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Koji Kabuto (personnage présent plus tard dans Goldorak sous le nom d'Alcor dans la version française) est le petit-fils d'un célèbre savant. Quand le professeur Kabuto est mortellement blessé par les hommes du Docteur Hell, un mégalomane acharné à la conquête du monde, il révèle avant de mourir à son petit-fils qu'il a conçu un robot géant, Mazinger Z, capable d'arrêter les forces du Mal. Koji prend les commandes de Mazinger Z et parvient à le contrôler, mettant en fuite les sbires de Hell. Dans les épisodes qui suivront, Mazinger Z et ses alliés parviendront à vaincre tous les robots géants envoyés par le Docteur Hell et à faire échouer ses plans de conquête. Mazinger Z obtient un très grand succès au Japon. La série est diffusée en Occident après Goldorak, où elle est appréciée notamment en Italie et dans les pays hispaniques.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mazinger Z

S01E00 Opening 00/00/0000
S01E01 La naissance d'un robot miraculeux (non diffusé) 03/12/1972
S01E02 Il faut arrêter le Baron 10/12/1972
S01E03 Le plus puissant des robots 17/12/1972
S01E04 Gayen N5 contre Mazinger Z 24/12/1972
S01E05 Le fantôme de Mazinger Z 31/12/1972
S01E06 Le piège 07/01/1973
S01E07 La stratégie du Baron 14/01/1973
S01E08 Les trois professeurs 21/01/1973
S01E09 Fatalitas le géant 28/01/1973
S01E10 L'enlèvement de Julius 04/02/1973
S01E11 La grande Reda 11/02/1973
S01E12 Petit robot deviendra grand 18/02/1973
S01E13 L'abominable bonhomme de neige 25/02/1973
S01E14 Le robot pacifique 04/03/1973
S01E15 Le raz-de-marée 11/03/1973
S01E16 Tentative d'assassinat 18/03/1973
S01E17 Chantage au Kraptonium 25/03/1973
S01E18 Le robot à pinces 01/04/1973
S01E19 Quand les vautours attaquent 08/04/1973
S01E20 Ciel, un ouragan! 15/04/1973
S01E21 La ville fantôme 22/04/1973
S01E22 S.O.S. naufrage 29/04/1973
S01E23 Amédée, ou comment se débarrasser de Mazinger Z 06/05/1973
S01E24 Mazinger Z contre Jet-28 13/05/1973
S01E25 Third brother Aeros operation big eruption 20/05/1973
S01E26 Clash! Samurai Kouji vs Ashura Mechanical Beast 27/05/1973
S01E27 Aphrodite A operation take lives 03/06/1973
S01E28 Dark command, operation steal super-alloy 10/06/1973
S01E29 Great reversal Mazin Power!! 17/06/1973
S01E30 Watch out Shiro, launch Mazinger Z!! 24/06/1973
S01E31 Prisoner beast machine operation electromagnetic waves 01/07/1973
S01E32 Three headed beast machine of terror 08/07/1973
S01E33 Big air-raid! Baras K is the sky's outlaw 15/07/1973
S01E34 Deep red flash of lightning, sky flying Mazinger 22/07/1973
S01E35 God of death mechanical beast, Desma's fierce attack 29/07/1973
S01E36 Metamorphosis mechanical beast living in the Great Lakes 05/08/1973
S01E37 Messenger from the darkness, scrander certain kill 12/08/1973
S01E38 Enigmatic robot Minerva X 19/08/1973
S01E39 Challenge risking the life! Crimson sea Salude 26/08/1973
S01E40 Devil governor count Brocken 02/09/1973
S01E41 Broken wings sky's struggle to the death 09/09/1973
S01E42 Devil's command!! Concentrated attack on air and land 16/09/1973
S01E43 Assault!! Parachute surprise attack force 23/09/1973
S01E44 Big charge!! Bottom of new sea stronghold Rood 30/09/1973
S01E45 Photonic Energy Research Lab devil's target! 07/10/1973
S01E46 Ninja twin mechanical beasts appear 14/10/1973
S01E47 Heroic! Operation Hell's W 21/10/1973
S01E48 Boss Robot combat initiation!! 28/10/1973
S01E49 Great fight of the robot of madness 04/11/1973
S01E50 Shooting down!! Jet Scrander 11/11/1973
S01E51 Assassins from hell Skull's Army! 18/11/1973
S01E52 Kouji's crisis, Sayaka mobilizes Mazinger! 25/11/1973
S01E53 Second step metamorphosis!! Eye deceiving mechanical beast 02/12/1973
S01E54 Explosion!! Powerful Rocket Punch!! 09/12/1973
S01E55 Mt. Fuji great straight descent operation 16/12/1973
S01E56 Stolen super-alloy Z! 23/12/1973
S01E57 Dr. Hell's Japan occupation!! 30/12/1973
S01E58 Front base hell's castle!! 06/01/1974
S01E59 Hell's castle, the devil's battle proclamation!! 13/01/1974
S01E60 Mazinger Z secret weapon shooting!! 20/01/1974
S01E61 Song of the robot of fate Ryne X 27/01/1974
S01E62 Unexpected?! Boss Robot mid-air flight 03/02/1974
S01E63 The beautiful girl carrying a bomb 10/02/1974
S01E64 Woman 007 VS Brocken devilish homicide 17/02/1974
S01E65 The ballon bomb carried by the wind 24/02/1974
S01E66 Shapeless hitman Jenova M9 03/03/1974
S01E67 Don't cry Kouji! The life placed in the Cross 10/03/1974
S01E68 The bodyguard from hell Archduke Gorgon 17/03/1974
S01E69 Air solution! Hover Pilder 24/03/1974
S01E70 Invulnerable commander Kouji Kabuto!! 31/03/1974
S01E71 Crisis relief!! New Pilder GO!! 07/04/1974
