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Cette série retrouve Winnie et tous ses amis ainsi que deux nouveaux personnages : Darby, une petite fille de six ans et son chien Buster. Winnie, Tigrou, Darby et Buster jouent le rôle des super détectives qui aident leurs amis de la Forêt des rêves bleus qui ont des problèmes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mes amis Tigrou et Winnie

S01E01 Les rutabagas de Coco Lapin 13/01/2008 Rutabagas from Rabbit's garden began to disappear. It's a genuine mystery and one that the Super Sleuths are ready and willing to investigate. A few theories emerge as to where the vegetables could be going and Darby decides that an overnight stakeout is the best method of getting to the bottom of the problem; Tigger is devastated when he loses his best bouncing buddy, his shadow. He, Pooh, Darby and Buster try to find it, but come up short on leads. Pooh and Darby try constructing a replacement shadow that he can use until his real one comes back, but it just isn't the same. Tigger is ready to give up bouncing unless his shadow returns.
S01E02 Sans l'ombre d'un doute 13/01/2008 Tigger is devastated when he loses his best bouncing buddy, his shadow. He, Pooh, Darby and Buster try to find it, but come up short on leads. Pooh and Darby try constructing a replacement shadow that he can use until his real one comes back, but it just isn't the same. Tigger is ready to give up bouncing unless his shadow returns.
S01E03 Comment dire je t'aime Petit Gourou 27/01/2008 It's "I Love You Day" in the Hundred Acre Wood, a special holiday where everyone expresses their love for each other. Most everyone is giving cards, but Roo completely forgot to do anything at all, even for his mom. He wants to give her a special gift, but isn't sure what to give. His friends suggest gift ideas that suit her interests.
S01E04 On a toujours besoin d'un plus petit que soi 27/01/2008 Too small to join in a ball game, Piglet cheers his friends Pooh, Tigger, Darby and Buster from the sidelines. When the honey pot he's sitting on is stolen out from under him, he wonders who could have taken it. The problem soon turns into a genuine mystery, as Pooh's honey pots are disappearing left and right.
S01E05 Echo écho de Porcinet Porcinet 06/01/2008 Piglet believes someone is stuck in a cave after he hears voices coming from inside. When he learns that there's really nobody inside, he's embarrassed at having wasted everyone's time. Later, however, he's able to use what he's learned to discover a real predicament.
S01E06 Un cerf-volant haut perché 06/01/2008 When Roo's kite gets caught in a tree, the Super Sleuths come up with a number of ideas to try to retrieve it. They find that no matter what they try, their best efforts fall short. It's then that they discover that even those that are the best at what they do sometimes need a little help.
S01E07 Où est passé la queue de Bourriquet ? 20/01/2008 When Eeyore loses his tail, he reluctantly calls for the assistance of the Super Sleuths. They learn that Eeyore was all around the Hundred Acre Wood that morning and so they decide to go talk to all their friends to see if they've found anything. Meanwhile, Lumpy decides to try to make Eeyore a new tail.
S01E08 Winnie illumine ma vie 20/01/2008 When Lumpy sees flickering lights in the meadow, he believes he's spotted gobloons. It turns out that what he saw was fireflies, but that gets him to wondering just why it is they flash like that. He and the Super Sleuths decide to investigate this curiosity.
S01E09 Première nuit chez Petit Gourou 10/02/2008 Lumpy is spending the night at Roo's, but he's having trouble getting to sleep. When Roo calls the Super Sleuths for help, they realize that familiar things may help him get to sleep. They try a variety of things, but find the problem so challenging that they're almost ready to give up.
S01E10 Bonne nuit Winnie 10/02/2008 When Rabbit discovers in a book that bears hibernate, he tries to get Pooh to do it too. The Super Sleuths try to help, but Pooh doesn't seem to be getting to sleep. Rabbit is sure that they just have to keep trying, certain because of what it says in the book.
S01E11 Une triste journée pour Bourriquet 09/03/2008 When Eeyore goes unseen for several days, Piglet and Eeyore become concerned about him. They and the Super Sleuths discover him moping at the top of a hill. They learn that he's especially unhappy because they fall has come and he can no longer roll in his favorite field of dandelions. They decide to try a variety of ways to cheer him up.
S01E12 Dormir ou bondir, il faut choisir 09/03/2008 When it comes to sleuthing, Tigger is sleeping on the job. He decided he doesn't need to sleep anymore and thus stayed up all night. Now, Pooh and Darby have their hands full trying to get him to take a nap, while also trying to solve the mystery of Rabbit's missing wheelbarrow wheel.
S01E13 Pas de gargouillis dans le ventre de Winnie 17/02/2008 Pooh finds himself missing the "rumbly" in his "tumbly." He's just woken up from a long nap and found that it's missing. He calls on Tigger, Darby and Busters' help to get to the bottom of the problem. They first have to clarify exactly what it is they're searching for before they can start detecting.
S01E14 Les batonnets de winnie sont coincés 17/02/2008 Pooh and the gang have had some trouble deciding what game to play, but have finally come to a compromise. They decide to go with Pooh Sticks first, but find that their sticks are getting stuck. They discover all of the water has disappeared from one side of the stream in which they traditionally play the game. They decide to investigate to find out what's blocking things up.
S01E15 Un «ouaf» de soulagement 24/02/2008 When Buster leads Darby, Pooh and Tigger to the sleuther siren, they can't figure out what he wants. They decide that there must be some sort of mystery, but aren't certain what it is.
S01E16 Lumpy voudrait un animal de compagnie 24/02/2008 As the Super Sleuths try to help Rabbit, who is stuck in a tree, Lumpy has an issue of his own. He's looking after his cousin's pet, Max, but isn't sure he's taking good care of him. He asks Darby for help, knowing that she always does a good job taking care of Buster. Darby gives her best advice, but doesn't realize there's an important fact she doesn't know about Max.
S01E17 Tout le monde ne sait pas siffler 02/03/2008 While out on a case, the Super Sleuths decide to split up and need a way to signal each other. Darby decides on whistling, which Tigger goes along with even though he can't whistle. When he finally admits his secret, Pooh and Darby agree to help him to learn. Tigger, however, quickly becomes frustrated when he can't master it right away.
S01E18 In-trou-vable 02/03/2008 Piglet wakes up one morning to find that the hole he dug for his mailbox has gone missing. He calls the Super Sleuths for help and they come up with several theories as to what happened. They aren't certain, though, just how a hole could go missing and where it could have gone to.
