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Basé sur le celèbre Jeu Vidéo de la même période Mega Man retrace les aventures de Megaman, dans les années 200X. Les Scientifiques Dr. Thomas Light et le Dr. Albert Wily ont pour projet d'aider les robots qui aideront les Hommes chaque jour.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mega Man

S01E01 The Beginning 11/09/1994 Mega Man, Rush and Roll are defeated by Dr. Wily and his robots at the city airport. While he makes repairs, Dr. Light recalls when he created Mega Man.
S01E02 Electric Nightmare 18/09/1994 Dr. Wily's new device takes over the city power grid, wreaking havoc for the citizens.
S01E03 Mega-Pinocchio 25/09/1994 Mega Man's attempt to become human leads to Dr. Wily working to reprogram him.
S01E04 The Big Shake 02/10/1994 Dr. Wily has found a way to create earthquakes and demands the city surrender or be destroyed.
S01E05 Robosaur Park 09/10/1994 A de-evolution serum that only has an affect on robots is released.
S01E06 Mega Man in the Moon 11/10/1994 Dr. Wily plots to gain control of a giant laser on the moon. Mega Man follows him up into space to stop him.
S01E07 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea 23/10/1994 An underwater mining operation falls under attack by Dr. Wily, who traps Dr. Light and Mega Man in a small prison.
S01E08 The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man 30/10/1994 Dr. Wily intends to use his new shrink ray on several cities, but his Robot Masters turn it on Mega Man.
S01E09 Bot Transfer 06/11/1994 Dr. Wily has built a teleporter, which doubles as a body switcher, resulting in Mega Man and Snake Man trading bodies.
S01E10 Ice Age 13/11/1994 Dr. Wily gets his hands on some super freeze technology, which he hopes will force city leaders to leave. But Ice Man gets the feeling Air Man is replacing him and switches sides.
S01E11 Cold Steel 20/11/1994 Dr. Wily's robots disguise themselves like a rock band to unleash a mind controlling music. Only Mega Man, Roll and a young deaf girl remain unaffected.
S01E12 Future Shock 27/11/1994 Dr. Light's time machine sends Mega Man to a future where Dr. Wily controls the planet. Mega Man must find a way home and save this future.
S01E13 Dr. Wily's Strange Island 04/12/1994 Dr. Wily's new invention strands the good guys and the bad guys together on an island. They'll have to work together to escape the island.
S02E01 Showdown at Red Gulch 10/09/1995 Dr. Wily uncovers a meteor containing power enhancing crystals for robots.
S02E02 Terror of the Seven Seas 17/09/1995 Dr. Wily labors to create a sea fort, stealing ships for parts.
S02E03 Mega Dreams 24/09/1995 After seeing his new device can hypnotize humans in their sleep, Dr. Wily plots to use it take control of the planet.
S02E04 Robo-Spider 01/10/1995 Dr. Wily plans to use a robot spider to destroy Dr. Light's computer systems.
S02E05 Master of Disaster 08/10/1995 Dr. Wily frees a genie, trying to use his magic for world domination.
S02E06 Night of the Living Monster Bots 15/10/1995 Dr. Wily unleashes horror movie monster robots, which attack everything in sight.
S02E07 Curse of the Lion Men 22/10/1995 Dr. Wily's robots discover humanoid lion creatures, which use their strange power to turn people into lions.
S02E08 The Day the Moon Fell 29/10/1995 Dr. Wily has pulled the moon closer to Earth, creating widespread disasters.
S02E09 Campus Commandos 05/11/1995 Dr. Light's college for robots leads to the creation of an anti-gravity device. Dr. Wily is out to steal it and reprograms the robot students to help.
S02E10 Brain Bot 12/11/1995 Mega Man must prevent Dr. Wily from stealing Dr. Light's new robot, Brain Bot.
S02E11 Bro Bots 19/11/1995 Proto Man supposedly switches sides and Dr. Wily plots to replace city officials with robots.
S02E12 Bad Day at Peril Park 26/11/1995 Dr. Wily's amusement park, Fun World, is really a front to hyponotize the visitors.
S02E13 The Mega X 03/12/1995 The evil Vile has arrived from the future, with Mega Man X in hot pursuit.
S02E14 Crime of the Century 10/12/1995 Dr. Wily uses toys to rob the city blind. But it's all just a diversion so Wily can get his hands on something much more valuable.