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Critically acclaimed Ken Stott (The Vice, The Singing Detective) stars as Detective Chief Inspector Red Metcalfe, a brilliant detective who once turned in his own brother for murder. Ten years later, Red has earned a reputation for his impressive ability to get into the minds of killers, but two disturbing murders on the same day spark the most baffling and damaging case of his career. Both killings bear the murderer's trademark–as do the grisly deaths that follow–the victim's tongue is cut out and a silver spoon is inserted in their mouth. As the killings mount up, Red is taunted by the fact that he can find no motive, no pattern–nothing to connect the victims apart from the killer's grisly trademark.


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S02E01 Vengeance Is Mine, Episode 1 24/08/2002 Personal grief has to be put aside when brilliant detective Red Metcalfe is faced with a series of grisly and sadistic killings. Each body provides a taunting clue to the murder method to come and the police team and their families could be next on the hit list. DCI Red Metcalfe is distraught when his estranged brother is knifed to death, with the detective's profoundly deaf wife Susan as the only witness. But he has to swallow his own misery when a body is unearthed in woods, at the same spot as a killing two years before. The new corpse had been buried alive, with a ball of cheese-wire in his hand. Then, within days, the sister of the dead man is also killed. Her trussed up corpse tumbles from a suspended bag at the laundry where she worked - also clutching cheese-wire. Red and his team - bright, no-nonsense DS Kate Beauchamp and dour DI Duncan Warren - realise that the killer is out to right wrongs. Could police officers have been guilty of 'noble cause corruption' - tampering with evidence to get convictions? Red's suspicions are confirmed when his friend and colleague DCI Charlie MacIntyre pays a terrible price for withholding crucial evidence about a previous murder. For every guilty police officer an innocent person will die. No-one is safe.
S02E02 Vengeance Is Mine, Episode 2 25/08/2002 DCI Charlie MacIntyre has paid a terrible price for putting the wrong man behind bars - and he won't be the last. Now the stakes are raised for Red to track down the sadistic murderer whose aim is to be judge, jury and executioner of the guilty. But the killer is always one step ahead. A terrifying picture is beginning to emerge as more killings yield bizarre and grotesque clues. The murderer seems to know more than the police about past miscarriages of justice and suspicion falls on smart-Alec defence lawyer Daniel Jameson. DI Wilby's boyfriend, tired of intrusive police protection, slips off to the opera - but the killer is still one step ahead and exacts a chilling and surprising retribution. Meanwhile DCI Red Metcalfe is desperate for his wife Susan to spot his brother's killer in a police line-up. He needs to see justice done near to home as the horrors of his job take their toll on all around him. Even Red's boss, DCS Emerson is caught up in the web of past injustices, when his daughter goes missing. Panic spreads through the murder investigation team as they realise that they and their loved ones could be next.
S05E01 The Rapture, Episode 1 20/01/2008 Messiah returns to BBC One with Marc Warren as DCI Joseph Walker, who has finally met his match. He used to be celebrated for his finely tuned instincts and tenacity of character, but on his latest investigation, his personal demons are haunting him. DCI Walker recently drove his beloved Palestinian girlfriend, Salma, and her brother, Khalid, from the Gaza Strip through a border checkpoint. Khalid got out of the car and blew himself up, along with scores of innocent people. In the chaos, Salma and Joseph were separated. Now back in England, he's convinced she used him as a pawn. In a London courtroom, a young girl, Leah, accuses her father of repeated sexual abuse. The case is suddenly thrown by the gruesome and bizarre murder of a key witness and his family, and Joseph Walker is the new boss heading up the investigation. The defendant, Michael Wallace, and his lawyer, Stewart Dean, provide a firm alibi. Dean's defence case is based on the suspicion that Leah's memories have been instilled in her mind by Daniel Hughes, leader of the New Advent Church. Meanwhile, a scantily clad girl, Lucy, leaves a nightclub and arrives home – only to find her sister hanging from the ceiling and dressed in men's clothing. Lucy insists that her sister was a good girl but, too late, Joseph realises the killer must have attacked the wrong woman. He rushes to their house to find Lucy strung up, like her sister, in men's clothing. Elsewhere, a devout Christian has acid poured into her eyes and Joseph begins to wonder if these are religious hate killings – Hughes becomes an obvious suspect. Finally, when he's least expecting it, Joseph receives a visitor... Marc Warren stars as DCI Joseph Walker, with Marsha Thomason as DS Mel Palmer and Daniel Ryan as DI Terry Hedges. Rory Kinnear plays Stewart Dean.
S05E02 The Rapture, Episode 2 21/01/2008 Joseph starts work uncovering the links between the recent murders, in the concluding part of this urban thriller starring Marc Warren. A distraught Salma has implored him to believe her and take her back, and Joseph gives her the keys to his flat, although he is still unsure what to believe. Joseph's colleague, Mel, has a drink with prosecution lawyer Mark Moore, but spots him talking to another woman as she arrives; he insists it was to do with work. On a run-down council estate, seven out of the nine occupants of a crack den are brutally slaughtered. Only a young mother and her baby are alive – and Mel recognises the mother as the woman Mark was talking to the night before. When confronted, Mark admits that the woman is, in fact, Leah's errant sister, who insists that her father did not abuse Leah at all – so Mark was trying to keep it quiet. Back at the office, a call comes in that Leah Wallace is missing – before anything can be done, a group of kids playing football find her body in an alleyway; her tongue has been removed and her chest split open beside a pile of sand. Mel and Terry stumble across another link and the team descends on the car park – all of a sudden, it begins to make sense. Joseph returns to his flat, and to Salma, feeling relieved to have cracked the case. As he enters, however, he notices sand underfoot and realises that the nightmare is far from over... Marc Warren stars as DCI Joseph Walker, with Marsha Thomason as DS Mel Palmer and Daniel Ryan as DI Terry Hedges. Mark Moore is played by Niall Macgregor.

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