S01E19 Tigrou se prend pour un jagular 06/04/2008 When Tigger hears Roo telling Lumpy how to paint a jagular, he realizes that he sounds like an exact match for one. Deciding that he's a jagular, he starts behaving in a most un-Tigger-like way --- slinking around and roaring. Darby and Pooh have their hands full as they try to solve a mystery for Rabbit while Tigger is acting in this strange manner.
S01E20 Coco Lapin cohabite 06/04/2008 When Tigger paints his place, he paints himself into a corner and then learns it'll be a long while before the paint dries. Since Rabbit gave him the paint, he reluctantly agrees to let Tigger stay at his place for a while, but soon regrets it. Tigger is all over the place, and interfering with Rabbit's comfortably ordered lifestyle.
S01E21 Drôles de pirates 21/07/2007 When Lumpy and Roo find what they believe to be a treasure map, they dress up as pooh-rates to being the exciting search. Realizing that they don't know how to interpret the map, they call for the help of the Super Sleuths. After some hard thinking, the group begins their search. They get some help along the way and discovering the surprising truth about the mysterious map.
S01E22 Tigrou attrape le hoquet 21/07/2007 When Rabbit throws a rutabaga potluck party, Tigger's ravenous appetite gets the best of him. He eats so quickly that he gets a bad case of the hiccups, putting Rabbit's precious house in jeopardy. Everyone tries their best to help Tigger out, trying traditional remedies such as drinking water and holding your breath. Then, Porcupine, who's a bit late to the party, comes up with an idea that might just solve the problem --- though it'll take some work.
S01E23 Darby joue au ballon 20/08/2008 While out playing with her friends, Darby realizes that she lacks something all the others except Pooh have in common --- a tail. She decides she'd like to have one too, but isn't sure how to get one. The gang works together on a number of strategies, including making a tail, and borrowing Eeyore's. As they go about the process, Darby begins to realize something important about tails and what they do for her friends.
S01E24 Tigrou est pressé 20/08/2008 When Tigger helps Rabbit by delivering some vegetables, he finds that he quite enjoys the work. At Rabbit's suggestion, he starts a delivery service and is soon flooded with assignments. He tries to carry on with this and Super Sleuthing duties as well, saying that he doesn't need any help. Darby and Pooh soon start to miss him, however, and he finds himself becoming confused by the constant stream of requests for deliveries.
S01E25 Darby Notre Grande Amie 11/05/2008 Rabbit has come up with what he believes to be his best invention yet --- a Insta-Go-Grow potion for his precious plants. At first it doesn't seem to work, but when some ends up on Darby, she soon grows to the size of a giant. At first, Darby enjoys her new size and finding it helping her when it comes to Super Sleuth cases. It has several drawbacks, however, including the fact that she can't wear her cap. Darby soon finds herself less-than-enamored with her new height.
S01E26 Un Pique-Nique Éclair 11/05/2008 Since the Super Sleuths are always there to help, Piglet decides to do something nice for them --- giving them a picnic. When rain comes and threatens to spoil it, they move it indoors, but soon it seems as if the host has disappeared. It turns out that he's hiding from all the thunder and lightning. Pooh, Tigger, Darby and Buster work together to help Piglet to see that there's nothing to be afraid of as long as he's safe inside.
S01E27 Le miel d'arc en ciel 18/05/2008 Pooh has always heard there's a pot of honey waiting at the end of the rainbow, but rainbows always disappear before he can reach their end. He decides to gather the Super Sleuths for help in solving this frustrating problem. They work together to try to discover just what makes a rainbow.
S01E28 Du violet et rien que du violet 18/05/2008 Lumpy has made a wonderful birdhouse for his Uncle Grumpus, but is missing the purple paint needed to paint it his uncle's favorite color. When he and Roo find that Tigger doesn't have any either, they call the Super Sleuths for help. At first, they try alternate methods of decorating birdhouse purple. It seems, though, that they may already have the needed materials at hand.
S01E29 Une situation épineuse 25/05/2008 Porcupine is excited when her pen pal writes that he's coming for a visit to the Hundred Acre Wood. Her excitement turns to dread, however, when she learns that he's looking forward to giving her a big hug. The Super Sleuths look for ways to soften the sharpness of her quills, but seem to be coming up empty. Then they discover something important about her pen pal.
S01E30 Mille et une pastèques pour Porcinet 25/05/2008 Piglet calls the Super Sleuths to solve a big problem: watermelons that have completely filled up his house. Rabbit keeps bringing them over from his garden and Piglet doesn't know how to say "no" when Rabbit offers them so nicely. They decide to throw a party and invite the entire Wood to eat up the watermelons, but Rabbit still keeps bringing them.
S01E31 Le bain de Buster 06/10/2007 While out one night admiring the moon, Eeyore and the Super Sleuths encounter a funny-looking rock. The rock seems to match exactly with the portion of the moon that is missing that night, leading them to think it must have fallen from the moon. They devise an expedition the moon and with the help of their friends, build their very own rocket ship. For his part, Eeyore is looking forward to rolling around in moon clover.
S01E32 Il était une fois la fête de la lune 06/10/2007 Everyone is confused when the Roo's newest mark on his measuring sunflower turns out to be lower than the previous one. Despite seemingly being a healthy growing boy, it would appear that he's shrunk. They begin to search for a way to get to grow like he should.
S01E33 Le crapaud de Jean-Christophe 01/06/2008 When Eeyore's house is once again knocked over, Lumpy suggests it's time to call the Super Sleuths to solve the problem. Eeyore does so and Darby comes up with the idea that Eeyore needs a brand-new home. Soon, a variety of homes are suggested to Eeyore, none of which seem to be quite right. It seems the Super Sleuths are forgetting to take something important into account when it comes to Eeyore's home.
S01E34 Un problème de taille 01/06/2008 Rabbit has grown a prized pumpkin, a "one-of-a-kind, perfect pumpkin" he's sure will win the year's best pumpkin competition. The only problem is, the pumpkin's exposed position in Rabbit's garden seems to put in constant danger. At Tigger's suggestion, Rabbit calls the Super Sleuths to serve as guards for his pumpkin. They're happy to help, but soon realize that standing as 24/7 guards for the pumpkin simply won't be possible. As they work other plans to protect the pumpkin, but it may not be possible to protect it from every danger without spoiling what made it perfect in the first place.
S01E35 Qu'on est bien chez soi 10/11/2007 Porcupine is helping her friend Turtle to move into the old cave and they have many heavy deliveries to make. One of the items they're transporting is a huge mirror. As they go about their business, Pooh is playing with Piglet and spots what appears to be... himself. He calls in the help of the other Super Sleuths and soon everyone is seeing duplicates. Everyone is very confused as they split up and can no longer tell if they're running into themselves, their friends, or one of the many duplicates.
