoted.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Master i Margarita

S01E01 Part One 19/12/2005
S01E02 Part Two 20/12/2005
S01E03 Part Three 21/12/2005
S01E04 Part Four 22/12/2005
S01E05 Part Five 23/12/2005
S01E06 Part Six 26/12/2005
S01E07 Part Seven 27/12/2005
S01E08 Part Eight 28/12/2005
S01E09 Part Nine 29/12/2005
S01E10 Part Ten 30/12/2005
S01E11 00/00/0000
S01E12 00/00/0000