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Lenny Smart and Kendle Bains are flatmates and work together as travel agents in Manchester. Thirtysomething Lenny attempts, with the help of old friend Gilby, to turn sensitive 23-year-old Kendle into a "real man". In one episode, Kendle receives a telescope for a birthday present and subsequently ends up looking into all the windows opposite, Gilby, Becky and her friends end up fighting over what to look at.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Men of the World

S01E01 Match of the Day 14/03/1994
S01E02 The Assessment 21/03/1994
S01E03 Lost in France 28/03/1994
S01E04 The Big Fight 11/04/1994
S01E05 Team Table 18/04/1994
S01E06 The Runaway 25/04/1994
S02E01 The Dice of Life 26/07/1995
S02E02 The Girl I Love 02/08/1995
S02E03 The Walking Wounded 09/08/1995
S02E04 Happy Birthday Kendle 16/08/1995
S02E05 A Stolen Kiss 23/08/1995
S02E06 Farewell My Lovely 30/08/1995