S01E36 Le Précieux Potiron de Coco Lapin 10/11/2007 Porcupine is surprised when she finds Eeyore camped out in front of the stump where she normally plays music. Wondering why he's not sleeping at home, she calls the Super Sleuths, who realize that Eeyore has been sleepwalking. That night, they camp out at his place to figure out what is going on and just as they're about to nod off to sleep, he starts sleepwalking. They go on a rambling adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood, helping him to stay safe, but are no closer to the solution of their mystery. They realize that solving the sleepwalking problem might hinge on learning exactly why the donkey has taken to sleepwalking.
S01E37 Voyage sur la lune de Bourriquet 10/11/2007 When the Hundred Acre Wood has its Many Thanks Day, the characters come together for a big feast and Christopher Robin joins the fun, too. Lumpy, however, wonders why the woozles haven't been invited. Despite protests, they realize that it really isn't fair to have their feast without at least trying to invite the woozles. Christopher Robin joins the Super Sleuths in the search for the woozles. Along the way, they learn that finding woozles is more difficult than they thought, but they also find many other friends.
S01E38 Un Grand Problème pour Petit Gourou 10/11/2007 Rabbit is at the end of his rope when Turtle once again shows up late for their daily checkers match. Turtle promises to be on time from now on, but he just doesn't seem how he's going to do it. The Super Sleuths agree to help him to finally make it on time. They try a number of ideas, but nothing seems to be able to speed Turtle up. Then, Tigger gets an idea to look at things differently.
S01E39 Mille mercis à Jean- Christophe 03/02/2008 When Darby goes off for some errands, Tigger and Pooh are left on their in the event of any Super Sleuth cases. As she leaves them, she casually tells them that she's just lost a tooth. Convinced that Darby must be devastated, the two make it into a case. They begin searching the whole of the Wood for the tooth and enlist Rabbit as a Deputy Sleuth.
S01E40 Une partie de dames 03/02/2008 It's winter in the Hundred Acre Wood and everyone is enjoying wintry activities. At least, Roo was enjoying his nice, Tigger-sized snowman until suddenly it started shrinking. He calls the Super Sleuths, who discover that it's melted. Hoping to save the snowman, they think of anything that know that helps to cool things down.
S01E41 Le double problème de Winnie 16/03/2008 Rabbit is holding his annual Spring Has Sprung concert and his excited to use his new orchestra machine, until it tumbles down a hill and breaks. The Super Sleuths try to fix it, but they have no idea how. Then, they come up with a creative solution to Rabbit's orchestral dilemma.
S01E42 Bourriquet somnambule 16/03/2008 While out and about, Tigger passes by Rabbit's and overhears him shouting about something stripey that makes him itchy. When Rabbit says he's not talking to it again unless he sees two snowflakes that are exactly the same, Tigger believes Rabbit is talking about him. He calls for Darby and Poohs' help in finding identical snowflakes. Despite Darby's insistence that there's no such thing, he's determined to find them to regain Rabbit's friendship.
S01E43 Darby perd sa première dent 27/04/2008 Muddy from chasing squirrels, Darby's dog Buster needs a bath. The Super Sleuths try their best to clean him up.
S01E44 Un problème de neige petit gourou ? 27/04/2008 Lumpy is excited when his friends throw him a moon party. He's upset, however, when it seems that the moon has gone missing. He calls on the Super Sleuths to try to figure out where it has gone. They turn to Rabbit for help.
S01E45 Symphonie pour Coco Lapin 30/03/2008 Lumpy gets help from the Super Sleuths to fix his favorite toy.
S01E46 Tigrou à la recherche des deux flocons 30/03/2008 Rabbit cares for an egg when the animal that laid it is missing.
S01E47 Alvin mon ami pour la vie 23/03/2008 The Super Sleuths find their attention divided when they receive multiple calls about sudden appearances of butterflies within their friends' homes. Piglet, Rabbit and Kanga all report sudden infusions of unwanted butterflies. Upon investigating, the Sleuths discover that finding the best way to eliminate the butterflies might lie in deducing what's causing their sudden appearance in the first place.
S01E48 L'étonnante aventure 23/03/2008 When Rabbit settles down for a nap, he finds his rest disturbed by a loud tapping noise. Desperately wanting to sleep, he calls on the Super Sleuths to investigate the annoying sound, which seems to start up every time he lays his head down on the pillow. The Super Sleuths set to work and find themselves on the trail of several mysterious noises. They realize that they need to listen carefully to the noise so as to not simply go chasing after anything that sounds somewhat like it.
S01E49 Les fleurs de Petit Gourou 04/05/2008 When playing a game of magic with Buster, Darby casts a magic spell to turn in into a frog. She is surprised when a real frog shows up, wearing a friendship bracelet for Christopher Robin. Worried that she has turned her friend into a frog, she calls the Super Sleuths into action. They try their best to think of ways to turn Christopher Robin back into a human, or barring that, at least keep him happy.
S01E50 Toc toc toc sur la porte de Coco Lapin 04/05/2008 When Piglet finds a large boulder blocking his doorway, he calls for the help of the Super Sleuths. The Sleuths spring to action, but face a small mystery of their own -- Tigger's Sleuth Suit is missing and he's worried he can't solve mysteries without it. As the team tries to solve Piglet's problem, Darby works to convince Tigger that he can still be helpful even without his costume.
S01E51 Un rhume collectif 16/08/2008 A cold is going around the Hundred Acre Wood and Kanga needs lemons to add to a special soup she's making to ease everyone's sniffles. When Pooh and Tigger catch the cold, Darby and Buster are left to sleuth out how to get some lemons themselves. Rabbit was supposed to deliver them, but it seems he's feeling under the weather himself, so the girl and her dog find themselves searching all over the Hundred Acre Wood to get lemons.
S01E52 Buster a disparu 16/08/2008 When Darby briefly leaves Buster alone, he ends up joining Roo and Lumpy on an adventure to their fort. Since they didn't tell anyone where they were going, Darby ends up thinking that Buster is lost. The Super Sleuths are soon on the case, trying to track down just where the little dog has gone.
S02E01 Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin' 27/09/2008 Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin': When Kanga finds Lumpy and Roo playing a game of "Catch the Woozle," she tells them a legend about a woozle wizard who has the capability to grant wishes. Intrigued by the story, the two friends call the Super Sleuths in the hope of tracking down this wizard. The group sets out to find the biggest oak tree, which they discover to be over by Heffalump Hollow.
