Affiche Men Behaving Badly (US)
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This series is the US version of the UK series of the same name that was created by Simon Nye. When shown in countries that have already seen the UK version, the US series is retitled It's a Man's World. The theme song "Bad Boy" written by Larry Williams is performed by Marshall Crenshaw.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Men Behaving Badly (US)

S01E01 Babies Having Babies 18/09/1996 Kevin is rattled when his girlfriend suggests having a baby, and Jamies will give up anything to have a good time -- including a job interview.
S01E02 Temptation 25/09/1996 Kevin suffers a blow to his ego when he learns that Sarah dated someone else when they split two years ago. Meanwhile, Jamie suffers a painful neck injury after throwing himself in front of a car to gain the sympathy of two gorgeous tire models. The ploy works and the guys go out on a double date with the models, but their ""hot"" evening turns chilly when Kevin unexpectedly gets cold feet. After Sarah throws Kevin a curve ball by telling him she slept with other men during one of their ""cooling off periods,"" he decides to even the score by secretly playing the field. Meanwhile, Jamie becomes a real pain in the neck after getting hit by a car.
S01E03 The Bed 02/10/1996 Commitment-phobic Kevin falls out of the comfort zone with Sarah after she pushes him to replace his bedraggled, cherished old bed with a new one, and he convinces himself that she's trying to smother him emotionally. Meanwhile, Jamie leaps outside all bounds of decency to win Cherie's sympathetic embrace with the lie that his mother died.
S01E04 Hot Parkas 23/10/1996 Kevin tries to sweep Sarah off her feet with a romantic dinner, but winds up falling flat on his face. Meanwhile, Jamie focuses on a new career in crime-scene photography.
S01E05 Getting the Bugs Out 30/10/1996 When Sarah moves in with Kevin while her apartment is being fumigated, she and Jamie proceed to drive him buggy by competing for his attention and make him choose between the two of them.
S01E06 Jamie's in Love 06/11/1996 Jamie falls in love with his Guatemalan cleaning lady.
S01E07 Drunken Proposal 13/11/1996 Kevin proposes to Sarah while drunk. When Sarah jokingly accepts, they both wind up at the altar.
S01E08 Sarah's Vestigial Organ 20/11/1996 Kevin's nursing skills are put to the test when Sarah recovers from an appendectomy. After promising to care for Sarah after her surgery, Kevin decides to forsake his duties and go to the county fair with Jamie. How does he keep Sarah from noticing his absence? He gives her pain pills.
S01E09 Road Trip 11/12/1996 Kevin has to decide between plans with Sarah (ballooning) and plans with Jamie (a naked model photo shoot).
S01E10 Christmas 18/12/1996 The trio spend Christmas with Sarah's family, but they like Jamie better than Kevin.
S01E11 Wet Nurse 08/01/1997 Jamie dates Sarah's mean boss.
S01E12 The Odds Couple 15/01/1997 Kevin uses the vacation money to bet on a football game. Jamie tries to prove that Brenda's friend is a lesbian.
S01E13 Jamie Needs a Kid 05/02/1997 Jamie pretends to have a son to get a date with a single mother.
S01E14 Playing Doctor 12/02/1997 Jamie and Kevin suspect Sarah of having an affair with her boss.
S01E15 Brenda is Moved 19/02/1997 Brenda threatens to move after Jamie bothers her one too many times.
S01E16 I Am What I Am 02/04/1997 Jamie enters a woman's photography contest, but the winner is Ms. Jamie Coleman.
S01E17 The Party Favor 09/04/1997 Kevin plans Sarah's surprise birthday party, but he invites all the wrong people.
S01E18 Getting Rid of Harry 16/04/1997 Harry's wife kicks him out of the house, so he stays with Kevin. Jamie tries to impress Brenda by getting a tattoo.
S01E19 After Midnight 07/05/1997 During their sleepless night Jamie fixes the satellite dish and Kevin gets held up at the drug store.
S01E20 Testing, Testing 14/05/1997 Jamie bugs Brenda's apartment. Kevin and Sarah take an IQ test.
S01E21 It's Good to Be Dead 21/05/1997 When one of Kevin's clients dies, Jamie assumes his identity.
S01E22 The Box 04/06/1997 Kevin gets Pacers luxury box seats, but has to entertain the boss's mistress in exchange.
S02E01 No Retreat, No Surrender 28/09/1997 Kevin tells Jamie he's marrying Sarah and moving to Chicago. At first Jamie tries an intervention, but then begins to think that it may be time for him to grow up as well.
S02E02 Got Milk? 05/10/1997 Jamie has earned some money testing pills so Brenda agrees to go out with him. But the pills have unexpected side effects. Steve and Katie have had three dates but still haven't had any sex, so Jamie suggests the bad boy approach.
S02E03 The Sting 12/10/1997 Katie tells Steve to call his ex-girlfriend to properly break up and find closure. Jamie tries to get rid of Brenda's Earthy new boyfriend Nelson.
S02E04 Spoils of War 02/11/1997 Brenda and Katie have a falling out, leading Jamie to become Brenda's new best friend and Steve having to introduce Katie to his made-up 'Uncle George'.
S02E05 Special Delivery 09/11/1997 Jamie becomes an overnight sensation as a maternity nurse who specializes in speedy births. Meanwhile Steve and Katie are busy spying on the new neighbor and her two lovers.
S02E06 The Gift of Jami 17/12/1997 Steve manages to avoid having to visit Katie's family for Christmas but soon feels bad about it. Jamie wants to win the local Kareoke contest so he can buy Brenda a big present.
S02E07 Here We Go Again 00/00/0000 Jamie has to find either a new roommate or a new job after Kevin's marriage. Enter Steve, who is looking to get out of his relationship and soon falls for Brenda's new neighbor Katie.
S02E08 Jamie's Got Next 00/00/0000 Katie has gone back to her natural brunette hair color. Steve is afraid to tell her he prefers her as a redhead. Jamie is dating a female semi -pro basketball player almost twice his size.
S02E09 The Tape 00/00/0000 Steve gets in trouble with Katie and plays his trump card: he gives her a tape of love songs he made 15 years earlier that always works. This leads Jamie to steal the tape from Katie's apartment to give it to Brenda.
S02E10 The Truth About Cats and Ducks 00/00/0000 Jamie accidentally kills a duck while visiting a petting zoo with Brenda. So he comes up with a plan to make her cause the death of an animal as well. Katie forces Steve to take care of a digital baby to prove his responsibility.
S02E11 Welcome to JamieCo 00/00/0000 Steve tells Jamie he has to contribute to the house expenses and puts him in charge of a task at his office. Katie and Brenda try to catch the elusive maintenance man Bob.
S02E12 The Fur Man Cometh 00/00/0000 Jamie ends up with mink coat after a photo shoot gone awry which Steve gives to Katie for her birthday. The coat has a magic effect on their sex lives, and then turns Jamie into the king of the neighborhood.
S02E13 Carpe Dino 00/00/0000 Jamie gets a job teaching at a posh boy's school and learns them the ways of Dean Martin. Steve and Katie lose a game of charades to Steve's old roommate, but Steve demands a rematch substituting Katie with Brenda.