S01E72 Certain kill!! Giant swing Rocket Punch 14/04/1974
S01E73 Abducted Mazinger Z 21/04/1974
S01E74 Heroic!! End of Aphrodite A 28/04/1974
S01E75 Suicidal attack! Gorgon's mechanical beast 05/05/1974
S01E76 Lover of the era Diana A! 12/05/1974
S01E77 Dying officer Count Brocken 19/05/1974
S01E78 Baron Ashura's falls in the Pacific Ocean!! 26/05/1974
S01E79 One second before Mazinger's explosion!! 02/06/1974
S01E80 Fall in Birds Island's trap!! 09/06/1974
S01E81 Sleep in hell!! Kouji Kabuto!! 16/06/1974
S01E82 The one who crossed the Devil's hand, Mazinger Z 23/06/1974
S01E83 First meeting!! Demon Officer Viscount Pigman!! 30/06/1974
S01E84 The deep sea is the graveyard of Mazinger Z!! 07/07/1974
S01E85 Bizarre!! The black shadow's attack!! 14/07/1974
S01E86 General attack! Triple great operation of death 21/07/1974
S01E87 Bomb victim!! The terrorific Pigman Viscount!! 28/07/1974
S01E88 Life or death? Hell's Island's battle to an inevitable death!! 04/08/1974
S01E89 Now or never!! The 4,000m under earth wonder!! 11/08/1974
S01E90 Enrage Shiro!! Defeat your mother's vestige 18/08/1974
S01E91 Last Chance!! Dr. Hell's decisive battle to the death 25/08/1974
S01E92 Death Match! Resurrect our Mazinger Z 01/09/1974
S01E99 Ending 00/00/0000
S00E01 Mazinger Z vs. Devilman 18/07/1973 While fighting with some of his enemies Mazinger Z inadvertently knocks them into a volcano, where they crash into the prison of the Satan race and release Pheonix Jenny! Dr. Hell, learning of this, frees the rest of the Satan race and teams up with them to defeat Mazinger Z, and their ability to fly proves to be too much for our hero. Meanwhile, Devilman is also individually fighting the members of the Satan race, but their combined power is too much for him as well; can Mazinger and Devilman put aside their differences and team up to defeat Dr. Hell and the Satan race?
S00E02 Mazinger Z contre le général Dark 25/07/1974 Dr. Hell, Mazinger Z's main enemy, has been defeated and killed in battle, and finally Kouji Kabuto and the rest of his friends can take a break from their duty of defending Japan and the world from evil. However, during a storm after a very hot day in the beach, Boss, Mucha and Nuke have a disturbing vision of a prophet that heralds the end of the world, claiming that the dead will raise and destroy the human race, and that the General of Darkness will attack from air, sea and land. The only hope of defense is an iron fortress, Mazinger. After these words, the strange figure disappears. When Boss tells these events to Koji and Sayaka, they barely credit what he says, mocking him and disregarding this prophecy as only an illusion caused by the intense heat. They start listening to music on the radio, but are soon interrupted by reports of attacks by bizarre monsters in several important cities including London (attacked by Aquatic Beast Arimoth), Moscow (by Reptile Beast Gurosten), Paris (by Superhuman Beast Arsoth), and New York (by Aerial Beast Orbee). In his base, Archduke Gorgon, who had outlived Hell and his servants, rejoices while watching the attacks, and decides that now it's Japan's turn to fall. At his command, beasts Dante, Saraga, Birdian, Raigon, Mommothos and Suruba emerge from the sea, heading for Tokyo. These are later revealed to be the Mikene Empire's Warrior Beasts. In the Photonic Research Institute, Koji takes control of Mazinger and flies to the city, while Diana A and Boss Borot watch the monsters fly in direction to Tokyo. When he finally finds the monsters, Koji is surprised by the fact that unlike anything he had ever faced before, they are able to speak and seem to have a mind of their own. Mazinger had previously fought against Gorgon's monsters, but these are some of Mikene's finest, and won't be so easy to take down. He is first lured into the sea where he has to deal with the fierce Suruba, but
S00E03 Mazinger Z contre la tribu des Démons 16/03/1974 Once again, Dr. Hell has pitted himself against Mazinger Z - but this time, he actually succeeds! Armed with an electromagnetic ray and net, Dr. Hell manages to capture his arch nemesis and put him out of commission; and with Mazinger Z no longer a threat, Dr. Hell then attacks the Photoatomic Research Institute as the last obstacle in his quest for world domination. Boss and Aphrodite are doing their best to defend it, but can they really defeat the man who beat Mazinger Z? Will Dr. Hell finally achieve world domination, or will our hero find a way to break free and fight once more?
S00E04 00/00/0000
S00E05 00/00/0000
S00E98 00/00/0000
S00E99 00/00/0000

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