S02E02 How the Tigger Lost His Stripe 27/09/2008 How the Tigger Lost His Stripe: After having his self-portrait painted by Roo, Tigger goes home and discovers he no longer matches his self-portrait. One of his tail-stripes, "Oomphy," has gone missing. He calls an emergency meeting of the Super Sleuths, but begins to despair of lost bouncing powers when they encounter difficulties in finding his stripe.
S02E03 Tigger Gets Bounced 27/09/2008 Tigger Gets Bounced: Annoyed when Tigger's bouncing ruins his vegetable sculpture, Rabbit creates a mechanized bouncing machine called Springs. He challenges Tigger to a bounce-off with Springs, then appoints Springs in charge of all bouncing activities within the Hundred Acre Wood after Tigger loses. Tigger becomes downcast, losing interest in helping out anyone by bouncing, or solving Super Sleuth cases. When Springs suffers a malfunction, however, Tigger is called upon to put a stop to the mechanized menace.
S02E04 Super Sleuths Wait for Ever 27/09/2008 Super Sleuths Wait for Ever: When Tigger and Roo get tired of waiting for Kanga's cookies to bake, they call in the talents of the Super Sleuths. They're hoping to find a way to make waiting go faster. As they consult their friends on the problem, they find that they're not the only ones waiting for something to happen that morning. They try many things, but begin to wonder if it might simply not be possible to make waiting go faster.
S02E05 Small's World After All 28/09/2008 Small's World After All: Rabbit has a guest visiting at his house-- a beetle named Small. He asks Tigger and Pooh to look after the bug while he goes to play checkers with Turtle. When Small gets loose, a meeting of the Super Sleuths is called to try and find them. He sends them all on a wild adventure throughout the Hundred Acre Wood, managing to stay just one step ahead.
S02E06 Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery 28/09/2008 Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery: A wave of fog has rolled through the Hundred Acre Wood, making it difficult for anyone to see anything or even move about. Roo and Lumpy were looking forward to playing in Rabbit's corn field, but Rabbit won't let them until the fog has lifted. Ready and eager to play, they call on the Super Sleuths, hoping to find a way to lift the fog.
S02E07 Pooh's Cookie Tree 28/09/2008 Pooh's Cookie Tree: When a cookie falls on Pooh's head from a tree, he figures that it must be a cookie tree. Finding this a delightful idea, he calls upon the Super Sleuths to see if there's a way he can have one in his yard. Meanwhile, Lumpy and Roo find themselves facing a mystery when the cookies they were delivering to Heffalump Hollow go missing.
S02E08 Lumpy Joins In 28/09/2008 Lumpy Joins In: Lumpy has always wanted to sing a choir, but the Heffalump choir is only for adults. He's delighted when Rabbit starts a choir and promises to include everyone. Lumpy's unique brand of singing, however, is more like trumpeting and doesn't seem to fit in with Rabbit's tune. Darby, Tigger and Pooh come together as the Super Sleuths, determined to help Lumpy find a way to join in.
S02E09 Rabbit's Sound of Silence 04/10/2008 Rabbit's Sound of Silence: Rabbit is trying to bake a special cake for Porcupine's birthday party, one that pops if not made in complete silence. Unfortunately, Beaver is working on a log right outside his home and making a lot of noise. Rabbit calls upon the help of the Super Sleuths, who find that keeping things quiet is easier said (or not said) than done.
S02E10 Eager Beaver 04/10/2008 Eager Beaver: The Super Sleuths have been receiving many calls lately, leaving them exhausted and with no time to play. Hearing about their problem, Beaver decides to join the team and give them some help. Beaver quickly has the Sleuths moving fast, but his quick solutions fail to get to the underlying causes of the problems.
S02E11 Pooh's Bees Buzz Off 18/10/2008 Pooh's Bees Buzz Off: Having run out of honey, Pooh heads for the hive, only to discover that the bees aren't there. He calls a meeting of the Super Sleuths, who soon discover that things are worse than they thought. It seems as if all of the insects have disappeared the Hundred Acre Wood. When they receive a call from Rabbit, it leads to a clue to help them crack the case.
S02E12 Buster's Buried Treasure 18/10/2008 Buster's Buried Treasure: As Lumpy and Roo play "pooh-rates," Beaver tells Rabbit a fanciful tale of treasure in the Hundred Acre Wood-- fanciful, but seemingly true when the "pooh-rates" find what they believe to be a gold doubloon. Meanwhile, Darby, Pooh and Tigger answer the sound of the Super Sleuth siren and find that Buster has lost his Super Sleuth medallion. As the three set to searching places where he might have lost it, Rabbit and Beaver begin an eager session of digging in the hopes of finding more treasure.
S02E13 No More Honey for Pooh 08/11/2008 No More Honey for Pooh: One day, while out playing with Darby and Tigger, Pooh gets stuck in a log. He calls a meeting of the Super Sleuths and they soon determine that he's become stuck from eating too much honey. They realize that the only way for him to get out of the log is to keep him from eating honey, something that won't be very easy.
S02E14 Stuck Be a Piglet 08/11/2008 Stuck Be a Piglet: Looking to cool down on a hot day, Piglet agrees to Rabbit's suggestion that he roll around in the mud like a real pig. He finds the cool mud soothing, but ends up becoming a half-baked piglet as the sun dries up the mud. Spotting this predicament, Woodpecker calls in the help of the Super Sleuths. They try their best to come up with a way to free their friend without getting stuck in the mud themselves.
S02E15 Piglet's Nutty Problem 14/12/2008 Piglet's Nutty Problem: When a wind storm blows through the Hundred Acre Wood, it leaves Piglet with a mystery involving hundreds of haycorns. He's lost his favorite haycorn that Pooh gave him in his backyard and doesn't know how to find it in the huge mess of haycorns that have covered it. With the help of the Super Sleuths, he learns how sorting things by specific characteristics can help someone to find something, even when it's buried amongst many similar things.
S02E16 Missing Lumpy 14/12/2008 Missing Lumpy: Lumpy is off visiting his aunt at the far end of Heffalump Hollow for a week and Roo really misses him. The Super Sleuths spring into action, hoping that maybe they can take Lumpy's place. They soon realize that there's no way that they can replace Lumpy, but there may be something else that they can do.
S02E17 Darby's Lost and Found 15/12/2008 Darby's Lost and Found: When Piglet calls the Super Sleuths about a missing sock, they realize that things have lately been disappearing around the Hundred Acre Wood at an alarming rate. The items have seemingly vanished without a trace and they wonder if they might be disappearing to some mysterious Land of the Lost. They set up a stakeout that leads them to a surprising discovery.
