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Media Watch is Australia's leading forum for media analysis and comment. Conflicts of interest, bank backflips, deceit, misrepresentation, manipulation, plagiarism, abuse of power, technical lies and straight out fraud: Media Watch has built an unrivalled record of exposing media shenanigans since it first went to air in 1989. The media provides the information we need to make decisions about our lives, but how reliable are the media reports that shape our views of the world? Media Watch turns the spotlight onto those who literally 'make the news': the reporters, editors, sub-editors, producers, camera operators, sound recordists and photographers who claim to deliver the world to our doorsteps, radios, computers and living rooms. We also keep an eye on those who try to manipulate the media: the PR consultants, spin-doctors, lobbyists and "news makers" who set the agenda.


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S22E17 Episode 17 06/06/2011
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S255E01 2018-02-05 05/02/2018 Media companies oppose draft laws; Muslim fashion outrage; Nine News for sale
S255E02 2018-02-12 12/02/2018 Would you like facts with that?; The Barnaby affair; Cabinet leaks: from scoop to sorry
S255E03 2018-02-19 19/02/2018 Turnbull sex ban; Taxing times at the ABC; The RSPCA and public accountability; Back from the future
S255E04 2018-02-26 26/02/2018
S255E05 2017-03-06 06/03/2017 The new Italian Astronaut; Travel tales too good to be true?; Peter Dutton, next Liberal leader? And Karl coverage overload
S255E06 2017-03-13 13/03/2017 Exclusive interview or airport ambush?; Controversial claims get the soft treatment; Punchbowl story missing in action; Satirical protest taken seriously; BBC interview interrupted
S255E07 2017-03-20 20/03/2017 Weatherill v Frydenberg showdown; Clean and green or toxic and deadly?; Singo making Gosford great again, with a little help from his friends and Sky News civil war
S255E08 2017-03-27 27/03/2017 Paparazzi, privacy and the Press Council; Great Barrier grief missing from The Australian; Two cities, one prize on Nova stations and Exclusive: Darren Davidson predictions.
S255E09 2017-04-03 03/04/2017
S255E10 2017-04-10 10/04/2017
S255E11 2017-04-24 24/04/2017 Close call; Going for gold; Putin critics pay with lives and Prime time PR puff
S255E12 2017-05-01 01/05/2017 Anzac Day outrage; News sites spinning Reddit rubbish; What next for Channel 10? And Paul Antonopoulos forced out
S255E13 2017-05-08 08/05/2017 Royal rumour runs rife; Fairfax cuts hit hard and 100 days of discord
S255E14 2017-05-15 15/05/2017 Seven and Nine both first with the news; BrickX stories lack scrutiny; The necklace that stole the story; Jobs and growth but not for Fairfax and Mark Colvin 1952 – 2017
S255E15 2017-05-22 22/05/2017 Snot right: bogus boogers beat-up; ‘Fake’ Sheikh of shock; Not so new at The Australian; Good Crinkling News
S255E16 2017-05-29 29/05/2017 The Schapelle Corby media circus; The column that really bombed; Alan Jones, pick and stick
S255E17 2017-06-05 05/06/2017 Minor voice given a megaphone; Daily Mail, how low can you go?; Australian Press Council v News Corp; Snakes in a car again
S255E18 2017-06-12 12/06/2017 Corby keeps the media guessing; Adani still not a done deal; High flying plans don’t add up; Breitbart loses its bite
S255E19 2017-06-19 19/06/2017 Corby keeps the media guessing; Adani still not a done deal; High flying plans don't add up; Breitbart loses its bite
S255E20 2017-06-26 26/06/2017 Lotto winners and lazy journalism; Scoring points from Grenfell fire ; 'Apex gang' spotted in Newcastle; What's old is new on Sunday Night
S255E21 2017-07-03 03/07/2017 Paul Murray's spectacular Sky dummy spit; The Australian's cock-up trifecta; Roxy Jacenko cashing in on media obsession; The slow death of community television; Donald Trump's new fake media smackdown
S255E22 2017-07-10 10/07/2017 State of play, news media versus the digital giants Amid a Senate inquiry, a Media Watch special on how Facebook and Google have damaged and might save journalism
S255E23 2017-07-17 17/07/2017 Iceberg ahoy!; Amazon is coming; Non apology of the week from the Daily Telegraph; TV news turns off the Top End; International journalism award axed
S255E24 2017-07-24 24/07/2017 Rainbow stars in Greens exit; An unholy row; Exploiting tragedy for column inches; Ray's Scomo spray
S255E25 2017-07-31 31/07/2017 The Pell show comes to town; Super spruikers; Dual citizenship duel; Flying dry
S255E26 2017-08-07 07/08/2017 Reporting on terror raids; Abbott speaks and media repeats; Goodbye to a veteran
S255E27 2017-08-14 14/08/2017 Teflon John and his media mates; Same Sex marriage frustration; Nightline kills the radio star; Memo to Mitch Fifield
S255E28 2017-08-21 21/08/2017 Media reform battles on; Jumping the gun on a medical breakthrough; Flash mob to cash in; More perils of live TV
S255E29 2017-08-28 28/08/2017 A monumental beat up; Same-Sex Campaign; Campaign clanger; Misplaced map outrage
S255E30 2017-09-04 04/09/2017 The missing flood story; Reheating Christmas carols outrage; Media marriage friction; Today starts a war
S255E31 2017-09-11 11/09/2017
S255E32 2017-09-18 18/09/2017
S255E33 2017-09-25 25/09/2017 Red faces over Roberts reversal; Spruiking supplements; Spot the sponsored content; TV tantrums
S255E34 2017-10-02 02/10/2017 Same Love stoush; Seven has more PR woes; Today loves Australia, for a fee
S255E35 2017-10-09 09/10/2017 Las Vegas massacre drives fake news; ABC defends correspondent from Federal MP's attack ads; Northern Star HPV headline wrong
S255E36 2017-10-16 16/10/2017 The politics of Weinstein; Silencing Ray's spray; Media stays mum; Ipswich or Karachi?
S255E37 2017-10-23 23/10/2017 Melania body double bubble; Lisa Walks; Junketing journalists; Christmas in Macau
S255E38 2017-10-30 30/10/2017 Citizenship Seven coverage; Raids, leaks and sources; Confessions of a homegrown 'terrorist'; Bushie's irony alert backfires
S255E39 2017-11-06 06/11/2017 Citizenship saga bites troubled Turnbull; Media missing on Manus; Deadly treadlies; Facebook fesses up
S255E40 2017-11-13 13/11/2017
S255E41 2017-11-20 20/11/2017 Channel Ten's disservice to the west; The Latham vs Faruqi showdown; All aboard the election bus; Richo bemused by the Paradise Papers
S255E42 2017-11-27 27/11/2017 QLD Election Coverage; Don Burke allegations; John-Michael Howson's tirade; Karl's 'gotcha' fail
S255E43 2017-12-04 04/12/2017 The rush to convict Geoffrey Rush; The sting that stung; Perth to Baku; Lateline signs off
S255E44 2017-12-11 11/12/2017 A costly Rush?; Stirring up Milo fever; Superstorm hype runs out of puff; Media Watch – 2017 highlights