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All-access pass inside America's most enormous, opulent and advanced Mega Mansions. We're traveling from coast-to-coast to these one-of-a-kind mansions and their never before seen vaults, hideouts,and man-caves.


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S01E01 Oheka Castle and Mansion on O Street 09/03/2014 Take a tour of 2 historic mansions that underwent $60 million in renovations. Visit the second largest private home in the United States - Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York. Then, it’s off to DC to tour the Mansion on O Street -- a luxury boutique hotel that's a $50 million dollar maze disguised as 5 town homes in the Dupont Circle historic district.
S01E02 Hearst Castle and Villa Belvedere 09/03/2014 Get a 21st Century tour of America's best-known castle. See the historical 70,000-square-foot Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA, with a never-before-seen tour of the basement vaults. Then, tour a state-of-the-art waterfront estate in San Francisco, with epic views of the city and bay.
S01E03 The Mansion at MGM Grand and Old Westbury Gardens 09/03/2014 Check out billionaire playgrounds: MGM Grand and Old Westbury Gardens. Tour the opulent Mansion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where your wish is their command. Then, it's off to Westbury, NY, for the original "mega mansion" at Old Westbury Gardens - a fortress built for steel magnate John S. Phipps.
S01E04 Biltmore Estate and Star Island 09/03/2014 The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, is the largest private home in America. Then, travel south to Miami's most celebrated bachelor pad -- a $65 million dollar playpen on the exclusive Star Island.
S01E05 Vizcaya and Bradbury 07/12/2014 First stop: the 8-acre, 30,000 sq. ft. Bradbury Estate -- estimated to be worth $78 million in the most expensive zip code in America, Bradbury, CA. Then it's off to Vizcaya Museum and Garden, a fantasy dream home filled with priceless European antiques and the most impressive gardens in America, and now a popular Miami tourist attraction. Travel from one coast to the other to get an all access pass inside two gigantic properties.
S01E06 The Jones Manor and Cravens Estate 07/12/2014 First stop: The Jones Manor in Indianapolis, the 28,000 sq. ft. fantasy home of genius inventor Scott Jones. Outfitted with state of the art tech gadgets, it has everything from a digitally-controlled wine vault to retinal scanniing security. Then it's off to Pasadena to the lavish Cravens Estate, adorned with century-old European pieces, an intricate, imported staircase and skylight, and a permanent beauty that will live forever in the movies.

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