S02E18 Piglet's Mystery Pet 15/12/2008 Piglet's Mystery Pet: When Piglet finds what appears to be a fish stranded in a puddle of water, he adopts it as his very own pet and names it Squiggly. When Squiggly grows legs, Piglet becomes very concerned and calls the Super Sleuths for help. As the Super Sleuths investigate just what is happening to Squiggly, they and Piglet all speculate over just what kind of create he could be. They begin to realize that Squiggly has been changing since they day Piglet found him.
S02E19 Piglet's Lost Voice 03/01/2009 Piglet's Lost Voice: Piglet is excited about singing for his friends and has been practicing hard. When he learns that flyers have been posted to announce his performance, he seems excited, but then find that he can no longer sing. Convinced that Piglet has lost his voice, the Super Sleuths spring into action.
S02E20 Funny Rabbit 03/01/2009 Funny Rabbit: Pooh and his friends are sure that Rabbit doesn't know how to have fun because he never wants to play games with them and often seems to be grumpy. As the Super Sleuths, they try to teach Rabbit the meaning of having fun. Their methods include jokes and games, but Rabbit doesn't seem to find any of it to be fun.
S02E21 Tigger's Day at the You-See-Um 31/01/2009 Tigger's Day at the You-See-Um: When Darby arrives in the Hundred Acre Wood buzzing about a trip to the museum, Tigger decides that it would be a fun idea to start a "you-see-um" in the Hundred Acre Wood. Rabbit, however, is unimpressed by his collection of sticks and rocks, telling him that a museum should contain special things. Tigger calls together the Super Sleuths, hoping that they can find a woozle egg. The group sets out on an adventure and discovers many interesting things along the way.
S02E22 Skunk's Non-Scents 31/01/2009 Skunk's Non-Scents: Embarrassed that he doesn't have a smelly stench like his parents or siblings, Skunk calls on the help of the Super Sleuths. They reluctantly agree to help him, understanding how much having a stench means to a skunk. They find various smelly things to attach to Skunk, but being to realize that they're approaching the problem the wrong way.
S02E23 It's Eeyore Birthday 14/02/2009 It's Eeyore Birthday: When Eeyore calls the Super Sleuths for a case, they learn that he doesn't know when his birthday is. He's never had a birthday party in his life, but would like to have one. They try to put together the best party ever for him, but start to become frustrated when things keep going wrong.
S02E24 The Tiglet and Pigger Switcher 14/02/2009 The Tiglet and Pigger Switcher: When Roo performs a magic trick intended to make Tigger and Piglet switch barrels, the two end up swapping personalities instead. Piglet begins bouncing all over the place, while Tigger displays a pronounced lack of courage and an unusual interest in laundry. The Super Sleuths, now including Piglet (or Pigger) decide to try to reverse the trick, but first have to track down the barrels that were used for it.
S02E25 Flowers for Eeyore 27/03/2009 Flowers for Eeyore: When Roo briefly leaves a basket of flowers he gathered for his mom by Eeyore's house, Eeyore discovers them and thinks that they're for him. He's never received flowers before, and calls the Super Sleuths to try to figure out who sent them. When the truth is revealed, Eeyore is disappointed, so the entire Hundred Acre Wood decides to put together a surprise to cheer him up.
S02E26 Easter Rabbit 27/03/2009 Easter Rabbit: Lumpy and Roo think that they've discovered a great secret-- Rabbit is the Easter Bunny! They soon learn that Rabbit isn't actually the Easter Bunny, but Rabbit agrees to try taking on the job anyway. He soon gets to work on planning Easter, determined not to accept help from anyone.
S02E27 Darby's Wheelie Big Problem 11/05/2009 Darby's Wheelie Big Problem: Following a particularly messy case, the Super Sleuths find that their scooters need a good cleaning. With the scooters out of commission for the time being, Pooh and Tigger substitute bicycles. Both are very fast on them, but Darby's still using training wheels. She'd like to be able to go as fast as the others, but is scared that she's going to fall.
S02E28 Turtle Comes Out of His Shell 11/05/2009 Turtle Comes Out of His Shell: Turtle decides that the doesn't need his shell anymore-- it's only getting in his way. He calls upon the Super Sleuths to help him find fun new shell-free activities to do. When he finds that he can no longer hug Porcupine, he begins to wonder if his decision might have been a rash one.
S02E29 Darby's Pony 06/06/2009 Darby's Pony: Seeing that Darby is always reading a book about a girl and her pony, Pooh and Tigger get the idea that Darby really wants a pony. They make it a Super Sleuth case of their very own and try to figure out how to get her one. They decide to enlist Eeyore's help, making him into a pony for Darby.
S02E30 Rabbit's Not So Scary-Crow 06/06/2009 Rabbit's Not So Scary-Crow: Rabbit's scarecrow, Theodore, is no longer doing its job and the crows just laugh at it. Rabbit calls in the Super Sleuths to help and they come up with any number of ideas to scare of their crows. They find, however, that their ideas work best when they combine them together.
S02E31 Down Woodpecker's Memory Lane 11/07/2009 Down Woodpecker's Mystery Lane: When Woodpecker summons the Super Sleuths, they find him pecking at the pole for the finder flag with a ribbon tied to him. He's completely forgotten the reason why he called them, but is withering in the strong heat of the day. Trying to help Woodpecker, the Super Sleuths begin retracing his steps, helping other friends along the way.
S02E32 Darby's Lost Friend 11/07/2009 Darby's Lost Friend: It's the most monkeyfied mystery ever when Darby's stuffed monkey, Billy Boo, goes missing. Darby is sure that he couldn't have just walked off, but nobody is really sure how to find him. Everyone gives it their best go, but it begins to look like Darby might have to say goodbye to her friend.
S02E33 Beaver's Taste Buddies 11/07/2009 Beaver's Taste Buddies: A deep, cold winter has hit the Hundred Acre Wood, freezing up Beaver's favorite food source. The trees that he normally munches on have become so stiff that he can't take a bite out of them. He calls the Super Sleuths to try to solve the problem, but begins to think he might have to move away for a while when it seems like they can't find any food that he likes.
S02E34 Too Many Helpings of Tigger 11/07/2009 Too Many Helpings of Tigger: It's been a while since the Sleuther Siren has sounded and Tigger is eager to help his friends. He begins visiting them, trying to help them out with their problems without being asked. Tigger's unsolicited help ends up causing more problems than it solves.
S02E35 Darby the Plant-Sitter 12/07/2009 Darby the Plant-Sitter: When Rabbit goes on a trip, he asks Darby to take care of his garden. Darby happily agrees to the job and puts her best effort into the task, but begins to worry that she's not a good plant-sitter. She notices a certain group of plants that have only leaves and don't otherwise appear to be growing. She decides to call together the Super Sleuths to come up with ways to make the plants grow.
S02E36 Pooh's Nightingale 12/07/2009 Pooh's Nightingale: Pooh loves the music of the nightingale in the birdhouse outside his home, but wakes up one morning to find the nightingale gone. The Super Sleuths try to track the nightingale, while Rabbit puts together a mechanical nightingale that he hopes can be a replacement. When the Sleuths receive a call from Turtle, one problem is solved, but another one ends up being created.
S02E37 Home For the Holly Days 12/07/2009 Home for the Holly Days: The young reindeer Holly pays a return visit to the Hundred Acre Wood. She has trouble fitting in, as it's the middle of summer and nothing is like her home at the North Pole. Everyone works together to show her that she can have a lot of doing new things.
S02E38 Piglet's Found Art 12/07/2009 Piglet's Found Art: Piglet is drawing his friends when he encounters a strange problem-- all of his crayons have gone missing. He calls in the aid of the Super Sleuths. When they find the missing crayon wrapper, but not the crayons, the mystery deepens.
S02E39 Rabbit's Song for a Pumpkin 08/09/2009 Rabbit's Song for a Pumpkin: When Rabbit enters his pumpkin in a pumpkin competition, it turns out that it's down in the rules that he must have a theme song for his pumpkin. Rabbit has an amazing pumpkin, but no theme song. He turns to the Super Sleuths for help. Together, they gather everyone to come up with songs about Rabbit's pumpkin.
S02E40 Pooh's Blue's 08/09/2009 Pooh's Blues: One day, Darby and Tigger are out picking blueberries when they discover that Pooh's bottom has become the color blue. Thinking that Pooh has been eating too many blueberries, they have him eat honey instead, hoping that it will return his bottom to its original color. When this doesn't work, Pooh begins to wonder what his friends will think of him if he ends up having a blue bottom forever.
S02E41 Rabbit Get's Squashed 26/09/2009 Rabbit Gets Squashed: When Rabbit and Tigger get into a fight, Tigger wishes that Rabbit would turn into a pumpkin. Later, he returns to Rabbit's house and finds a pumpkin with Rabbit's hat and gloves on top of it. Convinced that his spiteful wish came true, Tigger calls the Super Sleuths into action to save "RaRa."
S02E42 Topsy Turvey Tigger 26/09/2009 Topsy Turvy Tigger: Tigger has been trying a new form of bouncing-- bouncing upside down. He finds that it gives him a new perspective on things, but it also creates problems in the Wood. When the Super Sleuths investigate a case about mysterious drawings, a new perspective turns out to be just what they need.
S02E43 Pooh's Badful Day 26/09/2009 Pooh's Badful Day: When Pooh falls out of bed after a bad dream, he's sure that it's the start of a badful day. Tigger and Darby aren't so sure, until a thunderstorm comes and the birds start chirping. Determined to help out, Tigger and Darby convince Pooh to join them as the Super Sleuths and find away to turn his badful day around. It's a hard task and muddy at times, but they work their way through.
S02E44 Sleuthin' in the Wind 26/09/2009 Sleuthin' in the Wind: On a very windy day, the Super Sleuths get a call from Piglet, who's afraid that he'll be blown away if he goes outside. They work to keep him safe, but also try to show him that the wind can be fun. As they explore the day outside, Piglet begins to learn of the fun that a blustery day can be.
S02E45 You're a Big Boy, Roo 27/09/2009 You're a Big Boy, Roo: Roo is given an important job by his Mom-- to pick up her pouch watch from Rabbit who has been repairing it. Roo gets the watch, but then loses it when he stops to play. Worried that his Mom won't think him a big boy anymore, he calls on the Super Sleuths to help him find it. They assist him with his problem, but then a later problem comes up that he can only solve on his own.
S02E46 Turtle's for the Birds 27/09/2009 Turtle's for the Birds: Turtle loves birdwatching and draws the birds that he watches, but there's one bird that he's never seen. The rare flume-plumed speckled boom-whacker. It only comes to the Wood once a year on its way south. When it seemingly gets scared away, he becomes disappointed, so the Super Sleuths try to cheer him up.
S02E47 Darby's Prickly Predicament 27/09/2009 Darby's Prickly Predicament: Against his mother's advice, Roo takes his favorite toy, a stuffed giraffe named Georgie, out to play and ends up losing it in a brier patch. He calls for the Super Sleuths to help him get it out. They try, but despite their best efforts are unable to retrieve it. They realize that they have to look at the problem in a different way.
S02E48 Piglet's Monster Under the Bed 27/09/2009 Piglet's Monster Under the Bed: One night, not long before Piglet's bedtime, Rabbit tells him "Don't let the nighty night monster bite." It's just a silly saying and Rabbit tells him so, but Piglet becomes convinced that there's a real monster under his bed. He calls for the Super Sleuths, who agree to help him out, even though they're sure there's no such thing as monsters. Then, everyone gets scared and begins to think that there is really a monster under Piglet's bed.
S02E49 Tigger's Invitation Frustration 24/10/2009 Tigger's Invitation Frustration: Lumpy is having a birthday party. All of his friends have received invitations, except for Tigger. Tigger is worried that Lumpy decided not to invite him, but Darby and Pooh are certain that there's been some kind of mistake. They decide to call together the Super Sleuths to find out what's happening with Tigger's invitation.
S02E50 Darby's Halloween Case 24/10/2009 Darby's Halloween Case: When Turtle holds a Halloween party in his cave, things start getting a little too scary. Everyone hears strange noises and things start moving seemingly on their own. They become convinced that Turtle's cave is haunted by ghosts, so Piglet calls the Super Sleuths to get to the bottom of things.
S02E51 Tigger Cleans House 03/11/2009 Tigger Cleans House: Darby, Pooh and Tigger are supposed to be playing a game of tennis, but Tigger has forgotten to bring the tennis rackets. He returns to his house to get them, but his house is such a mess that he cannot find them. The Super Sleuths are called into action to clean up, with Tigger as a reluctant Sleuth who at first would rather leave his home messy. Darby helps him to see that cleaning can be a fun game and Rabbit also joins in the fun.
S02E52 Sleuth Buster 03/11/2009 Sleuth Buster: When Rabbit loses his garden gloves, he calls on the Super Sleuths, but they are searching a dark cave for Pooh's honey and only Buster hears the call. When the others exit the cave, Buster tries to alert them to the problem, but they can't figure out what he's yapping about. Meanwhile, with the call not answered, Rabbit rounds up Piglet and Eeyore and they begin searching for the Super Sleuths, believing them to have been captured by woozles. A series of comic misadventures ensues as both groups search for the other.
S02E53 Roo's Pebble in the Pond 17/11/2009 Roo's Pebble in the Pond: Roo creates a new holiday called "Help All Your Friends in the Wood Day," but begins to worry that he's too little to help any of his friends. After a failed attempt at helping Piglet, the Super Sleuths are called in to rescue Roo from a tree. Roo explains his holiday and they decide to help him out. Roo is at first delighted at helping out, but soon begins to despair when it seems that none of his attempts to help go right. The Sleuths search for a way to help Roo see his value.
S02E54 Darby's Super Sleuth Surprise 17/11/2009 Darby's Super Sleuth Surprise: Wanting to show them their appreciation, the residents of the Wood plan a surprise party for the Super Sleuths. As they work hard on the party, they also work to conceal their efforts from the Sleuths. Since nobody seems to want their help, the Sleuths begin to worry that maybe they're no longer needed. Note: This is the first and only Mini-Episode where Rabbit Breaks the fourth Wall in My Friends Tigger and Pooh
S02E55 Bursting Pooh's Bubble 01/12/2009 Bursting Pooh's Bubble: One day while out blowing bubbles, Roo and Lumpy get the idea to create a really big bubble. Pooh tries to catch their bubble, but instead of catching it ends up becoming trapped inside it. When Pooh and the bubble bounce into a tree, Lumpy and Roo call for the help of the remaining Super Sleuths. They face a duel problem-- first getting Pooh down from the tree and then getting him out of a bubble that seemingly will not break.
S02E56 Beaver Get's Skunked 01/12/2009 Beaver Gets Skunked: When Beaver spots Skunk near his dam, he calls on the Super Sleuths to shoo him away. This is one request the Sleuths refuse, as they are sure that Beaver would like Skunk if he only got know him. Beaver isn't at all sure, citing a time that he was once sprayed by a skunk. The Sleuths decide that maybe Beaver and Skunk could be friends if they get to know each other, so they invite Skunk to Rabbit's cornival, which Beaver also happens to be attending.
S02E57 Porcupine Comes to Her Senses 15/12/2009 Porcupine Comes to Her Senses: When Porcupine loses her glasses, she calls on the Super Sleuths to help find them. Without her glasses, Porcupine is near-blind, but she joins the Super Sleuths as they journey to find her glasses. As they retrace her steps to locate the lost glasses, they learn along the way how powerful senses other than vision can be.
S02E58 Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run 15/12/2009 Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run: Rabbit and Turtle call the Super Sleuths, hoping that they can help them resolve a heated argument. Both are sure that it was their grandfather who won a race from the days of yore against the other's grandfather and both have a photo that they claim prove this. The Super Sleuths decide that the best way to resolve the problem is to hold a new race to see which is faster: a rabbit or a turtle? Along the way, both Rabbit and Turtle demonstrate good sportsmanship and renewed friendship.
S02E59 Piglet's Wish Upon a Star 02/01/2010 Piglet's Wish Upon a Star: Late at night, Pooh, Tigger, Darby, Buster and Piglet are all out watching stars. Piglet sees a shooting star and gets to make a wish. Tigger wants to know the wish, but is warned that it won't come true if Piglet tells. The next morning, Tigger calls together the Super Sleuths, worried that Piglet's wish won't come true. He wants them to true to figure out Piglet's wish so that they can help make it come true.
S02E60 Squirrels Will Be Squirrels 02/01/2010 Squirrels Will Be Squirrels: Darby, Tigger and Pooh are making presents out of recycled things. Pooh and Tigger create a chew toy out of an old shoe for Buster, but the squirrels swipe it. Buster chases after them and ends up creating a giant mess in the Hundred Acre Wood in the process. The Super Sleuths try to discern the reason for Buster's seemingly awful behavior, not having seen what the squirrels did.
S02E61 Lumpy's Downhill Battle 02/01/2010 Lumpy's Downhill Battle: Roo can't seem to teach Lumpy to ski, so he calls the Super Sleuths for help. The Sleuths come up with a number of ideas that seem to be helpful at first, but Lumpy still fails when it comes to skiing. Lumpy is ready to give up, but then his Mama Heffalump appears and urges him to wear his scarf. Lumpy gets the idea that it's a magic scarf that will help him to be a great skiier.
S02E62 Darby's Squirmy Worms 02/01/2010 Darby's Squirmy Worms: When Rabbit discovers that his garden is full of worms, he treats them as a hostile invasion force. He calls the Super Sleuths to remove them. The Sleuths agree, even though they aren't sure just what harm the worms are to Rabbit's garden. When they succeed in removing them, Rabbit's garden only seems to get worse and they realize they'll have to think, think, think harder to solve the problem.
S02E63 Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place 03/01/2010 Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place: One evening, Pooh and Piglet discover a place that they find to be an excellent spot for watching the sunset together. It's very distinctive, featuring a comfortable log, an oddly shaped rock and the sweet smell of a honeysuckle bush. The next day, however, they can't find their spot, so they call the Super Sleuths to help locate it. They search far and wide throughout the Wood and discover along the way what's really special about the spot.
S02E64 Eeyore's Dark Cloud 03/01/2010 Eeyore's Dark Cloud: Eeyore has always been a gloomy fellow and lately his gloominess has been such that a dark cloud has taken to following him around. Then, the cloud goes away and Eeyore calls the Super Sleuths to get it back. The Sleuths realize that the dark cloud has gone away because Eeyore cheered up by rolling in some clover, but Eeyore has become rather attached to his dark cloud and wants it back, even though it normally hovers only over those who are sad. The Super Sleuths thus begin a quest to find the dark cloud, but discover that it's hard to catch do to the ever-shifting moods of their friends.
S02E65 Porcupine's Missing Flute 03/01/2010 Porcupine's Missing Flute: Porcupine is getting ready for an upcoming concert, but finds herself needing to make a quick trip to Heffalump Hollow, so she leaves her flute on the log where she was resting. When she gets back, she finds that the flute is gone, so she calls the Super Sleuths for help. The Super Sleuths set to uncovering the clues and are dismayed to find that the evidence seems to point to Turtle's having taken the flute. Sure that there's some explanation, they decide to seek him out, but he proves difficult to track down.
S02E66 Darby's Picture Perfect Day 03/01/2010 Darby's Picture Perfect Day: Darby's school has recently had a picture day and she decides that it would be fun for the Hundred Acre Wood to have one as well. Rabbit is the only one in the Wood who has and knows how to operate a camera, so he takes the picture, but is dismayed when he realizes that it doesn't include him. He calls for the help of the Super Sleuths, who quite agree that it's only fair that all of their friends should be featured in the photo. They think, think, think about how it would be possible to get a picture of all them together when somebody has to stand at the camera to take the picture.
S02E67 Darby-Saurus 03/07/2010 Darby-Saurus: When Lumpy tells the Super Sleuths that he has lost his dinosaur, they become the Caveman Sleuths. Dressed up, they try acting prehistoric in the hopes of drawing out the dinosaur. When they have no success, they realize that they may be missing something important. They decide to ask Lumpy some more questions
S02E68 Darby's Im-possum-ible Case 03/07/2010 Darby's Im-possum-ible Case: Piglet calls the Sleuths, disturbed by a strange new creature in the Hundred Acre Wood. The Sleuths discover it to be Possum, who seems to be very shy and apologizes for having apparently disturbed Piglet. But when Possum swings in again and snatches Piglet's scarf, everyone begins to think that there's something very odd going on.
S02E69 Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonade 03/10/2010 Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonade: Roo and Lumpy are playing "pooh-rates" and collecting doubloons for lemonade, until their lemonade gets knocked over. The Super Sleuths investigate, only to make a startling discovery. The discovery leads them to decide to help Roo and Lumpy make more lemonade, but first Darby has to overcome a crisis of confidence.
S02E70 Dancing With Darby 03/10/2010 Dancing With Darby: When Turtle announces a dance party, Porcupine is panicked. Turtle wants her as his dancing partner, but she doesn't know how to dance. She calls on the Super Sleuths, hoping that they can teach her how to dance.
S02E71 Tigger a Yo-Yo 06/10/2010 Tigger a Yo-Yo: The Sleuths need to get Tigger's lost yo-yo back in time for him to beat the yo-yo record!
S02E72 Pooh Loses His Shirt 06/10/2010 Pooh Loses His Shirt: When Pooh's shirt goes missing, the Sleuths discover that Skunk has found it, but Pooh finds difficulty in asking for it back.
S02E73 Pooh's Honey of a Problem 09/10/2010 Pooh's Honey of a Problem: Pooh mistakes a jar of Rabbit's Sour Squash soup for honey!
S02E74 Darby's Favorite Place 09/10/2010 Darby's Favorite Place: Tigger and Pooh realize that Darby doesn't have a special place of her own, so they set about making her a playhouse.
S03E01 Rabbit's Song for a Pumpkin/Pooh's Blues 00/00/0000
S03E02 Rabbit Gets Squashed/Topsy Turvy Tigger 00/00/0000 One day, Darby and Tigger are out picking blueberries when they discover that Pooh's bottom has become the color blue. Thinking that Pooh has been eating too many blueberries, they have him eat honey instead, hoping that it will return his bottom to its original color. When this doesn't work, Pooh begins to wonder what his friends will think of him if he ends up having a blue bottom forever.
S03E03 Pooh's Badful Day/Sleuthin' in the Wind 00/00/0000
S03E04 You're a Big Boy, Roo/Turtle's for the Birds 00/00/0000
S03E05 Darby's Prickly Predicament/Piglet's Monster Under the Bed 00/00/0000
S03E06 Tigger's Invitation Frustration/Darby's Halloween Case 00/00/0000
S03E07 Tigger Cleans House/Sleuth Buster 00/00/0000
S03E08 Roo's Pebble in the Pond/Darby's Super Sleuth Surprise 00/00/0000
S03E09 Bursting Pooh's Bubble/Beaver Gets Skunked 00/00/0000
S03E10 Porcupine Comes To Her Senses/Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run 00/00/0000
S03E11 Piglet's Wish Upon a Star/Squirrels Will Be Squirrels 00/00/0000
S03E12 Lumpy's Downhill Battle/Darby's Squirmy Worms 00/00/0000
S03E13 Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place/Eeyore's Dark Cloud 00/00/0000
S03E14 Porcupine's Missing Flute/Darby's Picture Perfect Day 00/00/0000
S03E15 Darby-Saurus/Darby's Im-Possum-Ible Case 00/00/0000
S03E16 Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonade/Dancing With Darby 00/00/0000
S03E17 Tigger A Yo-Yo/Pooh Loses His Shirt 00/00/0000
S03E18 Pooh's Honey Of A Problem/Darby's Favorite Place 00/00/0000
S00E01 Un Noël de super détectives 21/12/2007 Noël approche et Winnie l'ourson et ses amis trépignent d’impatience ! Mais malheureusement pour eux, ils vont devoir patienter encore un peu ! Un sac rempli de jouets du Père Noël a été égaré par un petit renne. Il est temps pour notre équipe de super détectives de suivre les indices jusqu'au Pôle Nord pour retrouver à temps les jouets et aider le Père Noël à finir sa tournée…
S00E02 Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too 07/04/2009 To thank Rabbit for his help in organizing a Hundred Acre Wood picnic, the citizens of the Wood appoint him the first ever Hundred Acre Wood Mayor. Excited by his newfound power, Rabbit soon enacts a series of rules-- scheduling everyone's lives, limiting Tigger's bouncing and cutting down on Pooh's honey consumption. Nobody likes the new rules and Tigger, bored, takes to following Rabbit around. He then challenges Rabbit, saying that he could be a better mayor. To solve the problem, Rabbit has Beaver draw a Big White Line across the Hundred Acre Wood, creating a "Rabbit Side" and a "Tigger Side." Now, friends have been separated, with Darby and Buster, as visitors, trapped in-between.
S00E03 Super Duper Super Sleuths 10/04/2010 When a glowing rock lands in the Hundred Acre Wood, it turns Rabbit's vegetables gigantic and eating the massive vegetables bring superpowers to the Super Sleuths. Pooh is given super-sight, Tigger gets super-strength, Buster becomes a super-digger and Darby gains the ability to fly! Rechristened as the Super Duper Super Sleuths, the group finds it easier to solve cases than ever. Meanwhile, Rabbit becomes something of a minor celebrity with his giant vegetables. When Roo and Lumpy become trapped on an island, it looks like the ultimate test of the Super Duper Super Sleuth's new powers. Old fashioned thinking, however, may end up winning the day.
S00E04 The Nature of Things 00/00/0000
S00E05 Friendly Tails 00/00/0000